Don't Get Mad - Debbies Story

by Writer Mick

Copyright© 2018 by Writer Mick

Erotica Story: The sequel to "Don't Get Mad" told from Debbie's POV.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Celebrity   Cheating   .

Don’t get Mad, get even. That is what they say.

Well, my husband didn’t believe in that. He didn’t just want to win, he wanted to drop a Daisy-Cutter and level the field of battle.

My name is Debbie. I grew up in an upper-middle class family and was an only child. I learned at a very young age the magic word was “Daddy” in a more or less whining tone. You know, “You can’t go to the mall, Debbie.”


So, it should come as no suppose that when I was old enough to attract a man with my body, I thought that all I needed to do to get out of trouble was whine out the word, “Honnneeeyyyy.”

My first boyfriend was easy, but each one got smarter. How was I to know that the guys talked to each other. My third boyfriend was different. We had three dates and he never tried to feel my tits or get his hand into my panties. I really liked him because of that. I was just about to make a move on him when I went to the mall to shop and found MY boyfriend locking lips with a cheerleader.

I was really hurt. How could MY boyfriend cheat on ME. I guess I waited to long to flash my tits and pussy. Well I was determined not to make that mistake again. Soon I was dating all the time. I found that not many guys wanted to go out with me unless I agreed beforehand to put out for them. So, I fucked them. On my 16th birthday I got pregnant for the first time. Forty-one days later, I had my first abortion.

I changed to a private school where my reputation did not precede me. I dated and had a couple of boyfriends, but I really began to miss, the dick. I went to a party one weekend and ran into some boys from my old school and I had fucked. When they said they were going to spread the word, I promised to gangbang them them all if they promised not to tell anyone.

I graduated three days before my eighteenth birthday and at my birthday party, I delivered on my promise. The number of boys had grown from four to seven, but a promise is a promise and so it was that on my eighteenth birthday I got pregnant again. Fifty days later I had my second abortion.

I went to college and fucked my way through my classes with students and teaching assistants and a couple of professors, when graduating got to be a real challenge. I was working as a waitress with my degree in sociology when I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. While I was scanning the shelves, I noticed that a guy was staring at me. I began to get a little worried. Maybe he was one of my many high school cocks and I wasn’t in the mood for dick. I had been dealing with guys coming on to me for months and they were all dicks. I walked up to the guy and got right in his face.

“Is there a problem?”


“You have been following me around the store and staring at me.”

“No problem. You are pretty.”

My God, he was a fucking Neanderthal. But he was a cute Neanderthal, so I smiled at him.

“Thank you. I needed that.” I shook my ass a little extra as I walked away.

The Neanderthal ended up following me to the check out and then into the parking lot. As it turned out, he was parked next to my car. He was cute guy, but I wondered if the lead in his diet had affected his speech center.

“Excuse me. I want to apologize for my behavior in there. The truth is that I find you very attractive in a way I have never experienced before. Could I meet you for coffee or a drink sometime?”

Well what do you know, he could make full sentences. I hadn’t had any good dick in several weeks, so I figured what the hell.

“Maybe. Meet me at that coffee shop over there tonight at 7. Ok?” I pointed to the coffee shop in the grocery store parking lot.

“Yes. I will be there.”

I turned to give him another ass shot as I got into my car. That evening at 7:15 I pulled into the parking lot to find him waiting. Always leave them waiting, right? I got out and walked to where he was sitting on the patio. He very nicely asked what I wanted from the shop and I gave him the most complicated order I could think of. He looked at me like I had two heads instead of two tits.

“I’m sorry, why don’t we both go and order? I don’t drink coffee and all of those things you asked for were in a different language. Do you mind?”

I kind of laughed at him. He could talk, but like most males he suffered from CRS. I stood and he put his hand in the small of my back and nudged me to go first. I figured that he wanted to look at my ass, but instead he walked next to me. When we got to the door, he actually opened it for me. Wow, an honest to goodness gentleman. Now I was interested.

