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Drama Story: I set up a special concert for many of my wife, my friends and her friends and co-workers

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Further screwing with it by me. As always, all mistakes and Faux Pas are mine.

Chapter 1

I am Chuck Willimson; 34, musician and amateur actor; married to Jan for 10 years. For our 10th anniversary I talked my band mates into a special concert with a video presentation of the 10 years of my marriage.

Jan and I met when I was discharged from the Army. I spotted her at a local outdoor art festival. She was a volunteer and I was a member of one of the amateur bands. I play the fiddle (violin) and a sometimes backup singer in a country band. We were waiting to go on because, as always seems to happen, the programs were running behind schedule. Jan was there keeping all of us calm. She was a well-built very pretty girl. After talking to her for a little while I got her phone number and a promise of a date.

We concluded our performances and shut down our instruments. We left the plaza and went and sucked down some beer.

I called Jan the following Tuesday, and set up a date for the next Sunday afternoon. We ended up driving to Lake Michigan and swimming all afternoon. We talked a lot, and found that we connected very well. As I planned on going to college in the fall, we did not officially become exclusive at the time. I never dated anyone else, and I do not know for sure, but Jan said she did not either.

Jan never refused a date when I came in town on school breaks, and after I graduated, we became engaged. I got a sales job in the offices of one biggest auto parts supplier in the area. We married in one of the oldest Catholic Churches in town on a very sunny June day.

We had 2 great kids, Jean who came along in the third year of marriage and George who came two years later. The next few years went by and I received several promotions and housing upgrades until we were in a McMansion that I thought was about 3 sizes too big. Jan of course was in hog heaven.

Our sex life was very fulfilling until after we were married 9 years. Then something happen to Jan’s attitude and I was lucky to get a mercy fuck one or twice a month. I was not happy with this change of things and after complaining once too often Jan moved me into one of the guest bedrooms.

I wondered what had changed and thinking back, the changes occurred after my high school reunion was announced. Jan wanted to go, but I said that there was no one that I wanted to connect with. The attitude started then, and has only gotten worse. Jan screamed and ranted, but I refused to go. Jan, who went to a different school, said she was going. I just laughed (big mistake) and said that it was my class reunion. She screamed so what, her friends were in my class and she would go with them. I gave up on that fight.

The problems seemed to be getting worse as our anniversary was approaching. I began to wonder what was going on, and so I contacted some of my ex-GI network and was connected to a local cop who did some investigations on the side. He agreed to check up on things and asked how far I wanted to go. I told him that if there was something going on, I wanted a full court press; videos, stills, and even taped conversations if he could do it.

In the meantime, I still was not sure there was a major problem, and I still loved Jan with every breath. I began to enlist the help of my band mates and got a small local unused movie house and set up an anniversary concert. Jan was aware of the plans and seemed very enthusiastic about it. She did not know that I planned a photo and video collage of the past 10 years. The date was set for the Saturday after the actual date.

My contact got back to me four weeks before the concert with the news I was dreading. Jan was cheating on me with a former high school classmate. He had photos, videos, phone conversations and to make it worse, they were planning on taking the kids and running away.

I contacted my lawyer who put me in touch with a real ‘cheating’ hater shark of a family lawyer. I gave him copies of all of the tapes photos and videos. I had plans for the copies I kept.

Another of the ex-GI network is a wizard at audio video presentations and after swearing him to secrecy I told him what I wanted him to create.

Chapter 2

I knew the guy that Jan was doing, and I didn’t like him in high school, and I sure as hell did not like him now. His name is Don Deekman, he was in a grade ahead of me when I arrived at the school, but was put back to my grade. He was a real arrogant asshole in school; a bully, a skirt chaser (but only girls who had boyfriends) and a cheater.

He somehow always got good grades until one of the teachers set him up with a false test. The teacher had suspected that Don was getting copies of the test questions. The test came, and when 3 people, including Don, got every question wrong, and gave the same wrong answers, the game was exposed. Don was forced to repeat his classes for that year, and the other two were suspended for two weeks. It turns out one of the kids was working after school in the Admin office and was selling Don and some others copies of upcoming tests that the teachers were having copied in the office. She was expelled and the family left town shortly after that.

Don didn’t like me in school, probably because I never backed down from him and would poke holes in his inflated ego every chance I got. That earned me just one fight, I lost, but I didn’t quit, and because of that, Don left me alone. He actually avoided me for the rest of high school.

I found out through my network that Don stalked Jan at the reunion and somehow sweet talked her into bed. He and she continued after the reunion and haven’t stopped. He was also bragging on how he was fucking her to get revenge on me. One of the tapes that my buddies got was of him talking to my buddy and saying she was a “dead fish, with no enthusiasm in the sack, but she is Chuck’s wife so I enjoyed it.” He also bragged that after he and Jan took the kids out of the state, he was going to dump them and take off to parts unknown.

Chapter 3: Revenge

The night of the anniversary concert was coming on fast and everything was in place. The lawyer had the process server primed to deliver the divorce and restraining orders the night of the concert. The video presentation was set up, and would start just like I explained to Jan. The revenge on Don was in place and would not blow back to any of our group.

The day before the concert, Jan seemed to sense that something was wrong, as I had not even tried to have sex with her and spent most nights in the guest room.

Finally, she asked what was wrong, I said that I was angry at her attitude and until it changed I would stay in the guest room. She questioned me about what attitude and I asked her when was the last time she had consented to have sex with her loving husband.

She just looked at me like I had grown a third eye and snapped, “If that’s what this is about then fine enjoy the guest room. I have not been in the mood and if you can’t take it, too bad.”

I almost blew the whole plan when I said; “Not in the mood, well I think it is interesting that you fell out of the mood right after my class reunion. You remember the one I didn’t go to because there was no one there I wanted to reconnect with.”

Her face went white as a sheet, she dropped her eyes and ran crying to the bedroom and locked the door. I thought I had blown the whole thing.

I sat down on the couch in the family room and listened to some of my music collection, and Jan came out about an hour later and asked sheepishly if I wanted to join her in the bedroom. I was still angry, and said; “I don’t think a ‘mercy fuck’ is going to solve our problems. When you decide to lose the ‘attitude’ and sit and talk we can decide about me moving back to our marriage bed.”

She looked down to the floor and didn’t say anything for a long time then quietly said, “I love you and I’m sorry.”

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