Diane Moves Back Home

by falcon29

Copyright© 2018 by falcon29

Drama Story: A young man learns some new things from his sister.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

Sandy closed the book and looked out the window. It was the second day of summer vacation. The next year he would be in college. He was eager but apprehensive. It was a page turning in his life; a step into the unknown.

Sandy was the youngest of the three children in his family. His older brother was already teaching in a school in another town. His sister was married and living in a town about an hour away -- about ten minutes away from the college he’d be attending. He had hopes of living with her and her husband when he started college. Their parents were working drones, as Sandy thought of them. He loved them in his way, but he hoped to find a career that wasn’t as mind-deadening as theirs seemed to have made them

Spring, in that part of the country, allowed for open windows, except for when the spring and summer rain freshened everything. Sandy unlatched his window and pushed it up. The fresh, clean air breezed into the house. He flopped back on the bed. He had yet to wash or get dressed, since he was alone in the house. In fact, after his initial trip to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, he even had doffed his boxers. The only reason he had thrown them on before going to the kitchen was to make sure he was alone. He preferred to be naked but knew his parents would make a big deal of it if they knew.

In fact, Sandy thought it would be a better world if everybody went naked when they wanted to. That wasn’t – at least at first – a sexual thought. He just thought things would go better if the President and whatever adversarial leader the U.S. was in contention against at the time would meet, and be shown on TV, naked. Their naked advisers would be behind them and the reporters would be naked too. It just seemed to him that it would be more difficult to deceive anybody if you weren’t wearing clothes. It would take a few years and a broken heart or two before he learned that was not true, at least on a personal level.

He knelt down next to the window and rested his chin on his hand against the sill. Closing his eyes, Sandy drifted into a deep doze. The next thing he knew a voice behind him woke him up. “What the hell are you doing?” His sister, Diane, had dropped by and, as was her habit, let herself into the house. Sandy hadn’t heard her call from the front door and she had discovered him naked.

He half twisted toward her voice his nudity on the top of his awareness, but deciding to ignore it, knowing his ass was still exposed. At first Sandy felt he should cover up but then he changed his mind. “I’m just sitting here enjoying the fresh air, Di”.

“But you’re naked!”

“Yes. And I was alone, so no one was bothered. I’m glad to see you. If you want me to put some pants on, I will. But you’ve seen me naked before” She looked him over – again before answering. (By the way, at this point he had no erection. He’d been dozing, not jerking off. He didn’t really think of Diane as a sexual being, just his sister.) She really couldn’t see much more than his back and butt so far, so he stood up and boldly turned to face her. ‘Hell, he thought’. ‘We used to take baths together.’ He and Di were closer to each other than either was to their brother, or any of them to their parents. She became a sort of surrogate mother later in his life when their dad was working overseas for a few years and their mom worked in some office or other. They had a strong sibling love for each other but that was all.

“That was years ago, San’,” she said. “But I guess you can wear whatever you want or not wear whatever. I don’t live here any more. Do the folks know you do this when they’re gone?”

“Of course they don’t. You know them.” Sandy laughed.

“Hell, yeah!” Diane laughed with him. “Remember when Paula “lost” her top at that so-called ‘beach party’ I had in the back yard? Dad’s eyes bugged out and Mom nearly had a stroke!” They laughed at the memory. Sandy’s memory of the sight of Paula’s naked titties was engraved for life. “So, no, bro, wear – don’t wear -- what you like.” She left the room. That was fortunate because his dick was inflating as he recalled Paula’s hard nipples.

He didn’t know what Di even was doing there and it made him curious. Leaving his shorts on the floor, he trailed after her to the hallway and watched her pull the attic ladder down. She started to climb. After she had disappeared for a minute or so, he silently followed her up. He felt relaxed, by then, being naked with Diane.

As he stuck his head above the attic floor, he saw her moving boxes and piles of magazines to reach the boxes she was after. She sighed triumphantly and coughed at the dust. Pushing a strand of her blonde hair behind an ear, she pulled a small box knife from her pocket (From her pocket! Did she always carry that thing? Sandy wondered.), she sliced the tape to holding the box closed. She sat on another pile of boxes and delved into the open box.