I ordered my coffee and he ordered Earl Grey. We passed the time talking. I played with y hair and leaned forward to show off as much cleavage as possible without being a slut. We were there long enough that I had to go to the restroom and made sure to give him a show of my ass moving away. He went to the men’s room and when he stood it was apparent that he possessed a promising sized package, that he subtly adjusted when he stood.

We parted with a handshake and an exchange of numbers. We met up and went out the next week and at the end we shared addresses. On our third date we parked and necked a bit and rubbed each other off through our clothes. He had a good-sized cock and did not seem too embarrassed when he shot off in his pants. When I got home, I had to peel my panties off of my pussy.

I decided that the next date I was going to get him in bed and see if he knew how to use that thing. After we spent a night in bed I would decide if I wanted to select him. Like most men in my life, he was going to be easy to manipulate, after all I had the pussy. The next date was like the first few. He only did what I told him to do. I asked and got the answer I was looking for.

“Mick, so far you have not made a single move on our dates. Are you scared of me?” I made that demure face that gets guys every time.

“Debbie, I don’t want to go faster than you want to go, and I don’t want to rush things and chase you away. Please believe me when I tell you that if I had my way I would have jumped your bones after our second date.”

Ok, he was worth taking a shot. In bed he was good. Once he knew that I wanted him, he took the lead and drove me through the mattress. He didn’t just hammer me, he started slowly and lovingly and as I began to feel it he got more aggressive. I must admit that I had a lot of orgasms. He used his fingers and found my G-spot with not problem and then he went to work on my clit with his mouth.

After I humped his face and came twice I took his head in both hands and pulled him up for a kiss. I have always liked the way my pussy tastes and I spent some time licking myself off of his lips and nose and chin. When I pulled him up his big old dick hit my pussy and I spread out and lifted my hips. The head of his cock popped right into me and when he started to lean into me I dropped mu hips until I was laying on my back. He kept leaning and slide into me balls deep.

I hadn’t really paid much attention to his package, so one of the things I noticed right off was that he had a big set of balls. As he drove into me, his balls smacked my ass hard. That was a new sensation. I squeezed his cock as he drove deep and in a few more minutes, he came inside me. The pulsing of his cock was considerable and felt pretty good.

He stayed inside me and tried to stroke himself back to hardness, but I wanted something else so I pushed him out of me and rolled him onto his back. I took his soft cock into my mouth, again to taste me and I caught the taste of his cum. Not bad. No funky spunk for Mick. I took his balls in my hand and hefted their weight. I sucked on his balls, but try as I might I could not get both in.

When he was hard again I took my place on my hands and knees and asked him to do me from behind. As I thought when he started going, his big old balls just beat the hell out of my clit. I didn’t last very long and was creaming into my pillow after a few minutes. His hands were strong, yet gentle as he held my hips and pounded into me.

I reached between my legs and felt the wetness on his balls from my hot pussy. I tried to squeeze his cock, but I was shot. Nothing seemed to work as I had orgasm after orgasm and finally I couldn’t hold myself up on my hands and I fell forward.

“Finish yourself, Mick. I can’t take any more.”

I arched my back and presented myself to him fully and he drove into me a dozen more times and then came. He pulled my hips back and against him and I felt his cock swell time and again as pulse after pulse of cum shot into me. Mick finally emptied himself and slowly pulled back and out of me. I rolled to my side and Mick rolled next to me and formed himself to my back and cuddled with me.

That’s right! He cuddled. He held me and stroked my hair and my belly and the side of my hip. I scooted back and maneuvered his soft cock between my ass cheeks. That was the last thing I remembered.

When I woke up, I was wrapped up in strong arms and a hand was supporting my breast from the bottom. He didn’t fall asleep fondling my tit, he held it in his hand. That one thing made me decide, more than all of the other things I liked, that Mick was ‘the one’.

