Reaching Out

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: One man, fed up with a worthless marriage and a lonely woman meet, following a coffee and introduction they venture into the movie, where the first sexual encounter takes place, a oral suck. What follows is an array of sexual pleasure till Africans get involved and there is only one option, withdraw, he couldn't compete - Read the yarn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Orgy   Interracial   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

It wasn’t Rick’s intention to go to a movie but he was so pissed off with a ‘fucked up’ marriage that he just wanted to be out of such a toxic environment and although his wife had gone on a ‘religious retreat’ for the weekend, the atmosphere in the house, reeked of her hostility. He hoped by the time he returned later that night for the movie was the last for the day, starting at nine in the evening and he had gone to the local club for dinner the reek of hostility on the home front would have disappeared. He had time for a coffee before the movie started and was waiting when a woman sat a few table from him.

Maud had come, just because she wanted to be where people were, she didn’t expect any communication but was lonely and just wanted to do something instead of sitting by herself. She knew she wasn’t very attractive and at her age certainly wouldn’t be a beckon for interest; she fumbled with her handbag dropping it and its contents over the floor, it was seconds before she responded and it was in those seconds that Rick and Maud would commence a journey that was going to open the derelict room of passion, at least for a period of time. “Let me help you Madam”, he said as he began to gather the assortment of odds and ends that seemed to be the main items of a woman’s handbag. As he collected them and put them on the table he noticed the tears. “Are you alright?” he questioned. Maybe the fact that she was being helped and then asked about herself that made her begin to cry. A situation that took Rick by surprise but instead of ‘up and leaving’ he sat down and offered her his handkerchief and then asked if she would like a coffee. So surprised was she that it was seconds before she responded.

By the time the coffees were finished Maud had regained her composure and was feeling, maybe for the first time in ages, relaxed. “I’m going to the movies, I was just filling in time before it started, if you are free would you like to join me?” He asked. Maud gave a gasp and sat with her mouth open for she couldn’t remember a time when she had been asked such a question and she fumbled with her response but when it did come it was very positive.

There were a lot of empty seats, after all this was the last session for the day and what did surprise Rick was that this woman who in the general conversation both exchanged names was clinging to him almost as though he would disappear, not that he objected for it was rare for him to be in such a situation, his wife wouldn’t even squeeze a finger and his association with women wasn’t great, a relationship could start with flying colours and then crash, it had happened so often that he often wondered what was wrong with him. They sat by themselves and Maud made it clear that she wanted a close association, something that Rick didn’t reject. They kissed and he felt her up, slipping under her blouse he lifted her bra and began to squeeze a very erect and hard nipple and she grabbed his groin, so that he gave off a muffled gasp of surprise. Slowly he eased down his trousers, his erection jumped free; she felt it, squeezed it and pulled it. “Suck it”, he whispered. Maud had sucked a cock, a long time ago but now here was an opportunity to maybe, just maybe meet a man who would appreciate her and if that could be achieved by sucking his cock, his cock she would suck. Rick had been sucked off a number of times, like in a car and other places but never in a theatre during a movie, but boy did it feel good and while she sucked he worked her nipple, giving her a pleasure like she was giving him. He blew with her head buried and his entire cock down her throat and there she remained till every drop had been pumped into her mouth. He handed her his hanky but there was no hostile response from her, she wiped her mouth and snuggled closer and didn’t cover her tit but made it clear she wanted it caressed and her nipple attended to.

They left the movie in high spirits. Maud clung to him with gratitude and he did the same with a sense of delight, but knowing from past experience it wouldn’t last but while it did he would milk it for all it was worth.

“Now where do you live?” he asked as they sat in the car. She didn’t answer immediately but just settled closer into him, this would have been fine but the parking area closed and the barriers came down by twelve thirty so reluctantly he eased her away and told her that they had to move, otherwise they would be locked in for the night. She just gave a mutter. He drove out of the area and only when he entered the street did she tell him where she lived and it was in one of the very old and deprived areas of the outer suburbs. Despite her endeavours nothing could disguise the house as being one of the early ‘housing commissioners homes’ that were built to accommodate the workers of the factories that had existed, they had long gone, but the people hadn’t and now just managed to keep the wolfs from the door, because of government welfare for barely any had work and added to that was the arrival of refugees, mainly from Africa who didn’t have a clue on how to make the houses that had been given, attractive, so on the whole the area where she lived could be classified as a slum. “Come in Rick”, she said as she turned the light on. ‘Thank you’ was his only comment for he couldn’t phrase her regarding the house for it was very Spartan, just enough furniture and facilities to make it function. “Would ... would you like a coffee or tea?” she asked as he sat down.

