A Farmer's Wife Strays

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Woman desperate for a change takes charge of her sex life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Farming   Cheating   Slut Wife   Swinging   .

Myra had lived in the middle of Iowa all of her life. Her grade school and high school were just by the book and she married a guy from church that she was expected to. Her sex life began on the wedding night and was about once a week now. That was fine until the Internet arrived and she discovered a whole new world out there that she didn’t know about.

Getting kind of pissed off about what she’d missed, she tried to figure out what in the hell she could do about it without destroying her life as it was. In the middle of nowhere, there weren’t a lot of choices. She couldn’t fuck farmhands or relatives without significant repercussions. What in the hell was a woman with an opening mind supposed to do?

Then came the conventions where farmers got together to talk about what they could do better. These were in big cities and folks from all over attended. She got a thrill talking to men from other places and eventually one of them made a pass at her.

She was no traditional beauty. Her stocky body belied her farm heritage and she didn’t consider herself sexy at age 40. But one guy, Roger, seemed to think she was attractive and she loved it.

When he invited her to drinks while her husband was in some conference or other she happily complied. He pushed all her buttons and she knew he was doing it to get in her panties, but it was damn exciting. She found out he was single and that made it even more a pussy tingler.

When he invited her back to his room for additional drinks, she didn’t resist. He was a charmer, obviously having done this before, but she succumbed and got her legs spread and her pussy filled with a new cock.

She insisted that her husband get between her legs that night. Although he didn’t know the motivation he certainly didn’t complain and she got a bunch of thrills having fucked two men in the same day. The scenario helped her reassess her whole attitude towards sex. The big challenge was now to convince her husband.

It took a whole year until the next convention for the opportunity for new partners to raise its head. There was a couple from 100 miles away they had seemed to hit it off with before so she powwowed with the wife and asked if they might be interested in some fooling around. Fortunately, the wife had similar needs so the two women schemed to get their men in positions where they couldn’t say “no”.

Myra’s room had two queen beds so they decided to take the party there. After dinner they told their husbands to buy some them some wine on the way to the room. After a couple of beers, the men asked what was on the agenda. Were they going to watch a movie?

Charlotte, the other wife, laughed and said they thought there was something the guys might enjoy watching a lot more. The women disappeared into the bathroom leaving the guys wondering what was going on.

These definitely not porn-star-grade women put on a sexy dance and strip show for the men. As their audience got more raucous they began teasing both their own and the other husband first with up close visual presentations and then invitations to touch. The men were urged to strip as well and the women got to touch some fresh and upright flesh also. Myra’s husband was circumcised while Charlottes wasn’t which made it interesting.

More and more the women concentrated on the other husband until finally Charlotte crossed the line and sat down on Myra’s husband’s cock, her squealing drawing everyone’s attention to her adulterous act. Her husband came over and reached down to touch his wife’s cock-filled pussy and she moaned as he rubbed it. He shut those up with a deep kiss as he cupped her sagging breasts. Not to be left out, Myra came up behind him and reached around to stroke his fat meat while pressing her breasts against his back.

She pulled him over to the bed and laid him down so she could ride his thick rod. The other couple pulled apart and came over to fondle the parts of the copulating couple. Myra’s husband moved up behind Charlotte and slipped his meat into her sopping pussy again. After a bit they got tired of fucking standing up and went over to the other bed where she opened her thighs in invitation and he got to bounce on her rounded belly.

It wasn’t long before the orgasm count got to four and they broke apart to pee and get another drink. Charlotte took charge in the bathroom and held each cock as they pissed, soft enough now to do so without any contortions.

The couples swapped for the night with many reassurances that this was not going to slam back on them in the morning. At breakfast, the two couples were a very close foursome.

That day and night they played a little game like they were married to the other’s partner which confused people at the convention who had met them. When they were alone together they really play acted out, using terms of endearment and even flirting with the other party who was actually their own spouse. In the morning they all realized that they were well laid but it hadn’t been by their own marital partner for the last 24 hours. Plans were made to get together again when the travel was feasible.

Nothing was said for a while as Myra and her husband transitioned back to their normal life. Things had changed, certainly, and both hoped it was for the better. They were looking forward to meeting with their friends again and wondered if there were any like-minded couples around but closer. That could also lead to problems if anything went wrong so maybe keeping such activities at a distance was the wisest thing to do.

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