We dated some more, I moved in with him after three months and the next month he asked me to marry him and I said yes. And eight months after we had met, we were on our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon was great except that Mick was always looking at women. We walked down the street hand in hand and he was looking at every babe who came with in sight. It kind of pissed me off. I mean I was right there. He could stare at MY tits, or MY face. Hell, if he wanted, I would walk in front of him so he could stare at MY ass.

We had our first fight over it. A few days after we got home, he gave me the good old “We have to talk” thing.

“Deb, we didn’t talk about this before and I am thinking that we should have. I love you, I will always love you. You are the only woman/girl/female that I ever want to be with intimately, sexually, or physically.” Of course I was.

“Having said that, my dad always told me that women were the best thing in the world and that if a woman went through the work to make herself attractive, it was rude to ignore her. If you got all fixed up and I didn’t notice, would you happy?”

“No, but I am your wife. You are supposed to look at me.”

“No! That is not right. If I look at you because I am supposed to it isn’t love, it’s obligation. When I walk down the street with you or in the grocery store with you, I lust after you. Sometimes I have a ‘hard’ time keeping under control. Because I lust after you and I love you. You could be in rags and I would not feel any different.”

“A good looking woman is no different to me than a good looking Mustang or a great piece of art. Something beautiful to be admired and enjoyed. On our honeymoon, you got pissed a couple of times when I looked at some other attractive women. I was admiring them, but not, I repeat, NOT, shopping for your replacement or for a fling.”

“It just doesn’t feel right, Mick.”

“I will do the best I can, but I was raised this way. So, would you please stop acting like I am out on the prowl. I see you look at guys once in a while, and it doesn’t bother me because you love me. You do, right?”

What? How dare he ask that. Him looking at women is not right no matter what I do.

“Of course I do! I am sorry. Every boyfriend or lover I have ever had, cheated on me. I guess I am kind of gun shy. I get jealous. I will work on it.”

“Well whenever you start to feel jealous, just repeat to yourself “Mick loves me! Mick loves me and me only”. I will never take advantage of that and I will never act in a disrespectful manner towards you. Ok?” He said what he said because, of course, he was sweet on me.

“Yes, dear. I’m sorry.” I put an end to the potential argument.

We kissed and made love and he closed the book on that problem. But I was going to keep my eyes on him. He was mine. Things got better for a few months. Mick always wanted to talk about stuff. I swear he was like and old lady sometimes.

Anyway, I had taken a job as a secretary with the same company that Mick worked for. I was in Human Resources and my supervisors name is Elaine. She is a little shady and I think she might be gay. But I do my job and report to her when I hear or see things going on that might be against the company fraternization policy.

We started to hang out and soon we had Girl’s Night Out on Friday’s. Mick never worried and I was home by 7 or 7:30. Well Elaine and I became friendlier and after a few months she asked me to stay after work to help her with some reports. We worked well together. We talked about everything from work to relationships.

One evening while we were working, Elaine asked me if I knew about Mick and the other women.

“Other women? What other women?”

“Oh shit, you didn’t know. I’m sorry. Deb, Mick is messing around with some of the women in his department. I think he is fairly serious with Clary Walters one of his team members.”

“How do you know?”

“The grapevine. Now I don’t normally put a lot of stock in those rumors, but these have come from several sources.”

I went home and thought about it. I was on my period, so Mick didn’t try to mess with me. That meant that I didn’t have to fend him off while my anger built, until the next day I was really pissed and got up from my desk.

“Elaine! I can’t let this go. I am going to confront that cheating bastard.”

Before she could say anything, I was gone down the fire stairs to Mick’s floor two floors down. I burst through the fire door and went right into Mick’s cubicle.

“You son of a bitch! I knew that you were going to go from looking at every woman you could see to wanting to jump right into their panties. Where is this bitch you are messing with?”

“Debbie, what the hell brought this on?”

“My friend Elaine told me what you were doing.”

“Elaine? Who the heck is Elaine?”

“I am.” Elaine had followed me down the stairs and was standing behind me. “I have seen you flirting with these women several times and since Debbie and I work together I could not keep it from her.”

