Serving Christmas Dinner to Homeless

by AnnaTartyWife

Copyright© 2018 by AnnaTartyWife

Fantasy Sex Story: Fantasy written for me by David. me being a filthy slut at Xmas

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Fisting   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   .

For quite a while I had thought about helping out at the Salvation Army at Christmas as they need all the help they can get at that time with the homeless.

I rang the number in town to offer my services and got a hell of a surprise when an old friend, Jean, answered the phone.

She explained that her Uncle Tom was the person who was in charge and she volunteered to help out every Xmas.

She explained that they’d be serving lunch to about 30 homeless, she explained that they could only accommodate 4 people to sleep on the premises, so in return for a bed, they also helped to serve the food that was brought in ready cooked.

She said that with those guys and her and uncle would be 6 and I would make 7.

She explained that after we’d served everyone and they all left, there would be a separate Xmas dinner for us.

She also explained that we would also be dressed in Sexy Santa outfits to get into the Xmas spirit.

I knew Jean well as over the years we’d got up to some filthy antics when together, so when she said “We’ll be Santa sluts, high heels and stockings,” I got an idea of what else might happen, not even Jean could fuck 30 blokes in a lunch time!

The Xmas lunch was scheduled for next Thursday, two days before Xmas eve at 12 noon at the Sally Army building in town.

My husband wasn’t do back till till the following day, so he wasn’t there to see my attire.

I wore a red half cup bra which pushed my tits up and out without covering them, red open crotch knickers, the open bit was very open so my minge was fully exposed.

I got a pair of very high red heels, black stockings which had a red welt at the top and a red suspender belt, looking at myself in the mirror made my twat wet!

I put on a loose fitting dress over the top which was just above knee length. I arrived early at the Sally Army and was met by Jean, she was already in a Santa outfit, well it was a Santa robe with a belt, when she moved it showed a good expanse of leg!

She had on six inch black heels and bright red stockings and probably little else I guessed.

People where already arriving when she introduced me to her Uncle Tom, he was around 60, tall and a bit rotund, but seemed ok, he had a big smile as Jean introduced us.

He had on some black wellies and a long Santa robe plus a false white beard. There were 4 other guys in similar Santa outfits. Jean introduced me to them Jon, Andy, Rob and David, the first three would be between 18 and 30 whilst David was about 60 ish.

Tom said I needed to get an outfit and said to Jean to get it organised. I followed Jean into a back store room, she looked me up and down and said about a size 10.

There were shelves of cheap clothes along one wall which they obviously gave away, the Santa outfits were in the top shelf she said an pulled a short step ladder to climb on.

I asked her what this was about “Well”, she added, “since her aunt had died two years ago her Uncle had asked her to help out. I’d heard some rumours and found out that they were true.” “What rumours?” I asked.

“Well my aunt used to fuck some of the homeless guys whilst my uncle watched. Turns out he has a massive prick so it wasn’t difficult to get some slut to fuck him at the same time, then after his wife had been shagged rotten he’d fuck what was left of her brains out whilst the rest had a fuck fest.”

“How massive? I asked. Jean looked at me and said “from my wrist to elbow but thicker!” “Fucking hell” I gasped.

I stood below as she climbed the step ladder and reached for my Santa outfit.

As she reached her robe opened, apart from the stockings and shoes she had on a tiny thong which only covered her crack, her bush was half exposed and nothing else.

Jean was bigger than me, bigger tits, bigger sized nipples, longer legs, shaved slit with a full bush above and an arse that could take anything!

“When you rang Anna, it was a god send, we were desperate to get someone to help serve in every way!”

Jean handed me the outfit and I took off my dress “fucking hell, you’re up for it, the way you’re dressed you have the whole lot trying to fuck you.” She said.

“You’re no better you slag, your thong is halfway up your crack already,” I replied.

At that she got off the step ladder, then she put one foot on the second rung, this meant her legs were open and her knickers stretched to the limit over her fanny.

“Get down here and lick my fucking cunt before it’s been stretched wide open and full of spunk.”

It was a long time since I’d licked Jean’s fanny, not much had changed’ she still had big lips and a lovely creamy hole!

As I slid my tongue up her minge I sensed such a gorgeous hot taste, she was as wet as fuck.

“Go on Anna, lick me off, let me cum in your mouth before those fuckers have had their way. We’re going to get that much prick we’ll hardly be able to walk.By tea time last year I had cocks in every hole multiple times, and that was before my uncle fucked the shit out of me, I had spunk everywhere, you should see the pictures, god I fucking loved it!”

As Jean was talking she was getting wetter, so when I shoved a finger up her arse she came straight away, she squirted into my gob as I continued tonguing her.

She appeared to come back to normality and lifted me off my knees and she stood me up as well.

She immediately kissed me, her tongue was in my mouth as her hand found my minge. I was already wet as she shoved two fingers up my hole, she grabbed me and turned me towards the step ladder and pushed me back. I was sitting on the third step with my legs apart as Jean shoved a third finger up me.

“Ram them up me, finger me off, I need to fucking cum, am fucking gagging,” I said.

