Friends Join In, Club Wives 2

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Sex Story: Rochelle and I meet again and this time a friend joins in

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Coercion   Cheating   Slut Wife   Light Bond   Rough   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever hear from Rochelle again, but as soon as I got the “Do you miss me?” Text from her, I knew it would be a regular thing.

It was two weeks later and I was relaxing at home with a beer and Walking Dead when I got her message. Since I didn’t yet have her number, her name didn’t come up. I wouldn’t say that I was a player, but I’d had my share of hook ups and I wasn’t entirely sure who it was.

So, I played it cool.


“Cocky as always.” Was her reply. That gave it away.

I didn’t answer her for a minute, pondering my next move when she made it for me.

“I have something to show you.” She said.


A few seconds later I received a picture of her breasts, covered in a very lacy red bra. The material was so sheer, I could clearly see her nipples through it.

“To replace the one you ripped. Do you like it?”

My cock stirred. She was clearly fishing. I could play along.

“I do.” I said.

“I got matching panties. Do you want to see?” She asked.

She was deep sea fishing now.

“Sure.” I replied

Another few seconds and I received a couple of pictures of her in the mirror, modeling the front and back of some matching lacy red thong panties.

“Do you like them?” She asked.

I decided to play back with her and see how far she was willing to go.

“I do. They will look great on my floor.” I replied.

“Lol. You really are a cocky one!” She replied.

Winky face. Was mine.

“What are you up to?” She asked.


“That’s a shame.”

“Sure is.”

And then the stalemate began. Who was going to make the move? A long time ago, a salesman told me that the person who speaks first loses. I have remembered that ever since and found it to be true. So, I kept silent, waiting for her.

“I’m out of wine.” She finally said.

“That sucks.”

“I know right.” Sad face.

“Good thing is, I have some more.” I replied.

“Oh yeah?”


“Are you going to bring me some then?” She asked.

“Nope. You’re coming over here for it.” I replied.

“I’d have to get up.” She replied.

“Poor thing.”

“I’d have to put on clothes.” She replied, sending me a picture of her lying in bed, in her underwear holding a glass of wine.

“Trench coat works.”

“LOL I’m pretty drunk. I don’t want to drive.”

“Call an Uber.”

And there it was. I’d made the point that I wanted her company, but I didn’t want it so badly that I was going to go out of my way for it. When I heard nothing back from her for several minutes, I figured she had given up and texted another guy. But, to my surprise, she texted me and asked for my address.

I pulled a bottle of wine out of the fridge and poured 2 glasses on the coffee table, just in case she actually made it over.

I was actually fairly surprised 20 minutes later when there was a knock on my door. I looked through the peep hole just in case to see her standing on the other side, alone, holding onto the door frame for support.

I opened the door slowly and looked at her. She looked up at me and smiled at me a bit drunkenly.

“Uber is awesome.” She said.

“Yes it is.” I replied, holding the door open for her. She walked in and I glanced at her. She was wearing some tiny jean shorts and a tank top. Not the naughty trench coat I had hoped for, but I knew she wouldn’t be wearing it for long.

“Would you like some wine? I set some out.” I asked, closing the door behind her. As soon as the door shut, she jumped on me, smashing her face against mine. I hate to admit that I was caught off guard.

“Fuck the wine. I need some dick!” She demanded, pawing at my crotch.

“Is that so?” I replied, grabbing her top and pulling it off.

“I’m so fucking horny right now.” She said, shoving my jeans down and pulling out my cock.

“Oh yeah?” I said, unsnapping her bra and throwing it to the side.

“Yeah. I’ve been laying in bed thinking about you. Now fuck me already!” She demanded, reaching for her button.

“Suck it.” I said firmly.

“I don’t want to suck you. I want you to fuck me now!” She demanded, jerking my cock.

“My house, my rules.” I replied sternly.

“Make me.” She challenged.

It was on.