“Flirting? Flirting how?” Mick asked. He was trying to so hard to look surprised.

“You talk to them.” Elaine said.

“I talk to everybody! I talk to the men too, are you going to accuse me of being gay?” Mick looked at me.

“Elaine said that you were touching them too.” I accused Mick.

“As in a pat on the back if they were doing a good job for our team? I do that with the guys too. Gay?” He was working on that innocent look sooo hard.

“I caught you hugging Miss Robbins over there, last week.” Elaine said, moving behind me and putting a hand on my shoulder.

“A hug because she shared good news! Clary? Would you come here please?” Mick called to another cubicle.

“Yes, Mick?” A cute little woman came out of a cubicle.

“Did I hug you last month?” Mick asked her.

“Yes.” She said shyly.

“Aha!” I had him.

“Did I run up to you and take you in my arms and force you into a hug?” Mick asked further info.

“What? No. Are you nuts. You’re married.” Now she was trying to look confused and innocent.

“Why did I hug you?” Mick asked her.

“Well actually, I hugged you. Am I in trouble with the Wicked Witch of HR?” She looked at Elaine.

“No, my friend. Why did you hug me?” Mick ignored her insult to my good friend.

“I told you that Brian had asked me to marry him and I said yes. You congratulated me and I hugged you in thanks for introducing us.” Clary said. She was really working on sounding honest.

Mick looked at me.

“Well?” He asked me.

“Well, what? You hugged her.” I was trying to not sound as pissed as I was.

“Oh for God’s sake. Are you listening to yourself?” Mick asked me.

“Clary, how often do we hug?” He asked the quiet little woman.

“Never! That was the only time.” She said as I thought ‘Yeah right’.

“Clary, my wife here seems to think, with the help of Elaine, who you apparently know better than I do, that you and I are hot and heavy in a passionate affair.” Mick explained to the confused looking Clary.

“WHAT!? Elaine, I will kick your ass! We have talked about this before. You need to stop using your job in HR as an excuse to harass the men and women who work here so you can get jobs for your friends. If you don’t stop I will go over your head and put a complaint straight to Mr. Bricks.” Clary shouted at my friend.

Mr. Bricks was a piece of shit. He had been hitting on me every day since I came to work here, and he did not like Elaine. Probably because she was a lesbian and not interested in him. But he was our boss and if he got pissed Elaine could get fired. Elaine figured that discretion was the better part of valor and backed off of Clary. We went back to our floor, but I was on Mick for the next three weeks.

I was also so angry that I decided that if Mick could cheat, so could I. A few nights after the encounter, when I was staying late with Elaine, we were talking. She was telling me that a fantastic woman like me should not have to put up with that shit from a man. One thing led to another and I kissed Elaine and she kissed me back.

A week later, Mr. Bricks came to see me late in the day and thanked me for doing the extra work with Elaine. He really appreciated it since I had had a bad cold or the flu and still got the job done. He was really a sweet guy. I don’t know why I thought that he was an asshole. He patted me on the back and we got closer.

“Mrs. O’Dell, I don’t often comment on office gossip, but I have heard that you are having a problem with your husband. If there is anything I can do, as a man, to help you understand what is going on from a man’s perspective, please just ask. I mean, sometimes marital problems are just a lack of communication and talking to someone can help.”

The next night I was staying late again, and Mr. Bricks walked in while I was eating out Elaine.

“Well what have we here? Debbie, I had not idea that you were one of them.”

“Them? As is a woman who doesn’t like men?” Elaine said.

“No, as in someone who was already having sex with a superior and didn’t want to get fired?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean that if you are interested in keeping your job and in Elaine keeping hers, you need to bend over that desk right now.”

I looked at Elaine and she just looked at me with an expression that said ‘Please’. I looked at Mr. Bricks and he already had his cock out. That was impressive! It was as long as Micks, but thicker. Much thicker. I figured if Mick could break our marriage vows, so could I. He owed me a fucking after all he had been doing with the women at the office.

