Scratching Itches

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2018 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: An engaged couple find their way down an alley where she faces her her former life with Paul, her ex, a drug dealer and sex addict. She had assured her fiancee that those days of drugs and indiscriminate, casual, and mindless sex were long behind her. Was she lying again? What was the 'special' dessert she had in mind?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Sharing   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Swinging   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

After a slow, romantic dinner, which pleased Sue’s sensibilities, she and I walked the chilly, seedy neighborhood hand in hand. I was more than content with my recent fiancee and her oath of reformation, though I wondered why she led me into a dim alley. She looked happy and sure as she sauntered deeper into the quiet, ominous seclusion like any ingenue might. Her eyes frowned, “I have to take care of something and maybe we’ll get some special dessert soon.” I wondered what that meant and why her eye now had a certain sparkle in it.

When we reached an unmarked door, a guard challenged us for a password. Startled, he looked at Sue with a little doubt then nearly shouted, “Homer? It’s been a real long time since...”

She stared him down and simply replied “Eighty!” and pointed at me, “Al.” The guard sobered up, looked at his smart phone, keyed in the rotating sequence on the door pad and let us both in. Hmm, curious. Sue pulled a folded paper out of her pocket and clutched it like a life vest. She moved with too much ease and familiarity through the bawdy dancers in the dim and crowded room.

I looked around at the listless wallflowers in the ‘living’ room and wondered what they, and I, were doing there. Thoughts of her former life with Paul, her ex, a drug dealer and sex addict, filled my head. She had assured me those days of drugs and indiscriminate, casual, and mindless sex were long behind her. Yet, this seemed like that kind of lair. She’d also sworn she was now much more modest. I knew that was a lie.

“Honey, what are we doing here? How do you know... ?” Before she could answer, we came to another guarded door.

The huge brute at the door grabbed Sue, swung her around and kissed her on the mouth. No one could miss her billowed skirt as it lifted in the wind and exposed her white thong and bared ass. “Homer?” he demanded.

“Eighty,” she replied again, pointed at me, “Al.” He put her down, looked at me askance, counted a beat or three then intimately pat me down, even sticking his hand down the back and front of my slacks and groping under and around my package. He opened Sues blouse then lifted and groped her tits before making circles with his finger. “Must we? In front of my fiancee?” He cocked his head which told us both that she knew the answer. Sue lifted her skirt to her partially bared tits. Without any real need, he slid up each leg, caressed them then cupped her mound. Everyone nearby watched the display as he pulled her panties aside, pushed two fingers into her dry pussy and swirled them for several seconds. My throbbing veins and red face told my opinion of what he did and what she allowed without complaint.

“Sorry, babe. You know the routine. Anyone else but you and your plus one and I’d have you both bend over to do a full strip search out here.” He ignored my clenched fists and finally let us into her ex’s bedroom. Surely they could afford a screen for some modesty if the strip search were truly necessary, so I had to assume that was part of the entertainment for the ribald crowd.

She tossed the crumpled paper at her nearly naked ex sprawled out on the large bed in his blue briefs. As she lay her coat, without a word, onto an empty chair next to a connecting door, I looked around the room. A small dresser and a lamp table lined one wall. In two other chairs, two naked women sat pinned to their smart phones in dead silence. In the otherwise Spartan room, her ex read Sue’s paper with great concentration.

Where was Sue? Laid out on her coat were her brown, pleated skirt, her blue blouse, and her white thong. Where was my naked fiancee? Without looking up, her ex said, “Da Boss has a strict rule. For his, umm, safety, he allows no one in his room unless they are searched, medically cleared and naked. She knows this.”

I pulled open the door to a brightly lit room. Ten naked women looked toward me, the naked boss barely glanced at me since his mouth was full of Sue’s tit. She was already riding his stiff cock on her knees. As she rocked forward and back, up, down and side to side with a twist, she looked squarely at me. Without slowing she explained, “I need a document from him and a promise never to contact me again. This sex means ughh nothing to me. It’s like ... setting an appointment and f-f-following established procedures to speak with ‘Da Boss.’ Despite his huge size, this is only ughh like scratching an itch. You know, like rubbing an insect bite and rubbing and rubbing. It feels great while it’s happening, we miss it for a minute when ughhh we stop, then it’s over. Don’t step inside clothed or they will strip you naked too. I can vouch for you with my clean record. I have to blow him and suck him dry to seal our deal. Maybe you shouldn’t watch?”

Shouldn’t watch?! Is that really the answer? Hide my head in the sand and my fiancee isn’t fucking someone while ten women, and I, watch. Together, remember? I’d rather join you than feel so gut punched by your casual cheating. I wonder if your Boss has a strict one-on-one policy or if I can fill your ass while he pumps your pussy. Do I need permission?” My eye twitched and my heart raced as I delivered my furious answer. I peeled off my coat, shirt and shoes. She didn’t react. As I tossed my slacks on her clothes, I noticed the ten naked women barely looked up. That felt insulting and made me more angry.

