Stressful Business

by ShaneLucas

Copyright© 2018 by ShaneLucas

Erotica Sex Story: Kenzie is dragged across country by her boss for a sudden - and very profitable - business deal, which has now fallen into their hands. Stuck in a hotel room with only one more night to prepare for the sale of her career, the stress is getting to her. Her boss, Brian, offers a solution to relax a bit before the big day. She may be reluctant to cheat on her husband, but she's desperate. Besides, there's only one bed in the room, so why not give it a go?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace   Cheating   Slut Wife   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   .

“Kenzie, can you check this for me?”

Kenzie Hennessy brushed aside the black hair raining over her paperwork and glanced over at her boss, saw the folder marked Tapas, and rolled her eyes. Brian James had been stalling on that client for too damn long. For a moment, she actually forgot the man’s name, since they’d both been calling him Tapas for months, given that they’d always take him to lunch for that particular dish when trying to coax him into signing. But now that Mister Tapas was finally ready to use their services, Brian kept pushing back the final part of the deal. She understood – the guy was a prick – but it was frustrating as hell for her boss to hide behind her.

“Just give me it, and let me deal with him already,” she grumbled. “The sooner we finish his loans, the sooner he’s out of our hair.”

“I don’t mean to stick you with all of my problems.”

“But you do. At least you pay well.”

“Expecting that raise, aren’t you?” She smiled brightly up at him, baring her teeth. For the last seven years since coming to work for Mansfield Marketing Corp she had received a raise every October on her anniversary there. Brian knew damn well not to stiff her now. He shifted his tie and scratched at his graying temple, a nervous habit that made clear he got the message, then glanced down. “Is that skirt even shorter now?”

“Don’t you go starting shit, too.”

“We do have a dress code. I think.”

“The manual says professional, not mentioning any specifics. And I’m not spending two hours a day at Pilates and Zumba to hide under some starched tablecloth.”

“Ugh. Fitness freak.” She flipped him off and turned back to her computer. He was one to talk, after all. He and his wife were at the gym a minimum of four times a week – though Missus James did admit that it was a great boon to their sex life. Considering how the man, despite being in his mid-fifties, still looked not a day over thirty and in his prime, she could easily picture what a boon their workout routine was. Truthfully, she imagined it a bit too often.

Brian started to walk away, then turned back and said, “Oh right, about the Katagowa deal.”

“It’s still a go, isn’t it?” Apprehension twisted her gut. The two of them had been working with the Katagowa Corporation for nearly two years. If they get the trade deal, they’ll officially have offices in Tokyo. If not, then a couple dozen people will be getting their severance checks by Christmas.

Brian’s face was hard to read. “It’s not a no-go, I can tell you that. But the presentation is changing venues. We need to go to San Diego. Mister Hiyoshi has to cut his trip here short, and isn’t able to make the flight to Atlanta.”

“Uh, we’re going to San Diego? Who’s we, exactly?”

“Just you and me. This weekend. I don’t have time to prep anyone else, and Jensen’s breathing down my neck and cracking the whip. It’s not a problem, is it?”

Her husband was trying to get them a reservation at a very fancy restaurant downtown, but their schedules just wouldn’t line up. This was the first week in months that it did. Until now. “Jeremy is gonna have a fit. What about your wife?”

“Lena will be fine. And if she isn’t, I’ll buy her a Rolex.”

“She hates watches.”

“Since when?”

“Since always. She knows it’s your default gift. Sorry.”

He headed off grumbling. Maybe she should’ve kept that a secret until later. Oh well, she thought. Best to know the truth right away, and get the sting out of the way. She resumed her task, inputting all of Mister Tapas’ data – including his real name – before making a call to her husband. Although she had planned to tell him immediately, the guy was sounding too happy to just blurt it out. So she chose to do it in person, not cower behind a phone. As she talked to him about his day while heading out of the building, she tried to ease her guilt by telling herself that if she got this deal, not only was that raise guaranteed, her bonus was going to be enough to buy a table at that restaurant. And since they were going to California, she decided the best way to unwind before and after the meeting would be to hit the beach, and finally get a tan after the long winter. Jeremy would appreciate that, at least.

