Competition Is Fun! Club Wives 3

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Sex Story: Jill and Rochelle compete for my attention. Jill learns to love public sex and other women

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Cheating   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I was pretty wary of getting hooked up with Jill. Someone once told me ‘Hell Hath no fury like a woman who sees another woman moving in on her territory’ and I’ve historically seen that to be true.

Granted, I didn’t ‘belong’ to Rochelle, and in the grand scheme of things I barely knew her, but given what I knew about similar women, I was concerned about what she would be capable of if she was angry.

So, I kept Jill’s card but decided not to act on it.

Fate, it seemed, had other plans.

A couple of weeks later after several solo romps with Rochelle, Jill showed up at my door, in a knee length trench coat, heels, stockings and garters, a bra and nothing else. It seemed out of a porn, but I did have to admit it was pretty hot. Not as hot as blowing my load in all three of her holes that night, but it was a pretty good way to get my attention.

Thus began an unspoken competition between Rochelle and Jill. I never mentioned one around the other, but they had to know about each other. The women got into a game of one upmenship with me. After Rochelle found out about Jill’s trench coat adventure, she somehow bribed one of the maintenance guys in my apartment complex to let her into my place. I came home from work to find her in my bed naked, face down with her ass pointed straight up at me. She had the forethought to put a bottle of lube on the bed next to her, which was a good plan. That night her ass was the only hole I used and she left several hours later walking like she had spent the entire day on a horse.

Jill, not to be outdone, showed up at my door with a friend, Veronica, a hot spinner from Columbia, who barely spoke English. Jill, who was bilingual, had met her on vacation and she was in the States visiting. Apparently Jill had been working on her lesbian skills over the last few weeks and wanted to show them off. Jill shoved me on the couch and threw her bag down and the women started off attacking me with an incredibly intense double blow job and then Veronica climbed on me for an extremely energetic cowgirl ride. The women changed places and Jill shoved her fantastic tits in my face. I savored the feeling of her cunt wrapped around my dick when I heard Jill moan loudly and felt something on my balls. I looked up at Jill, who was grinning at me. I glanced behind her to see Veronica kneeling behind us, her face pressed firmly between Jill’s ass cheeks.

“What’s she doing back there?” I asked coyly.

“She’s got her tongue up my ass.” Jill replied seductively, not at all surprised.

“Very nice! She do that a lot?” I asked.

“Over the last week, she’s done it a whole lot. We’ve been practicing for this.” Jill replied with a grin.


Jill nodded.

“Just wait.” She said.

I nodded.

Jill rocked and ground her pussy on my dick and shoved her ass back against Veronica’s willing face. After several minutes she leaned down on top of my chest and grabbed my wrists, moving my hands back onto her ass. I grabbed her cheeks and squeezed them hard. Jill groaned and stuck a finger in her mouth, sucking it seductively. Looking me right in the eyes, she reached back and pressed her slick finger into her ass with a moan. I could feel her wiggling it around so I pulled her cheeks open wider. I noticed Veronica was rummaging around in Jill’s bag and I watched her for a moment until Jill smashed her face against mine, her arms on either side of my head.

“Wider.” She panted to me. I wasn’t really sure what she meant, but I assumed she was referring to her ass. So, I pulled her butt open as far as I could go and held it there. Jill’s head flew back and she screamed loudly as I felt something rubbing against the membrane between her pussy and asshole. I looked behind her to see Veronica standing behind Jill, wearing a strap on and slowly pressing it into Jill’s butt.

“You been practicing?” I asked.

“Yeah, with the strap on. She’s done my butt a couple times but this is the first time I’ve had it in both places at the same time.” Jill panted.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“Really fucking full.” Jill gasped as Veronica started to pump her ass.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s so fucking hot. I’ve been thinking about it since the first time you fucked me in the ass.” Jill panted.

“Maybe I should invite a friend over.” I teased.

“God I’d love that so much!” Jill exclaimed, gasping for breath as Veronica and I began to alternate in and out of her holes.

Jill may have learned to love it in the ass, but getting my dick up Veronica’s tiny butt later took a half a bottle of lube and a lot of encouragement from Jill. Still, Jill got her double penetration and Veronica got ass fucked and spit roasted, so it was a great night.

There was an interesting personality difference I learned between Rochelle and Jill. Jill was a nymphomaniac, straight up. Any place, any time, any hole. After the threesome with Veronica, Jill started randomly texting me during the day for a lunch break booty call. I assumed she didn’t work, because she had no problem coming to meet me any where I was in the city. I fucked her in the back of my car, in the back of her car, in countless parking garages and she even blew me in a gas station car wash. We were fucking against the patio door when I spied the neighbors again and she quickly suggested that we move outside onto the balcony so we could watch them and be seen as well. Jill urged that I take her in the ass and I swear that the entire city could hear her screaming. The couple across the way certainly did, since the man waved and made a thumbs up at us.

Jill was an exhibitionist and loved the thrill of almost getting caught. Once we were in the far back of the parking lot near a wooded area. There was jogging trail nearby, but it was hot outside so I wasn’t worried about it. I had my windows down and we were in the back seat of her huge SUV with Jill eagerly bouncing on my dick with her shirt off. My hands were roaming over her sweaty tits when she turned to the side and paused for a moment, then waved. I turned and looked and saw a blond woman, college aged, jogging past us. I looked out the window to see her staring directly at us.

“Don’t be shy, you can come closer!” Jill called out with a grin, rocking her hips around on my lap. The woman stared at her, then at me, then back at her.

“Come on over, get a better look!” Jill beckoned with her finger.

