Halloween Party

by Goldfisherman

Copyright© 2018 by Goldfisherman

Incest Sex Story: A surprise invitation from daughter to her corporate annual Adult Halloween party.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Workplace   Cheating   Father   Daughter   InLaws   Group Sex   Swinging   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Food   Public Sex   Halloween   .

I had about given up on an invite or a costume party this year. No one had asked me for the last 3 years since I had accidentally scared some little kids while going to one with my wife a few years ago as a Dracula. No one had recognized me as I had used theater paint and some rather realistic looking teeth and clothing. Most of the people there were in a very loose relationship and I did not see any of them except on a once or twice a year basis. I was resigned to staying at home and working as usual.

The year before I had picked up a couple of rather gristly masks and costume parts in hopes that I might be able to use them if the occasion arose. 2 days before Halloween my grown up daughter had come to pay a visit and discovered one of the masks that I had picked up. She worked in a legal office and did computer research and some fieldwork. She was also finishing up on her second divorce.

My daughter is quite attractive and very well endowed with all of the right attributes that would make her a very good trophy wife except she had a very orderly and logical mental attitude. She is in her mid 30’s and has never had a child and says that she does not want any although she enjoys sex a lot and has been known to be very adventuresome.

She said that her date for the company party had been called out of the country on business so she had a spare invitation for a male to the party. She had his costume and had one for herself.

The mask she had was of a rather grotesque woman with her head split by a broadsword with the handle going out the top of the wearer’s head. She had tried on the mask and it covered her hair and face. It would take some fake blood running down her front and back but she wanted to use it with an old hunting knife with the handle molded to be retained in her anus with the blade sticking straight down between her thighs. She wanted to be completely nude except the mask and sword end.

She would need someone else to drive and to be her escort to the party. Her partner needed to be a stranger to the other people at the party. She wanted me to go with her.

We talked it over and she said there was usually sex involved at the parties and there were always several women and men nude but in costumes. I asked what the man’s costume she had was?

She replied that it is Satan. She had some red theater skin dye and a molded head skull cap with the horns and ears. It would take a little makeup for me but it would fit fine with my natural features.

Cautiously she presented the rest of the costume. It had a cover for my cock with a 12 inch dildo with a soft arrow-barbed head on it, and a tail that was actuated, raised and moved side to side with the actions of my sphincter and butt muscles. The tail also had a useable end on it much like a dildo. She said that I could actually penetrated 2 women at one time. Her date was going to wear it until he was called out of town.

What are some of the objectives of the party aside from everyone wanting to have sex? I asked.

“Daddy that is the primary objective and the end result! We just want to have fun in the meantime and be as mysterious as possible. The host and hostess of the party will be among the most promiscuous and available although the hostess will be the most open in more ways than one she will probably not be that available for actual sex. I heard she will be a salad dish and dressing receptacle.”

That sounds interesting! It may not be too comfortable to have these things stuck up our ass for a while. We have about 3 hours to prepare the makeup and I think we ought to get started. Do we have a enema hose or something to use?

“I hadn’t thought of that, my daughter said. I think we can come up with something!” As we pulled into her friend’s driveway and the door opened to the garage. We pulled in to an empty spot. “We have a mudroom so let’s get started.” We stepped out of the car and went through a door into a large shower stall with towels and benches across from the shower heads. My daughter began stripping off her clothes. “Last one undressed gets serviced first!” She said with a grin.

I had never seen her naked or even caught a glimpse of her naked body since I had changed her diapers when she was a baby. I was pleased at how she had turned out. She was generously proportioned with 36DD breasts and a trim waist and legs that went all the way to her ass. She looked truly magnificent as her clothes fell away!

“You do know you will have to couple with me when we arrive at the party. Your costume will give you some help since it has a built in dildo and extension if you want to use it. It will be fun for both of us. The whole object of much of the party is all the guys can couple with any woman that is identified and been coupled with and her partner that she comes with. Any woman that has not been identified will not be coupled by anyone but her partner. If the guy is identified he cannot couple with anyone but his partner. If a couple is the last to be identified or is not identified by anyone they win the grand prize of $200 each.”

Does that mean that I will be able to have any woman that has been identified but you don’t get any man except me until you are?

Yes it does. I will help you identify any woman that I recognize. I don’t think anyone except maybe June might recognize you. If she does then she will identify me.

June? I thought for a minute. “Isn’t she your ex mother-in-law?

Jo nodded. “I want to do her, she is really hot!” I replied.

“I knew you would like that idea! Here let’s clean each other out.” As she handed me a hose running warm water and bent over to take the wetted end into her anus. “Slowly run it inside me and twist it a little when it hits any obstructions. I want to get about 2 foot or so curled up inside. If it overflows and comes out clear, I should be clean when we are done. Then I will do you. OK?”

I admired her nicely rounded rear entrance and slipped the running water into her. The water flow opened her sphincter and the hose slipped in easily.

She turned around and smiled at me with a dreamy look in her eyes. The hose kept slipping in as her abdomen gradually filled. I kept working in the hose until I came to the 2 foot mark before some of the feces began slipping out of her around the hose. She stood up and turned around and watched her fill a little more until she told me to start pulling out.

