Rita's Pegnancy

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2018 by Just Plain Bob

Fiction Sex Story: Her pregnancy turned her into a very bad girl.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

I was seven months pregnant, my hubby Stan was on a business trip and I was wanting it so bad that the neighbor’s Siberian husky was starting to look good. Fortunately I wasn’t ready to go that route. Not yet anyway. At least not as long as Bobby was available. I picked up the phone, called him, and told him that I was in need his services and he told me he would rush right over.

I loved it that he had his own business and could get away whenever I needed him which was a lot lately. I honestly think that Bobby fucking me was helping to prolong Stan’s life. In our case “Fuckin him to death” was not just a catch phrase; I honestly thought I was actually coming close to doing just that. It was a good thing that Bobby loved fucking me because I don’t believe I could bring myself to go looking to hook up with someone. Too big a chance that someone might see me and rat me out to Stan.

I was never sure whether Bobby loved fucking me or just got a kick out of fucking Stan’s wife behind his back. Bobby and Stan had some sort of friendly rivalry in high school. Through friends and acquaintances I’d learned that in head to head competition Stan was usually the winner, but somehow they had managed to stay good friends. Maybe fucking me was Bobby’s way of evening the score. As long as he fucked me when I needed it is all I cared about.

While I waited for him to show up I thought back to our first time.

I was four months pregnant and Stan was back in Michigan taking care of something that had to do with his parent’s estate. He had been gone three days and wasn’t due back for three more and I’d been three days without sex and it was driving me up the wall. I didn’t know that pregnancy could scramble your hormones, but it sure messed with mine. It was like a switch tripped somewhere in my body. I went from making love to Stan three or four times a week to wanting it two or three times a day. I think Stan was glad to get away from me for a few days.

The doorbell rang and when I answered it I found Bobby standing there.

“Morning Rita. I need you to open the garage door for me so I can put the chain saw I borrowed back where it belongs.”

He went back to his car and got the chain saw while I went and hit the button that started the garage door to open. Bobby brought the saw in and put it where Stan usually kept it. When he turned he saw me standing in the doorway that led from the mudroom to the garage and he gave a low wolf whistle and I smiled and said:

“For me? Get serious.”

“I am serious girl. Pregnancy looks sexy as hell on you.”

“Yeah, right! I know I look like a bloated whale.”

“Bullshit Rita. You look sexier pregnant than most girls I know who aren’t pregnant.”

“Sexy? You think I’m sexy? You are just so full of shit Bobby.”

“No I’m not. If you weren’t married I’d be after you like a duck after a June bug.”

Like I sad earlier I was so horny I was ready to climb walls and here was a man who thought I was sexy and who would be after me if I wasn’t married? I don’t know what it was that made me do it. I honestly don’t know if I was just calling his bluff to see him back down or if, in my condition, I really wanted him to fuck me. I just looked at him and said:

“You would turn down married pussy if you could get it?”

That took him by surprise and he just looked at me and didn’t reply. I smiled and said:

“How about we just see if you can.”

I started to strip right there in front of him. I was unhooking my bra when he smiled, unzipped and took out his cock. I smiled, turned, and headed for the bedroom and he followed along right behind me.

When I got to the bedroom I was naked, but he still had a ways to go. He was unbuttoning his shirt when I went to my knees in front of him and started sucking his cock while I untied his shoes. I tapped his right ankle and he lifted his right foot and I removed his shoe and sock. Then I repeated it for his left. When he started to unbuckle his belt I got up and went over to the bed. I hadn’t gotten around to making it yet so I just laid down on it and spread my legs.

“Get over here ducky and eat my June bug.”

Bobby wasn’t worth a shit as a pussy eater. Stan had him beat six ways from Sunday on that, but Bobby got me of a couple of times when he fucked me. His cock was a bit shorter than Stan’s, maybe an inch or so, but he was a bit bigger round than Stan and he really stretched me out. I honestly never thought once about Stan while Bobby was getting me off.

