Pamela's Plots

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Conniving young woman plays fast and dirty but ends up helping people unintentionally.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Cheating   Sharing   Incest   Pregnancy   .

Pamela’s girlfriends wondered how she got a new Corvette when she turned sixteen and a luxury apartment for her eighteenth birthday. It helped that her father was quite wealthy but it took more than that. She simply explained that her technique was “stroking his ego”. She did not explain that she defined “ego” as a tubular organ attached to his groin and the stroking was in her vagina.

She’d matured into a bronzed blonde busty beauty at an early age and, after spreading her “wings”, anatomically called “thighs”, for a few eager boys, easily seduced her father who, she knew, wasn’t getting much from her mother. Not only did she own him for incest and under age, but she’d worked in his office as a helper and discovered that his wealth wasn’t entirely obtained with the highest ethical standards.

Although reminding him monthly with a helping of what he had purchased, she had moved on to other prey. In high school she usually got whatever she wanted from almost any guy, eager to bang this hot beauty. No one got to be a steady boyfriend to have any leverage on her.

She tried college for a year but that was too much like real studying. She’d rather just be a Playgirl and for fun set her sights on married guys. She zeroed in on the ones who had money or influence or both and arranged to meet them at parties and then arrange something more private, like a lunch at a later time.

It was so easy to get them between her legs and now that she had an apartment she could set up video recording of the illicit copulation. The young techie boy in the building got his share of pussy for installing and maintaining the equipment and was a skilled editor. she enjoyed his fat cock filling her adulterous lower end as they reviewed her recent bonking’s. The audio was good too so she could capture promises that these men made in the heat of pounding passion.

Most of the enticements she lured with her pussy were smalltime but she kept a careful record of who and when, thinking that someday she need a favor. Randy, the techie guy lived up to his name and was always available when she needed a good pussy filling. Sometimes these guys she seduced didn’t make it good for her so she would text him to come down and finish the job. He worked at home and would have his big fat boner unleashed shortly after he came through the door.

Sometimes she wouldn’t like a guy’s wife for some reason or other so she would fuck him, Randy would put together a video clip with herself carefully edited, and then anonymously email it to the woman. Randy seem to enjoy that too and wished they had a video feed of when she played the attachment. She noticed he seemed to enjoy hearing about her adventures and tricks as much as actually banging her. Kindred spirits?

One afternoon when he had just taken some “seconds” from her lunchtime pickup, she asked, “Randy, don’t you have any girlfriends?”

“No,” he admitted, “I’m not very good at meeting girls. There is the sister of a friend I go visit every once in a while and she always wants to fuck me but she isn’t very good looking and I don’t think gets it from anybody else. You are so damn sexy that anyone I look at pales by comparison.”

Pamela brightened at that, “You do know how to say the sweetest things and your pecker is always good for me. Why don’t we go out on a date and see how you behave in public?”

He looked embarrassed, “I don’t know where to take you and the clothes you see me in are the only kind I have.”

“You’re just what I need then, a project. I know about all that stuff and I’ve got plenty of money so first of all let’s go shopping. I know men usually hate that but I’ll make it easy for you.”

So they spent the rest of the afternoon getting him a haircut, manicure, and some more dressed up duds. At dinner Pamela said, “I’m taking charge of you so first thing we do is get your eating habits in shape. You need to lose about 30 pounds and get your muscles working better. You get too tired when we fuck for very long and I want that to change. There’s a fitness center close to our apartment and we’re signing you up for a program.”

Randy was speechless but he knew the power that this young woman had. He’d seen the videos of her fucking his boss and knew that she could get him terminated if he didn’t cooperate. The job was too good to lose so he acquiesced.

A few weeks later she announced, “There is a big social event at my dad’s place Saturday night. I want you to go as my date and I think they’re going to be several married men that you’ve seen me screw. Let’s also see if any of the couples are still together that we’ve sent videos to. We better do some basic lessons in dancing though if you’re going to fit in.”

Randy had only a few chances to ride in her Corvette but now got to drive the red six speed sportster. He glanced at himself in the mirror of the mansion entrance and hardly recognized what he saw. He was six feet three with broad shoulders and now a much narrower waistline thanks to a severe restriction of his diet and ample exercise vertical and horizontal. Pamela was dressed to the hilt showing off every feature of her stunning body.

He was introduced around and his well-trained programming memory stored the names of each and recognized those that she had recorded. It was hard to keep a steady expression when introduced to some of those.

He noticed that Pamela was often asked to dance by men she had banged and he made it a point to ask their wives out onto the floor. He’d turned out to be more graceful that he’d expected although he didn’t do anything fancy and the women seem to appreciate being in his arms. There was one middle-aged woman whose name he recognized. She was one that they had sent a video of Pamela screwing the woman’s husband.

During the dance she asked him, “Are you the one that helps Pamela with technical things?” That seemed a curious question but he nodded. “Well you did pretty good work on that video that I received.”

He almost stopped still on the dance floor but kept going and after a moment asked, “What makes you think that?”