She was sorting through things. She would pause -- looking at something she’d found -- then push it aside and move stuff around again. She did that several times and he watched her shoulders sag with each new find. From his position at her floor level, the box flaps hid what she was doing from his view.

He climbed on up, sensing she was upset about something. He went to stand beside her and she looked up. First, she laughed at the fact he was still nude, but then he saw the tears on her cheeks. Glancing at the box, he saw it held old pictures and several of her high school yearbooks. There was a lot of other stuff but she had a book in hand. It was from her senior year. The page showed the pictures of seniors with the last initial ‘M’. He homed in on a shot of her friend Anna Marlowe, second row down, left page. Diane and Anna had been ‘BFF’s’ since before that term existed. It had extended into their lives all through college (they went to different schools), and beyond.

“What’s up, Sis?” he asked.

“Aw, Sandy, I can’t talk now.” She replaced the book in the box and turned to her brother. “Could you go make some coffee? I’d like to talk in a while. I always liked talking to you.” Sandy gave her a knee-hug and she hugged him back. Did his dick twitch she wondered? Little brother had grown some since their bath days together, she noticed. Were nasty thoughts stirring in the very back of his mind? Yes, she saw that he was visibly bigger than when she first saw his dick. She had to stop herself and think about what he was feeling, not to mention that little twinge, and internal quickening, SHE felt when he had hugged her. She started to brush it all away but then she remembered why she had come to Mom and Dad’s in the first place, her mind opened farther. As Diane wondered, Sandy was unaware that his penis had gotten its own idea. He wasn’t consciously aware of it quite yet though. He just felt better than he had earlier.

He ground the whole coffee beans, filled the reservoir and dumped the coffee into the machine. Closing the lid, he pushed the button to begin the brew. He was just turning around when Diane stepped into the room. If Sandy had still had anything in his hands he would have dropped it. She was as naked as he was!

She grinned at him and then burst into tears, dropping into a chair at the table. That was enough to quash any sexual thoughts Sandy had developed in those moments. Sandy rushed toward her then came to a screeching halt when their mutual nudity hit him again. He was going to hug her but he stopped. Diane looked up at him again, then, yet still pulled him to her. She hugged him around the waist, with her head against his hip while her tears fell. Her hair was stirring against his dick until said dick began to rise up to seek further stimulation. Sandy only could rub her head and shoulders. He started to get nervous as he felt his physical response to the physical contact.

The moment came when Diane released her hold on his legs, pulled her head back and looked up toward his face. There was a sizable obstruction between them; in fact it was practically poking her in the eye! Sandy’s cock stood high and proud, almost crowing in its dumb inflation. Diane gasped -- her little brother HAD grown some! She stood up feeling unsteady for a second. She was older than Sandy, but he was taller than she was. She gave him a proper hug, naked or not. He hugged her back, enjoying the warmth of her tits on his chest and her belly and against his erection. He rubbed her back, up and down, up and down...

Down, finally, to cup her shapely, rounded ass cheeks in his hands. She moaned and held him tighter so he squeezed and kneaded those rear bumpers, pressing his cock hard against her warm belly for a while. Then, suddenly, it was over.

Diane let go of him and backed away, her hands against his shoulders. She raised her head to smile at Sandy. He saw that her cheeks were bright red. He left his questions unasked since he was enjoying every minute of this new side of his sister.

In the kitchen, they each sat with a cup steaming in front of them. Sandy waited for his sister to explain. She did. “I’ve left Warren, Sandy. I hope it won’t inconvenience you if I sleep in my old room for a while.”

“Oh, no problem, Di,” he said. “THEY’re still arguing about whether it should be a sewing room for Mom or a ‘man cave’ for Dad. He spoke of their parents as if they were aliens. It’s still pretty much the way you left it.” The idea of Diane moving back in took on a new complexion as his eyes roamed over her naked breasts.

