Jake and Antonia

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2018 by Just Plain Bob

: Not exactly a marriage made in Heaven.

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I looked up from the contract I was reviewing when she walked into my office. Being a gentleman I of course greeted her warmly.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“I’m pregnant.”


“So what are we going to do about it?”

“What’s with this we shit? You’re the one whose pregnant not me.”

“You’re the father.”

“And I’m supposed to take your word for it? Not bloody fucking likely.”

“You’re the only one who did me without protection so it has to be you.”

“Not buying it. Rubbers are not one hundred percent effective. Says so right on the package that they are not completely effective. Besides you were in no condition to even notice if I was the only one who didn’t use a condom. I fucked you from behind and there was no way you could have seen if I was wearing a condom or not. And it was obvious from all the soup that was in your cunt that quite a few did you without protection.”

“I asked the others who were there and they said that you were the only one who didn’t use a condom.”

“Right! Like they were going to admit not using so they could be accused of being the daddy? You were so out of it on booze or drugs that you probably didn’t even remember your own name.”

“I remember a lot more than you think. I remember that you are the only one who did me five times. I remember you were the only one who did me anally. I remember about you bragging about pulling off what you called a hat trick by doing me in all three holes. I remember you saying “Take this you miserable bitch” as you pounded my ass. I also remember that what you did was actually rape when you get right down to it. I remember telling you that you couldn’t do me without protection. I remember you saying “Fuck you bitch” and then taking me anyway.”

“Get serious here Toni. As much as you dislike me if you really thought it was rape you would have called the cops on me. And I wasn’t the only one who did your ass. You were being three-holed when I walked into the room. The fact that you did what you did with me being there shows you were too out of it to be thinking clearly.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you are the father of the child I’m carrying.”

“We are at what is called an impasse. You say I am and I say I am not. Me being me I will of course go with what I believe. I will give you this much. When you spit out the critter I’ll submit to a DNA test. Now will you please leave my office so I can get back to work?”

She stood there staring at me and my mind went back in time.

My relationship (or lack of one) with Antonia Marie Byrns went back to the seventh grade. In our town there were four elementary schools that took you from kindergarten to the fifth grade, three middle schools that took you from the sixth to the ninth grade and one high school.

Toni and I met on the first day of middle school and the meeting set the tone of our future relationship. I’d just gotten off the school bus and was walking toward the entrance when a limo pulled up to the curb and an extremely good looking girls got out. I’d gotten past the point where I thought girls were ‘icky’ and I smiled to myself as I thought “I know who I’m going to make my first new friend here.”

She must have thought she was going to be late because she was almost running when she got to where I was standing and watching her. In addition to hurrying she wasn’t paying any attention to her surroundings and she ran into me. She snarled (yes-snarled):

“Watch were you’re going you stupid clod.”

I of course acted like a gentleman. “Up yours bitch!” I said and headed on into the building. She hurried after me and when she caught up with me she grabbed my arm and pulled me to a stop.

“What did you call me?”

“You mean you’re stupid too? You must be if you didn’t understand me” and then I jerked my arm away from her and went into the building. That short episode had long reaching effects where I was concerned.

Toni was the daughter of the wealthiest man in town and she apparently believed that she was better than the rest of us. She appointed herself Queen Bee. Boys were fascinated by her and wanted to be her boyfriend and girls wanted to be like her so they flocked around her probably in the hopes that some of whatever it was that she had would rub off on them.

I most definitely did not feel the way towards her others did. Our short first meeting showed me what kind of person she was and I never forgot it. Of course she never forgot our first meeting either and I was on Toni’s permanent shit list and she made sure that her ‘circle’ (which was nearly two-thirds of our class) knew it and knew she would be displeased if any of them had anything to do with me.

I found that I was excluded from a lot because of the way Toni felt about me. This naturally reinforced my opinion of her; that she was just a spoiled cunt.

By the time the eighth grade rolled around I was old enough to want to date, but all the girls I wanted to date were part of Toni’s circle and wouldn’t have anything to do with me. And Toni got her jollies out of it. She loved to rub it in.

“Hear Sandy turned you down. Maybe you should do something about your breath. Or maybe it’s your body odor; you think?”