“Mr. Bricks, I will do it but not because of your threats, but because Mick is cheating on me and eating out Elaine is not the same. You are my revenge fuck. I will bend over the desk for you any night I am here until Mick comes clean.”

I dropped my slacks and my bikini panties and took one leg out of them. I turned towards the desk and set my feet wide and bent over. Elaine stopped Mr. Bricks.

“Montgomery! Wait. Her pussy is not wet enough yet and if this is going to be a friendly fuck, let me eat her out and get her wet for you. If you don’t mind, can I suck on those titties while you fuck her? Maybe later I can sit on her face while you fuck her.”

“Deb, do I need a rubber?” He asked very nicely before he started.

“No, I am on the pill. Mick and I were going to start working on kids over the next few months. Go ahead and cum inside me. I will go home and give that cheating bastard sloppy seconds as much as possible.”

Elaine got me wet and Montgomery pushed his fat cock into me, and so I started on the path to take my revenge on Mick for his fucking around on me. We continued to fuck after work, never on the same day so Mick would not suspect that I was meeting someone on a regular basis.

At home, I kept after Mick when we weren’t fucking. I no longer made love to Mick. Until one night, I guess Mick had enough. One night during dinner, I complained about Clary again and Mick picked up his plate and threw it against the kitchen wall. He splattered my spaghetti all over and shattering one of my favorite plates. He destroyed my favorite set of dishes because I was not accepting of his cheating.

“Debbie, enough is enough. I have asked and asked you to stop this bullshit. Now I am not asking. The next time you say a word about it, I will move out of the bedroom. If that does not solve the problem, then the next time you say a word about it, I will move out of the house. If that doesn’t fix the issue, then I will file for divorce. Do you understand?”

“Elaine says that...” The words were no sooner out of my mouth than Mick stood.

“That’s one!” He headed for the bedroom.

“Where are you going?”

“I told you. One more time and I am out of the bedroom. I am going to move my stuff to the other bedroom.”

He continued to the bedroom and one at a time, pulled the drawers out of our dresser and took them to the guest room that we kept for when my mom and dad visited. Then he picked up the empty dresser and carried it to the bedroom and put the drawers back in.

Next, he moved all of his clothes in the closet to the other bedroom closet. Shoes followed and finally he moved his shaver and deodorant and toothbrush to the second bathroom. It took all of 25 minutes and he was out of our bedroom. He had obviously been planning it from the way he had carried out the shift. Some of the stuff in the dresser belonged to me and he threw them onto our bed.

“There, you now have what you want. Enjoy living your life with out me in it. You are now on your own.” He then showered in the guest bath and went to bed after locking the door.

I cleaned up the kitchen and was fuming that he would dare react the way he had when HE was the cheater. My actions were only because he was fucking around. After I cleaned everything up, I showered and went to bed. I woke up to a very unusual sensation. There was light in my eyes.

I was an hour and a half late for work. Mick had woken up, gotten ready for work, made breakfast, cleaned up and left and had let me sleep. I was pissed and grabbed my cell phone.

“Good morning Deb.”

“Why didn’t you get me up this morning?”

“Why didn’t you set an alarm clock? I’m not sleeping in there with you anymore. I told you, you are on your own. If you can’t deal with me being in a separate bedroom, what are you going to do when I move out of the house? And remember, you are one sentence away from that.” He disconnected the call.

I got showered and suddenly felt sick. I leaned over the toilet and threw up. I got back in the shower and was more pissed as I cleaned myself up. I called Elaine and gave her a quick version as to what had happened and then I dressed, grabbed a cup of coffee and toast before heading to the office.

“That bastard! He didn’t get me up. Are we working late tonight? I want to fuck him out of my mind.”

“I will let Montgomery know that we are staying late tonight. But I need to go home by 5:30. You can stay and get Mick out of your system for as long as you need.”

