The Tiny Trailer

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Ozark hills siblings struggle to survive in the big city. Temporary housing leads to better things.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Incest   Anal Sex   Prostitution   .

Jerry Joe (JJ) and Brenda Lou were siblings, or at least that is what their mother said. Other relatives, knowing the mother’s promiscuous tendencies would only go as far as half-siblings. The two, with Brenda being ten months older, had taken JJ’s old wreck of a car to the big city, population twenty thousand, to seek their fortune.

That had immediately proved elusive with the only employment being half-time jobs at fast food emporiums. At least taking home cooked but unsold food at closing helped their budget a lot although their uniform cost deductions hurt it a lot more.

Housing was the car for the time being. Then it was towed for illegal parking and where to sleep became a major problem.

Fortunately, the nights were moderate so they searched for a place of minimal shelter. Walking up an alley not far from their employment, JJ spotted a tiny travel trailer behind a garage-like building. He checked the door and it was unlocked so they entered. Seeing a small but real bed in the light coming through a window from a nearby street lamp brought a sigh of relief. They snuggled together and fell asleep quickly.

That was a place of refuge for a couple of days until Fred, the property owner, spotted them as he was working in the yard one morning. Recognizing their poverty and anxiety he approached them gently and introduced himself. Verifying that they were homeless he asked a few questions. Eyeing Brenda’s attractive body even covered by her uniform, he was inspired to make an offer, “I’m fine with you staying in the trailer if you will help me out too.” Without even asking for details they agreed.

Brenda had to go to work so he showed them how to get into the workshop building and pointed out the bathroom with its small shower. “Get cleaned up.” It had no door, being in a corner of the building but Brenda stripped, used the toilet and got in the shower while he and JJ talked. His cock stiffened as he took quick glances at the naked beauty.

Finding out about the impounded car, he offered to take JJ to retrieve their personal belongings, meager as they were. When they returned, Fred hooked up power and found a hotplate to supplement the small refrigerator. Now they had lights too. Getting some linens finished out the tiny living space.

JJ’s shift started before Brenda returned. Fred looked over the young man’s solid body as he showered and wondered if that good-sized hose got in the fur-trimmed snatch he’d seen earlier. No matter, he had his own plans for it.

Brenda was delighted when she saw what had been arranged and hugged Fred. Her firm tits got him swelling again and he decided to go for it.

“Brenda, we need to talk about the arrangement here so we all understand how it will work.” She nodded, curious. “Are you a virgin?” She shook her head, her mother having offered her body to relatives and boyfriends a few times on safe days. “Are you having sex with JJ?” She replied that he was her brother and that wasn’t allowed. One more question, “Are you on birth control?” Again, a head shake.

Fred continued, “The reason I ask is that you have little money to pay rent. I don’t need that as much as something else. My wife doesn’t give me sex any more so I would like it from you two times a week for staying here.”

It took little thought since she’d received nothing in return for the other men sticking their things in her. She agreed. “When does it start?”

Fred smiled, “Why not now?” She began undressing as he went to find a condom.

She looked at it as he unrolled it on his cock. That organ was the smallest she’d ever seen but hard and eager. She asked and he explained that he would take her to a clinic where she could get free contraception so sex could be completely natural from then on. She didn’t know such a thing was available and agreed that was a good idea.

The young woman almost laughed as she watched him huff and puff as he shoved his little shaft in and out for a couple of minutes and groaned loudly. That he had ejaculated was only evident when she saw the white stuff in the bulb at the end of the condom. A quick thought ran through her mind that it was a lot less messy than her other fuckers had been anyway. Seemed like a good deal to her.

JJ thought so too when he returned and they snuggled on real sheets on the small bed that was made by dropping the eating table down between the seats that formed a dinette and rearranging the cushions. This ended up being about midway between a single and a double bed so, with JJ’s bulk, they were quite close together.

That remained platonic until Brenda’s birth control kicked in and she paid the rent bareback. Fred lasted even less time and she was pleased that his cream didn’t even make it out to her pussy lips so no mess. It did get her motor running as she thought about a cousin who had showed her what a cock could do down there. She rationalized that she couldn’t get pregnant so therefore incest wasn’t an issue any more.