Fortunately there was one area where she had zero clout. Sports! I participated in all the ball sports; basket, foot and base and I was pretty good in all of them (even if I do say so myself). Even though I was good I never got to date a cheerleader because – you guessed it – they were all part of Toni’s circle.

Things got better when I moved up to high school. Kids from the other two middle schools were there and they didn’t know Toni. She of course tried to appoint herself Queen Bee again, but it didn’t work for her because the other two schools had their own cliques and circles and to them Toni was an outsider.

I met new kids, made new friends and was finally able to find girls to date. That didn’t mean that my relationship with Toni faded into the background. She still took shots at me whenever she could and I think my totally ignoring her and whatever she did was the best way I had of getting back at her.

It helped that I constantly managed to piss her off without even meaning to. We both ran for class president and I beat her by a two to one margin. Her boyfriend was the teams quarterback and I was a wide receiver. She had him wrapped around her little finger and she managed to talk him into keeping the ball away from me. If I was all alone and didn’t have a defender within ten feet of me he still wouldn’t throw me the ball.

We lost two games that we should have easily won because of it and a couple of team members who knew what was going on told the coach and he benched Ryan. Coach told Ryan that the only way he would ever get into another game was if something happened to Donny who was backup and Marc who was the third string. This pissed Ryan off enough that he kicked Toni to the curb and she of course blamed me for the breakup. I just ignored her as usual.

When it was junior prom time she lobbied heavily to be prom queen, but she didn’t even make it to be part of the court. Yours truly on the other hand, while not being named king, I was a member of the court. Come senior prom it was a repeat. She didn’t make queen or court while I was prom king. I heard through the grapevine she was claiming I had sucked a lot of dicks to get the votes. That was an out and out lie although I may have eaten a pussy or three.

I never went out of my way to antagonize Toni, but fate had a way of seeing to it I managed. Like the time after basketball practice when I went out to student parking to get in my car. It was raining and I noticed Toni in her car having troubles. The headlights kept going dim then bright and then dim again. It was obvious to me that her battery just didn’t have enough juice to start the car.

I didn’t like her, but I’m not a complete asshole so I started up my car, drove over and parked it hood to hood with hers. I got out, walked up to her window and told her to pop the hood and I’d use my jumper cables to get her going.

“Buzz off asswipe; I don’t need your help.”

I got back in my car and left her there. I heard later it took Triple A three hours to get to her. I also heard how she was telling everyone that she asked me for help and I had just laughed at her and drove off. It didn’t help her reputation any when one of my teammates said he saw it all and she was lying through her teeth.

Graduation came and I figured that Toni would be history. I was staying home and going to State while she was going back east to some prestigious woman’s college.

I had a good four years at State. My major was Business Management and I did well carrying a 3.84 GPA. Unlike high school where I lettered in three sports I could only go out for one in college because of my class load. I did well enough on the football field to be a sixth round draft pick, but I had no interest in playing pro ball.

As graduation neared I started sending out resumes and heard back from several. I interviewed with four of them, received offers from three and ended up choosing ZYX because it was local and I wouldn’t have to relocate which was a good thing because I was perfectly content with where I was. I had plenty of friends and while there was no lady in my life I dated a lot and got laid enough to keep me happy.

I’d had plenty of girlfriends, but nothing that ever lasted for one reason or other. Actually, to be truthful about it, the girl usually dumped me for someone else. I never figured out why. We would get along great for about four or five months and then one day I would be told I was no longer wanted. Since I was never that upset over any of the breakups it was probably a good sign that they weren’t going to end up being long term anyway.

There were two of my high school and college classmates working at ZYX, Audrey and Carol, and I had dated them both while in college, but there had been no spark between us. We had managed to stay friends (and in Aud’s case friends with benefits) and I was occasionally asked to be an escort when one of them needed a date for some function or social event.

I’d been with ZYX a little over seven months when it came time for the company Christmas party. I currently wasn’t seeing anyone and neither was Audrey so she asked me to be her date. We were sitting at a table with several colleagues when SHE walked in on the arm of an older man. Aud was siting opposite me and when she saw the look of disgust come over my face.

“What’s wrong Jake?”

“I thought I was shut of the bitch when we graduated from high school.”

She looked to where I was looking and then said “You had best hope she has forgotten all about you or at least never finds out that you work here.”

I looked at her confused by what she’d jut said and she caught that look also and said “You didn’t know?”

