Helping Her Husband

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Frustrated wife takes drastic action to make her husband better in bed. She’ll do whatever it takes to get what she needs. Her husband doesn’t realize how he is being manipulated but gets much more out of it too.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Sharing   .

Olivia, or Ollie, sensed that her husband was horny the way he acted during dinner. He’d actually cupped a bun while she was fixing it. While not thrilling, it was better than the usual tiny kiss she dutifully got as he arrived home from work.

Mort was five years older and a good, dependable breadwinner with a very secure future. That’s what made her agree to marry him, having spent too much of her childhood trailing around with a rather irresponsible single mom and two other siblings whose fathers, like hers, couldn’t even be guessed at. Security was paramount, even if it meant sacrificing other fulfillments. She’d faked virginity after having enough premarital experience to know what good sex was.

As usual, she instigated the encounter by coming to bed unclothed. He had his boxers on as usual, so she reached through the front opening for his soft hose and rubbed it to see if she could get any response. It did stir and when it enlarged to its unimpressive size she rolled on her back and presented her pussy for its insertion.

Fortunately, she was quite moist so he slipped in easily and began his pumping. Foreplay wasn’t on his list of skills either. Faking signs of arousal at first, she did get some real pleasure as she thought about that afternoon.

Having a part-time job gave her flexibility to pursue personal interests. The most important two of those sported good-sized and good-working cocks.

Jerry was a few years younger and could get hard easily and repeatedly. Rick, her husband’s age, lasted a lot longer and was damn good with his mouth too. A few hours earlier that day he’d supplied the lubrication that was making her husband’s efforts comfortable and even a bit erotic. By the time her marital penis spurted in her, the combination of thoughts and her own fingers got her to orgasm too. The unsuspecting spouse thought he’d done a good job and rolled off to sleep as a happy man.

As she drifted off to sleep herself, Ollie reflected on today’s pleasures and looked forward to seeing Jerry after work the next afternoon. He plundered her pussy on Tuesdays and Thursdays and once in a while with a Saturday quickie if their schedules allowed. His other girlfriends sometime pre-empted her. Rick worked at home and didn’t have any other women as far as she could tell. Her husband wouldn’t want any more of her pussy until Sunday afternoon.

The next afternoon, bouncing on Jerry’s nice-sized twat filler in a position her husband wouldn’t even try, she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her medium-sized tits flopped as she moved and teased her lover and he tried to catch the nipples in his mouth. It set her off feeling the strong shots of semen, copious even as the second load in their coupling. As she rested on his chest before showering and departing, she marveled how she could just let go and enjoy this man after screwing two others in the last twenty-four hours.

On Friday, after a good long session with Rick, she met a friend from work at an outdoor café that had good prices for wine and horsdeuvres during Happy Hour. Micki was divorced and about Ollie’s husband’s age. Not ugly but not overly attractive either, she didn’t get asked out like she’d hoped.

Well into their second large glass, Micki was complaining about her unused pussy. She facetiously suggested maybe she could borrow Ollie’s husband once in a while. The answer that he wasn’t good enough to loan out surprised the hell out of her.

“You’re shitting me! A pretty girl like you isn’t getting nailed enough?” Micki slurred a bit.

“Oh, I didn’t say that!” Ollie shot back, loosened up by the wine “I just said my husband wasn’t much good.”

Not having lost her smarts to the wine, Micki quickly asked, “Does that mean what I think it does?”

Caught off guard, Ollie nodded reflexively.

“Ohhh! Tell me about it, girlfriend!” implored the horny older woman.

As Ollie divulged her closely held secrets, Micki hung on every word and her fingers strayed under the table and her skirt to rub her clit through the thin panties. She breathed hard and muttered, “You lucky bitch”, over and over.

When Ollie stopped, Micki brightened up. “I have a wild idea, but hear me out. My ex-husband sounds like yours when we got married. I’d done enough screwing that I knew how to teach him how to do it right. Too right I guess, because a better-looking chick stole him from me. How about I take his sex education on? In return, since he won’t be worth much at first, you fix me up with one of your guys on your ‘days off’ with them. That way we all win!”

Ollie agreed to think on it and they’d talk on Monday.

The lousy Sunday screw with her husband made up her mind and the first thing she said to Micki was, “How do we get this started?”

“I knew you’d ask that. Well, your husband knows me so we need a good excuse for me to be alone with him on a regular basis. You say he gets horny on Wednesdays, right? How about we fix it so you work a late shift that day, or he thinks you do. You can stay at Rick’s place while I go fix him dinner since he can’t boil water. That will give me plenty of opportunity to come on to him. I’d bet he’s ripe for some new pussy.”

“But he usually jumps on me that night.”

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