Reverend Tom's Challenge

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: A progressive minister has to practice what he preaches.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Cuckold   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Reverend Tom kissed Wilda, the church secretary, goodbye and wished her a happy weekend. When he pulled in the garage at home his wife’s car was gone. That was unusual, he thought. As he entered the kitchen he saw an envelope on the counter labeled in big red letters, “READ ME”.

He got a beer, opened the missive and read:

My Dear Husband,

I know this is not what you expected when you came home. Some things are going to change in our marriage and this is the first step. Please don’t doubt that I love you or want our relationship destroyed. I am doing what I need to do and hope that you can see it as a way to strengthen our bond in the long run.

I know that you are contributing to Wilda’s sex life. I also know that many of your female counseling sessions over the years have involved a lot more than words. There is a reason you have that nice bed couch in your office. You feel that you are improving their lives but it has created an imbalance in ours.

I have accepted this since my own sex drive has been much less than yours. You have happily taken care of my needs so I can’t complain. But now my hormones are changing and you haven’t noticed my increased desires. We’ve been together so long that perhaps I’m not as exciting as another woman either.

Wilda and I have had a lot of conversations recently and I decided to become a “different” woman for you. I’m spending the weekend with another man and I plan to be naked and having sex as much of that time as possible. As you know, I’ve never been with anyone besides you so it is both scary and exciting to think about.

He is also married and had a vasectomy so there shouldn’t be any unexpected consequences. Wilda assures me that he is quite skilled so I expect to have a good time and learn some new tricks in bed.

My purpose isn’t entirely selfish. When I return I will be forever different and, I hope, sexier to you. You seem to like women who are bedding other men so I should be much more attractive.

I’ve accepted how you are many times, so now it is your turn...

Love, Emily

Tom chugged his beer and opened another one. His head was spinning and he had a hard on. Shit! He sure didn’t see that coming. She had him by the short hairs for sure. When he calmed down he called Wilda.

“I expected this call right about now,” she chortled. “Grab a bottle of wine and get over here. I’m fixing dinner.”

She gave him a big hug when he arrived. “This is a treat, I hope, having you see me outside of office hours. And I know you aren’t here just because I’m such hot stuff.” She grinned, trying to inject a little levity.

Tom sat down and stared at Wilda. “You are a part of this, I know. Please tell me what the hell is going on.”

She replied, “Let’s eat first and then I’ll fill you in.”

After the simple dinner she poured more wine and sat close to him on the couch.

She started by explaining that Emily had been talking to her for several months about her changing needs and feelings. When his wife had explained how she had accepted Tom’s sexual wanderings for many years, Wilda had revealed her own sex with him.

Wilda was in her early thirties, divorced, attractive, and liked sex. She was in no hurry to get into another exclusive relationship so she dated several men in addition to screwing the Rev.

Her counsel was a big help to Emily who had very little experience before marriage fifteen years earlier. Just some petting and touching. She hadn’t been too accepting of her husband’s early attempts at some non-conventional sex play so he’d backed off.

The Rev had many other partners to get experimental with over the years. Some of them had taught him things and he happily passed them on. One recent example was the young wife who had asked for counseling because she wanted to learn about better sex. She’d had a good bit before marriage but it was rather poor quality. Her husband was a virgin. After three months of the Rev’s twice a week intimate training, she admitted that things were better but she felt she had a lot more to learn. Tom figured that it was her husband who had a lot to learn and she mostly wanted to keep enjoying Tom.

Tom began asking Wilda questions and he had to admit that Emily had sure gotten his attention. How had he missed the signs? Would she still love him? Would the other guy be better in bed? All the usual male fears when faced with competition for a woman were surfacing.

Wilda began playing with his pecker, which was hard in his pants. “You’ve been fucking me for a long time. Do you still love Emily?”

“Why of course!”

“OK, that answers that question.”

“Am I better in bed than Emily?”


“But you still want to be with her?”


Wilda smiled at me, “So, what’s the problem? I know damn well you are wondering what it will be like to get in her pussy knowing another man’s just been there. You get hot when I tell you about some of my dates. It will be even more intense with your own wife. Take my word for it.”

She continued, “I remember asking you if you ever thought about the husbands of the married women you fucked. You said that it was a woman’s right to choose who got her pussy and that you weren’t really taking anything away from it. You said that you might even be making it better for the husband.” That thought has helped me feel better about screwing married guys and ought to make YOU feel better now!”

She had Tom’s erection out and began sucking it. She looked up and said she was looking forward to this opportunity to spend a whole night with him. All this talk about sex was getting her horny so she started to get naked.