She went on. “It wasn’t enough that I found out he was seeing another woman. Oh no!” Sandy began to be uneasy. He’d never seen his sister this way. “Not just another woman! He was fucking Anna!” ‘Oh shit.’ thought Sandy.

“I mean, she was like my sister -- your sister, even! (And Sandy had always had masturbation fantasies about Anna!) And here I learned she had been riding Warren’s dick like a hobby horse for I don’t know how long! It’s almost like you and me fucking our brains out!” Sandy didn’t say anything. Diane came out of her rant and looked at him. She replayed in her mind what she had said. Then their mutual nudity dawned on her. “Oh! Sandy, that wasn’t ... I mean...”

Stopping, she bent and glanced under the table. Sandy’s proud young cock still stood straight up, drooling. She sat up and shook the picture out of her mind. After a half minute she said, “Well ... we used to play in the tub, so this is okay. We’re family. Lots of families don’t care about clothes, right?” Sandy didn’t know about that but he nodded anyway. He liked where this seemed to be going.

She got up and refilled her cup, offering some to her brother as she stepped to the counter. He watched her breasts sway and move with her motions. He watched her ass when she took the coffee back to the warmer. She bent at the waist to pick up her dropped napkin and Sandy got a fully open view of her entire crotch, the shiny pussy lips gaping open a little bit. She glanced back just then and grinned again.

“So ... horny little brother ... what do you say to a little truth or dare?” she asked when she stood up.

Sandy frowned but he said okay. Diane began. “So, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Sandy answered.

“Be honest remember! What would you like to do right now?” Sandy’s mind spun. He knew his face was bright red. Diane smiled.

“Uh-huh! Just as I thought. So ... little bro, I guess you like what you see?” her voice was teasing, but Sandy heard a sadness behind it.

“Di, of course I like the way you look. I always thought you were pretty ... and hot, and somebody I wanted to fuck, but now ... Well, it’s kind of obvious what I think.” His voice faltered and he just used his hands to wave at his midsection the way somebody would who was showing something to somebody else. He was more embarrassed then than he had ever been before. He got a ‘little brother’ thought. “So, that was my answer to your truth question. My turn now.”

“Hey! No way! We didn’t start yet!” Diane was screeching.

“You asked me, Sis. I answered. That’s your turn. Now: truth or dare?” Her eyes squinted. One eyebrow raised up.

“Truth!” she declared. Now it was Sandy’s turn to squint and raise an eyebrow, aping her. Since they’d been suddenly naked together his mind had been as active as the blood in his dick.

He leaned back in the chair and slurped his coffee. From shortly after she walked in on him naked to that second, he had gone from thinking of Diane only as a sister to seeing her as a woman, and, naked especially, a whole different person. He wondered why Warren had turned to Anna when he already had Diane. Seeing her naked body, his puzzlement only grew. Their parents argued sometimes and he knew how arguments could get nasty. He decided.

“What happened to make Warren cheat on you?” He got a response he didn’t expect. Her mouth dropped open. She stared into her cup. Diane hadn’t expected that question. The tears rolled slowly down her cheeks.

“Ahh, shit, I can understand some of it Sandy, but ... I don’t know it all. She flashed him a bittersweet smile. “He was busy a lot. And as you know, I can be a bitch sometimes. So I complained ... more than once.” Her eyes watched his face. “The last I heard you don’t have a girlfriend, do you?” He shook his head.

“Not now. Kelly and I just decided to stop seeing each other -- at least for a while.”

“Did you argue a lot?”

“Not really. Oh, we disagreed sometimes, but that wasn’t it. One day we were over by the lake and admitted we were kind of bored with each other. We’re still friends but that’s all.”

Diane sighed. “I guess maybe that was part of our problem too. We’d been together so long. We were married three years, but we’d been together seven. You know I dated other guys before him and he had dated other girls. With our jobs the way they have been we haven’t seen all that much of each other the last few months. When we were together -- like on weekends, IF Warren got two days off in a row -- we argued a lot. Stupid things got in the way. Money, TV shows, all the other shit.” Another sigh stopped her.

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