When JJ got home Brenda was naked on the bed, legs spread in a way he’d never seen her do before. He was no stranger to pussy thanks to an aunt who discovered his big tool. He accepted her incest explanation without question, eager for her too. The little trailer rocked and rolled repeatedly that night.

Oblivious to the new activities of his tenant, Fred asked her if she’d like to make some easy money. He knew several older men that were as sexually frustrated as himself. Would she “entertain” them for money?

They negotiated with the price going up until she figured that five cocks a week, not including Fred’s would bring in more than her shitty job. Fred was gleeful, knowing he’d get a markup and one more piece a week too. This would happen while JJ was at work.

JJ wasn’t thrilled, feeling possessive of his sister’s pussy and resenting even Fred’s meager use of it. She had to remind him who owned it.

Fred’s wife Sarah had been introduced to the couple shortly after they became resident and told that JJ would help with yard work or any manly household tasks. When Sarah heard the latter, her pussy tingled. She was not frigid, just not satisfied with Fred. Her vow of fidelity was long ago history but not very often violated any more. Seeing this young hunk at her command got her plotting.

Sarah knew that they were siblings but also how small that trailer was. She’d entertained a few men there herself. No matter. How could she find out what he was packing?

Knowing they used the workshop facilities, she put JJ on some strenuous outdoor tasks in warm weather, lusting as he peeled his shirt off and his muscles glistened with sweat. When they finished she told him to take a shower while she got some cold beverages ready. Instead, she went into the workshop and viewed the naked man around a corner. Her hand found her pussy as she watched him shower.

When he was toweling himself, she couldn’t hold back any longer and headed for him. Startled, he relaxed as he saw her taking off her clothes as he approached. Her pendulous breasts swung as she walked, her eyes fixed on his flaccid hose, already bigger than her husband was capable of.

She knelt and filled her mouth with trouser trout, pulling back as the shaft expanded. When it was pointing skyward she stepped back and removed her slacks and panties. The odor of aroused woman reached his nostrils. All she said was, “Fuck me!” and she found a comfortable place to lie down, legs apart.

JJ was delighted. She reminded him of the beloved aunt back home and he carefully entered as he was taught. She noticed his gentleness as she was stretched and stretched some more until the most ever. Her cries of pleasure concerned him and she noticed, “Oh God! This is great. Just keep on!” As he stroked she lost all reasoning, totally enveloped in lust.

It wasn’t until her third orgasm as she was flooded with sperm that she realized she hadn’t reached menopause yet. A quick thought about her cycle let her relax, but she’d have to find her diaphragm or better yet, get reliable contraception.

They both showered quickly and she kissed him adieu. This would not be a “one-and-only” if she could help it.

JJ was surprised when his sister was in the tiny trailer, not even in her work uniform. “Why aren’t you at work?”

“I quit!” Knowing he’d want an explanation she continued, “Fred figured out a way I can make just as much money with a lot less time and I won’t have to put up with that dumb boss who gropes me all the time.”

JJ was damn curious, “So how do you do that?”

She smiled, “On my back for fifteen minutes a day the same way I already pay the rent. I figured what the hell. It will happen while you are at work so you probably won’t even notice. I’m starting my new ‘job’ today.” She didn’t mention that Fred would get a little more too. Minor issue.

JJ couldn’t tell when he got home and dipped his dick as usual except she was in a better mood. Besides, he figured that Sarah would want more of him seeing how much she enjoyed his body.

That was a bit more difficult to arrange but she figured out how to send Fred on long enough errands a few times a week and got her pussy thoroughly reamed. She also discovered that Brenda was around full time now and got acquainted. When she noticed that the same men walked up the alley and disappeared for a while when JJ was gone, she positioned herself to watch where she couldn’t be seen and saw them go in the tiny trailer for about fifteen minutes. It was so small she could see it rock and it was obvious why.

It just so happened it was a Wednesday and she saw Fred come out of the shop building and go into the trailer right after the other man left. Didn’t rock as long that time and Fred emerged, buckling his belt. She laughed knowing that Brenda couldn’t have enjoyed it much. She’d just put the ‘card’ in her back pocket.