“Ready for this?” asked Brian.

“The meeting or the flight?”

He smiled and patted her back, letting his hand linger a bit longer than necessary. Not that she minded. A touch here and a little flirting there wasn’t a big deal. Even her husband wasn’t bothered by it when it happened during company dinners. And Jeremy was usually the jealous type. It just served to remind her how greatly her hard work in getting in shape was paying off. She welcomed the reassurance, too. Flying was a nightmare in good weather, and the spring storm that rumbled loud enough to be heard in the crowded airport was making her nauseas. Their section was called for boarding, and she stuck close to him until they were at their seats.

For the flight, like always, they dressed for comfort rather than professionalism. She wore a long jacket over a t-shirt and yoga shorts, while he had on khakis with an elastic band, and a shirt that was tight enough to outline the sculpted muscles underneath. She let him glance down at her legs, no longer bothering to be sneaky these days. After all, her own gaze lingered on his chest from time to time. Her husband was no slouch, but she sometimes envied Lena.

“So how did your husband take it?” he asked. “Am I gonna get another earful during the company cruise?”

“Oh, hell yes.”

She replayed it in her head, then gave him a more subdued record. Jeremy had been waiting at home for her, making dinner. His beard had been dyed again to hide the gray, neatly trimmed and shorter than usual, which she preferred. He had certainly been ready for their fancy dinner. She’d kept a smile on for the night, trying to keep the tone light, until she told him there may be a delay in their night out. Jeremy had kept his cool at first, until she revealed only Brian would be going with her, then he lost it. Words were said by both of them, particularly about how she and her boss often shared a room, and for the first time, she had let slip they usually shared a bed. This was a fact she’d wisely kept a secret for the last two years since the two of them had gone on trips together, and no matter her assurances, Jeremy had accused her of cheating. Without pride – and leaving it out on her recount with Brian – tears were shed as she promised she wasn’t having an affair. Ultimately, he believed her, but the fight wasn’t over.

“Yeah,” said Brian, “I’m in trouble.”

“Does your wife know about that? Sharing a bed, I mean.”

With a shrug, he said, “Maybe. We’ve never discussed it, but I think she gives me a pass, just in case.”


“Strange, I know. I’ve never cheated, but we have been a bit ... adventurous back in the day.”

“So, don’t ask, don’t tell.”

“Exactly. Shit, I’m freaking you out.”

She quickly began rubbing her temple as if she had a headache in order to mask the weird look she was probably giving him. Yep, that was too much information. Way too much. She promised it wasn’t going to get awkward, just as it never has been. During all of their other trips, they’d generally stayed on opposite sides of the bed when he’d been forced to pinch pennies to that extreme. Sure, there was the occasional time when he’d drape an arm over her, or she had slid a leg over his. And he had walked in on her while in the shower once, but it was her fault for not locking the door. And he had spun around so fast he’d smacked into the doorframe. He probably had no idea that she’d taken some extra time in the shower that morning to fantasize about asking him to come on in. She decided against letting it get any more awkward than that.

“Did you bring condoms?” So much for that. She turned to Brian, who shook his head and thumbed back toward the guy behind him. She turned around as a petite woman with bright blonde hair rummaged in her oversized purse, apparently coming up empty. The guy, who was rather cute in a plain sort of way, smirked at her.

“I swear I packed them,” she said in a deep Irish accent. “Gotta be in a suitcase.”

“It’s cool. I’ll just buy some on the way to the hotel.”

“Just remember not to ask for rubbers. Otherwise, you’ll have a handful of erasers.”

“Thanks, but I’ve been to England more than once, thank you.” Then, with a hint on blush at his cheeks, he added, “That only happened once. Besides, we’re going to LA first. Not like sex is off the table.”

“I’m on my period, so yeah, it is. I’m not leaving the bed looking like we committed a human sacrifice. Again.”

Her husband – she spotted the rings – nodded in agreement, as his blush quickly paled at some memory. Then he caught Kenzie’s stare and shrugged. She smiled, understanding both of their plights. There had been more than one vacation ruined by picking the wrong time of the month to go.