After a vigorous fuck they were lying next to each other in bed. Wilda said softly, “I could tell you were wondering what Emily was doing while we were screwing, weren’t you?” Tom nodded. “That’s pretty natural. Just so you know, the guy I fixed her up with is quite good in the sack so she’ll have a great time. You want the best for the woman you love, don’t you?”

Tom sat up and growled out, “Why the hell did she have to do it this way? Couldn’t she talk to me?”

Wilda shook him, saying firmly, “You idiot! Did you ask her before you stuck it in me or any of your other women? You should be damn glad she is so understanding. Many other women would just throw you out on the street. I think this is the nicest thing she could possibly have done for both of you. Now get down there and eat me and fuck me again. But this time think about ME while you’re doing it!”

They got little sleep that night and after breakfast Wilda sent Tom home. “I’ve got a lunch date and I’d better rest up because he’s as horny as you. You better get some rest too. Emily is going to really want and need you when she comes home so be ready.”

Tom had a rough time the rest of that day. He tried to keep occupied and had to jack off to get rid of a persistent erection that night. For a change, he had time to reflect on how he got to this place in his life.

Like many ministers, Tom came to this calling later in life. He had started his professional life as a science teacher then moved to medical equipment sales to make more money. He did very well, building enough assets to start his own church at age forty.

The Church of the Loving Universe was his own creation. He’d done a lot of self-study while traveling over the years and received an online ordination as a minister. The church had appealed to many other disillusioned folks as well as those who wanted to feel good about their sex lives. It grew quickly enough that he was able to go into the ministry full time a few years after marrying Emily.

Although raised in a traditional religion, he’d begun questioning the dogma the more he learned about science with its rules of logic and evidence. He also disagreed with most of the mainline teachings about sexual love. He’d had an active sex life and it was mostly with married women. A neighbor woman had given him his first lessons which were heavily influenced by the fact that her husband was deployed in the military a lot and she fucked with his knowledge. They had a good marriage, so what did that say about rigid monogamy? As a school teacher he was hit on by mothers and other teachers, especially when they found out he was a skilled and discreet lover. The years on the road selling got him plenty of quality married pussy as well. Having a vasectomy at age 30 hadn’t hurt a bit either. Married women preferred bareback without worries. So he learned a lot about marriage and marital sex without even being hitched.

That is why he surprised himself by falling for Emily, an actual virgin at age 22. Quite a bit younger than his 35, she was smart, pretty, had lovely big tits which he did get to fondle, and had a personality that completely captivated him. Maybe it was her non-promiscuity that finally got him. It took an engagement ring and a not-to-far-off wedding date to get her in his bed. He’d never had a virgin before so it was a “new” experience for him as well. She learned quickly from her skilled partner but didn’t want to get very much away from the basics. That was OK, he had a pretty steady supply of women in the church who did.

His sermon delivery the Sunday Emily was away was not his smoothest. He’d written the homily about loving sex being a form of prayer earlier in the week, and the personal implications of some of the passages got to him. Afterwards the young wife counselee asked if he was ok. She hoped he would be feeling good by Tuesday, her next counseling appointment.

Wilda had a well-fucked glow when she checked on him after the service. She hoped he’d gotten some rest for later today. She needed it after last night, she said with a sexy grin. Tom’s cock stirred at the thoughts that remark evoked. Damn she was a hottie.

Tom was almost through a second glass of wine Sunday afternoon when he heard the garage door opener. He stood up as Emily walked into the family room carrying an overnight bag. She walked up and hugged him for a long time. He finally put his arms around her and hugged her back.

Pulling back a little she said, with tears in her eyes, “I love you and hope you still love me...”

Tom surprised himself. What he had rehearsed was forgotten in a rush of emotion. “I’ve missed you. And I’m looking forward to getting to know the new you.” He kissed her hard.

After pouring them both some wine, he led Emily to the bedroom and began undressing her. He discovered some sexy underwear he’d never seen before. When that came off she still looked like the attractive woman he was used to, although there were some love marks he’d not put on her breasts and thighs.

As she undressed him she said, “The man I was with did his best to wear out my female parts. I need for you to find out if he did.” She knelt down and began giving him oral sex unlike any he’d ever had from her. He was ready!

Laying on their marital bed, Emily looked intently at her husband and asked, “You have a new wife and lover in your bed right now so treat me like that.”