I grabbed her shoulders and tried to push her down. She locked her knees and tensed her body, turning rigid. I pushed my thumbs into the soft spot where her collar bones met just so slightly and she cried out in pain, her body falling forward a bit. I caught her and let her drop to her knees, level with my cock. I moved my left hand to the back of her head and grabbed my cock with the right and pushed it towards her. She looked up at me, her mouth sealed tight like a child trying to fight off Brussel sprouts.

“Open up.” I growled. She shook her head no and smiled through her clenched mouth. “Fine.” I replied, and pinched her nose shut. Her eyes opened wide and her cheeks ballooned out. She looked pretty ridiculous and I would have laughed at the situation if I wasn’t so on fire. A minute later she blew out a loud sigh and sucked in a big breath. As soon as she had a mouth full of air, I thrust my cock into her mouth. Her eyes bulged and she shot me the bird.

“We’ll get to that later. Now suck it.” I said, holding the back of her head and pushing in.

“Make me.” She mumbled, her mouth full of cock.

So, like before, I skull fucked her. I pushed in until I found the back of her throat and then I pushed harder. She gagged loudly and her hands would fly up and grab my thighs, but she fought a lot less than before. I pulled out every once in a while, letting her breath. I enjoyed watching the spit and drool run off her chin and onto her tits.

“That’s so fucking hot.” She gasped, pulling off my cock and rubbing the spit all over it.

“You are a dirty slut, aren’t you?” I said, pushing back towards her.

“I am.” She purred, sinking her head back down on it.

She bobbed on it for a second and then I heard a buzzing noise. Without missing a beat, she reached into her back pocket and pulled out her cell phone. For a moment, I thought that she was going to answer it, but somehow she managed to text with one hand while still sucking my cock.

“That’s multi-tasking!” I exclaimed. She nodded and smiled.

“My friend doesn’t believe what I’m doing. I’m going to Face Time her.” She said.

“Are you serious?” I exclaimed, trying to back up as she lifted her phone up.

“Yup.” She said, pressing a button on the front of her phone. Her screen lit up and I could make out the face of a brunette on it.

“Hey babe. I told you so!” She said into the screen before pushing her mouth back down on my cock.

“Oh my God, you weren’t kidding!” The screen girl exclaimed.

“Nope.” Rochelle replied, pulling off my cock and looking at the screen.

“That’s a nice one!” screen girl replied.

“Yeah it is. And he’s great with it too!”

“You bitch. I’m jealous.”

“You should be.” Rochelle replied, pulling her mouth off my dick and making a big show of running her tongue on the head.

“You should share him.” Screen girl replied. My cock twitched

“Why is that?”

“Bitch, you owe me.”

“Owe you for what?” Rochelle asked, taking her mouth off my dick and turning towards the screen

“Remember Cancun?” Screen girl asked.

“Don’t you even bring that up!” Rochelle said firmly.

“Let me have some and I won’t!” Screen girl replied.

“Fine, but you’re going to have to fight me for him.” Rochelle replied, her thumb moving wildly over the screen.

“Oh bitch, it’s on!” Screen girl exclaimed excitedly.

“Address is in your text. See ya!” Rochelle replied, disconnecting the chat and dropping her phone.

“Did you really just give her my address?” I asked.

“Yeah I did. Now will you fuck me? I want her to walk in on us fucking. She lives pretty close.”

“Friend of yours?”

“Yeah. Old friend.” She replied, standing up and walking over to the couch, kicking off her shorts and letting them fall onto the floor.

“I see. So what happened in Cancun?” I asked, following behind her.

“Don’t ask.” She replied firmly. “How do you want me?” She asked.

I sat down on the couch and pushed my jeans down.

“On top.”

“Fuck. I hate being on top.” She scowled.

“Too bad.” I replied, pulling her on top of me.

“At least the bitch can get a good look at my fabulous ass when she walks in.” Rochelle replied as she oriented herself on my crotch.

“Some friendship you two have.” I said with a bit of a laugh, pulling her thong to the side and holding my cock up.

“It’s a girl thing. Don’t worry about it.” Rochelle brushed off, slowly sinking down on my cock.