Beside her, Brian was trying not to laugh, and barely succeeding. The sight of him losing it was refreshing. Despite their relaxed camaraderie, he was still usually professional, only rarely being open like that. It was cute. It also helped get her through the next part.

They finally took off before the storm got too bad. However, the flight was still long and turbulent, and at one point James held her hand until she relaxed. Behind them, the couple joked and drank, eventually making out for a full hour before passing out against each other. It made her hate leaving Jeremy on such a sour note even more.

When they touched down in California five hours later, she was ready to jump out the emergency exit. She didn’t feel safe until they reached baggage claim, where she could lull her senses into a stupor by watching the conveyor belt slowly rumble by. Her suitcase was one of the last. She thought about grabbing her bikini and finding the nearest beach after checking into the hotel, but she saw that the sun was already setting. So starting her tan was out for the day.

“Here’s the plan,” said Brian. “We check into the hotel, grab a bite, then head to the CEO’s office.”

“Is he expecting us?”

“Yeah, but just by the end of the day. No set time. He’s setting the meeting up for tomorrow.”

“What hotel?”

“Hilton. I got us a good room, overlooking a park.”

That was fancier than usual. They usually stayed in the cheapest place they could find a deal for. He got them a taxi, and together they waited in the early evening on the edge of the drive. People hustled about, one tourist screaming, a couple making out – same one from the plane, she realized – and kids threatening to jump into traffic. A typical day at the airport. She looked back at the couple and remembered Jeremy again. She always called after a flight.

“Hey, honey!” She had to shout to be heard over the cacophony around her. Brian jumped when she did it, not even realizing she had taken out her phone. She smiled, both in apology and humor, as her husband responded.

“Survived again, I see,” she thought he said. Her phone was turned up all the way, and yet his voice was too tinny to catch every word. So she surmised the missing gaps. “How’s Brian? Is he still sane?”

The humor was forced, but at least he was trying. She grinned as it perked her up a bit. “I’m sure his therapist is going to have an earful Friday. How’s work? Are you busy?”

“Nope. Caught me on my break. It’s pretty slow today.” She imagined him in the restaurant, where he was a manager of a very busy family-owned place. A slow day for him was a sports night at Hooters. “When’s the big battle?”

“Tomorrow. I’ll probably be too rattled and into preparing to call you beforehand.”

“I’ll wish you luck tonight. Stay safe.”

“Love you!”

Brian pretended to gag when she hung up the phone. She was still flipping off her boss when the taxi pulled up. After loading their suitcases into the trunk, he held the door for her, like always. He could be an ass, but he was always a gentleman.

She watched the city fly by as the taxi driver broke as many laws as possible to get them to the hotel quickly after Brian promised a hefty bonus for expediency. It was almost as bad as flying, but she was grateful. She needed to rest properly, and prepare her notes. Besides, she had been in such a hurry to get off the plane and out of the airport that she had skipped the restroom. Her bladder was a tad pissed about that.

“You two on vacation?” asked the driver.

“Business. Got a big meeting.”

When he pulled up to the Hilton, he whistled. “Well, at least you have a nice place for some relaxation and celebration afterward. Enjoy yourselves.”

Brian leaned in toward her and whispered, “I think he’s got the wrong idea about us.”

“Then correct him,” she hissed back.

“Why don’t you?”

She glared at him. But she didn’t tell the driver the truth. Who cares if some stranger thought they were lovers?

They got out of the car and hurried to the lobby, where she tried to stand still and be inconspicuous as Brian got their key. Then, she nonchalantly rushed for the elevator, politely shoving aside a party of old German women who twittered angrily as the doors closed on them. The twenty-first corridor was empty, so she wouldn’t have to barrel into anyone on her way to the room. As she ran stiff-legged, Brian began snickering while trying to keep up. Cursing softly, she waited by the door for Brian to hurry his slow, middle-aged ass up. He unlocked the door and let her in. Tossing her bag onto the bed, she was about to get into the bathroom when she noticed something – there was only one bed. Apparently, his splurging on the accommodations ended with the view.

“Seriously? We’re back to cheapskate time?”