“Know what?”

“That Toni’s daddy is the president and CEO of ZYX?”

“I had no clue.”

“That is who she is with” and we watched as Toni and her father took seats at the head table.

“Luckily we are lost in the crowd here so you may luck out and she won’t see you.’

I shrugged and said “Even if she spots me it won’t matter. She doesn’t work with us or I’d have seen her before now. She must work at one of the other plants so she can’t do anything where I’m concerned.”

“You wish. She is being groomed by her father to take over when he retires. The entire corporation Jake. That means that you will be working for her. You better hope she never sees you.”

“Too late for that I’m afraid” I said as I saw Toni say something to her father and then get up from their table and head straight for us. She walked up to the table and said:

“Audrey; how nice to see you again, but I am a little surprised. I thought you had better taste when it came to the opposite sex.”

Before I could say anything Audrey said “I brought my fiancée with me tonight so he could meet some of my co-workers. As far as my taste in men goes I think it is excellent. There’s a lot more to Jake than you might think as you might have found out for yourself if you hadn’t been so dismissive of him back in school.”

“I’ll just bet” Toni said. “Nice seeing you again Audrey” and she went back to her table.

“What was that fiancée stuff?” I asked.

“Trying to give her the impression that you are just here as my date and not as an employee. I’d bet if she thought you worked for ZYX she would find a way to screw with you.”

“You are probably one hundred percent right. Hopefully that is the idea she left with.’

And it apparently was because I managed to get through the next three years without hearing from Toni. It helped that I never went to another company Christmas party or company picnic. In fact I shunned any company social event just to make sure I didn’t run into Toni again.

Then I had the good luck (or bad, depending on how you looked at it) of being promoted to the production manager’s position and then the outgoing manager and my fellow workers threw a cocktail party to celebrate my promotion and his retirement. Not a big company wide affair, but just our division of the company.

An hour into the affair we were graced with the presence of Charles Wellington Byrns, President and CEO of the company, and his administrative assistant who followed him everywhere and whom I’m sure you have already figured out was the person being groomed to take over the company when he retired. An event that I sincerely hoped wouldn’t take place until after I did.

Dave, the outgoing manager, brought Mr. Byrns over to me and introduced us and then introduced me to Toni who said in a somewhat icy tone:

“I already know Mr. Preston.”

Dave turned to me with a questioning look and I said “Miss Byrns and I went to high school together.”

I caught the look on Mr. Byrn’s face when he picked up on my name, Toni’s tone of voice and my response to Dave’ questioning glance. Toni’s tone and my saying “Miss Byrns and I went to high school together” instead of something like “Toni and I were classmates” apparently registered. He said:

“I like to personally welcome my new managers to the team and I look forward to getting to know you better.”

“I’m glad I’m being given the opportunity and I am looking forward to being part of your management team.”

The look Toni gave me fairly screamed out “You won’t be around here long if I have my way.”

Dave took Mr. Bryns and his admin to meet other people and I started mentally working on my resume.

Surprising the hell out of me nothing bad happened. The next four months went by and then it was time for the company Christmas party. I debated skipping it like I had the previous three, but then I decided since Toni already knew I worked there it wouldn’t matter if I went.

I went stag because I wasn’t seeing anyone at the time, but I would be sitting with a lot of people I worked with including Audrey and Carol. The only difference from the last Christmas party I attended with Audrey was this time Audrey would be with her husband.

After the dinner and speeches were over a band started playing and the dance floor filled with couples. I danced with Audrey, Carol and a couple of the other women I knew, but I couldn’t seem to get into a party mood. Maybe it was from seeing all the happy couples and not having a date of my own. I didn’t know, but I didn’t want my mood to be picked up by someone and become a drag on things.

After about three hours I decided to go home. As I was leaving Rick Smith, a guy I worked with and was friends with, caught me going for the door and said:

“I’ve got something you just have to see. It’s wild and it will blow your mind.”

The party was being held in the downtown Hilton and Rick led me over to the elevators and pushed the button. We got on the elevator and he pushed the button for the fourth floor. At room 406 he knocked twice, waited two seconds and then knocked once more. The door was opened and Rick led me into the room.

Rick was right. It was wild and it pretty much did blow my mind. There in front of me on the bed was Antonia Marie Byrns and she was what I believed was called ‘airtight’ in that she had a cock in all three of her usable holes.