“Oh dear God that feels good!” She groaned, pushing herself down on my shaft.

I had to admit her pussy did feel pretty good and I grabbed her ass and helped her lift up and down on my dick. She dropped her arms down onto the back of the couch and her breasts hung in my face. I thrust upwards into her hard and her body bounced upwards.

“Choke me.” She panted softly.

“What?” I asked. I had clearly heard her, I just wanted her to say it again.

“Choke me again. Please.” She gasped, grabbing my hands off her ass and moving them to her neck.

She leaned her body backwards a little bit as my hands closed around her neck and her eyes shut as I squeezed. She sucked in a deep breath and I could feel her pussy clenching around my cock as her body went limp. She fell onto my chest and I released her. As soon as she hit my skin her eyes opened and she looked at me with a shy smile.

“That’s so fucking hot.” She purred.

There was a loud knock on the door that jolted me.

“It’s open!” Rochelle called out, sitting upright and rocking her ass on my cock vigorously.

I looked past her body to see the door open and a thin brunette walked in. She was in a white dress that hit mid knee and stopped in her tracks as she entered.

“Oh shit Rochelle. You weren’t kidding!” She exclaimed, the door closing behind her.

“Nuh huh.” She replied, rocking and thrashing on my lap.

The other girl was silent for a bit and then slowly approached the couch where Rochelle and I were still fucking. She picked up one of the glasses of wine that I had put out and sat on the couch next to us sipping it.

I glanced over at the other girl to see her eyes moving back and forth from Rochelle’s body to me. I caught her glance and winked at her, then turned back to Rochelle.

“Fuck me. Hard.” Rochelle said, a bit of pleading in her voice. I couldn’t tell if she was dying to be fucked, or just wanted to put on a show for her friend. I didn’t really care either way. I stood up, picking her up with me and turned around, dumping her on the couch. She squealed loudly as I grabbed her ass and rolled her over and she put her hands on the back of the couch and stuck her ass out. I yanked her thong to the side, hearing several stitches pop and pushed my cock into her.

I fucked her roughly for several minutes, my hands going back and forth from her ass to her shoulders. I looked up at her friend, who had her leg up on the back of my couch and was slowly rubbing her pussy while sipping my wine. I looked at her hand, which was up her dress and inside her panties, working her clit in small circles.

“Are you just going to watch?” I asked slyly. She looked up at me for a moment and smiled, the bottomed the rest of her glass of wine and dropped it on the couch. She sat up on the couch and slid over to me, pushing her soft lips against mine hungrily.

“Bitch, he’s mine!” Rochelle panted, turning and looking over her shoulder at me and her friend making out.

I slapped my hand down on her ass with a loud SMACK.

“I don’t belong to anyone, got that? Besides, if you didn’t want to share, you shouldn’t have invited her over!” I retorted loudly. Rochelle shrieked at my slap and jerked wildly.

“Yeah. Learn to share!” Her friend teased.

“Yeah, share. Now kiss and make up.” I replied with grin.

“You are a naughty boy.” Her friend smiled, sliding over to Rochelle.

“You have no idea.” I said, pulling Rochelle back a bit. Her friend slid in front of her. I pushed Rochelle forward and her friend leaned in, but Rochelle made no moves towards her friend.

“Come on now, kiss and make up!” I demanded, smacking Rochelle’s ass again. She squealed again and her friend dove forward, pressing her mouth to hers.

“That’s better!” I commented, grabbing Rochelle’s hips and resuming thrusting into her. My thrusts seemed to get Rochelle into the mood and soon she was eagerly making out with her friend, who was rubbing her hands all over Rochelle’s tits.

“What’s your name anyway?” I panted.

“Jill.” She replied, pulling away from Rochelle for a moment.


“Choke me again please.” Rochelle moaned.

“Oh hell yeah!” Jill exclaimed as I reached down and pulled my belt out of my jeans and wrapped it around Rochelle’s neck. Jill slid her legs on either side of Rochelle watching intently as I pulled her head back with my belt like reigns on a horse, thrusting into her hard. Rochelle’s hands flew backwards and pawed at my hair wildly and then went limp. Her body fell down and I dropped her on top of Jill. She lay there for a moment and then her body started to twitch and thrust back against me.