“Sorry about this,” he said. “I pushed our budget to the limit just getting this room on short notice.”

“Hey, as long as I don’t wake up with you spooning me again, we’re good.”

Brian actually blushed a little, hurrying to the balcony glass door to busy himself opening it. She rolled her eyes as she recalled the feeling of something rather large and hard pressing against her back two years ago. It hadn’t been just morning wood, either. He was gyrating his hips, pressing it into her, moaning his wife’s name. She had lied there, frozen, a small part of her considering just letting him finish. At the very least, she stole a peak, a fact she never told him or her husband. And it wasn’t just to look down at the tent his boxers had become – she pulled them open to see, and was quite impressed.

She bit back her grin despite having shut the door between them. Out in the room, he told her to go ahead and get everything settled as he went off to make a few phone calls, let the company know they made it and find out the final schedule. Kenzie let him leave without moaning about being relegated back to his assistant. Besides, she wanted some time alone to relax, and start preparing herself for the task ahead.

Plus, she suddenly felt a shiver building between her legs after replaying that memory. It didn’t go away even after relieving herself, so she tried pacing back and forth across the cramped room. That did nothing, as she figured it would. Frustrated, she plopped down on the bed, thinking.

Her husband had been coming home exhausted for so many weeks, they’d skipped out on anything more than a ten-minute quickie before bed, and nothing for the last three days. Since she was going to have the room to herself for a couple of hours, she decided to get it out of her system. The pillows had silk covering, or at least a good imitation. That’ll do, she thought.

Setting up her laptop, she played the first recording of the meetings over this account, and stripped off her pants and underwear without ceremony. It wasn’t as if she needed to get any more in the mood. And Brian usually spent at least an hour on these calls, always making one more to his wife at the end. As the dull voices of her coworkers and bosses droned on, she climbed onto the bed, stacked two of the pillows, and straddled them. The sixty-year-old COO wasn’t a smooth enough talker for her, so she propped her phone up on the headrest, and found a picture of Jeremy standing shirtless. Next to Brian. It had been a get-together at the beach last summer, when the men had a nice tan.

The cool, smooth fabric felt wonderful on her pussy, sending a tingle of pleasure before she even began moving her hips. Going slow, taking her time, she slid her crotch back and forth along the pillow, her ears on the meeting, her eyes on the picture of two gorgeous men. It didn’t take long before her mind began creating a movie, especially when Brian’s voice took over the presentation. She fantasized about her husband and boss leading her to a secluded spot on the beach, and taking turns. Her hips began moving faster without her thinking, pressing down in the soft fabric, grinding. She reached down and slipped two fingers inside, hurrying herself along as the recording finished. With a gasp, she had a brief spasm, feeling only partially satisfied.

Afterward, she lied back to catch her breath. A few moments later, when she’d wiped herself off and put her shorts back on, she headed for the bathroom to wash up. However, she discovered that she wasn’t the only one who needed a release. Brian was busily trying to finish himself off when he noticed she had walked in.

“Oh, fuck! I’m sorry, I am. I just ... you were making so much noise...” He released his cock for a moment, letting it fling, too stiff to fall down. He covered himself with both hands and turned away quickly.

She held up her hands to stop him. “Whatever. Don’t mind me. Just, uh ... when did you come in? You never said anything.”

“Yeah I did!” His hand had slowed, but was still caressing his cock as he looked at her. More than once, his eyes dipped down to her chest, the shirt and bra too thin to keep her nipples from poking through. “You had on your headphones. I said your name three times before leaving you be.”

He seemed to realize what he was still doing and tried to stuff himself back into his pants, which looked quite difficult. It was too stiff, and too large. She stepped back out of the bathroom and closed to the door, standing there to listen for when he was finished. He was much quieter than she. That was unexpected, and rather impressive. She felt a little jealous of his wife as she waited for the bathroom to be clear. When Brian was done, he stumbled out, having the decency to act sheepish as he apologized. He may be taller than her by a head, but she was able to stare down at him even when she had to look up.

Once he was good and ashamed, she started snickering. “Sorry, it’s cool. I was pretty riled up in there.”