Later, I decided that it was not a good idea and might make Mick suspicious, so I called off the late night and went home. But Mick was a little late, because he was having a late meeting with his team, which included Clary.

When he got home that night, I had dinner ready. We sat at the table and carried on small talk with each other, until I finally had to ask the big question.

“Mick, when are you coming back to our room?”

He finished chewing his food and swallowed. Then he washed it down with a bit of iced tea. He slowly raised his napkin to his mouth and wiped his lips.

“Debbie,” he paused, “I don’t know.”

He took another bite of dinner.

“Will you wake me up in the morning tomorrow?” I asked.

He took his damned time swallowing before he answered me.


“You are supposed to be with me. Damn it Mick! We are married!” I raised my voice.

“I will show you how to set your own alarm clock.” He conceded.

He continued to eat at his slow pace, so a meaningful conversation was not going to happen. I must have been showing my anger in my looks at him because after several slow and aggravating bites and chews and swallows he looked at me and spoke softly.

“Debbie, we ARE married. You are supposed to trust me and know that I would never cheat on you, just like I totally trust that you would never cheat on me. You have chosen to listen to Elaine her gossip and so, right now, you are one sentence away from me moving out of the house. Before you start telling me who and what WE are, I suggest you examine who and what you are and what YOU are doing to us. Your next sentence could be our last for a long time.”

I sat there in shock. Did he suspect that I had been having sex with Elaine and Monty. He is being very set in his ways in order to cover his illicit activities. He finished eating and cleaned up his dishes only, then he went to the living room to watch TV. I cleaned up my dishes and came out to join him. I sat next to Mick and put my hand on his leg. He put his arm around me and pulled my head to his shoulder.

We watched the TV together, in silence, and then he got up and headed for the guest room. He went in and showered and then he called to me.

“Debbie, come up to your room and I will show you how to set your alarm clock.”

He emphasized ‘your room’ a bit. I knew how, but it was a break in his defense, so I played dumb. I went up to our bedroom and halted in the doorway. He stood there naked with that wonderful cock hanging there. Maybe I could talk him into getting interested and once I got him back in our bed I could get him to stay there. Monty was bigger, but Mick was better.

He showed me how to set the alarm clock and how to turn off the alarm and so on.

“Do you understand?” He asked. How condescending.

“Yes, my husband.” I reached out to hug him, but he turned and walked out. The last thing I heard from him that night was his door close. I waited a few minutes until I was sure that he was in bed with the lights out and I decided I would sneak into his bed. Once I had my mouth on his cock he couldn’t turn me away.

I turned the door knob slowly, but the dead bolt would not let me in. I began to cry in the hallway as I began to realize that he was going to leave me for that bitch Clary. It went on like this for the rest of the week. We ate together and chatted at breakfast and dinner. We even did laundry and ironing together, albeit it was me doing my stuff and him doing his separately. We cuddled on the couch and watched TV or a movie. But when I tried to make it more, he stopped me, cold. He didn’t come into our bedroom at all after he had taught me how to set the clock, even when I was naked and invited him. He looked at me like he didn’t need sex, especially with me. He had to be fucking that bitch. How could a man go without sex for this long? How could Mick go this long without making love to me? ME!

On Monday we didn’t talk at all and I went home right after work to make him dinner. At 5:45 he was not home. The house phone rang and I knew who it was so I let the answering machine take it. At 7pm he was not home. The house phone rang again and I looked at the number to see it was the same person calling. I was pissed. At 8pm the phone rang again and the same message was left. Finally, just after 10pm he came walking in.

“Where have you been?”

“I called you and left a message. I invited you to join Clary and I at the coffee shop across from work. We had a long talk. She told me that she and Brian had broken up and I offered to talk to Brian about it since I got them together.”

“Right.” She crossed her arms under her breasts.

He walked over to my phone and picked it up. The battery was dead. I forgot to plug it in last night. Mick usually had to remind me. He plugged it in and turned it on. He gave it to me and I punched in my voice mail code.

