Aunt Rose Blackmails Her Cheating Brother-in-law

by Second Edition Harry Lime

Copyright© 2018 by Second Edition Harry Lime

Erotica Sex Story: The scene that Rose walked in on in her sister's house with her Brother-in Law and the babysitter was not appropriate for mixed company. She decides that he needs proper punishment for his cheating ways and she might scratch her itch at the same time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Blackmail   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   InLaws   Humiliation   Spanking   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pegging   Petting   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Babysitter   Size   Revenge   .

I guess that most people will think me terribly shallow and hypocritical for using my Brother-in Law Charles with such a callous veiled threat to blow the whistle on his cheating ways with the teenaged babysitter that I occasionally use myself as well.

Of course, I used the sexy Mimi Brown for tending my two pre-teen girls when Mark and I managed to get a free night for dinner or drinks or both at the same time. I didn’t really hate Mimi for her sluttish ways, but I was no fan either because she seemed to be enjoying herself all too well when I accidently saw her and my Brother-in-Law Jacob doing it doggy style over the back of the white leather love seat in my sister Angie’s living room the previous Saturday night.

I don’t know what possessed me to make a special trip over to Angie and Charles’s town house after the party that Saturday night, but I knew my sister would be frantic trying to find her cell phone that had slipped out of her purse and in between my dining room cushions like some felon on the run from dire circumstances. My Mark was already up in his bed probably snoring and I knew I could make it to my sister’s house and back in less than fifteen minutes.

I practically burst into the front door because I was in such a hurry to get back home just in case Mark woke up and wanted to give the “baby-making project” another go with my legs held high to keep his sperm inside as long as possible. Our love-making had become more business –like the past year or so because Mark desperately wanted a son to keep up the family name. At least, his family name because I hadn’t changed my name at the wedding ceremony on the principle of independent women’s rights.

I was out of breathe because I had run the entire distance and I panted in a slightly bent over position watching Charles’s perfectly formed ass cheeks slap into young Mimi’s buttocks. He was splashing a bit because the girl was sweating profusely for some reason unrelated to getting it from behind in such a humiliating fashion.

The babysitter looked at me over her shoulder and just shrugged and pushed her bum back for more of my brother-in-law’s hard cock like she was getting a helping of dessert and didn’t want to spill a single drop.

Charles didn’t hear me right away and I must admit I kept my mouth shut admiring the skillful way he was cutting right into the poor girl’s bum entry doing his filthy buggering business with a God’s honest truth Teenager wearing silly Hello Kitty panties like some schoolgirl doing something naughty and hoping she wouldn’t be caught and accused of being a complete slut.

It was right at the moment when Charles started to spurt inside the babysitter’s anal tract and I could tell she felt it hot and heavy from the look in her eyes that said, “More please, I want more!”

When Charles saw me standing in the doorway, he turned white as a sheet and I knew he was fully aware that a single word from me would seal his doom with his spouse my very jealous and very rich sister.

Mimi pulled up her ridiculous Hello Kitty panties and got her conniving little eighteen year old cheerleader babysitting ass out of there like she had seen a mouse and needed to get home to mama before the clock struck midnight.

Charles just sat there in the white leather loveseat and drank his fifty year old scotch with a guilty look in his beautiful blue eyes and we both watched his ten inch cock shrink down to about four. I had to admit that even at four it had some allure that my sister might find understandably prone to find difficult to resist. I decided to take a plunge and told him,

“If I catch you with the babysitter or any babysitter ever again, my sister will know all about your disgraceful conduct.”

In point of fact, I knew that I was being terribly hypocritical because I had just come off a six month affair with a police constable that enjoyed interrogating me in his patrol car with my skirt pushed up to my belly button and my knickers usually on top of his head where he could get the scent of my heated twat and my musky crack to inspire him to more frantic humping. My husband seldom brought me to the pinnacle of orgasm and this young lad with the uncut cock never failed. Now that we were ended due, no doubt, to his fast approaching marriage to a female lawyer in the family court. She was harsh on any cheaters so I knew he was finished with me forever and that was enough to send me into a sexual deprivation depression that had me humping my teddy bear like it was a gigolo late at night.

“I am so terribly ashamed at my weakness, dear sister-in-law, my marriage is on life support at this time and any hint of my problem will certainly cause your sister to bin me and end this chapter of her life.”

I knew he was being truthful or at least as truthful as a prick like him would ever get, so I decided I would use him to solve my problem and perhaps keep him out of the clutches of babysitters, cheerleaders and the odd tart here and there that would certainly not refuse his ten inch cock.

I sat on the sofa and spread my knees wide open knowing he would be able to see I had no knickers.

“I will keep silent providing you lick me good and proper. If you are a good boy, I might even allow you to have a go but only in my bum and not in my twat because I don’t want any complications with uncles being fathers and fathers being uncles and all that sort of rot.”

It was apparent he was not much opposed to my proposition because his four inches was rapidly rising to the beautiful ten inch length and he came across the fluffy white carpet from the loveseat to my open legs on his knees all the way. I was already a wet as could be from the sight of his oversized cock swinging like a donkey’s dong in some x-rated video when girls are forced to do the impossible with a smile on their face for the audience.

The touch of his cheating tongue on my slit was enough to make me spray my female juices right into his lying face. It was so fantastic that I had an orgasm just anticipating what would come later when he showed me his technique from behind just like he had speared poor Mimi with her trembling teenaged cunt.

I quickly rose and went upstairs to check on my sister and the children and found them all safe abed with my sister snoring so deeply that I knew she had far too much wine.

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