“It’s not completely your fault. Lena and I ... well, it’s been awhile. A long while. By the time we both get home from work, it’s dinner and bed.”

“I can relate. Trust me. Okay, let me wash up a bit more, and let’s go eat. Any nearby hotdog stands?”

It was his turn to flip her off. Then he told her they’d driven past one about two blocks away. However, she decided against cheating on her diet with a street vendor and opted for sub sandwiches. Along the way, he explained that the reason his calls had been so short was due to the night’s meeting with the local company man being canceled, and his wife not answering her phone. He assumed she was out with her girlfriends, and was never available then. The two of them chose to walk instead of hail a cab, finding the take-out place to be more than a few blocks away. But the walk did her good, even if night had fallen long before they got their food to go. It wasn’t as cool as she’d have liked, but it was a dry heat, so they weren’t slimy with sweat by the time they got back to the hotel.

After reading through their notes and quizzing each other about the Katagowa Corporation and its ambassador, Hiyoshi-san, for a few hours, Brian declared them off the clock for the night. They had spent the rest of the week cramming and preparing their speeches and counterarguments, and it along with the day’s traveling was taking its toll. So he closed all of the files on the computer relating to work, and finally began eating the food they had tossed into the mini fridge upon getting back. He snatched a few whiskey bottles from the fridge, as well.

“We’re not getting drunk,” she said.

“Of course not. Just taking the edge off and making myself ready for bed.” He waved one for her, and she took it. One wouldn’t hurt. Turning back to the computer as he sat on the bed, he mumbled to himself, “Let’s see here.”

As she took her own food out of the fridge and doctored the sub with a few spices she had brought from home, she glanced at herself in the mirror over the dresser. Her hair was too flat, and not glossy enough. Her skin was almost pallid from a total lack of tanning for the last few months. Her blue eyes were slightly bruised from long nights of prepping for the big meeting. In short, she was horrified at her reflection.

“Holy hell, I forgot about this,” he blurted out, then immediately turned beet red. Pulling herself away from the self-pity, she looked over his shoulder and saw a rather large woman in a cheap pink suit smiling up from a metal desk. She felt the blood drain from her face.

“I am so sorry,” he said, trying desperately not to laugh.

“Screw you.”

That must’ve been from her first day, or at least month of working for Mansfield Marketing Corp. She had thrown that stupid suit out just before being assigned as Brian’s assistant. At nearly two hundred and ninety pounds, she still couldn’t believe how far she had let herself go after college. Yet she remembered Brian being friendly with her even then, if not flirtatious.

“I seem to recall you being quite the slouch, too, buddy. So don’t go making me out to be a slob.”

“You were never a slob. Other than this ... horrendous choice in fashion, you were usually dressed more like an executive than a secretary, were great at your job, and very clever. Hence why I recommended you first when they offered me an assistant. Seriously, did you lose a bet when you wore this thing?”

“Fuck off. My sister gave that to me.”

“So you pissed her off.”

She rolled her eyes, then realized what he had just said. “Wait, you never told me that you requested me for the position.”

“I didn’t?” She shook her head. Judging by his expression, he was genuinely surprised at this oversight. “Huh. Well, that’s how it is.”

“We barely knew each other. And I never worked with you.”

“No, but you worked with Kathy Buford. And she gave me the lowdown, so I checked in on you to see if we’d be a good fit. I’d say I made the right call.”

Kathy Buford. Kenzie hadn’t spoken to her in years, despite having been friends back then. But the girl had lost her job for sleeping with Brian’s boss, despite being more than capable of rising on her own merits. She was surprised Brian didn’t just hire Kathy for the job. She asked as much as she sat down next to him with her dinner.

“Oh, she was a bit too forward. And frankly, not as good as you. I needed someone not only dependable, but that has ideas. You were perfect.”

“Wow,” she said, blushing and not bothering to hide it.

“So there it is. And it has paid off in spades, I’d say.”

She smiled in thanks and scrolled through the pictures, finding some of her first company Christmas party. She had already started her diet by then, spurred on by the promotion and the desire to finally change. Jeremy had gone in with her, though not as vigorously, not that he’d needed to. And it had made their marriage better in many ways, especially in the bedroom. So in a way, she had to credit her biggest life improvements to the man next to her.