“Anna, we’ll get fingered when we’re serving the food, we’ll have 30 guys who drop either their knife or fork, if you bend to pick them up, I guarantee you’ll have fingers in the twat and arse. They’ll all have the knobs out after 10 minutes, I felt up 10 of them last year, but we can’t fuck them, otherwise it’ll be out of control, just let them finger you and discreetly wank a few, believe me, after we’ll get the fuck of the century. Tom and the others will make us do filthy things, we’ll need to give them a lez show, they’ll triple fuck us, Tom will film it all so we can show our husbands later. When you’ve got 6 inches of thick cock in your cunt with another 4 inches to go you’ll do anything.” Jean panted as I gushed over her hand.

She put her fingers coated with my cum between our faces and we both licked them clean!

Christ, I was on fire already, I was dying for cock anybody’s and how many I didn’t fucking care.

We went back into the room which was now 3/4 full, it was all blokes from the age of about 16 to 70, you could sense that everyone was undressing us with their eyes.

Tom shouted for everyone to be quiet, he said that in five minutes the food would be served, but before we would all say grace. All fell silent as Tom said grace, it felt very strange saying grace in an atmosphere that as charged with hunger and sex.

Jean, Rob and myself started serving the plates made up by the others. Jean was right, it was impressive the number of knives and forks that kept getting dropped.

I noticed that Jean was standing with her legs apart as she served, anyone who dropped a utencil got a right eyeful. By the time we’d finished serving their Turkey I’d been felt up quite a few times, it was noticeable that they we’re all getting bolder.

When they’d finished we started collecting the plates ready to serve xmas pudding. At one stage I saw Jean standing by the side of one guy as he fingered her with almost everyone watching.

I stood and watched as well and then noticed that the guy I was next to had his prick out and was having a wank. His cock was as stiff as a poker and it took all my will power not to sit on the fucking thing.

I love seeing guys wank off in front of me and this was no different, the guys prick was about 6 inch long but fat, his bell end was bright purple and leaking pre-cum.

I intentionally knocked a couple of knives off the plates that I was collecting and squatted own to pick them up. His prick was about 6 inch from my face as I looked up at him as he wanked, the guy must have been in his 50’s but I didn’t care. I looked up at him licking my lips as he started tossing himself off faster. His hand was a fucking blur, I knew what was going to happen he was going to spunk on me. A massive rope of spunk hit the bridge of my nose, went on my forehead and in my hair, this was followed straight away by another that landed over my cheek and chin. I wiped my face with the back of my hand and stood up and continued collecting plates, what a fucking slag I’d become.

I caught the eye of Tom and he winked at me as I walked over to the counter with the dishes. As I went behind the counter the guys were putting out Xmas puddings to be served. I put the dirty plates by a sink and Tom came and stood beside me. As he did he let his Santa robe fall open. He was wearing a pair of white baggy under pants which opened at the front and fucking hell, his knob was dangling out. Knob, it was like a fucking Salami sausage!

He whispered in my ear, “Make sure you get your dirty married cunt wet, as when those fuckers have gone this will be up to my balls in you.”

As he said that he put his hand on his prick and pulled his foreskin back revealing a gorgeous mushroom of a bell end. His pee hole was weeping pre-cum even though he was soft, it was that big am sure I could have got my tongue in it.

He then pulled his robe together and told me to get serving. My mind was racing. I was dying to get that monster up me so much that my snatch was fucking dripping.

Jon, Andy and David were making up the plates with Xmas pudding and white custard. I picked two up and as I walked past David he asked me if I liked white custard. I looked a him and he laughed and said to me “You’ve got some in your hair!” I was as horny as fuck as I moved closer to him and said, “I love the taste of white custard, so make sure you have plenty of it for me.” He laughed as I said that and said “I have loads of it for you, it’ll be all hot and gooey.”

As we started to serve the puddings, there was no longer any discretion from those being served.

We were openly being mauled, Jeans robe was open as she was tossing a guy off whilst another fingered her from behind. The atmosphere was stinking of sex as a guy shoved two fingers up my twat. His other hand was wrapped around a fat prick. I let him finger me and I started to cum as he shoved three fingers up me. “You dirty fuckin slags,” was just one of the comments I heard as l lent forward and rubbed the palm of my hand over the end of his prick.

As I looked around most of the guys were rubbing their cocks, the sensation of having 20 guy’s toss off for you was overwhelming! I put one foot on the chair of the guy who was fingering me and shoved my hips forward. Everyone could see his fingers sloshing around in my cunt as I came again, the sight of so much prick was driving me wild. This was starting to get out of hand when the guy fingering Jean from behind tried to fuck her.

I was past caring, I could have easily laid back on the table and let the whole lot form a line and fuck me, in every dirty hole. A loud klaxon then sounded, this got everyone’s attention and Tom was saying the lunch was over, hope you’ve had some fun. Jean and I walked back over to the counter as almost 30 blokes left the room with hard ons!

When the room was empty Rob locked the door and Tom said. “Time for something to eat,” and opened the door to a small room which was set out for food.

“Well after watching you two slags think we’ll have something hot and wet to eat, so both of you on the table with your legs spread, let’s see some gash,” Tom said.

Jean was in the table in a flash with her legs in the air, “Come on you two,” she said to Rob and Andy. “My cunt and arsehole need licking and my gob has space for a hard prick.” Rob got on his knees and started rimming her arse, “Go on for fucks sake, get your tongue up my arse,” she squealed. Andy was on the table in a 69 position, his prick was already have way down her throat as he sucked her clit as he fingered her.

The way they were licking and sucking her it looked as if they hadn’t been near a fanny for years!

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