I slipped the hose out of her and as she held the murky contents inside her she told me to bend over to get cleaned out. I did and in a few minutes both of us were filled and partly flushed out.

“We need to move around for about 5 minutes before we can empty and repeat the process.” She said. “I want to show you a couple of things that we will be using.” She reached into a cupboard next to the shower room.

She brought out a small box, almost like a jewelry box with a rubber seal around the edges and opened it. Inside were 3 golden “6” broaches. “After you couple with me at the party I want you to insert one of these into each my breasts. The pin part will go in and come out at the edges of my areole when you are grasping my nipples with your other hand. They are to be kept immersed in the solution until they are used. It is an anti-viral and antibiotic agent and a lubricant/anesthetic. I will feel it slightly but it will not be permanent. My nipples will be very aroused for the rest of the evening though and they will be sticking through the “O” in the 6. The remaining one will be in a special place. It has the potential to really hurt and maybe even bleed. It also has the capability of giving me very intense erotic pleasure. If we are not very careful, some damage could be permanent. Let me show you after we finish cleaning ourselves out.”

Se sat on the toilet and emptied herself out and then slipped some cleaning solution into her anus while she waited for me to finish. She squirted about a teaspoon of a very mild soap into both of us then began filling ourselves once more. This bubbled inside and filled us both up quickly. We used the full 2 foot of hose and let it flow a bit before holding it.

Jo took out the remaining “6” and showed it to me. This one we will stick through the base of my clit and hood in such a manner as to hold my clit hood open and my clit extended and aroused for the evening. It will be poking out through the “O” much like my nipples. You will need to pop open my hood and stimulate me then poke it through the hood as it is open from the top and go below the clit itself and out below the clit. In all likelihood I will have an orgasm while you are doing this and will be having spasms the whole time. You must be impaling me with your dildo cock the whole time for me to be aroused enough for it to work right.”

Why can’t we put them in before we go to maximize the safety of them? I asked.

“First of all I don’t want anyone’s cum to be pouring over the one in my clit. It will be a total turn on to do it in front of everyone. If I get identified I will need to take it out before coupling with anyone else. That may hurt a bit but I will use a little of the extra gel to sanitize myself and to help numb and seal the tiny openings.”

Let’s empty out one more time and rinse to make sure the suds are out and everything else. Jo emptied herself and left suds in the bowl. I followed as she refilled herself and let it run when she took my place again. The bowl cleared and I finished as well.

“Now you will need to have a quick shower and dry good while I get the makeup to turn you red.” Jo said. You will be painted all over so any openings in the costume will not show.

She had laid out 4 tubes of red theater paint and began giving me a rub down while I was in the shower. I helped her as well, feeling her tender and smooth skin on my fingertips of her very attractive nether regions. When we finished she gave me a full French kiss and told me we had wasted a lot of years. None of her husbands had been able to hold a candle to me in the tender feeling department. She had always dreamed that someday I might make love to her and this was making her feel invincible.

We dried each other off and she began applying the paint to me. I was covered in a full coat within a few minutes including behind the ears, eyelids, scrotum and anus. She reached into another cupboard and drew out a rather odd looking thong the same color as the paint. She told me to bend over. I felt a rather large dildo thing penetrate my anus then lock in and then she told me to stand straight. She slipped what would be best described as a strap on dildo attached to the thong over my cock cupping my scrotum and cock in a flexible (kind of) shield.

“Squeeze the dildo in your anus and look at your tail!” I did and it curled up to hit me in the middle of my back with the point. I relaxed and it dropped to about half way to the level of my knees. “Clinch one then the other of your buns.” I did and the tail swung back and forth. Now a little more makeup to smooth things and it will look like you. She used some red paste to smooth the edges to my skin and it really looked like me. She took out the head piece and slipped the skull cap onto me. The horns and new ears looked great in the mirror. The horns were about 12 inches long and the ears were located high and to the rear of the horns. In about a half hour the paste was smoothed and the connection was invisible between me and the costume. Jo added a pointy chin and I was done. The surface of the gel dried to a firm consistency like silicon sealer with a smooth but tough texture.

I hope this stuff comes off ok when we are done with it. I commented.

Jo said it would mostly come off with cold cream and what did not come off she had another cleaner that would leave my skin but take off the putty.

“Now for me!” Jo commented. She took the knife that she had prepared and slipped it into her anus and rotated it so it continued down between her legs in line with her back. She said it was quite comfortable and would not fall out with movement nor would it easily slip inside much further since it was being restricted by the grip guard tangs in the front and back. She pulled on the head mask and she looked gruesome. The sword coming out of the top of the mask lined up perfectly with the knife dildo coming out of her anus. We sat in front of the dresser and added some red blood streaks down her shoulders and breasts to add color and realism to the mask.

Finally we were done. We took pictures of each other in various poses and stored them in the computer. Before getting into the car, Jo needed to remove the knife so she could sit right in the car. She crouched and pulled it out. I added a pillow so I was not crushing my tail when I got in and we were off. We had touchup makeup materials in a bag to take with us.

We arrived at the party fashionably late about 15 minutes after the start. 9 more couples arrived after we did and before the rules and announcements were made. From this time forward the outside doors and gates to the property were locked.

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