“I guess I should keep being honest,” Brian went on between bites of the sandwich, “and tell you that it’s your fault I got back to the gym.”

“How so?”

“Well, I can’t have my assistant showing me up in every way. Besides, it was hard even keeping up with you. I needed to lose the gut, build my stamina, and look the part of rising star in the company.”

She leaned back, whistling. “So you have to thank me for those chiseled abs. Nice.” She felt too proud to tell him that it was his actions that encouraged her to do the same. It was better to milk the ego boost as long as she could.

“Damn straight. Lena thanks you, too.”

“Yeah, well, tell her thanks in return for helping me decide on these.” She hefted her breasts, making his jaw drop. Looking back at the photos, she saw how flat she had become after losing weight and gaining muscle. It had been his wife who, after having gone in for some cosmetic surgery of her own, gave Kenzie all the details she needed to decide.

“You really didn’t need to do that. I’ve always wondered if it had been Jeremy who suggested it.”

“God, no. I wanted to. I liked my breasts, but they were disappearing. So I decided one year that I was going to use the next bonus to go back to my old bra size. Trust me, I didn’t do it for any of you guys.”

“Fair enough.” His eyes lingered on her cleavage for a bit too long, until she cleared her throat loudly to snap him out of it. “Let’s get back to finding some more embarrassing memories.”

“Yeah, let’s. Pervert.”

Unfortunately, those early pictures were the best ones, even after a couple of overpriced shot glass bottles of whiskey to make everything look a tad dumber. With the meal finished, and night getting long, they agreed to put the laptop away and get to bed. They didn’t have an early morning, exactly, but after the long day, she needed a proper rest. His eyes were as heavy as hers felt, so she knew he required it just as much. They cleaned up quickly, and she went to the bathroom to change. By the time she got out, he already had the lights off and was in bed, checking his alarm clock once more. She slipped in next to him, keeping a good distance between them, and closed her eyes.

Two hours later, she was still wide-awake.

Kenzie began twitching her legs. So not only were butterflies doing battle in her stomach, but her damn libido was starting again. It wasn’t so bad, though, not so soon after she relieved herself. She rolled to the edge of the bed, hoping she didn’t wake Brian.

“Are you okay?” he asked. His voice was clear, not a hint of grogginess. She hummed an answer, trying to be calm. Apparently, it wasn’t working. “Is it ... Jeremy? Or the meeting?”

“Ugh, both. The guy needs to relax, not jump to conclusions.”

“I guess I can see it his way. His gorgeous wife is sharing a bed with her boss across the country. And she’s constantly horny.”

“I am not constantly horny!”

“Okay, okay. Not trying to upset you.” It may have sounded true if he wasn’t chuckling at the moment.

She sat up, turned on the lamp. He rolled over and looked up at her, his bare chest exposed, along with chiseled abs. The blanket was lowered just past his hips, exposing skin.

“Please tell me you have pants on.”

He lifted the blanket with his thumb, exposing a pair of boxers with smiley faces on them. If she wasn’t so stressed now, she’d laugh. He realized her lack of reaction was a bad sign, so he sat up with her.

“We’re going to do great tomorrow,” he assured her. “You’re a natural.”

“I’m a mess. Maybe you should do it.”

“Hell no. It’s just stress, that’s all. Don’t let anything distract you. Not your husband, not your not-sex drive, nothing. Here, I’ll give you a massage to help you relax.”

He reached for her shoulders, but she shrugged him off. “No, no, that won’t help. I hate massages, to be honest.”

“Damn, and I’m good with my hands. There has to be a way, short of getting drunk off the overpriced liquor bottles in the fridge.”

She shifted her thighs, trying to ignore the growing problem. When she did, the blanket moved further down, exposing her thighs, and she noticed another problem growing in his boxers. She arched an eyebrow, glaring at him.

“What? This is just a natural reaction. I’m sure your husband has a difficult time keeping his down, too.”

“He does.”