Tom explored her body with hands and mouth as if he’d never been there before. She made new movements and sounds. Finally, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He positioned himself between her thighs and plunged into a wet and ready pussy with a roar. There was a silky texture to the lubrication that he recognized with a fleeting thought in the maelstrom of emotion. It had been a very long time since he’d had seconds with his own wife. He’d gotten his jollies many times stroking on men’s seed in other women. This time it was his woman. It wasn’t many strokes later that she squealed and he grunted with release.

After a while Emily asked softly, “So, how is my body? Any wear and tear after fucking a hell of a lot for two days and nights?”

Tom was startled to hear Emily talking so bluntly, let alone the topic. His cock was still soaking in her vagina and started filling again. His response was to move in and out slowly as it hardened.

Emily laughed, “I guess you think its ok. Now I understand better why you want to bang other women. It felt really good and was different than you, but it wasn’t you. I don’t love him like I do you. I’d fuck him again if he asked me though, just so you know.”

Tom was hard again and shut Emily up with some serious kisses. This coupling lasted much longer and ended with some strong climaxes. She came after him in the middle of the night, something that had never happened in their marriage before. Emily’s comment in the morning really got to him and he never forgot it. “I’m glad that you can practice what you preach!”

There were a couple of weeks of pretty intense marital copulations before Emily’s escapade was discussed again. Both Wilda and the young wife noticed that Tom wasn’t quite the same when he coupled with them.

Emily answered Tom’s questions about her weekend only when they were naked in bed so she could enjoy the reaction it caused in him. The main theme was that she had felt completely uninhibited and was willing to try almost anything. Now there was lots of new stuff to practice with her true love ... she even saved her ass for him. And she wanted Tom to show her everything he knew too.

She told him that she didn’t expect him to stop the sex with Wilda or with the young blond wife who she had seen looking at him in a special way. But he had to understand that, in return, she probably would do some more sexual exploration. “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose,” she paraphrased. Her monogamy would depend on his.

One thing that happened is she invited Wilda and Barry, the man she’d spent the weekend with, to dinner. She wanted to take things a step further. She was intensely curious to see live sex after watching some on the internet. What would it be like to see Tom’s dick going in Wilda? How would he react to watching Barry banging her?

It actually turned out very well. None of them had never watched live sex, let alone with a regular partner involved, and also wondered what it would be like to be watched. Well, it was HOT. The women were wet, the men were hard, and nobody wanted it to end. Wilda and Emily tried to outdo each other in putting on a show. The guys just tried to keep from cumming too fast while riding their “wild whoreses”. Taking turns, each couple fucked swapped, then each couple fucked their regular partner. Tom and Wilda went first after a coin flip.

The night was spent with traded partners then a foursome in the morning after some breakfast to get energy. They agreed to repeat the event.

Emily had such a good time that she began planning the next adventure. Tom had admitted banging the young wife, Katie, that he counseled. Emily thought the husband, Justin, was cute and wanted to try some young stuff too. She remembered how quickly Tom recovered when they were first married and was ready for that again. She also knew that she couldn’t plan on her extramarital partners being sterile, so got herself on birth control.

The puzzle was how to pull this off since Justin had no clue what his wife was doing. He just knew that their sex was getting better.

She presented her desire to Tom and asked how this could be made to happen. She didn’t ask his permission, he noticed. Resistance was futile, so he wasn’t surprised when Emily was waiting in the outer office after Katie’s next session.

“Sit down Katie. I want to talk something over with you. I’ve been aware of the exact nature of your counseling for quite a while and I’m ok with it, so just relax. Tom’s been enjoying young stuff and now it’s my turn. I think your husband is cute and I want to try him out. Here’s my plan...”

Katy quickly figured out that if her husband was going to get better, he needed training from an older person like she had gotten. What a great opportunity. She put the plan into motion later that night.

Justin’s cock was soaking and slowly shrinking in Katie’s well fucked cunt as she started the conversation that would forever change their marriage. “Sweetie, you know how much I love you and having sex with you. You are much better than the guys I had before I met you.” She’d admitted to two boyfriends but figured all the one-time fucks weren’t worth mentioning. Also omitted by the statement was the married boss she’d banged while they were dating and even engaged, since Justin wanted to remain pure until the wedding.

She continued, “I found out that Rev Tom and Emily are also sex trainers. I want us to have the best sex possible together so I asked if we could become students. They said that since we are such good church members and really believe in the love principles that Reverend Tom preaches about, that they would be happy to work with us.”

One of the reasons Katie had married Justin, besides his substantial male parts, good looks, and easygoing personality, was her intellectual superiority. She could convince him to do anything she really wanted.

He asked, “What is this training like?”