“Again please, more.” Rochelle panted. I gripped the belt tightly and pulled her backwards again, thrusting up into her. I could feel something moving underneath me and I looked down to see Jill furiously rubbing her own clit again.

“Why don’t you rub her instead?” I suggested, pumping Rochelle. Jill looked at me, her eyes shining and nodded. I could feel Rochelle’s body twitch as Jill’s fingers found her clit and I fucked her with renewed force, still pulling on the belt around her neck. The stimulation on her clit was too much for her to take and soon Rochelle was bucking backwards wildly against me before collapsing limp on top of her friend. I released the belt and let it fall aside and slowly pulled out of Rochelle’s wet cunt as she rolled to the side of the couch. I stood there in front of Jill, my cock still hard. She looked at her friend, then at my dick, then up at me.

“So, do you want some too?” I asked smugly.

Jill instantly dove at my cock with enough force to make me take a step backwards. She eagerly sunk her head down on my dick, which was still covered in Rochelle’s pussy juice.

“Damn, someone is anxious!” I chuckled a little. Jill looked up at me and smiled as she started to pull her dress off.

“Fuck me like you fucked her.” Jill said as she pushed her dress down, her voice a bit too commanding for my taste.

“Ask nicely.” I retorted firmly, taking the opportunity of her hands being wrapped up in her dress to shove my cock down her throat. Her eyes bulged wild and looked up at me pleadingly but I held fast, savoring the feeling of her throat clenching around my shaft. I held it there for a moment and then withdrew it, Jill dropping her head down and panting for air.

“Please.” She gasped.

“Please what.” I said.

She looked up at me.

“Please. Fuck me like you fucked her. Fuck me hard!” She begged. I bought it this time, lifting her to her feet and throwing her onto the couch next to Rochelle. She squealed with delight and peeled off her panties and threw them aside, spreading her legs wide as she unclipped her bra and let it fall away. The sweet smell of her pussy filled my nose and I dropped down to take a taste.

“Oh damn, you didn’t tell me he ate pussy too!” Jill moaned, grabbing the back of my head and bucking her hips up against my nose.

“He didn’t eat mine.” Rochelle said, obviously annoyed and jealous.

“I was a bit busy fucking you in the ass.” I commented, pulling away from Jill’s crotch and sitting up.

Rochelle turned bright red as Jill turned to look at her, her mouth hanging open.

“You let him fuck you in the ass?” Jill exclaimed.

Rochelle nodded a little.

“Slut.” Jill replied, a grin on her face. “How was it?” She asked.

We both stared at Rochelle as I rubbed my cock head over Jill’s pussy. Rochelle turned even redder and looked back at us for a while until she realized we were going to keep waiting for an answer.

“Really hot.” She whispered, as if she was hoping we wouldn’t hear her.

“Did you like it?” Jill’s voice oozed with arousal. Rochelle nodded slightly, blushing harder.

“You should try it.” I commented, pressing against Jill’s pussy entrance.

“Maybe I will.” Jill moaned as I sunk into her dripping cunt.

Jill was a great fuck. You could tell that she was used to men falling over her like Rochelle was, but this girl was an eager participant, bucking and humping back against me. I grabbed her and rolled her over on top of me, my hands roaming all over her tits as she rocked her ass around in circles on me like a stripper. She threw her head back, arching her back and thrusting her tits outwards, then snapped her head down and stared at me.

“Choke me too. Like you choked her.” She asked, a mischievous grin on her face

“You ever done that before?” I asked.

“Nope. But it looks hot. Do it, please.” She asked, her voice dripping.

I slid my hands upwards from her tits to her neck, clasping them around both sides. I held them there for a moment and watched the look of panic begin to set in on her face. Her face started to turn red but her hips rocked down against me harder, grinding her clit against my crotch. She ground on me furiously as I held her neck tightly and then she froze, her eyes rolling back in her head before going limp against my hands. I immediately released her neck and she fell against my chest for a moment.