Toni and I had never gotten along and I didn’t have any good thoughts where she was concerned, but I can’t say that I never wanted to fuck her. She was a bitch, but she was one hell of a hot looking sexy bitch and that was with her clothes on. Naked she was spectacular. I pulled out my phone, but Rick grabbed my rm.

“No pictures. We all agreed that there would be no pictures.”

I put my phone back in my pocket. My cock was hard and straining to get out of my pants. I smiled to myself as I thought I had a new way to piss her off. If I could fuck her without her knowing it was me and then let her see me when it was over I was pretty sure it would wind her up. And I could do it. She was facing the other way and hadn’t seen me come in.

I glanced around the room and noticed the other three naked guys were soft. They must have already gotten off and were waiting to get hard again.

“Was I right?” Rick asked. Isn’t it the wildest thing you’ve ever seen?”

I was too busy getting naked to answer him. By the time I was naked the men in her pussy and ass finished and moved away from her. There she was on her hands and knees and still sucking on the cock in her mouth. I turned to Rick who was still fully clothed and asked him if he was going to join in and he said no.

“I’ve already done her twice and I need to get out of here and go pick up my girlfriend. Catch you later. Have fun” and he left.

I moved up behind her, took hold of her hips and pushed home. Sloppy seconds wasn’t a new thing to me; I’d had them before at several frat house gangbangs, but for some reason getting them from Toni seemed to make them better than the ones I’d had before. I fucked her as hard as I could, but it took me a while to get off. Because of all the previous visitors to her hole I wasn’t getting the friction needed. But I finally did get off and when I pulled out another guy moved right in.

I stayed behind her out of sight and waited for the guy in her mouth to pull out. He finally did and I moved in front of her. She didn’t look up, but just stared straight ahead and I saw sperm dripping from the corner of her mouth. For the first time I began to wonder if she was too drunk or stoned to know what was going on. Had one of the guys in the room fed her a date rape drug?

I stepped up to push my cock at her mouth and she looked up. I saw her eyes go wide as she recognized me and that told me she wasn’t as out of it as I’d thought. Her mouth opened, not to accept my cock, but more likely to tell me to get away from her. She didn’t get the chance. I shoved my cock into the open hole, grabbed her head and said:

“You can do this the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is that I hold your head and fuck your face. The easy way is you give me what you’ve given everyone else here. Blink your eyes bitch. One for hard, two for easy.”

She looked at me for several seconds and then she blinked twice. I let go of her head and she started working on me. It was half-hearted on her part, but she eventually got me up again and I pulled out of her mouth and stepped aside to let someone else move in.

Two guys pulled her into a three-way, mouth and pussy and still on her hands and knees. I watched until the guy in her pussy pulled out and then I moved in behind her and shoved my cock in her ass. Didn’t slowly work it, just rammed it in, and then fucked her as hard as I could until I got off again.

I fucked her two more times including one more in her ass before I decided to call it a night. I cleaned up in the bathroom and then dressed. When I got to the door I quickly pulled out my phone and took a picture of her being two-holed while looking at me. I blew her a kiss and then was out the door and on my way home. The camera option hadn’t been turned on so there was no photo, but Toni didn’t know that. Toni would think that I had it and she would constantly worry about what I might do with it or who I might show it to and that was enough for me. Once back at work I expected Toni to show up to try and get me to delete the photo, but she had never come to visit.

Until now.

When I asked her to leave the office she didn’t. She just stood there looking at me. After several very long moments she asked:

“You like your job? Like the pay and benefits?”

I knew where she was going so I cut her off at the pass.

“Not enough to put up with your sorry ass.”

She gave me a look I couldn’t decipher and then turned and left. After she was gone I couldn’t help but wonder if the kid was really mine and that of course was followed by the thought that if the kid was mine it would sure fuck up my life. I put the thoughts out of my mind and got back to reviewing the contract I was checking when Toni first came into the room.

I wasn’t expecting it when one week after my visit from Toni Charles Wellington Byrns walked into my office and sat down in the chair across from my desk. Before I could even say “Good morning Mr. Byrns he said:

“I’m sure you have some idea of why I’m here.”

I was pretty sure I did, but I said “Not the foggiest sir.”