Brian paused, letting his gaze linger over her. Her nightgown, she finally realized, was being illuminated by the lamp perfectly, making it slightly transparent. She should’ve turned it off or covered herself, but what was the point? Her boss met her eyes again with a curious expression.

“Maybe we can try something. But don’t get mad for suggesting it.”

“Say it before I get mad.”

“Well, we’re already in bed. And you’re looking to need some kind of relief. Why not let me do it?”

“Masturbate me?”

He shrugged as he continued, “And the rest. Look, it’s not an affair like your husband thinks. This is just to help. You’re stressed, I’m stressed, and your problem is compounding on that. We both need sleep, and this is the best solution.”

“To fuck each other. I’m your employee, Brian! I can’t spread my legs for a promotion.”

“And you are going to get your raise and the chance to make the big leagues regardless. I’m not trying to use you. No prid-quo-quo bullshit. But we need to be rested and ready for tomorrow. If you’d prefer, go ahead and finger yourself, have some whiskey, and try to rest.”

That was the smarter plan, perhaps. But considering her last attempt had left her unsatisfied, and how unpleasant and distracting it was to wake with a hangover, she was worried the basic solution wouldn’t work. Though, she had to admit, part of the reason her libido was rising so soon was because she’d seen his prick earlier. He was circumcised, unlike Jeremy, and bigger than she’d expected. Size normally wasn’t important, but she used her favorite dildo for the quickest release, and that was rather large. Like him. She studied him, and Brian showed little of simply being lascivious. He genuinely needed her help, and this deal meant a lot for both of them. A quick romp was definitely the best bet in knocking her out for the night.

“Shit, fine. Jeremy already assumed this. But no kissing. This is not making love or anything intimate. Got it?”

“Naturally. We’re married, and we’re going back to our spouses to celebrate tomorrow’s big win. Ready?”


His shoulders sagged. “I wasn’t expecting to need them.”

“Neither was I. So we be careful. Pull out long before you are about to pop.”

He agreed and quickly pulled off his boxers. His cock was already hard, flopping against him, almost reaching his navel. There wasn’t much hair, just how she preferred it. He crossed his legs and turned to face her, unabashed in his nudity. Taking a deep breath to steel her own nerves, she whisked off the nightgown, then slid out of her panties. For a moment, they sat facing each other, sizing the other up. Hunger flashed in his blue eyes. The bastard was enjoying this too much, so she snapped her fingers inches from his face until he focused.

“Don’t be too eager, Mister James.”

“Why not? The more we get our blood pumping, the faster we exhaust ourselves.”

“True.” She glanced at the clock. “It’s nearly midnight, damn it. Let’s try to keep this under half an hour. I need my seven hours, at least.”

“Deal. And I guess we should decide how we do this. When I pull out, do I grab a shirt, the sheets, or what?”

She hated sleeping in wet bed sheets, so she vetoed that. And having a crusty shirt in the suitcase was a bit gross – and problematic if his wife does the laundry. “Just come on me. I’ll wipe it off with some tissues. Okay, I’ll, uh, I guess I’ll suck on you for a bit.”

“Want me to do you first?”

“Naw, that’s okay. I prefer my husband’s method. Fingering is better.”

As he agreed to do it, she shifted onto her stomach as he leaned back, splaying his legs to either side of her. She took a few moments to admire his cock, running her fingers up the shaft, caressing the head as a drop of dew smeared under her fingertips. It thrummed, and she felt a pulse. Biting back a grin, she squeezed to make another bead come out, and slipped her mouth over the top. The salty taste of that first drop, and skin before it was sweaty, was a moment she always savored. Letting her tongue caress the uneven texture, she slowly pulled more of him into her mouth, until she couldn’t fit any more without gagging. There was still enough exposed to wrap a hand around. Raising and lowering her head, she sucked, rubbed, and carefully breathed as she made her boss groan. After a minute, she withdrew, while still jerking him, to see his expression. His head was hanging back, his muscles taut as he clenched onto the comforter. He really was enjoying this too much. But why not? It was just a quick fuck, no meaning behind it, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be fun.