She finally lifted her head up and smiled at me.

“That was fucking awesome.” She moaned softly.


“Yeah. Let’s do that again.”

“You want to get real kinky?” I asked. She nodded her head excitedly. I slowly pressed my left pointer finger into her mouth. She sucked it seductively like she was working on a dick and my right hand slowly closed around her neck. Her hips started moving around on my crotch again as I pushed her backwards off my chest by her throat.

I pulled my finger out of her mouth and moved it down her back. It found its way down between her ass cheeks and I teased her asshole with it. She moaned loudly, her voice muffled by the pressure on her throat.

“Like that?” I asked. She nodded, her head leaned back and looking at the ceiling as I squeezed her neck harder.

I hooked my finger and thrust it up into her ass as I clenched down on her neck hard. She squealed and jolted upwards for a moment, then eased her body backwards against my hand.

“Freaky bitch huh?” I commented. She shook her head yes. I pumped my finger in and out of her ass as she rocked back against it, her hands clenching my shoulders tightly as I held her neck.

“So good. So good.” She gasped, pressing her neck down against my hand. I pulled my finger out of her ass and then smacked her ass cheek hard. That spike of pain was what she needed to throw her over the edge and she began to buck wildly against my cock for a moment before collapsing onto my chest again. I released her neck and held her while she rode out her orgasm, then looked up at me.

“That was fucking awesome.” She commented wistfully.

“Glad you liked it. You know, you both have gotten off, but I haven’t yet.” I commented, looking at Jill then at Rochelle with a grin.

“Poor thing.” Jill said, standing up.

“Yeah, I was thinking it was something you could both help me out with.” I replied, my grin getting bigger.

“Naughty boy!” Jill smiled. I looked over at Rochelle, who looked less than thrilled.

“Let’s take this party to the bedroom.” I said, grabbing Jill’s hand and leading her to the bedroom. She eagerly followed, kicking her dress and panties off. Rochelle jumped up and ran after us.

I crawled up onto my bed and Jill slithered after me, sliding up my body to my crotch. She wrapped her hand around my dick and sunk her mouth down onto it as Rochelle appeared in the doorway. She seemed less than excited to see Jill sucking my cock again and had a bit of a hateful look on her face.

“Are you joining?” I asked her innocently as Jill began to bob up and down on my dick.

Rochelle glanced at Jill again and climbed on the bed next to her. She slowly approached be from the other side and reached my crotch, where Jill was eagerly bobbing up and down.

“Now Jill, share.” I said with a grin. Jill lifted her mouth off my dick and held it out to Rochelle like a microphone. Rochelle looked at for a moment, covered in Jill’s spit and pussy juice and then slowly began to lick up and down the sides.

“Come on now, don’t be afraid. I know you can do better than that.” I commented to Rochelle.

She looked up at me. “Make me.” She said, her voice defiant and a bit angry.

My left hand shot out instantly and grabbed the back of her head, ramming her down on my dick. She gagged hard at my quick movement but I felt my cock slide down the back of her throat. I held her there for a second and released her. She came off my shaft, coughing hard with spit running down her face. I looked at her, eye makeup running down her face, then over at Jill.

“That was fucking hot.” Jill said, her eyes sparkling.

“You want some of that?” I asked. Jill eagerly nodded.

My right hand shot out and grabbed Jill’s head, who needed significantly less encouragement to suck my dick. I shoved her down all the way on it, sliding past the back of her throat. I released Jill and shoved Rochelle back down on it, barely giving her a chance to catch her breath.

I repeated this process for several minutes until both women were gasping, slobbery messes. This seemed to turn Jill on, and bother Rochelle. I didn’t give a shit either way.

I figured since Rochelle got my last load, I’d let Jill have this one. I released Rochelle’s head and grabbed Jill’s with both hands, skull fucking her hard. She relaxed her body and her mouth, allowing me to easily slide in and out of her throat. I pumped her for a while and then pushed her down, holding her in place as I emptied my balls into her mouth.

