Testing the Wrong Daddy

by Razer

Copyright© 2017 by Razer

Drama Story: Son finds out he made a grave mistake.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Revenge   Violent   .

I sat in the chair by the foot of the bed, listening to the grunting, the slapping of the skin, smelling the musk of their desire. I thought about interrupting, but as this would be their last moment, I decided to let them have it. Not that I owed either of them anything, but those that knew me often said that I often had a softer touch than others would in the same situation.

After they reached their climax and slumped against each other I gave them about 10 seconds to catch their breath before I spoke.

“Enjoy yourself?”



That’s right. My wife was having an affair with my own son. My own son had disrespected me to the point of sleeping with his own mother, my wife. I was wondering how they were going to try to talk their way out of this, but with a tired sigh realized that I neither cared, nor wanted to listen to it.

“Shut up, both of you,” I commanded as they both began to babble, “I don’t care what excuse you think you have, and I don’t care what reasons you think justify this. What is going to happen is one of two things. You’re both going to get out of my house, and you’re going to disappear. You take the clothes you can fit in a suit case, in the next 15 minutes, and you walk out the door and you never contact Jenny or I again.”

It was at this point that they noticed Jenny, my 12 year old daughter, sitting on the floor leaning against my legs with tears running down her face, but a look of absolute hatred and disgust on her face.

My wife, Jessica, blanched at that, but I could see that my 17 year old son Jesse was getting over his shock and starting to get defiant.

“And what if we don’t?” he demanded.

“Well that’s fairly simple,” I stated calmly with a shrug, “One of three things will happen. If Jenny doesn’t want me to hurt you physically, I’ll turn over this tape to the police,” at this I motioned to the video camera, “and your mother will spend several years as a prison bitch. And your sister will tell the police that you’ve been getting rather insistent that she owes you sexual favors of some kind and I will turn in the videos of her in the shower you secretly took. Which will put you on the sexual predator list for the rest of your life. And since that’s child pornography, you will also spend the next several years as a prison bitch.

“The second thing that would happen would be that I beat the ever loving dog snot out of both of you and throw you out anyway, naked as you are now, have the police come over and give them all the evidence I just spoke of, and you both end up as prison bitches, but with the down side of having to recover in a hospital before you go to your new life.

“The third thing is close to the second thing, I’m rather angry at both of you, and if I start beating on you I may not stop and I’d just beat you to death and not have to worry about you ever bothering either of us again.”

“You forgot the fourth option,” Jesse smirked, “I kick your ass, throw you out and stay here fucking both of these two.”

“If you’re feeling froggy,” I shrugged, “Go ahead and jump.”

My wife got a slight smirk on her face and settled back into the bed as Jason got out of the bed. He was an impressive specimen, 6’ tall about 190lbs and in superb condition. He was a fairly nice mix of my wife’s Italian features and my own African American features. He didn’t have my size, but he was well put together. If we were talking a straight physical confrontation he wouldn’t stand a chance as I was 5 inches taller than he and outweighed him by 60lbs, and it wasn’t 60lbs of fat.

Jesse has been studying martial arts since he was old enough to walk, and that may have been where he thought he had an advantage over me, he was gifted in that area and was actually on his way to a second degree in Shotokan. Neither he nor my wife had ever seen me practice, though my wife knew I used to take something, I’d never been specific about what it was.

“Jenny,” I told her as a I slowly stood out of the chair, “move over by the door, this won’t take very long, but it might get interesting.”

Despite not realizing it, Jesse was broadcasting his intentions as if holding a sign. As soon as he meandered up to within striking distance he launched a sudden strike at my throat, which had it landed, was intended to kill. I deflected it and backhanded him to the floor. It wasn’t even some brilliant martial arts move, it was a straight up bitch slap.

He lay on the floor with a stunned look on his face, shaking his head slightly to clear it.

“Is that all you got?” I let a small smirk appear on my face, just a minor goad.

Rising carefully to his feet Jesse approached me with far more caution. After blinding series of attacks that were either deflected or dodged, Jesse was again picking himself up off of the ground.

“So are we going with beating the dog snot out of both of you, then?” I asked calmly, not even breathing hard, something that Jesse could not claim.

Jessica was not lounging any more and worry had begun to creep into her features. It was apparent that Jesse was hopelessly outclassed physically, and I hadn’t even used any distinctly martial arts moves, only pushed his strikes to the side with ease or just moved out of the way, the slap in response hadn’t even been anything special except it carried enough force to put him on the floor and rattle his brain.

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this,” Jesse growled, “but if you think I’m going to jail you’re going senile old man, and since I can’t have you telling anyone about this. I guess this is good-bye.”

Standing up he pointed at me and a blue flame of fire erupted from his hand as if from a flame thrower. Jenny screamed as I was engulfed in flames. I hadn’t made any move to dodge, because dodging wasn’t necessary.

I had to be careful, since Jesse wasn’t, not to let the fire spread to anything else. The flames were actually fairly tasty, and if it weren’t for the fact that he slept with my wife and was now trying to kill me I would probably have taught him more control and increased his power, but when you have a rotten seed, you don’t plant it and let it grow into a rotten tree.

I went from just absorbing what he was pouring out to actively pulling it out of him. The flames covering my body pulled back until they concentrated on my left hand. Jenny had stopped screaming and stood with eyes so wide I thought they may fall out. Jessica was trembling in fright on the bed.

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