This was the big question. Katie replied, “Well, sex is something you learn best by doing.”

“So you would fuck Reverend Tom?”

“Of course, silly. And you would fuck Emily.”

As that thought was processed, Katie felt the half-softened cock still inside her become rapidly engorged. As she was being hammered she knew that her husband’s mind was on the voluptuous older woman. Good!

“Feels like you are OK with this!”

Katie’s next session was at the minister’s house so the two couples could have separate spaces for the early parts of the training. After visiting and having a prayer circle, they split up. Tom and Katie, of course, just got down to some good ole fucking.

Emily had a series of lessons planned for Justin. This first time they got naked and just touched each other. When Emily stroked the large firm cock of her student it shot cum high in the air. He had to focus on her body for a while and finally came again between her big tits.

Each night when the young couple got home they reviewed their lessons and what they were to practice until the next session. Katie had a copy of the plan so knew what she was supposed to have learned.

When they got to oral sex, Justin remarked that Katie tasted different than Emily. She hadn’t had a chance to clean up like she usually did so he was probably tasting cum. She said, “Well, maybe women taste different like guys do.” Ooops! She hadn’t told Justin about all the blow jobs she gave in high school. “I mean, you don’t taste like Reverend Tom.”

At the third session, Justin got to dip his dick into the second snatch of his life. As with oral sex, he came almost immediately but stayed hard and fucked his instructor twice more before quitting time. He loved having her on top. Her tits were so much bigger than Katie’s and swung so enticingly as she moved. As his wife rode him later, he was babbling about how good sex was. Katie liked being on top too and now it was on the menu.

The next few sessions were about different positions and moves to enhance the woman’s pleasure. Finally, it was time to show off what they had learned. Emily and Justin showed their stuff in front of their spouses and then it was the other pair’s turn in the spotlight. Justin recovered and put on a good show with Katie as a finale. The training was finished and Katie didn’t come for counseling any more either.

The young couple moved away but did stop back some time later. Justin shyly asked if they could spend the night with the older couple and it was a great reunion. Katie later mentioned that Justin was now kind of hung up on older women and she’d caught him banging their landlady. The landlord wasn’t attractive so she’d screwed Justin’s best friend for a while to get her share of “strange”. Justin now enjoyed “seconds”.

A few months later things were slowing down in Emily’s bed. Tom was having some trouble keeping up with his women. She was still on a sexual roll and had another idea which she presented to Tom this way. “Sweetie, you know we have that extra bedroom. I’d like to rent it to a college student. A male one that I can offer room, board, and pussy to. The rent money would be mine to use for special occasions. You still have your ‘outside interests’ and I want at least one too.”

Tom was surprised, but knew by now that pussy rules, so somewhat reluctantly acquiesced. Two weeks later Adam moved in and two weeks after that Emily treated Tom to fresh “sloppy seconds”. Actually fourths since the young man recovered quickly, but she didn’t mention that.

The way his wife cooed and squealed and humped him back whenever he banged her made Tom feel good about his agreement. He’d learned that whatever pleased Emily came back to him many times over. Wilda was living with Barry now, who had separated from his wife, and wanted to cut back on their office screwing. He still had one counselee, an older married woman with an impotent husband, but she was thrilled with basic sex once a week. That gave him more energy for his hot wife who had discovered that the more she got the more she wanted.

After getting the idea from a vintage porn movie, Emily trained Adam to be her personal morning servant. On weekdays, Tom would sometimes pork her before getting up to go to the office, but she liked to stay in bed. When she signaled to Adam he would bring her coffee. He always wore a robe so she could see when his pecker rose to attention and the head peeked out when she sat with her full tits on display. He stood by the bed and gave her a weather report and reminded her of what needed to be done that day. When she finished her coffee she would reach out for the stiff rod which pointed toward the ceiling like young dicks do. She varied the routine, sometimes pulling it to her mouth, sometimes wanting to be eaten, especially if Tom’s cum was still fresh, or pulling the dick head towards her snatch.

After a rousing fuck, or two depending on her mood, they’d get in the shower together. On the days she stayed home, and Adam wasn’t in class, he usually got an afternoon piece as well, although he never knew just where in the house that might take place. If Emily was in town, she liked to stop by the church office and visit with Wilda, then get on all fours on the bed couch for an office quickie from her husband.

One afternoon Tom was out and Barry was visiting. Wilda grinned and pointed to Tom’s office. “Go for it you two!” Sex sounds were flowing through the office door when Tom returned. Wilda laughed and said, “It’s our turn when they’re done.”

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