Bryan's Bang Buddies

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Hot sisters in LA (Lower Arkansas) make life very interesting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Sister   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

I’m medically retired now after an explosion broke my back in five places. Damn refinery job paid well but not worth this! Moved back to where much of it started in “LA” which stands for Lower Arkansas. From time to time I go places or see people that remind me of a very memorable time in my single past, before the wife and kids and middle age.

I was 10 when I moved to LA first, and you can imagine the culture shock when you go from a metro area to a town of about eight thousand in the South. It sucked but I trudged through until I escaped the shithole at 18 with a High School degree and a commitment to the United States Navy.

When I was 22, fresh out of US Navy, I moved back to the small paper mill town in Southeast Arkansas I call the “Asshole of Arkansas” due to the smell. Many parts of the state are beautiful but this wasn’t one of them. It was the early 90’s and even the state parks were rundown and sad.

The only work I could find was at Snookie’s, a local pizza place with restaurants in two neighboring towns about 20 miles apart. That’s where I met Angelica, better known as Angie, who was 19, and her sister Erika, a 17-year-old tomboy who had dropped out of high school at 16 and moved in with her sister. They shared a small two-bedroom trailer in the boonies.

Angie and I both wanted to get our E.M.T. license. I was a Corpsman in the Navy and wanted to be a Paramedic. We had to go to a Vo-Tech an hour away in El Dorado. After the first week of class, the restaurant owner kindly moved Angie and me to the same restaurant and same hours. Her car’s engine threw a rod and I started supplying a ride to/from both work and school.

Third week of class Angie invited me in and we fucked like needy rabbits. It was obvious that she was very familiar with screwing, maybe more than me. Here enthusiasm indicated it has been a while. Furious fucking until we were both worn out. Found out that night Angie loved anal, leaving hickies (she called them mosquito bites), and my thick 8 inches. She claimed she could cum quicker and easier with a dick in her ass. First girl I ever heard that from!

Angie was 5’4”, 130lbs DD cup with inverted nipples. Ash white or blonde curls down to the small of her back. Light complexion with a light sprinkling of freckles on her face and upper torso and arms.

Her sister was 5’2”. 115lbs with a c cup and inverted nipples also, but hers were easier to tease out. Shoulder blade length sandy brown hair. No freckles.

Both were well toned to almost muscled without it looking manly. They had worked on their parents’ and grandparents’ farms (tomatoes and livestock) and were a lot stronger than you’d think. Both had Duchess noses before that was stylish and could be ladylike one moment, then go over and hop on a horse, and rope a calf.

Erika gave me the stink eye the next morning but oh well. About the 5th we caught Erika watching us during sex, so afterwards we had a serious discussion. Angie surprised me when she said, “no big deal” and to hit it if I could. I tried to laugh it off but she claimed they had had threesomes before.

Being students, we didn’t have much money so sex was very affordable entertainment. Being young, if either one of us made a move it would happen. And if we both made the moves it was an opportunity well worth it.

Being the only one of age, I was supplying liquor at the time - wine coolers, Jack Daniels (my favorite), and rum or schnapps mostly. About 2 1/2 months into fucking Angie she told me about Erika’s 17th birthday the coming Friday. All I had to bring was the booze.

Angie said to plan for sleepover - I’m like HELL YEAH!!! I got there and it was only us three. Their mom and dad had a family party earlier that week.

I’d sprung for some peppermint schnapps, Erika’s favorite. She wanted to drink it then but I had extra and told her this bottle was her birthday present. We proceeded to get tore up and moved it outside where we were sitting around a small bonfire. Angie sat in my lap, kissing and playing with me until my dick could’ve cut diamonds.

I was ready to go inside and screw when she leads me over to Erika and unzips me, fishes me out and says, “Happy birthday sis!” I took my inebriated mind a few moments to realize wtf just happened.

Brain reeling, I helped Erika up and she led me to her room. Damn! She was as far from virgin as her sister based on the moves and noises she made. Using every trick in the book she made sure that she got lots of her birthday present from me. We’d fucked about three times when Angie walked in butt-assed naked and proceeds to get Erika on top of me and then sits on my face.

“Oh shit!” I sobered up quick after I came and realized that they are playing with each other’s pussies. Erika mumbled something about being too sore so Angie rolled over wanting it doggy style. I was balls deep in seconds then had to close my eyes to keep from cumming as Angie maneuvered Erika to where she can eat her pussy.

I got my shit together and kept at it, making Angie moan and mew when her mouth wasn’t busy munching beaver. We all finally came within seconds of each other. Between booze and hot pussy, I kept going until I wanted to die of exhaustion. That last time I must have shot dust!

We woke up around two in the afternoon, all around the same time. No hangovers but definitely remembering the events of last night. We all took individual showers, and I was dreading the “one time thing,” talk, followed by awkward embarrassment and the eventual “this isn’t working out bullshit.” After taking the last shower, I got dressed feeling a mix of emotions.

Sure enough, Angie was fixing breakfast and wanted me to stay and talk. No probs. Erika came out of her room panties, a t-shirt, and puppy dog look on her face. They told me how they both want me to move in and be “their man”. My apartment lease renewal was coming up and I had previously asked Angie if I should get bigger place with her in mind. I guess this was their answer!

After going through the logistics of it we get to the elephant in the room. Both girls told me of their past and how both were forced to eat an older neighbor girl’s pussy when she babysat them. Angie was seven so Erika was five and babysitter was fifteen or so. They were both bi with Erika liking women more than men but she liked me as a person so enjoyed our screwing.

Erika explains why she quit school- basically shunned after coming out to another girl after they had experimented. Erika had wanted to be in a relationship. The other girl had outed her and local schoolkids gave her enough shit to where she just quit and got her GED. She got emancipated minor status after her grandparents gave her some legal help.

We agreed that it will be just us and if we tire of the arrangement we’ll let the others know. Honesty is best and I can live with the kink. I move in and after some adjusting we figure we like the arrangement.

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