The look he gave me said “You can’t lie worth shit” and then he said “My daughter has informed me of her condition and says that you are responsible.”

“And I am certain that she is wrong.”

“How can you be certain?”

I really didn’t give a rat’s ass about Toni, but even I wasn’t asshole enough to tell her father why I didn’t believe I was the guilty party so I said:

“I will admit to having sexual relations with your daughter, but I had them in a rather unique situation. A situation that makes her claim rather dubious. If you want to know more you will need to get that information from your daughter.”

“I’ll do that” he said and he got up and left my office. As the door closed behind him I was already mentally putting together my resume.

I wasn’t surprised when on Thursday, two days later, I was summoned to the office of Mr. Byrns. I had no idea of what to expect, but that I might leave his office unemployed was not lost on me. He asked me to have a seat and then sat looking at me silently for several seconds and then:

“I’ve had a long talk with Antonia and she did confess to me what happened. Given that I can certainly understand your reluctance to step up and accept responsibility, but my daughter is certain that you are the father of the child and I believe that she is right.”

I was getting ready to stand up and say “fuck you old man” and walk, but he either sensed it or figured that is what I was going to do and he said:

“Hold on a second before you go off on me. You are an intelligent man and I’m sure you can understand my reasoning. Follow along if you will. My daughter is spoiled rotten and yes I’m responsible for it. My wife suffered complications when Antonia was born; complications that prevented her from ever conceiving again. Knowing that Antonia was the only child we would ever have we treated her like the treasure she was to us. In simple, she became my little princess so yes I did spoil her rotten. If she wanted it and it was in my power to get it for her I did.

“Like you do with most treasures you do your best to protect them. Because of my position and wealth there was always the possibility that someone or some group of someone’s would try to use my daughter for gain. You have never seen them because they are very good at what they do, but the fact is that Antonia has always had protection near. It may surprise you to know that I even know the very first words you ever spoke to my daughter. Does “Up yours bitch” strike a chord in your memory? That’s how close her protection was.

“I’m fully aware of what kind of relationship you have had with my daughter. You have no idea of how many times Antonia has stomped through the house cursing you for doing this, that or something. It is because I know of this relationship that I believe that Antonia is right when she says that you are the father of her child. Think on it Jacob; would someone who dislikes you as much as she does want you in her life? Would anyone who knows how you feel about her want anything to do with you? To me the answer is not just no, but hell no! What goes on in the minds of women is something I can’t begin to fathom, but something in Antonia’s mind is telling her that you are the father of her child so given the circumstances if Antonia says the father is you I believe her.

“That brings up the question of what to do about it. I do not want my daughter to be an unmarried mother. Among other things it would stain my social standing, but that is only a minor outcome. I do not want my grandchild born a bastard.”

He looked at me expecting me to say something so I said “I understand your thought process and how you have come to believe she is right when she fingers me. That doesn’t mean that I accept it. There were seven other men in that room when I got there and at least one I know of who had already left. I have no idea of how many others may have been there and left before I got there or how many may have shown up after I left so for sure there are at least eight other possibilities. If I was certain the child was mine I would step up and do the right thing, but any of those other eight could be the father.

“Add to that fact one of the eight was black and one was Latino. You and Toni convince me to step up and the child comes out black or with Latino coloring or features and how is that going to make me look? Like a chump or a cuckold. I don’t want that any more than you want the stain on your social standing.

“And I have a question. What happened to Toni’s protection? How did she end up in that room to begin with?”

“They were there, but they were not supposed to interfere with her life. Only to protect her from being kidnaped. They knew where she was and they had all possible exits covered so no one could get her out of the building against her will.”

He gave me another of his long silent looks and then said “What is it going to take to get you to accept your responsibility?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Simple enough Jacob; what will it cost me to get you to step up?”

“How much you got?”

He got a “Gotcha” look on his face and I smiled because he thought he could buy me off. Then he asked me to give him a figure and I said:

“No sir. This is your party so you get to do the numbers.”

“All right then; how about a hundred thousand to marry Antonia and a hundred thousand for every year you stay married.”

“Not enough.”

“How much then?”

“How much you got?”

“This is getting us nowhere.”

“That’s because you don’t understand. You don’t have enough. No matter what figure you put out there it isn’t going to be enough. Why would I, or any sane man for that matter, marry a woman who doesn’t even like him. You want me to enter into a loveless marriage just so you won’t have a blemish on your social standing? Not going to happen. No sir; just not going to happen.”