The woman looked at me, then back at her and then slowly approached the car. She was in running pants and a sports bra and had a slender, tight body with small breasts. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was covered in sweat. She reached the back door and stared as Jill eagerly bounced up and down on my dick.

“You’re really cute, what’s your name?” Jill panted

“Jennifer.” She replied softly

“Have you ever watched people have sex before Jennifer?” Jill asked.

“Once.” She replied softly, her voice gasping slightly.

“Oh really! Tell us about it!” Jill exclaimed.

“I fooled around with my roommate and her boyfriend once.” She replied.

Jill climbed off my cock and got on her hands and knees, facing the window. She looked at me and winked and I moved behind her, fucking her doggy style.

Jennifer’s eyes went from Jill’s face to her tits, to me. I smiled and winked at her holding Jill’s hips and pumping her firmly.

“Sounds fun. What did you all do?” Jill asked, grabbing the window sill and leaning out a bit towards Jennifer.

“Uhm, we both blew him and we made out while he fucked her.” She replied, her voice still soft.

“Nice! Did you fuck him too?” Jill asked. She shook her head no.

“Shame. Did you girls do anything else?” Jill asked.

“She fingered me a little bit and I played with her a little bit while he fucked her, that’s all.”

“Too bad. I love pussy.” Jill replied seductively.

Jennifer sucked in a breath. Jill reached out of the window and grabbed the front of Jennifer’s sports bra and pulled her down. Jennifer did not resist as she pressed her mouth against the blonds.

“It’s getting tight in here, but I think there’s room for a third.” Jill said with a grin, releasing Jennifer’s bra and opening the door. Jennifer slowly crawled in and shut the door behind her. Jill and I scooted back against the other door as far as we could to make room and Jill eagerly pulled Jennifer’s bra off.

“You have such cute tits!” Jill exclaimed, rubbing Jennifer’s sweaty breasts.

“Thanks. They are small. Yours are fantastic.” Jennifer panted.

“Nonsense, they look great! No tan lines!” Jill replied.

“Nude beach.” Jennifer replied, gasping as Jill twisted her nipples slightly.

“Naughty girl! I like you!” Jill replied, leaning down and running her tongue all over Jennifer’s sweaty mounds. Jennifer held the back of Jill’s head as she sucked on her nipples and moaned as Jill’s hand slid into the front of her shorts. I paused in my thrusts as Jill maneuvered Jennifer’s legs in front of her and slid her shorts off. Jennifer’s musky scent filled the small space and I notice a neatly trimmed mound and a butterfly tattoo right next to her crotch.

Jill kissed Jennifer passionately and then seductively traced her tongue down her body, between her breasts, down her belly to her crotch. Jennifer gasped loudly in anticipation as Jill lifted one of her lean legs upwards and dropped her head down, licking her pussy slowly.

“Oh God!” Jennifer screamed, her hand quickly going to the back of Jill’s head as she threw her own backwards, her eyes closed

“Oh sweetie, you taste so good!” Jill exclaimed, eagerly pushing her tongue deeper into the younger woman.

It was just too hard to fuck Jill in such a small space and I was enjoying the show, so I slowly pulled my cock out of Jill’s pussy and moved to the side to get a better view. Jill took advantage of the extra space and stretched out her body to fill the entire back seat and dove into Jennifer’s pussy full speed. I slowly stroke my slick cock and looked at the scene in front of me. Jennifer dropped her head down and opened her eyes, staring at Jill’s head and then at my cock. Jill noticed.

“It’s a nice dick, huh?” Jill asked, still lapping away at Jennifer’s pussy.

“Yeah it is.” She replied lustily.

“You want it? I love to share.” Jill replied seductively.

Jennifer sucked in a big breath.

“Can I?” She asked, a bit of excitement in her voice.

“Sure thing sweetie, I love watching him with other women.” Jill replied excitedly.

“We should go someplace.” I said.

“Nonsense. Get out of the car and go around to her side.” Jill replied confidently.

I reached behind Jill and opened the door, sliding out behind her. I looked around the parking lot and pulled my pants up, then walked around to the other side of the car. I looked down to see Jill was still eagerly licking Jennifer’s pussy.

“Now open the door.” Jill said, lifting her head up for a moment.

I opened the car door and admired Jennifer’s tight, tone body and small breasts. Jill pushed Jennifer forward until her head was hanging off the seat out of the now opened door. I noticed that she was at the perfect height.

“Open your mouth sweetie.” Jill ordered. Jennifer looked up at me and opened her mouth slowly. I pulled out my cock and leaned forward, pushing it into her mouth. It was a hard angle for anyone to manage and I could tell that Jennifer was having problems with it and not a lot of experience, but the situation and her energy had my blood boiling.

Jennifer tried to relax her throat as I pumped it, but her moans from Jill’s pussy licking kept getting in the way.

“You like that dick?” Jill asked.

“Uh huh.” Jennifer mumbled, her mouth full of my cock.

“Your pussy tastes so good, but I want to watch him fuck you sweetie.”

“Oh God!” Jennifer moaned.

“Would you like that?” She asked.

“Uh huh.” Jennifer moaned loudly.

Jill looked up at me and winked.

I pulled my cock slowly out of Jennifer’s mouth. Jill grabbed Jennifer’s shoulders and pulled her upright next to her, eagerly making out with her and beckoning me to join. I slid into the seat next to them and Jill motioned for Jennifer to straddle me. The blond climbed on my lap and I lid more into the middle of the seat and then grabbed my cock and aimed it upwards.

“Your ass is so fantastic!” Jill exclaimed, rubbing her hand over Jennifer’s ass as she slowly sunk down on my dick.

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