Stan was the farthest thing from my mind until the phone rang at 8:10 that evening. I knew it was Stan making his nightly check in call so I made Bobby pull out while I took the call. He pouted, but I couldn’t take a chance on Stan hearing something during the call that might make him suspicious. When the call end Bobby bitched about making him stop.

“Don’t you know what a kick it would have been to be doing you while you talked to him?”

“Of coursed I do, but as much as you have been making me cry out and scream I couldn’t take the chance. If you want to do this again we need to keep Stan in the dark. You do want to do this again don’t you?”

“Hell yes I do.”

“Then we need to be cool. Speaking of being cool don’t you need to be getting home to Alice?”

“No need to. She is spending the week with her parents. Her mom had a stroke so she is there helping her dad cope.”

“Won’t she call you?”

“Not likely. We haven’t spoken much to each other lately.”

“Trouble on the home front?”

“Yeah. She’s pressing me to have kids and I keep telling her I’m not ready yet.”

“So you don’t have to hurry home?”


Bobby spent the night with me not the either of us got much in the way of sleep. He went in to his business for a half a day and then came back to me. While Stan was gone Bobby spent every night with me. I’ve no idea what he tells his wife Alice when he spends the night, but whatever it is she must believe because there has never been any fallout over it. Bobby has become my go to guy whenever the hornies hit me and Stan isn’t available to take care of business. Now Stan was gone again on a three day or four day business trip and I was again needful.

The doorbell rang and I hurried to let Bobby in. I’d prepared for his arrival by striping and then putting on a robe. I let him in and then headed straight to the bedroom. Bobby had told me that one of his biggest turn ons was nylons and high heels so once in the bedroom I let my robe fall to the floor and let Bobby see me in thigh high nylons and what Stan called my “Come fuck me” heels.

I went to my knees, unzipped Bobby and started sucking his cock while he peeled his clothes off. I climbed on the bed and spread my legs eager to have a cock in me. Bobby got on the bed and laid down on his back and I swung over him and let myself slide down his hard cock groaning loudly as Bobby split me open. Then he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down so he could get his mouth on my tits and suck on my nipples. He gave me two orgasms before needing to get his own and then he rolled me over onto my back and drove hard into me until I felt his hot sauce flood my channel.

But we were by no means done. I knew my Booby and I knew what was coming next so I got up on my hands and knees. He moved in front of me and presented his cock to my mouth. I took him in and licked him clean and worked to get his cock back to life. As I sucked on his cock my eyes were on the heart shaped birthmark in front of them and I smiled as I thought of the significance. The heart was a symbol of love and Bobby and I sure did love to fuck.

When I had him hard again he stood me up and then bent me over the back of the bed. I felt his cock push at my asshole and I spread my legs a little farther apart and hissed at him:

“That’s it baby; fuck my ass, fuck it hard. Cum in my ass Bobby; come in my ass.”

He eased his cock in a little bit at a time and it did hurt a little at first, but the hurt went away quickly and soon I was begging him to fuck me harder and faster. Bobby loved my ass and he would bury himself in my dirty hole every time we got together. He told me that Alice would never give him her ass. I’d never done it before Bobby because Stan had never asked for it and because of that I had never given anal a thought until Bobby asked me for it. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I’d come to like it.

Bobby finished in my ass and when he pulled out I sucked him hard for one more fuck. Of course I cleaned him with a wash rag first. I might be a pregnant slut, but I do have some standards. We got each other off one more time before I sent him home to Alice and started to get ready to welcome Stan home.

I hoped he wanted to make love because I was still horny. Just so we are clear on this; I make love with Stan. I fuck Bobby, but I make love with Stan.

I had my seven inches buried in Alice’s ass when I got the call that Rita’s water had broken. I put on a burst of speed and pushed my load into her shit-chute and then pulled out saying that I had to run.

