Rochelle Strikes Back. Club Wives 4

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Sex Story: Rochelle tried to win back my favor after my threesome with Jill and Jennifer in a most unexpected way

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Anal Sex   .

Apparently Jill did tell Rochelle about our adventure in the car, because Rochelle pulled out some new tricks for her next attempt to one up her friend. I think that Rochelle was getting scared that I was losing interest in her, since I’d been spending the most of my free time fucking Jill. I’d also hooked up with Jennifer a few times and the college girl had a really fun mix of energy and naiveté’.

There was a knock on my door late one night, which I had grown accustomed to. It was a pretty cocky thing to say, but I had grown to expect a late night booty call from either Jill or Rochelle at this point at any given day. There was a part of me that wanted to start a group Google calendar between Jill and Rochelle so they could coordinate their hook ups with me, but that seemed too sleazy, even for me.

So, when the knock came, I wasn’t surprised. I slowly got up from the couch and walked over to the door. I wasn’t expecting what I saw.

Rochelle was standing outside my door, her hair in pigtails and was wearing a long trench coat. Seeing that it wasn’t cold or raining outside, I figured there was something naughty underneath.

Shockingly, Rochelle pushed me inside and closed the door behind me. She quickly shrugged off her coat and my eyes opened when she revealed a porn worthy schoolgirl outfit underneath. The skirt was surprisingly long for a seduction outfit, but I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Her white button up shirt was open to just at her bra line.

What happened next really got my attention.

Rochelle looked up at me, her eyes soft.

“Daddy, we need to talk. I’ve been very naughty.” She said slowly, almost frightened.

Bang. Like a punch to the chest. The whole ‘Daddy’ thing has never been my jam and was certainly not what I had EVER expected from Rochelle. I took a moment to gather myself.

“Fuck it, let’s roll with this.” I thought to myself.

“What did you do Rickie?” I replied, figuring that I could call her a silly name if she called me Daddy.

Her eyes brightened that I was going to play along with her.

“I let a boy touch me.” She replied, trying to keep a straight face but grinning just a bit.

“Where did he touch you?” I asked.

“On my boobies. And on my booty.” She replied

“Did you like it?” I asked.

She nodded a little bit.

“What else did you do?”

“I let him put his thing in my mouth.” She said, blushing.

“What thing?”

“You know, his dick.” She smiled.

I faked a shocked gasp.

“You’re a bad girl!” I scolded, fighting to keep a straight face.

“I know. I’m a bad, bad girl.” She replied, the sex kitten voice finally coming out.

“What should we do to bad girls?”

She took a step forward and slowly ran her finger down my chest.

“Bad girls deserve spankings, don’t they?” She said, sex kitten voice in full effect now.

My grin grew bigger and I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards the couch. She giggled happily as I sat down and pulled her over my lap. I flipped up her skirt to find some very plain, boring panties underneath.

“She really went for this!” I thought to myself as I pulled her panties down and rubbed my hand over her ass. She purred a little bit and wiggled her ass against my hand.

“How many do you think you should get?” I asked her, teasing my fingertip over her pussy.

“I don’t know Daddy, how many do you think I deserve?” She purred.

I started spanking her butt, fairly lightly. She squealed and giggled, squirming on my lap. Her butt turned pink fairly quickly and then her giggling stopped.

“Uh God. Harder. Please!” She moaned.

I brought my hand down hard on her ass, making her scream in shock and leaving a red hand print on her ass.

“Again! Please!” She gasped.

I hit her again and her head came up.

“I want to suck your dick. Please Daddy, can I?” She moaned, trying to switch back into little girl mode but couldn’t quite get there.

“Do it. Suck it.” I ordered, moving my hands away. She quickly rolled off my lap and knelt in front of me, frantically grabbing for my zipper and pulling out my cock.

“Oh Daddy, your dick is so big!” She moaned, slowly taking it into her mouth.

“That’s it baby, suck Daddy’s dick.” I encouraged, grabbing her pigtails

Rochelle made a big show of sucking my cock, trying to pretend that she didn’t know what she was doing.

“Am I doing it right Daddy?” She asked seductively, letting the head slip out of her mouth with a pop.

“Take it all the way in your mouth.” I said, pulling her head down by her pigtails. She opened her mouth wide and tried to accept it all. I hit the back of her throat and she gagged on it hard.

“Daddy, I can’t do it.” She whined, pulling off.

“Yes you can baby, take it all.” I ordered, pulling her hair harder downwards. She opened her mouth again and thrust my hips upwards into her mouth. This time we were successful and my cock head slipped down the back of her throat. She gagged again, but held still as her throat muscles clenched around my dick.

“Oh yeah, good girl!” I groaned as she lifted off, spit running down her face.

“Did I do it good this time Daddy?” She asked, grinning.

“Yeah baby, you did good.” I said, stroking my slick cock.

“Do you wanna see my titties?” She asked, sex kitten mode back on.


She sat backwards and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. With a grin, she pealed it off, revealing a very boring plain bra. Still smiling, she reached behind her back and unsnapped it and pulled it off, revealing her very adult tits.

“Do you like my titties Daddy?” She asked coyly, pushing her arms together to smash her tits together.

“Yeah baby, I love them.” I replied, smiling back at her.

Rochelle climbed up onto the couch and grabbed my cock, stroking it a little. She licked my ear a bit and whispered.

“I want you to fuck me Daddy. I won’t tell Mommy, it will be our secret. Do you want to fuck me Daddy? I want to feel you in me.” She purred. My cock jumped.

She giggled and climbed onto my lap.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She laughed, rubbing my cock over her pussy lips.

I slid my hands up her ass and pushed her skirt up over her hips as she sunk down onto my cock.

“Oh fuck yeah that’s so good. Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard!” She demanded, the little girl voice gone now.

I didn’t normally enjoy being ordered around, but her cunt was hot and wet and I was ready to go, so I blew it off. I dug my fingers deep into her ass and lifted her up and down on my lap. Rochelle put her hands on my shoulders and started rocking her hips around in circles on my lap.

“Yeah baby, take it. Fuck me. Use my pussy.” Rochelle moaned.

“You feel like showing off tonight?” I asked

“Whatever you want Daddy.” She replied with a grin.

I smacked her ass and lifted her off my lap. I grabbed her hand and led her over to the patio door and quickly pushed her against it. Her tall shoes lifted her ass up to the perfect level and I quickly pushed my cock into her cunt.

“Oh yeah. I love when you show me off Daddy.” Rochelle purred, thrusting her ass back against me.

“Do you now?” I asked, slamming into her.

“Yeah. It’s hot.” She moaned, clawing at the glass.

“What do you say you and I go hit a swingers club and I parade you around naked all night so everyone can stare at your hot body?” I asked. Rochelle shuttered.

“Fuck that sounds hot.” She moaned.

“Yeah, you like that idea?” I asked. She nodded.

“How about I bend you over a couch and leave you there and let everyone at the club use you while I watch?” I asked teasingly.

“Oh God! Would you do that?” She exclaimed.

“I might.”

She was silent for a bit as I pumped her against the glass.

“Will you blindfold me?” She finally asked. My cock jumped.

“Sure.” I replied.

“That sounds so fucking hot.” She moaned softly.

“Yeah? You like that? You want to be a party favor?” I asked, thrusting up into her.

“Make me and I’ll do anything you want.” She replied, her voice an interesting mix of lust and desperation.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” She gasped.

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