“Don’t swallow yet.” I ordered, releasing Jill’s head. She sat up slowly and looked at me.

“Don’t be greedy, share it.” I said with a smile. Jill grinned and grabbed Rochelle. Before the blond could react, Jill pushed her mouth to Rochelle’s and kissed her hard, swapping my cum into her mouth. Rochelle looked less than happy, but kissed her friend back and reluctantly took her share of my load into her mouth.

“Are you going to tie me up again?” Rochelle said, turning towards me and wiping the cum off her mouth. Her voice made it clear that she was ready to be the center of attention again.

“Maybe. What do you say?” I replied coyly.

Rochelle dropped onto my chest, wrapping her hand around my limp cock and licking my ear.

“Please will you tie me up again? You know I love being your little slut.” She purred. My cock twitched.

“Well, I have a present for you.” I replied with a grin.

“Oh yeah? What is that?” She said seductively. I motioned her out of the way and I sat up. She quickly took my place, spreading out on her back on the bed like a princess. I reached over her head and behind the back of her head and withdrew a long, soft black rope.

“I’m prepared this time.” I said with a grin. Rochelle smiled back and thrust her hands out towards me with her wrists together. I quickly tied her hands over her head and sat up.

“Oh, this looks fun.” Jill commented, looking down at Rochelle.

“Yup. So, what should we do to her?” I asked Jill, with emphasis on the ‘we’. Rochelle looked worried.

“I don’t know.” Jill replied with a smile.

“So, have you two ever fooled around before?” I asked.

Both women shook their heads no.

“Just some kissing at a party once.” Jill replied.

“Shame. You two look hot together. Have you ever been with a woman before?” I asked Jill. She shook her head no.

“Hey, don’t forget about me down here.” Rochelle said angrily, tugging on her ropes.

“I’ve not forgotten about you.” I replied.

“Are you going to fuck me now or what?” Rochelle asked with attitude.

I ignored her.

“You like it rough, don’t you? Like being told what to do?” I asked Jill.

She nodded eagerly.

“It’s really hot. I love being forced.” She replied.

I stared at her, then down at Rochelle. Rochelle was looking up at me impatiently and then spread her legs.

“Please, please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me your slut again.” Rochelle purred, tugging against her ropes and wiggling her hips around. I looked down at her pussy, then back at her.

“You want it baby? Take it. Fuck that pussy like you own it!” She moaned, arching her back to push her tits out at me.

I stared at Rochelle for a second and then snapped my hand out, grabbing Jill by the back of the neck and pulling her face down towards Rochelle. Jill gasped loudly as I pushed her between Rochelle’s legs.

“What the hell!” Rochelle gasped, her body shooting upwards but held back by the ropes.

“Lick it.” I demanded, holding Jill’s head between Rochelle’s legs. Jill lifted her hands up and wrapped them around Rochelle’s thighs and stuck her tongue out, obviously not knowing what she was doing but eagerly learning.

“Oh no. I want you to fuck me!” Rochelle cried. I sat up and thrust my now firm cock into Rochelle’s mouth.

“Shut up.” I demanded, holding the back of Rochelle’s head down on my dick.

Rochelle moaned her disappointment on my cock as Jill settled between her legs. We all three were silent, but for Jill’s lapping and Rochelle’s moaning of unhappiness on my dick.

Rochelle’s tone soon changed and her body relaxed a bit as I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth. I looked down at Jill, who was now eagerly licking her slit.

“How are you doing down there?” I asked.

Jill looked up from Rochelle’s pussy, her chin covered in her juice.

“Really good.” She said with a smile.

“You like it?” I asked.

“Yeah, she tastes good. It’s really hot.” She replied, nodding.

“Good. Now shut up and keep licking.” I demanded, grabbing the back of Jill’s head and shoving her back into Rochelle’s crotch. She groaned and Rochelle moaned on my cock louder, which I withdrew.

“How’s she doing?” I asked.

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