She sucked some more, wondering if she should bring him to climax first, then climb onto him. Her pussy was dripping, throbbing with yearning. She didn’t want to wait any longer. Getting back to her knees, she accident kicked her phone off the dresser. That was no big deal, and she ignored it as she positioned herself over his lap, holding onto his shoulders for leverage.

“Remember, don’t you dare cum inside me.”

“I can hold out, kiddo. Trust me.”

She lowered herself down, used one hand to position him, and inserted him all the way. He inhaled sharply, as Kenzie winced. Despite his length, he still fit. So she began rising and lowering, slowly, stretching her muscles until she was used to him. It was so much better than her fingers, instantly making her glad he’d suggested it.

She clenched her thighs against his, holding herself in place as she began working her hips, thrusting faster and faster. His breathing was becoming clipped, sounding more like grunts. His hands her clenching the comforter so tightly that his knuckles were white. It was fun to satisfy him so quickly. Staring into his eyes, she saw the surprise he felt as she dug her nails in, moving even faster. He had probably expected her to be timid, careful, maybe even prefer the missionary position. He seemed like the type to default to that. In fact, the idea of him spread atop of her, pounding, was too arousing to pass up. Her libido was only mounting, after all.

“Damn, your husband is a lucky man,” he groaned.

“Of course he is,” she gasped. “I want you to lie on me.”

“Wait ... wait ... let me cum first. Now!”

She didn’t want the sheets soiled, so she hopped off quickly, cupped her hands and arms beneath him, and tried to catch as much as she could. His ejaculation was stronger than expected, shooting out only a second after he got up on his knees to match her position. It splashed against the top of her stomach, along her arms, filling her palms. He slowly massaged more out, draining himself for the first time. She had to clench her legs tightly to keep from dripping her own juices onto the bed too much. When he was done, he stared into her eyes. For a moment, Kenzie feared he might kiss her. It was a visible struggle for him, likely just a natural inclination following his orgasm. Jeremy usually did, too.

She slipped off the bed and poured the cum into the trashcan, and used tissues to wipe herself off.

“Whoa,” said Brian. “How is it?” He waved at her crotch, reminding her that he really was focused on helping both of them out.

“Not yet. But it felt good, so it’s helping. Can you keep going?”

“I may not be as strong for a few minutes, but I’m usually still able to go for awhile.”

She smiled in thanks, then got back on the bed. After lying down and splaying her legs, her feet and head dangled off the edges of the bed. That was just as well. If she wasn’t staring into his eyes as he fucked her, there was no danger of it becoming intimate. He positioned himself over her and slid inside with a moan. She bit hers back.

“Should I go slow or fast?” he breathed.

“Fast, or as much as you can right now,” she said even as he began pumping. It was hard to focus. Her pussy clamped down on him, her muscles tensing from the warmth and rhythm. “I shouldn’t last too much longer.”

He sped up, just a little. Reaching around him, she pressed her hands against his back, trying not to rake her nails down it like she usually did with her husband. She raised one leg, heightening the sensation even more. He was careful not to press in too deep, as if forgetting that she held all of him inside her without complaint. Indeed, she wanted it in. Her hips began moving in tune with his, encouraging him. He went deeper, harder, but not faster.

Then he kissed her neck. She pulled away in surprise. He immediately grimaced and said, “Sorry. Forgot myself.”

“Y-yeah, okay. It’s okay.” Her legs were shaking. It was getting close, but not enough. “Wait, let me get up.”

“Need something?”

She shook her head, gently nudging him off. Her entire body was vibrating. She turned on her knees to face the wall, gripping the headboard. “Fuck me like this.” He got up and followed her lead, except he started to slip into the wrong hole. That wasn’t something she necessarily minded, but it wasn’t going to help her. That was only for enjoyment. She reached down and guided him to the correct spot.

Brian began thrusting so hard that he lifted her a couple of inches. His pace was more confidant, faster, just right. She reached one hand back and grabbed his butt, tightly, silently telling him it was working. He went even faster. His cock had regained its strength, swelling and hardening inside of her. Her mind was cloudy, her mouth barking out curses and prayers. Every inch of her was on fire as he brought her closer and closer to the edge. She quickly shoved a pillow under her, just in case she squirted again.

“Fuck, please!” she screamed.

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