“No Jacob; it is you who doesn’t understand. I’m not talking marriage forever. I’m talking a marriage that will last for at least one year after the child is born. After that a quiet divorce. You like your job?”

“I love my job, but not enough to marry Toni just to keep it.”

“Not where I was going. How about this? You agree to marry Antonia and I’ll give you one hundred thousand. The day you marry here I’ll give you another hundred thousand. You stay married for a year after the baby is born and on her first birthday I’ll give you two hundred and fifty. Your wedding present from me will be the house of your choosing put in your name only so you will keep it when you divorce Antonia. There will be a signed prenuptial agreement that you will keep the house and all your money. In addition, you will have guaranteed lifetime employment at ZYX with guaranteed promotions and raises. You could very well reach VP status by the time you are thirty-five.”

“You will put all of that in a legally enforceable document?”

“I will.”

“How is Toni going to feel about it?”

“She will go along with it. Don’t forget she approached you expecting you to marry her and make the child legitimate.”

“There is still one minor problem and one large one. If I marry Toni I doubt that we will have a happy and fulfilled union. I doubt I will be able to go without sex for a year and a half or so. The prenup is going to have to allow me a discreet sex life outside the marriage without being penalized for it.

“Lastly is this. I’m still not buying into the idea that I’m the child’s father. I’m not forgetting there was one black and one Latino at the affair and for all I know there could have been an oriental who left before I got there or showed up after I left. If the child is anything except white Caucasian I can walk away and still get the 250k I would have gotten if I stayed the full year.”

“I find that acceptable. I’ll see to it.”

“So all we need to do is get Toni to agree to it.”

“She already has.”

“How could she? I didn’t even know I was going to do it until now.”

Byrns pointed to the intercom on his desk and said “It has been on since you walked into the room and she is in the conference room listening. If anything was said that she wasn’t willing to agree to she would have let me know by speaking up. Are we good to go Antonia?”

“Yes daddy.”

“All we need to do now is to plan the wedding and I’ll get your mother on it right away.”

“I’ve already called her.”

He shut of the intercom and said “I do have to admit to being a bit curious. Why, given the way you felt about Antonia, did you even have sexual relations with her?”

“She didn’t see me come into the room and I knew if I could do her without her knowing and then let her see me it would really piss her off.”

“I can see it. Conference room is the third door on the right as you leave the office. Perhaps now would be a good time to speak to your fiancée.”

I stood up to leave and he said “Welcome to the family Jacob.”

I was maybe just a little sarcastic as I said “Glad to be part of the family dad” just before I walked out the door.

I went to the conference room and found Toni sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in front of her. I took a chair opposite her and asked:


“Why what?”

“Why do you want to saddle yourself with me? I’ll bet anyone of the bunch that was there that night would jump at the deal your dad just made me. Why not one of them? You must have had a feeling for whoever it was that got you into that room. Why not him?”

“The why you is simple. I know, and don’t ask me how, but I just know you are the one who did the deed and I want my baby to know his father; his biological father, not just someone he can call dad as he grows up. As far as feelings for anyone in that room goes the fact is I didn’t have any. I found out after things were over that one of them had laced my drinks with Ecstasy. I was drunk and that combined with the effects of the drug had me unaware of what I was doing until things got started and then I got into it.

“I really got into it as I’m sure you saw. By the time you got there I’d been pretty much fucked sober. I don’t regret it. It is going to be one of my better memories. It isn’t something I ever want to do again, but I’m glad I got to experience it the one time. That brings up the thing you told daddy about getting your sex outside the marriage. You won’t have to it I have anything to say about it. What you saw in that hotel room is the real me. I love sex and I’m going to want all you have to give. His will not be just a marriage of convenience as far as I am concerned. Are you with me on this?”

“I’ll do my part. As far as sex goes you don’t have to be in love with someone just to fuck them. You don’t even have to like them. We proved that in that hotel room.”

She gave me a long look and then said “Yes we did, didn’t we.”

“So now what?”

“As soon as I heard you agree to daddy’s proposal I called my mom and she’s on the case. Figure on a wedding before I start to show. Say two months or thereabout. We need to start dating to establish that we are a couple.”