“Either Maud”, he replied. “Whatever is the most convenient? I drink either”. She fumbled in the small kitchen, he of course didn’t know that he was the first man to enter her home in a long time and she wanted to impress, she wanted to lose the loneliness that plagued her and she was determined to pull out every stop to turn her wish into a reality.

Supper was finished. He knew that he didn’t have to depart, he had the entire weekend to perform and now on the couch as they kissed and he bared her tits and she squeezed his balls. He rose from sucking her tit. “Bare your cunt and let’s fuck”. She gave off a gasp but offered no objection as he removed her panties. “Fuck you are hairy but that is the sort of goal my cock loves”, he said as he pushed his cock into her mouth. “Give it a suck”. A suck she did and then with it coated in saliva he separated her thighs and rammed it home. Maud lifted off the couch and her gasp echoed around the room as he ravished her. In and out his cock went he plunged right to his balls and she clawed at his back as he moulded and bruised her tits; she didn’t care for it was the fucking she craved and if her tits suffered a bit, tough. He blew, sending gush after gush of hot cum up her and with each gush she bucked pushing her cunt up against the invading cock, begging for another inch.

There was no question ‘will you stay’, it was already decided in the sex they had, however, a shower was in order and then they could observe each other nude and he was not put off, although there were many wrinkles as for her she could only admire for he was quite fit and there were no surplus fat on his build. Sleep was the last item on the programme for sex was the topic – sucking and fucking was the agenda for the night, however, no matter how eager they were to cover every aspect of what sex could offer, exhaustion finally called a halt and was well into the morning when they stirred and it was then that Maud bared her thoughts and told him of her loneliness and what she had done to find company, even referring to ‘dating sites’. He sat up. “Dating sites?” he questioned. “They are a con Maud” he began. “I know for I had a bit of an examination regarding them. Maybe for a woman they could be different, however, I doubt it. Tell me were you offered stunning individuals, maybe nude with either erections or limp but massive cocks”. She was a little hesitant in her reply but then with a grin told him she had received such images with very arousing profiles. “Did you answer any?” he asked. Again she gave a nod. “What of results?” This time she shook her head. He smiled. “That was the same with me when I answered a number of interesting profiles and very erotic pictures, there was on answer; they are a fake Maud, the profiles and images are a computer software set up to make the interested individual think he has found his soul mate, all he is doing is providing the creators of the site with a financial return. Don’t touch them Maul for they are not real. My experiment was a success for it proved I was correct and the sites are corrupt and dishonest you would have no success in meeting a real individual on them at all”, he concluded.

No further mention of the mirage that dating sites were because Maud was convinced that she had found her man and Rick certainly wasn’t turning away any of her approaches; she was what he had longed for an accommodating woman who would satisfy his sexual desires without any objection. “What would you like to do today?” he asked as they finished the washing up and had reluctantly dressed although during the washing up he had cupped her tits, rubbed her cunt and pushed his cock between the cheeks of her large backside, something that made her giggle and he almost asked if she had been fucked up the bum and if not would she like such a fuck, he didn’t. “I don’t mind Rick for I will be delighted in whatever you chose”, she said. He smiled and after a bit of a thought suggested a lunch at a restaurant in the hills around the suburb. “They also have a large but attractive garden we could wander through after lunch”, he said. She just smiled.

Maud was ecstatic for she hadn’t visited or been invited to such a nice restaurant and although a bit concerned regarding her apparel he told her she was very nice, she beamed and embraced him and his only comment was that he was delighted that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “I feel a bit awkward”, she said. “They sag and wobble”. He assured her that was what made her so attractive and that tits should be allowed to hang, that was the way nature intended. “That was a lovely meal Rick”, she said as they left and he wasn’t going to push aside the clinging that was part of her embrace. “The entrance to the garden is through that wrought iron gate”, he said as he guided her towards it. “The garden was once owned by an early colonial businessman and he had made such a picture of the property that when taken over by the National Trust it was maintained and now was a major tourist attraction”, he concluded. It was large and very beautiful and Maud who hadn’t been there before was saying over and over. “Oh! Rick it is wonderful”.

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