One afternoon following a male visitor she invited Brenda to sit with her. Offering wine, she kept the glass filled and the young woman was getting tipsy but having a good time. Then Sarah pounced, “Brenda, I’ve noticed that different men come and go while JJ is working. Are these boyfriends? They’re pretty old for you and they don’t stay long so I am puzzled.”

Feeling caught, the young woman confessed that they were “paying visitors”. Sarah didn’t show any disapproval so Brenda relaxed, especially when the older woman said, “I’ve had fantasies of doing that from time to time like many women. Are any of them much fun?”

Brenda quickly replied, “There are four. Three of them are once a week and pretty boring. The other one visits twice and he knows what to do so I enjoy it too.”

Sarah looked thoughtful. “Would you let me fill in for you sometime? Like maybe when you have your period? You can keep the money. This is just for fun.”

Brenda laughed, “This birth control I’m on stopped the monthlies but what you suggest might be fun. I doubt he’d care as long as his dick got what it wanted. You look plenty good. He will be here tomorrow.”

Sarah sent Fred on a lot of errands so JJ could nail her first. When the visitor showed up there were two naked women in the tiny trailer and Brenda explained the situation. Ralph rose to the occasion and took Sarah twice in different positions. Brenda was enthralled, never having watched live sex before.

When he finished he asked if he’d get to do her again. Sarah smiled, “You could tell I enjoyed it. We’ll see. Don’t forget to pay Brenda.”

She would surprise him every once in a while which kept her life interesting. When she discovered her husband had set this all up, she planned another surprise. Ralph visited on Tuesdays and Fridays and she had always done him the first of the two days. Knowing that her husband banged Brenda after her visitors left on MWF because he liked the sloppy seconds, she told Brenda that this time she’d fill in on Friday.

They had few secrets by now so Brenda figured out what was gonna go down and wanted to be there. Sarah had a rousing fuck with Ralph and stayed on the bed, pussy flushed and oozing cum when her husband came in the door. He damned near fell out backwards. Sarah fought to control her laughter and ordered, “Get over here and give me seconds!” He turned and ran.

She didn’t mention anything about the incident that night or in the morning, driving him wild with anxiety. When she stripped about ten o’clock and went in their bedroom he was really puzzled. She hadn’t invited him and acted as if he wasn’t there.

Brenda had clued JJ in and he breezed into the bedroom, ignoring Fred, stripped next to the marital bed, and began screwing the daylights out of Sarah. She put on her best show and poor Fred pulled out his little dick and began jacking it as he watched helplessly, his eyes riveted on the big shaft and balls slamming into his wife. She got more obvious orgasms in a row than he had ever given her. When JJ began spraying her insides with sperm he gave a huge sob and ran out of the room.

It took a while for his wife to find him hiding in a closet in the workshop. She insisted he come back to the house and poured them both a big shot of whiskey even though it was a long time before their usual cocktail hour. She wryly made the comment as she handed it to him that this was all about “cock and tail”. He didn’t respond. Too bad, as a sense of humor helps most things.

She sat across from him, still naked and her pussy looking well used like it had yesterday in the tiny trailer. He tried to avoid looking at it but couldn’t, she noticed as she silently watched his expressions and sipped her bourbon.

Finally she broke the silence, “Maybe this will show you that communication in a marriage goes a lot further than doing things in secret. You never bothered to inquire nicely why you stopped getting my pussy. Brenda told me you thought I didn’t like sex any more. As you have seen, that was totally wrong. I will own up to my mistake too for cutting you off without explanation. You didn’t seem to care.”

He found his voice, “OK then, why did you cut me off?”

She leaned forward, “Because no matter what I tried, you never made any effort to get me off better. You got your jollies and that was the end of a fuck. I knew you had the smallest penis of any I had tried before marriage and I also believed that size didn’t matter. My assumption that you would get better with practice was another error. Brenda confirms what I thought all along.

“So I’ve screwed around a bit or just put my energy into other things. But yesterday and today was the best sex of my life and I intend to get more of it. What you do is your business. I’d rather not go through a divorce in case you wondered.” She sat back to see what he would say.

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