It took ten minutes to get home, five more to get Rita into the car and in fifteen I was pulling up at the Emergency Room entrance at County General. Rita was loaded onto a gurney and disappeared into the bowels of the hospital while I went and parked the car. On my way to the hospital I had used my cell to call Rita’s parents and it was no surprise to me when I got to the waiting room that they were already there to greet their first grandchild.

Rita had never had an ultrasound as we both wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise. Three hours after getting Rita to the hospital the doctor came out and let us know that mother and son were fine. Stanley Louis Davis Junior was in the nursery and could be viewed in about fifteen minutes and Rita was in the recovery room and could receive visitors in about twenty minutes. I did my best to act enthused around my mother and father in law and I was enthused about the birth of my son, but I was in no hurry to see my wife. Not with the smell of Alice still on me. In fact what I really wanted to do was get back to Alice and pick up things were I’d left off.

I guess I need to explain. It was a cliché, but then clichés get to be clichés because they happen so often. I’d been back in Michigan taking care of some issues that had cropped up with my parents estate. I had expected that it would take a week to get things done, but I’d managed to get it all done in four days. I decided to surprise Rita, but it turned out that I was the one surprised.

Bobby’s truck was parked in the driveway when I got there, but I didn’t think anything of it. Being that Rita was pregnant I would feel better if there was someone who could give her a hand if she needed it so I asked Bobby if he would help her if she called and he said he would. Then I told Rita that I had arranged for Bobby to be on call if she needed help. Obviously something had come up and she had called him. I smiled and thought how good it was to have friends you could turn to in times of need.

The smile was wiped off my face when I was two steps into the house. I heard Rita yelling in our upstairs bedroom.

“Fuck my ass Bobby; fuck my ass. Cum in my ass Bobby” and then the familiar howl as she had an orgasm.

A dozen thoughts ran through my mind and they ranged all the way from running upstairs and laying waste to the two cheating assholes to doing nothing at least not at that time. Along with those thoughts came some memories. Wayne Abdon caught his wife doing the horizontal tango with Tom Deerfield and he killed them both. Now Wayne was sitting in a cell on death row waiting for a date that he hopes he can get his lawyers to keep from coming.

Rob Cruickshank caught his wife on their bed fucking the neighbor and he beat the shit out of the neighbor and physically threw his wife out of the house. He took a double hit. He was found guilty of spousal abuse and got ninety days in the county jail and he was also found guilty of felonious assault on his neighbor. His wife’s name was on the deed to the house and the neighbor was in the house at her invitation and thus he had the right to expect he wouldn’t be harmed while he was there. Rob got a year and a day in the state pen for that. Poor guy had no luck at all. He couldn’t even get to serve both sentences concurrently. He had to do them consequently. He did his ninety in county and was halfway into his stay at state.

All that rushed through my mind and I decided that it would be best to let someone else punish Bobby and worry about what to do about Rita later. I took out my phone, set it to ‘record’ and then quietly moved up the stairs and stood off to the side of the bedroom door where I could listen and record what was going on in the bedroom. I stood there listening and recording for about twenty minutes and then I shut off the recorder and silently left the house.

I knew how I was going to see to it that Bobby got punished and it made me smile as I thought about it. I was going to get double the pleasure out of it. I would get the pleasure of seeing Alice fuck him over in a divorce. We lived in a no-fault state and that meant that Alice would get half of everything. Everything included the business that he had built from the ground up and that he was so proud of.

The other pleasure would be in giving Alice the low-down on what was going on. Why would that give me pleasure? Because Alice didn’t like me; she didn’t like me at all. Hadn’t liked me since the ninth grade. She hated it that Bobby and I were good friends and it pissed her off that she couldn’t spilt us up. Well we were split now, but I didn’t think the way of it was going to make her smile.

I rang the doorbell and I was not at all surprised when Alice opened the door, saw me and said:

“What the fuck do you want?”

I smiled at her and said “I come bearing gifts Miss Alice. I’m here to give you something that you have always wanted. I’m here to make your day. Maybe even your week, month or year. You have always hated that Bobby and I were buds and that you couldn’t split us up. I’m here to give you your dream.”

