Juicy Lucy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Stepdaughter wants her chimes rung like she hears her mom's being done.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Incest   Big Breasts   .

“Daddy, to you need some help with that?”

I was caught beating off to video of a teenage girl getting laid by an older guy. I covered my pecker with both hands and turned my head. I knew from the voice that it was Lucy, my stepdaughter who I didn’t expect home yet.

She walked up beside my chair glanced at the screen and then down my crotch, wearing a smirky grin. “I know something that would feel a lot better than your hand!” I was still paralyzed when she pulled off her blouse and her big fleshy tits shook with her motion. “You can start with these if you like,” she said gleefully.

I finally found my voice, “Cover yourself up young woman and get out of here. I’ll meet you downstairs in a few minutes.” My willy had wilted as I zipped up my pants and rearranged my shirt. I remembered to shut down the computer before I left it.

She was sitting in the living room drinking a beer which her mother allowed at home. She had not put her top back on. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen those well-rounded tits. She had been getting less and less careful about covering up around me and I had seen most parts of her curvy body at one time or another. She knew I enjoyed it and I have to admit that I did.

She was a self-confident one. When I sat down to give her lecture she kind of beat me to the punch. “I know you want to fuck me. I can tell by the looks you give. Guys tell me I’m pretty good so why don’t you give me a try. I’ve never had a guy your age but I hear they can be pretty good. You sure turn Mom on from what I can hear from your bedroom.”

I tried to take charge, “Why are you talking like this. A girl your age shouldn’t be so fixated on sex.”

She interrupted, “Bullshit! I’ve been eager to fuck for a long time. Mom caught me with a couple neighbor boys when I was 14 and got me on the pill. I’ve lost count of how many guys I’ve tried once or a bunch of times if they were any good. More than a few of Mom’s boyfriends that stayed over got in my pussy. Hell, I got laid after school already today. If you’ve ever wanted to try sloppy seconds, he was a big cummer and I’m still juicy.”

I couldn’t help it and my cock was bulging in the lightweight shorts I was wearing. She looked at it and grinned, “looks like that got you going. I don’t know why you won’t fuck me, Mom’s probably getting laid right now.”

That got my attention. My wife, her mother, was off supposedly visiting her mom in another city. She rarely asked me to accompany her and that didn’t make me feel bad at all. So what was this all about?

Lucy smirked again and shook her tits as teasers. “I’ve known for a long time that she spends as much time fucking my father as visiting with her mom when she goes on those trips. Hasn’t she been honest with you?”

No, she hadn’t! I kind of wondered why she was in such a good mood and not as horny as I would’ve expected after us being apart, considering how much she liked to fuck me. Was this just a trick Lucy was playing to get me between her legs? So I asked, “And how do I know this is the truth?”

Lucy got out her phone and came around behind me laying one bare tit on my neck as she leaned over my shoulder to show me. There she was, my loving wife banging Lucy’s father, the video dated just a month ago the last time she went to visit. “I stole this from her phone.”

I reached up and filled my hand with the other tit, something I’d wanted to do during the two years we’ve been a family. Lucy was 17 and certainly legal. I stood up briefly from the kitchen chair and dropped my shorts before I sat back down. “Sit on me you hussy!” She dropped hers and straddled me on the armless chair. She knew exactly how to mount my rod and hissed as she quickly engulfed it, “Damn it’s nice and big. Lots more than the one I had a little while ago.” She was slick with the remnants of that copulation and moved up and down on me slowly as I explored her tits between deep kisses.

It’d been three days since her mom left and I had a prostate full. Lucy got it and squeaked with pleasure as she felt my shots deep inside. I held still and she undulated her hips to rub her clit on my pubic bone and get herself off. She slumped against me until her shaking stopped then leaned back and said “Damn that was good! I think I’m coming home to you after school instead of these other guys. I hope you can do that to me tonight so I can try it lying down.” I nodded and we wiped ourselves off and started dinner.

I’d be lying if I said I got enough sleep that night. We must’ve tried everything that both she or I knew how to do and it’s a good thing the next day was Saturday and we had nothing planned. She insisted on showering with me like she knew Mom did. It was later that afternoon before I could detect any stirrings in my pecker and we caught up on our missed sleep after bonking each other with a quickie.

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