“I’ve been married to my husband for a long time and this is the first time he’s pulled it out of his pants for someone else. With the evidence you sent me I got him to confess to his deed and I did little bit of research. You actually did me a favor because I’m now getting a lot more of his attention and willingness to do what I want. You’re pretty good looking guy and I want equal opportunity with you. When can we arrange that?”

This was a damn good looking woman so Randy’s pants started tenting as they danced closely. She chuckled in his ear, “Feels like you’re interested so when can we put our parts together?”

Randy regained his voice and said, “I work at home and I’m on call from Pamela but I could text you when she is away, if that would work.”

Marilyn squeezed him and said, “I know where you live and your phone number so I’ll text you with mine so you can recognize it. If your cock is as big and buff as the rest of you, it will be a treat that I’m long overdue for. Have you ever had a woman my age?” When Randy answered negatively, she parted with, “You won’t forget it.”

He looked around for Pamela but she had apparently wandered away. Knowing her, she’s probably up in her old room with at least one guy creating some new memories there. Oh well, she’s just my date and not my wife.

She eventually surfaced and they left. When they got back to her place she invited him in and stripped saying, “I need one more fuck before I can go to sleep I’m so wound up.”

As he was dipping in her sloppy snatch he asked, “so how many tonight?”

“Three. One new and two previous. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, I’ve never been to anything like that it was really nice and I met some new people and danced with some of the wives of the men you were dancing with. I guess I’m becoming a social animal after all.”

She came and he came and he went back to his own place. Checking his phone there was a text from Marilyn, complete with a wickedly grinning emoticon.

It was two days later when he knew that Pamela was going to be gone for much of the day. She told him that one of her dad’s friends was going to take her to a nearby town for a fun-filled day. She’d not banged him before but suspected he’d make her body feel good. She took her purse with the built-in video recorder to put on the bedside.

Randy texted Marilyn and 30 minutes later she walked in the door. Her big mature boobs were moving around inside the T-shirt in an enticing way but she dropped her shorts first and there she was commando. Her pubes were trimmed nicely and she’d drawn a downward pointing red arrow on her belly with the words “for fun” written next to it.

Even though it was morning he offered her some wine and she sat on the couch with legs spread enough to give the best beaver shot she could manage. “Randy, you’re not being polite.” He looked puzzled so she said, “I’m setting the dress code and you’re not following it.”

He dressed lightly so his big dong was soon swinging and swelling for her amusement as well. She prompted, “Sit down here by me. We’re about to become a lot better acquainted.”

After gulping down her wine she held out her glass for refill and has he returned it she grasped the swollen shaft that was almost in her face, dipped the head of it in her wine glass and then wrapped her lips around it, humming to indicate how much she enjoyed the taste.

After a few minutes she was wiggling and asked, “Do you like to eat pussy? I sure hope so because mine hasn’t been touched by anybody but me for a week.” He took the hint and led her to his bedroom, laid her back and began exploring where she’d asked. She squirmed and moaned and came.

Her next request was extremely simple, “Fuck me!” More moans and wiggles as he buried his big meat in that neglected loving place. After ten minutes of his skillful pounding she gasped, “My God! I don’t think anybody has ever lasted this long inside me! It’s wonderful and don’t stop.” She came twice before feeling his young cock gushing its gift.

As she snuggled against him she murmured, “I’m not on birth control but I think this is a safe time. My husband had a vasectomy after our second child. Have you ever fucked a mother before?”

Randy squeezed with the arm he had around her and said, “I never would’ve known that two babies came out of there. You are as tight as Pamela but she’s had so many men in her that she may have stretched some too. Regardless, you felt damn good and I’m sure we can do it a few more times before you have to leave.”

“Well once more anyway,” Marilyn said, “My husband is waiting for me to get back home. Yes, he knows I’m here and what I’m doing.”

Puzzled, Randy asked, “I thought you said he hadn’t had you for a week.”

“That’s right. I told him he couldn’t have me again until you did and we were even. From now on our marriage is on a new footing with no secrets and no get evens. Pamela doesn’t have any leverage over him now and you may not realize how much you have over her. Perhaps we can use it to your advantage sometime but for right now it feels like your bone is ready to be buried.”

Later that evening when Pamela was back and wanted to tell him about her adulterous day with his seven inches deep in the scene of her crime, he thought about Marilyn and what a really nice person she actually was. Good pussy too and certainly not as used and abused is the one he was pounding at the moment.

Marilyn managed to get together with Randy once or twice a week and they got along famously. She said her sex live at home had taken a big restart too and her husband thanked him for helping out in that. Then she surprised her young lover. They’d just had a nice easy-going copulation when she said, “I’ve been thinking about you never having had a young and less experienced woman. I have a daughter a little younger than you who is acting awfully horny and I don’t want her to make bad choices. Would you date and bed her? I don’t think she is a virgin so you won’t have to deal with that but hasn’t dated much. You can keep on with me or not, your choice, but I hope you do.”

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