“Cut the shit Stan; what the fuck do you want?”

“I just want you to listen to a recording that I have” I said as I took out my phone and pushed the necessary buttons. I was watching Alice’s face when she heard Rita say:

“Fuck my ass Bobby; come in my ass.”

I saw her eyes get big when Bobby’s voice came out loud and clear.

“Here it comes baby; here it comes.”

I pushed the stop button and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“Got to go and make some copies of this and find an attorney.”


“Why what?”

“Why are you going to see an attorney?”

“I need to find out what my options are when it comes to a divorce.”

“I don’t want you to get a divorce.”

“What the hell business is it of yours if I divorce Rita?”

“If you go for a divorce it means exposing what Bobby and Rita are doing.”


“I don’t want Bobby to know he has been caught. I need him to be in the dark while I get back at him.”

“Given the way you feel about me why should I give a rat’s ass about what you want or don’t want?”

“Get in here and I’ll show you” she said as she grabbed my arm and started pulling me into the house. Once in she closed and said “Take a seat on the couch for and give me a minute.”

I sat down and a short time later Alice walked back into the room wearing nothing but a pair of CFM pumps. She cupped her breasts in her hands and said:

“You going to turn this down? You have wanted it since the seventh grade. Are you going to turn it down now that I’m offering it to you?”

“You aren’t making sense here Alice. We do it and you throw it in Bobby’s face and he will know we know about what he is doing with Rita. He will tell her that you know and it is exposed.”

“I’m not going to let Bobby know that I know.”

While she was talking I was looking at her naked body. She was right; I had wanted her from the seventh grade and according to what the little head was doing under my pants I was pretty sure that it wanted her now. But I couldn’t see what she hoped to get out of it.

“When I confront Rita she will let Bobby know they’ve been caught and things will change between Bobby and me. It is bound to come out why we are no longer friends.”

“So don’t confront Rita.”

“What? I’m supposed to ignore her stabbing me in the back with the man I thought was my best friend?”

“Why not? It doesn’t sound like that this was the first time for them. Everything between you and Rita has been good up till now right? If so this just means your pride is doing your thinking. Besides, can you be sure Bobby is the first? Maybe he is just the latest. Is Rita’s baby really yours? You need to keep the marriage going until the baby is born and you can do a DNA test. That’s what; four or five months away? If the baby isn’t yours it could have a big effect on the settlement terms when you do go for a divorce. And those four or five months will give me plenty of time for me to do to what I want to Bobby.”

“Which is?”

“I want kids, but Bobby keeps saying he isn’t ready for kids. I’m not interested in becoming a mother at forty. That’s my revenge on Bobby. Kids to raise that aren’t his. I’ll know they aren’t because I’m on birth control and Bobby always uses a rubber. I’ll go off birth control and you will never use a rubber. As a sweetener in the deal. I’ll give you something I’ve never given Bobby. My ass. He has never been there but I’ll let you go there as much as you like.”

That got my attention. I’d never done anal with Rita; mostly because I’d never had any desire to do anal and Rita had never asked for it. I still didn’t have any great desire, but Alice was offering me something she wouldn’t let Bobby have. That’s what almost sold me. The fact that I could get something from his wife that he’d never had and couldn’t get.

Then came the thought that if I took Alice up on her offer I wouldn’t be any better than Rita. It would be easy to say that Rita’s breaking her vows released me from mine, but did it really? Cheating was still cheating no matter which way you looked at it.

“Sorry Alice; I just can’t do it.”

I gave her my reasons and she gave me a nasty look and said “You just can’t help it can you? This is the second time you have pushed me away.”

“Not so Alice. The first time you took yourself away from me. I just didn’t let you come back. Totally your fault. You are the one who wanted to date other guys. I was against it and I made it plain that if you did it we were through. You went and did it so that ended us.”

“But it didn’t mean anything Stan. You were the only boy I’d been with from the fifth grade to the ninth. I just wanted to see what other guys were like.”

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