I Ain't Waiting

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An impatient young woman gives her lover an ultimatum.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Farming   Cheating   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Sharing   Prostitution   .

“I ain’t waiting for you any longer,” she opened the phone conversation with.

I countered with, “Why the hell not?”

She sounded angry, “I agreed to you being gone a week to that cattle auction. Now it’s another week? What the hell’s going on? Which of them sluts you know there are you banging?”

I lied, “I’d never do that!”

“Bullshit. I know you too well. Anyway I’m horny and I ain’t waiting till you get back to get mine clipped. I know lots of guys here who’d love to bounce on me. Bye.”

“Oh shit,” I thought. I couldn’t get too mad though. That cattleman’s wife was a good piece of ass when someone else didn’t get to her first. Actually, seconds, or more, with her were just fine too. Her old man let her run wild a couple times a year to make up for the isolation of their ranch the rest of the time. She said it would cause trouble if she screwed the cowhands.

There had been some problems at the auction house that caused a big delay. I had to do some buying if we were going to have any work to do so there was little choice.

My impatient honey was a longstanding girlfriend who practically lived at my ranch. She was a hottie, which I enjoyed a lot, but I could have expected this. She got real impatient if I didn’t get between her legs often enough when I was there. We met at the truck stop and she readily accompanied me home when she found out I had a ranch. Always wanted to be a cowgirl, she claimed. She could ride, that’s for sure!

Later on she admitted she supplemented her waitressing with “comforting” lonely truckers in their sleeper cabs after her shift ended. It was as much for the condom-covered pleasure as the money. She knew that it was much better to have a regular and natural shafting, sharing juices, but safety first. I sure enjoyed her big tits and talented mouth as much as her hot twat, I must admit.

So what would she do? I knew she’d be sure to tell me in a sort-of vengeful way. I actually got a bit hard thinking of it like I did when she got hot and told me about some of the more interesting adventures in her past. Damn, I’d better go see if that wife was available.

She was and hopped on me in my stock trailer, proudly telling me I was the third one already today. They surely hadn’t done that pussy any damage. My nuts appreciated the relief. When I asked if she’d be around later, she grinned and said she wasn’t taking reservations. It was “first find, first fuck”. Maybe I’d see what I could pick up at the local bar. There were always a few horny ones hanging around there at auction time.

It was two in the morning when my phone buzzed. My honey told me she’d just gotten home. Her restaurant shift ended at ten pm so I knew what I was gonna hear next. I hadn’t been alone in my hotel room very long either. A gal I’d banged a few years earlier recognized me at the bar and we relived old times. She was married now but still a slut.

“Did you get laid tonight?” she opened with. Before I could answer she continued, “Like I said I would, I sure did. One of the truckers I used to service came in and we had a good time in his truck sleeper. Reminded me of the good old days. Went through three condoms and I gave him a discount for being so good. I sure hope you get home soon. I miss you and your cock.”

Things got fixed faster at the auction than expected so I fucked the rancher’s wife goodbye and headed home without calling first. When I pulled up to the barn, my honey was coming out of the bunkhouse in her bathrobe. She waved and I went to tell my stock boss to unload the new arrivals. He was just pulling on his pants and was rather surprised by my appearance.

When I got to our bedroom she was waiting naked, just as I expected. Although her pussy was reddened and dilated, I only detected her own lubrication.

Sex with her was always wonderful. It felt so good to be rubbing my dick inside her even though I’d been in another cunt just that morning. My partner was as eager and active as usual even though I knew she’d had another hard one in her maybe only an hour ago.

It wasn’t too long before the pleasure built to a peak and my cock throbbed out my juices. She squealed in delight. “I’ve missed that good stuff squirting in me,” she cooed. “Sex is so much better natural style.”

I nodded and asked, “I thought you said you wouldn’t fuck the hired help?”

“Well, I never said I’d give up a woman’s right to change her mind. Besides, he’s been real nice and seemed horny. I figured it was a good employee benefit. I know how difficult it can be to keep good help.” I had to admit that was true but never figured on that kind of bonus.

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