Punjabi Problem

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Young wife has sexual difficulties at home and work.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Cheating   Indian Erotica   .

Dhann was in tears as she spoke with her older sister. Her arranged marriage of about one year to a much, much older man was even worse than she had feared. “What am I going to do?” she wailed.

She had already confided in her older and more happily married sister about the state of her marriage. Dhann was not particularly pretty or endowed with physical charms. Her self-esteem was even further hurt by the paltry dowry her poor family had accepted for her hand. After the wedding night when her insensitive husband rather brutally broke her maidenhead, ejaculated shortly after, and went to sleep, the sex never got any better. Once or twice a week he pushed her over a chair or table, raised her garment and spent a few rough minutes getting himself off inside of her.

Her name meant “Fortunately Blessed One”. She considered that a cruel trick. Her husband received a paltry pension, not enough to support two so she had to work. Her education and skills were limited. Although there are no castes in Punjab, there certainly are classes like in the Western world. So the wealthy hired the poor to be servants. With no legal protections, in fact they were almost slaves.

She obtained a housekeeping job for a wealthy older man and his son. It seemed to be going well the first week then he made a request that was more like a demand. He wanted her to wear a French maid uniform, and NOTHING else while at work. Her breasts and lower parts would barely be covered even when she stood up straight. It was clear that refusal would result in termination while acceptance had a 50% raise in pay. She resigned herself to the inevitable. At least he found her attractive enough to want to see more.

It didn’t take long before she found out that “seeing” wasn’t the only reason for the skimpy covering. Every few days he would bend her over a chair or table like her husband did, and she would feel a cock entering her barely used pussy. This one was about the same size as the invader at home. In just a few minutes the same surge of hot fluid happened inside her. She was then expected to clean off his shrinking organ. Nothing was said, it was just an expected household duty.

She shared all this with her sister who said that such things were common for women doing that kind of work. There wasn’t any way to change the situation without quitting and the next employer might be worse.

Dhann continued her tale of woe. “I was hoping to get pregnant so my husband would have to find a way to get help for me. But even with two cocks putting seed inside of me I cannot catch! I am worthless.”

Her sister tried to be consoling, “Old men’s seed is small in quantity and weak in quality. Perhaps it is a blessing that your terrible husband has not perpetuated his family. Let us talk again next week. Perhaps I can think of something.”

When they met the next week Dhann was obviously in better spirits. “Oh sister, I have something to share with you. My employer has a son about my age named Sujan. He arrived home one afternoon when his father was out and came to see me. He saw my uniform and came over and pulled my top away to see my breasts. I was paralyzed. He caressed them and said, “Nice!” That is the first time anyone has said that about my body. Then he reached down and rubbed me all over under my skirt. It felt good because he was gentle and he said “Nice!” again. Next he sat me down and pushed my knees apart. He leaned in towards my pussy and licked it over and over. I didn’t know men did that!”

Her sister interrupted, “Only the good ones do. I love it from my husband.”

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