“Deb, this is Mick. Clary and Brian have broken up. She is very upset and since I introduced them I feel a bit responsible. After work, she and I are going to meet at the coffee shop across the street to talk about it. I don’t know how late I will be. If you want to join me, I will buy dinner.” I looked at him and was getting ready to say something.

“Watch it Debbie, one sentence is all it will take.” I took my time to think about my next words.

“So, you have been drinking coffee and tea all this time?”

“No, we went to Clary and Brian’s apartment and I talked him into letting her come back. He had some stupid idea that she and I were having sex. She did something to prove to him that we had not. Now I am going to bed.”

“You had a couple of phone calls tonight. There are messages on the answering machine.” I told him.

“I will listen to them after my shower.”

He walked into the second bedroom and the shower. When he was done and ready for bed, yes that means he was nude again in front of me. It was like he was showing me what he was giving to other women, that I could not have. I stood there and his cock didn’t even twitch when he looked at me.

He went to the house answering machine and listened to the message. I hoped that he could see how much I missed him.

BEEP – “Mr. O’Dell. This is Shady Acres calling from the Maury Povich Show. I would like to talk to you about coming on our show and taking a lie-detector test. I guess your wife thinks that you are cheating on her. Please call me at 888-000-0000 as soon as you can, regardless of the time. Thank you.” Well there it was. He checked and there were two more messages from the same woman. After he wrote the phone number down, he turned to give me a good full-frontal reminder of what he was giving away and then he went back up to the guest room.

The next day, I got a call from the producer of the Maury Show.

“This is Shady Acres from the Maury Show. I have spoken to your husband and he has asked for a few conditions in order to appear on the show.”

“What conditions?”

“He wants you and your witness to take the test too. Do you agree to that?”

“I do. I can’t speak for my friend.”

“No worry I will talk to her. He also wants to have his test presented first. Is that ok with you?”

“Sure, he will look like a fool when it shows that he is cheating.”

“Ok. I will get with your friend and let you know the travel plans as soon as you sign the release that I will send to you.”

I wasn’t feeling to good in the morning, but I got an email with the release. I read it, signed it and took it to work to fax it to the show. Elaine approached me while I was faxing.

“Morning Elaine. I am faxing my release to the Maury Show, is that what you are doing?”

“Yes, but I am not going to go. I am scared to death to get on planes. So I will sign the release but I don’t think you should let Mick know that I won’t be there. He might pull out altogether.”

“I understand. I will keep it between us.”

I went back to work and was still feeling woozy. I went to the bathroom and threw up again. I had a sudden really bad feeling, and on the way home, I stopped at the pharmacy where I went to get my birth control pills. When I got home that night, I went to the toilet, peed in a glass and then placed the EPT tester in the urine.

When it showed a green plus sign, I almost fainted. I was knocked up. It was Monty’s. I hadn’t had sex with Mick in over three months and because I was on the pill Monty had been fucking me bareback.


The flu meds I took must have messed things up.


I got on my phone and looked up the local Planned Parenthood office, I made an appointment for a consultation and an abortion to be executed the week after the Maury Show appearance.

The next night, I was sitting at the table eating dinner when Mick’s phone rang.

“Mick.” He answered.

“Mr. O’Dell? This is Shady Acres from the Maury Show. Your conditions have been agreed to and you will get an email tomorrow with travel details. All of those details will be in the email as well as a release. You need to sign the release and return it via the fax number on the form. You will be responsible to get to your airport, after that we will transport you until you get back to your home airport. Any questions?”

“No ma’am. Thank you.” I hung up.

“Who was that?”

“That was your friend from the Maury Show. I am happy that you agreed to my condition to take the lie-detector test as well. When we get done, I am sure that everything will be as it should be.”

“I am sure that it will.” I knew he would be put in his place. I was going to be ok, because I was not making love to Monty, so I wasn’t cheating. It was revenge, not cheating.

