Apartment Living Has Its Benefits

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Country raised young woman discovers benefits from city apartment life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Slut Wife   Sharing   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   Water Sports   .

Wendy was raised in the country by a practical and earthy mother who was also brought up by one. That good woman worked to maintain the kind of bond and open communication with her daughter that her own mother had gifted her with. When Wendy’s menses started, mother gave a thorough education as to the physical and emotional aspects of this new part of her daughter’s life. Her mother related some of her own experiences and mistakes and told her daughter that she would likely make her own but just get through them and go on.

She became sexually active at the age of 15 with good birth control. She went through the issues of infatuation and lust and heartbreak and betrayal before she reached her senior year and developed a level of maturity that her mother praised her for. She was not yet ready to be monogamous and learned to juggle multiple sexual relationships with a minimum of fuss and drama.

When she decided to marry at the age of eighteen it was for love as well as to someone with good economic benefits. This required that they move into the city which would be a big adjustment for her. They chose an apartment complex that was within walking distance of her husband’s work and many of their other basic needs including recreation. It was fascinating at first as she acclimated to this significant change in her life environment.

She didn’t need to work but found a part-time job that was reasonably satisfying but still some of her basic needs were not met very well. A major one was her sex life. First of all, being monogamous was not something she had a lot of experience with, and when her husband worked long hours, she didn’t like that he was not available very often, nor always have the energy that she needed from him.

Being a practical person who had long separated the physical act of copulation from its emotional overtones, she decided that she simply needed a supplemental sex partner or two. The biweekly socials for the apartment residents that were held gave her an easy opportunity to meet nearby males. She had always been particular about she who she would get naked with and that wasn’t about to change.

She decided to give it a try with a somewhat older man that she seemed to click with at a couple of the socials. When he invited her to his place for coffee, she accepted knowing full well his motives. She responded appropriately and a week later was in his bed, naked and enjoying his hard shaft pleasuring her.

She would always have her liaisons anywhere but in her own apartment. She had learned about that when living alone for the first time. She had two intimate boyfriends at the time and she was in her bed enjoying one when her doorbell rang. Putting on a robe she answered the door and it was her other boyfriend, stopping by unannounced, probably to see if he could get a spontaneous piece. “Sorry honey, it’s my period,” was the story she used to dismiss him, then returned to her bed to finish what she’d started. Nevermore if she had more than one partner going, would that happen again. BTW, the guy who got the story was Miles who she later married.

That did lead to some interesting situations though. On more than one occasion she would be banging a boyfriend in his bed and a roommate would return. When she got wound up, she usually did not want to stop after she drained one dick. Asking, “Would you like to have some fun while your roommate recovers?” generally worked out quite well for all three parties concerned.

Indeed, besides the first man mentioned above, she was currently hooked up with a couple of roommates that lived next door and she would join them for fun a couple of times a week. They were a bit younger than her and thought that taking turns with a pretty married woman was the best thing that ever happened to them. Of course, that stroked her ego as much as her pussy.

So most days she got at least one strange sausage plus her husband who was enjoyed whenever she could get him naked with enough energy for screwing. Saturday was often a catch-up day with him, although if he took off to go do guy stuff she might text one of the roommates who were often available to dick her on a moment’s notice. They could hear the married couple going at it through the wall and had said that they’d beat their meat in synchrony. They were thoroughly in her thrall and did whatever she asked. She tested their limits and they seemed to love it, even accepting pissing on all parts of their body and making them eat her after another man had put a lot of semen in her, even as she told him what they were tasting.

The weekend evenings with her husband usually consisted of dinner and some outside activity or event followed by some good leisurely lovemaking.

Sunday, the couple usually attended church and then visited his parents or hers. When they returned they would just relax and fool around until bedtime. By then both were sexually sated so sleep came quickly.

By Monday, though, she was ready for some different hands on her body and other cocks between her legs. She had become very good at separating in her head the sex with different men, focusing on whoever was being intimate with her at any given moment. When one coupling was finished it became a memory and then it was on to the next. But it did bother her more and more that she was living a double life of sorts. What could she do?

She decided to consult with her oldest lover, thinking he might be the wisest. His solution was for her to leave her husband and come live with him. That was the last time she fucked him. No entanglements, please.

One of the roommates didn’t have a clue how to deal with the issue but at least didn’t make an ass of himself. It was the other one who had a decent idea about a solution. She was surprised, to say the least, that this guy she had literally pissed on would offer some real help.

Wayne advised Wendy to be direct but tactful. She needed to remind her husband about their dating days and how she had not been exclusive for a long time. She needed to be very direct about her frustration about getting laid enough without blaming or belittling him. That would not be easy but she could point out how the weekends were satisfying for her and were in contrast with the weekdays that weren’t.

It was suggested she leave the resolution of her problem up in the air so he could think on it for a bit and he’d likely be more receptive to the solution she had in mind. Maybe he’d come up with a better one. Just give him the chance though.

Wendy opened the subject with a confession, “You know I dated other guys too and you probably figured I had sex with them.” Miles nodded so she continued, “When we got engaged I tried to be monogamous like a spouse is expected to be but I was only partially successful. The same for after the wedding. I’ve been torn about how to tell you but I really want to be honest no matter what.”

Her eyes were downcast as she finished. Miles let some silence go by before he said, “I’m really disappointed in you. Not because of your screwing, though, but because I expected to hear about this a long time ago. I do know you better than you might think. Do you remember that time when you told me it was your period? I kept track of it and knew better. I waited around and saw that other guy leave. I also knew some other guys that you were very ‘friendly’ with. You were damn good at making me feel I was the only one in your pants, but knowing I wasn’t just made you sexier to me.”

Wendy was stunned, “You married me ANYWAY?”

He gave her a big kiss. “When I first started dating, my father had several talks with me. He explained how he had to accept my mother’s sexuality. Not only her actions but that I might not be from his sperm, although he had never insisted on a DNA test when that became available. It didn’t matter.”

Taking her hands, Miles smiled as she said, “I married you for the person you are, not your pussy. But since I enjoy it so much, I’d like to know who else is getting in it too.”

The way he put it made her laugh, “You seem to assume that I am fucking around, but I guess you do know me well!” She proceeded to tell about her current fuck-buddies, and to give credit to Wayne for her coming forward.

“So is Wayne a good fuck?” asked her husband. She replied that he was OK but told about the other things she did with him. Miles was curious since she had never suggested many of these things.

“Since I guess I can’t expect you to be an average one-man wife I’ll just have to enjoy your sluttiness.”

That made Wendy smile. “So what do you want to do, watch me fuck Wayne?”

Miles responded quickly, “That’s a good start. Text him like I’m not here. Get naked first.”

When Wayne walked in Wendy greeted him as usual and led him to the bedroom. Seeing his surprise that Miles was there, also naked with a boner evident, Wendy laughed as she said, “Your advice worked and now we are going to have some group fun. I love fucking two guys at once. You go first so my husband can watch. I expect plenty of action from the two of you before we are finished.” She got it for the next couple of hours until there were two drained dicks and tired tongues. Wendy was going strong.

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