As I stretched and teased my briefs, my cock stiffened. I pointed it toward the closest stranger. She looked with disinterest. None of the women who looked at my tented briefs smiled, yet three of them opened their legs and began slowly rubbing themselves. I’ve never seen such a case of mass ennui. As I watched my fiancee’s tits swing in Da Boss’s face, watched her besmirched pussy swallow his thick ten inches with ease, I pushed my briefs to my knees and thrust my stiff cock at all of them as if challenging them to ignore me now. None, not even Sue showed any interest. How insulting!

Just ten minutes ago, we were hand in hand in joy on a chilly street. Now we were both naked with strangers—I was anyway, she apparently knew some of them intimately—and she was still casually fucking one of them. As I circled the bed for a better view of Da Boss stretching my favorite lunch spot, one of the youngest women there cradled my cock and smiled at it. She said Da Boss has every woman, and himself, tested for STDs every month so they were all clean. Sue apparently tossed Paul her crumpled tests when we came in.

Gasping, Sue said he insists she cum first so he can watch her ‘true face,’ which he hasn’t seen in a long while. Who the fuck is he and what power does he have over all these women? “He is allowing you to help me cum on him and expects you to be grateful. Only after he makes me cum will he allow you to use my ass to make me cum again as you both fuck me at once. Ughhh. He wants us to watch you fuck the woman who last fondled your cock, but you must not cum in her. S-s-save it for my ass, he says. P-p-please, honey, do as he asks and this will never have to happen a-a-again.”

The young woman, Flower, said, “If you cum, in me or not, you’ll have to try to resign again next week. So please fill me with your cream as your woman watches?” As a final persuasion, as if I really had a choice, Flower stroked me a few times before kneeling and sucking my seven thick inches directly into her throat as Sue watched and increased her gyrations.

Her chest reddened, her jaw locked and rested firmly on her shoulder. She was about to cum when Da Boss bit down hard on a nipple, nearly drawing blood. That exquisite pain tossed her beyond control and she screamed out her climax loud enough to get all the women in both rooms to look up and notice. She shuddered on his cock and I knew from experience that her pussy was pulsing tightly on it. I hated seeing her face turn crimson and her nipple distorted and surrounded by teeth marks, yet my cock pulsed in Flower’s throat at the raw sex scene. She rarely screamed for me. Scratching itches, indeed.

After four intoxicating throat convulsions, as my fiancee watched and cooled down, Flower licked and stroked me tenderly. She whispered, “Now you will make your choice. Allow Sue to complete the separation ritual and never come back, unless you are both willing to requalify, or cum for me so they can see. You may fill any of my portals or cum on my face and body. In that case, you will come back weekly and both give yourselves to whatever whim Da Boss has. We will fulfill both of you and fuck you both at least twice. You may also choose just to mix with the rabble out there.

“Still confused? This is not your typical swinger club. All members are at least partially submissive or willing to play the role for a night. The living room ballroom party is there to delay local police entry. All members there must be dressed, but open fondling and exposure is OK. We do not permit prolonged sex there. That’s what the family room is for. Clothing is forbidden there and anything goes between consenting two- three- and more-somes. These two bedrooms are special and we only allow privileged access. Sue is special and always welcome here, as you are as long as you come with her. Make your choice. Cum for me and accept membership, or DP your Sue until she is ready to cum, then watch her swallow all Da Boss’s cum and so resign from the club.”

My head spun and my cock shrank as I absorbed the future and past implications. How special was Sue? When I looked at her, she was still gasping and gently stroking Da Boss’s ever stiff monster cock. Her beautiful pussy was spread wide open, angry red and raw. Can she fit the beer can thick shaft in her mouth and down her throat? Did I really want to see that? I had to wonder if she still wanted to resign. Oddly, most troubling to me was that she hid this part of her predilections when she swore she told me everything about her history.

As I shuffled closer to my defiled fiancee, Flower crawled with me and kept my awakening cock in her hand or mouth the whole way. Much as I now enjoyed the meaningless sex, I had to know Sue’s mind. Watching her scratch her itch became less traumatizing with the explanations and lack of emotional connections. I reached out and put three fingers into her gaping pussy with ease. She was wet, deliciously fragrant with her scent alone. As I probed deeper and searched for his cum, it pleased me that I found none. At least that much wasn’t a lie. “If you don’t resign, does that mean you, and I, will have weekly, anonymous itch scratching with multiple people? Is that what you prefer?”

I inhaled her nectar and licked my fingers until they puckered as I waited for her answer. “I didn’t think you could handle all this, so I was willing to give it all up for you. But my preference ... if you weren’t sure before, be sure now; I loved eating and fucking strange cock – for the taboo as much as for the variety, but I want to make intimate love with you. Your cock satisfies me, but strange cock thrills me – like skydiving.”

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