Mick went out and bought a nice new dress shirt and a nice pair of slacks and on the evening before we were leaving he pulled out his small suitcase and began to pack for a four-day trip. He was not including me in his packing.

I packed for myself and then it hit me that we would be on the same plane. Heck we might be sitting next to each other. Oh shit! We might be sitting next to each other on the way home! That made my day. He would be so sorry and might spend the whole trip begging me for forgiveness. I will of course think about it.

I will have to call it off with Monty. That should be easy after I tell him about the abortion. I will have a DNA test done in case he makes a big deal out of it. His wife would not be happy with him knocking up another woman.

The next morning the cab Mick had called arrived, and when I went to leave, Mick stopped me.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I going to the airport with you.” I answered.

“This is my cab, Debbie. You started all of this. I told you a few months ago, with the alarm clock, that it was time you learned to take care of your own things. This is one of those things. You said that I was a cheater. I said that I wasn’t. I do my house stuff. You do yours. I packed my suitcase, you packed yours, I called a cab, you didn’t call a cab. You should have.”

He handed his suitcase to the driver, as I looked at the driver for a little help. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. He took off for the airport while I whipped out my cell phone and dialed the number on the side of the cab.

“City Taxi.”

“Hi I need a ride to the airport. My husband just left and wouldn’t let me ride with him. I need to make the flight. Help me please.” I tried to sound as vulnerable as possible to the woman on the phone.

“Give me your address.”

I did.

“I can have a cab there in about twenty minutes. You should be able to make your flight with a few minutes to spare.”

“Thank you. Please have them hurry.” I went back into the house and waited. I was pissed. He was going to be so humiliated when this was over. Maybe I wouldn’t take him back. Maybe I would divorce him and see about moving in with Elaine. I could eat her out for a few months until the divorce is over, and I could get back on my feet when the alimony comes through.

The cab showed up and took off. We got to the airport and I gave the driver a good tip for his speed. I got in and went through the line. As I checked in the lady said that I should have done all of this online and saved myself a lot of time. Who knew that you could check in online? Mick usually did all of that for us.

I got through the TSA check point and ran down the concourse dragging my bag. Mick was smiling at me as I ran to the gate with about five minutes to spare. I was tempted to flip him off, but I didn’t. I boarded the plane and got in my aisle seat and sure enough Mick was in the window seat.

“That was shitty thing to do to me.”

“Debbie after all you have been doing to me, I’m not sure that you know what the concept of ‘shitty’ really is. Did I make false accusations? Did I not believe that I would keep my word about moving out of your bedroom? Did I set this TV show thing up? And oh, by the way, where is Elaine?”

“Why would Elaine be here?” I laughed in my head.

Mick pulled out his cell phone and called Shady.

“Hi Shady? This is Mick O’Dell. Remember those conditions I set? Where is the second person accusing me?”

“I’m sorry, at the last minute she pulled out.”

“Oh. Well then I am too. Thank you.”

He stood and walked off the plane just before they were getting ready to close the door. He looked back at me as he got off. I was absolutely amazed. He grabbed his bag from the overhead and disappeared out the door saying something to the gate attendant as he stepped off the plane.

The plane took off and I fell asleep as we flew from Boise to Denver and then from Denver to Stamford, CT. I watched a movie, since it was on the shows dime. When we arrived I walked out to the luggage area to find a driver standing with a sign that had my name on it.

He walked me out to the limo and took my bag. I rode in silence all the way to the hotel. What would happen now that Mick was not there? Would I get stuck for the trip cost? When we got to the hotel the driver informed me that I should stay in the hotel and a producer would call me since the other party did not show up’ I checked in and went to my room. I had just unpacked when my cell pone rang.


“Mrs. O’Dell?


“Hi, I am a producer with the Maury Show. My name is Lee Stan. I was checking to see if everything as it should be. Do you need anything?”

“Not that I can think of.”

“Well please feel free to use room service and charge it to your room. We are trying to get this whole mess cleared up. I will let you know as soon as I can about the status of the show.”

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