Fertile Julie

by Confirmed Breeder

Copyright© 2018 by Confirmed Breeder

Erotica Sex Story: After listening to my pregnant wife and I make love, my young neighbor's dreams turn to becoming a mommy herself.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   .

Perhaps it was the wine. But no, I hadn’t had that much more than usual, and yet tonight I felt so brazen. Since those girls had rented the house next door, I had certainly noticed Julie. She was young. Not even old enough to legally drink, I thought, although someone in the house was buying the alcohol for their frequently too loud parties.

More than once my wife and I had been kept awake and annoyed. One night weeks before, I had almost gotten dressed to walk over and complain, but then the voices moved outside and down the street, to the next party I suppose. I began to drift off, relieved at this reprieve from more sleepless hours. I was jolted back awake by laughing. There was silence and then softer voices and more laughter. Seductive sounds, was my thought, soon confirmed by gasps and a moan. There must be an open window just across our narrow side yard. My wife was awake again as well. I pulled myself close and kissed the back of her neck. She moved her ass against my hard cock.

“We might as well join them.” She reached around and lightly stroked my sac. My hand was already massaging her taught rounded belly. Through the window,

“Oh, Mike, I need it in me.”

“Wait, not without a rubber, I’m dangerous right now.” Silence,

“Shit, there they are.” And then another pause, and an unmistakable sigh and moan as a now apparently safely sheathed cock found its way home.

My hand had found its way into my wife’s panties. She asked,

“Is that the dark haired one?” I circled her clit as her fingers brushed the length of my cock and collected my precum.

“Yes, I think her name is Julie” I licked my precum from her fingertip, and opened her lips with my own middle finger and pushed inside. She rutted against my hand,

“I think that Julie is getting fucked.”I pulled my dripping hand from her pussy and positioned myself between her legs. She pulled my hand to her face and wantonly sucked her own juices. I smiled,

“I think Sarah is getting fucked too.”

“We won’t be needing a condom,” as she guided the tip of my cock up and down her doorway.

“Not much use now.” I held her hand flat against her belly as I pushed deep inside her now always wet pregnant pussy. My wife now began her own moaning. I reached my hand under her ass to tilt her pelvis upward. I could now push the tip of my cock against the doorway to her womb.

“We will never need one those,” as I looked into her dark eyes and smiled.

“The only thing better than your pregnant pussy is your fertile pussy, and with every baby you are fertile a little sooner.” Her eyes melted as I stared into them, she always ached to be filled again. I guided her hand over her belly.

“Full like it is meant to be, we were born to have babies together.”At this she pushed harder against me and moaned my name over and over, as fountains of her juices soaked my cock and the sheets. I pushed deep inside and flooded her pussy as it spasmed around me. Our breathing slowed as I held her tightly, flexed my cock, and shot just a little more seed inside.

“Oh, my man” she moaned as she milked my cock with her pussy.

It was then that we heard voices again through the window.”Fucking loud.” And then laughter.

“Even big and pregnant they still do that.”

“Do you think they heard us?”I laughed loudly, on purpose.

“Oh, God.” The window across the yard slid shut. My wife nibbled my lips and giggled,

“I think you embarrassed them.”

“I had to do something for them. If they hadn’t fucked then I’d be asleep.”

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” She squeezed my once again hardening cock.

“Perhaps,” as I began fucking in and out of that perfectly sloppy pregnant twat again.

In the weeks that followed, I saw Julie come and go a couple times. My wife said that she had run into her at the mailbox and that the girl had obviously blushed when they made small talk. I saw an opportunity to tease, so from then on I always greeted Julie by name. She only blushed the first few times. I found that I liked talking to her and she seemed less nervous about what she or I had or hadn’t heard.

So, this Saturday night, after a rare bachelor dinner with my wife and kids out of town, I filled my wine glass and took the dog across the street to throw her ball in our neighborhood park. Minutes later, I called out to Julie as I saw her walking home. She came over and we chatted. I could see her looking longingly at my glass, so I asked her if she would like to come in for one herself.

Somewhat to my surprise, she said yes.Like so many young people who are used to drinking beer, she drank her first glass quickly. I filled it again and opened another bottle. We talked about nothing in particular and I realized that she was now quite close to me on the sofa.I was suddenly very horny and I put my hand on her knee.

“You are a very sexy young woman. I’ve been thinking about you ever since that night.” She blushed,

“You mean, you did hear, us, you know...”

“Yes I heard you make love, Julie, and it was so sexy that Sarah and I did too. You heard us, didn’t you?”She smiled and giggled. I ran my hand up her thigh and she gasped wide-eyed, but she parted her knees, so that I could rub her pussy through her jeans as I leaned over to kiss her.I was amazed at how responsive she was and soon enough I had her pants off and her scent filled the air as I pushed her panties aside to run my fingers up and down her moist and swollen lips.She laid back alongside me and looked into my eyes. I kissed her and guided her hand to the soft rise of her belly, placing it flat, palm down under my own hand.

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