“Why? It isn’t as if no one will figure out we only got married because you got pregnant.”

“I thought daddy made it clear to you he didn’t want a stain on his social standing. We need to put up a good front. I’m certain you can see he expects you to put on a good show given what he has offered you to step up and take me on.”

I did have to admit she had a point there. And if she meant what she said about her sexual desires it wouldn’t be all that hard for me to go along with the program.

“Okay, but I’m leaving it in your hands.”

“There is a charity ball Saturday night and daddy is on the committee and I’m expected to go. It can be our first date. It is being held in the downtown Hilton ballroom. I have already arranged for a room for the night because I don’t drink and then drive and I always drink at those types of affairs. You know where I live. Pick me up at six.”

As I went back to my office I was thinking on what I’d just committed to. Then I thought about what I was going to get out of it and I smiled.

Saturday at six I rang the doorbell at Toni’s apartment. When she answered the door my cock instantly sprang to attention. I’d always known that Toni was a sexy looking bitch, but I’d never seen her like that. Little black dress, four inch CFMs and a simple string of pearls around her neck. She didn’t have much make up on, but what little she had was perfect.

My cock was throbbing at the sight and at that moment all I wanted was to skip the charity thing and go straight to her bedroom and spend the night fucking her. She saw the look on my face and the lust in my eyes and smiled.

“Down boy; you’ll get it but not until later.”

I didn’t say much on the way to the Hilton, but Toni chattered away.

“This isn’t going to be as bad as you think. I fully intend to be the best wife you could hope for. I’ll admit the circumstances are a bit unique, but I’m going to do my best to see that you won’t regret marrying me. I’ll bust my butt to see to it that you don’t take the easy out daddy offered you at the end of the baby’s first year. I want my baby’s daddy to be here for him or her full time.

“I know that you don’t believe you are the father, but I know you are and I’ll be proven right when the child arrives. When we get up tomorrow I’d like to go house hunting. I know daddy said a home of your own choosing, but I’m going to be living there with you and there are a few things I’d like to have. An in ground swimming pool that I can do laps in and I would like a hot tub. A real fireplace and not one of those gas log ones would be nice and a fairly large outside patio for entertaining in good weather. I think four bedroom would be about right. A spare for guests and a room for each of the kids.”

“You already know you are carrying twins?”

“No, but I’d like more than one. I’d like to have them fairly close together, but we can decide on that later.”

I just shrugged and let her ramble on about what she would like in a house, how she would like to set up the kid’s rooms, what she would like in the way of furnishings and on and on and on. Truth be told I wanted pretty much what she wanted in the way of a house, but what got me was the way she was assuming that we were going to be a couple forever.

I didn’t see that happening, but I kept my mouth shut. No sense in poisoning the relationship. We were going to be together for almost two years so I might as well see to it that they were fairly trouble free years.

Toni and I knew several of the people at the event and I saw the looks on their faces when I entered the ballroom with Toni on my arm. I’m sure they were having a hard time believing what they were seeing. Welcome to the club I thought as I escorted Toni to the table where we would sit with her mother and father.

I’d seen Mrs. Byrns with her husband at other social events I’d attended, but I’d never met her. We were introduced and I could tell from the look on her face that she wasn’t all that enthused to meet me. I thought to myself “Tough shit lady; I’m not all that happy about being here either.”

Things were cordial and the conversation was general in nature. Mrs. Byrns asked me about myself and I put it down to her wanting to know her future son in law better. As I talked with her I was wondering about her. I couldn’t figure out if she was a ‘trophy wife’ or just a woman who aged well. The woman was hot! Hot with a capital H.

Mrs. Byrns was what was being called a MILF these days. I’d do her. I’d do her in a heartbeat and a couple of others at the table knew it as I was to find out when the meal and speeches were over and the dancing started.

When the first song started Toni stood up and said “Come on darling; they are playing our song” so I got up and followed her out onto the floor. As I took her in my arms I said:

“Our song? How did it get to be our song?”

“It is the very first song we have ever danced to so that makes it ours.”

I started out holding her a bit away from me, but she moved in close and whispered in my ear:

“We are supposed to be a loving couple so act like we are.”

I pulled her tight to me and as we did a turn her leg touched my erection. She tilted her head back and looked at my face as she said:

“Did I cause that or was it my mother?”

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