Legal Misunderstanding

by stev2244

Copyright© 2017 by stev2244

Drama Story: He desperately needed his unfaithful wife

Tags: Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Cheating   Cuckold   Wimp Husband   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Revenge  

I was sitting in my favorite easy chair, watching some soccer on TV - Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich, if I remember correctly - generally trying not to think about anything else, when my dear wife Anna passed me on her way out.

“Tom, I’m going out tonight,” she announced nonchalantly.

“Yes, my dear.” Well, what else could I say? I was surprised that she told what she planned to do at all. Usually my ever-loving wife would just leave without a word.

“Without you, of course.” She took her time to stop on her way out to smile at me cruelly.

“Of course.” That was the way our marriage was working. She cuckolded and humiliated me, she had lots of sex with different men while I was cut off completely. I had accepted it, it was just the way things were.

“I will pick some guy up and let him fuck me silly while you sit at home and wait for me to return. How do you like that?” She of course tried to up the ante to get the much desired hurt reaction from me.

“I’m glad for you.” This was the usual way we discussed these things. She tried to hurt me as much as she could while my role was to be supportive about it and just take the beating. She seemed to enjoy this game quite a lot, maybe even more than the actual sex with other men.

“I’m sure you are, you spineless wimp. You really dig this, don’t you? You’re probably going to wank off again while you wait for me, right? While you imagine your wife being taken by a real man.”

“Maybe, my dear. I haven’t yet decided.”

“You’re such a pathetic weakling. A real man wouldn’t enjoy being cuckolded, like you do. It’s so nice for me to be married to such a pushover. You’re really too weak to deal with a confident woman like me, are you?”

“Probably, yes.”

Her look said: I’ve got you by the balls, buster. And it’s fun to twist them a little. And she was absolutely right. There was nothing I could or wanted to do about her infidelity. She enjoyed testing how much I was willing to endure and so far she hadn’t found my limit.

“You’re not a man, you’re a joke.” I could feel her contempt almost physically.

“Yes, dear,” I said. I even tried to smile.

“Don’t wait up for me, cucky.”

And with that she was gone. My ever-loving, pretty wife. Well, she wasn’t as pretty any more as she’d been 5 years ago, when I met her. She had been a charming, enticing young lady. Not model-like thin, but nicely rounded in the right places. She was a friendly, but not overly intelligent or educated next door type of girl. Easy to like, easy to spend time with, easy to have fun in bed with if you didn’t mind her not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

I was aware that we were fundamentally mismatched, but it worked fine in the beginning. A prenup was never an issue. I just didn’t need it and she certainly never mentioned one. I wasn’t even sure if she knew what that word meant.

Well, things had changed a lot since then, that’s for sure. 1826-1793=33. That was the important number. 33.

I thought that she had explored every way to hurt me, but it turned out she was quite creative.

“I’m thinking about making a porn movie and distributing it freely on the internet, honey. What do you think? Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Oh, my. The calm Saturday afternoon was already history. Anna was obviously in the mood to torture me again and had come up with a new and exciting idea how to do it.

“If that’s what makes you happy, go ahead.”

“Of course, it’s going to include anal sex and swallowing. Things I’ve never done for you.”

“Of course, dear. That’s probably expected in such movies.”

“My lovers get it anyway, so I’m already used to it.” She really looked happy while she laid all of this onto me.

“I see. Good for you.”

“Of course people might recognize me as your wife.”

“That would be tough for me.”

“You bet.”

Grinning, she left me towards her bedroom. The room I hadn’t slept in for quite a while. I thought about my marriage. No sex with my wife in almost 2 years. She had plenty, of course, as she’s been cheating all the time. Then started the ridiculing and purposeful humiliation phase. It got harder and harder constantly. But I couldn’t stand to lose her, I just couldn’t. I needed this woman, desperately. I really couldn’t lose her.

1826-1798=28. The number 28 sounded quite okay, actually.

“Hi honey,” she chirped sweetly while entering our house. Her chipper mood usually meant that she was about to come up with one of her special cruelties.

“Hi Anna.” I tried to sound as upbeat as possible until I saw that she wasn’t alone. This guy seemed like a big, friendly fella, a bit like you’d envision a typical construction worker.

“This is Martin, honey. I’m just spending some time with him. He’s a construction worker.”

“Ah, I see. Hi Martin.”

“Tom.” He was clearly tense as he took my offered hand, which was a little surprising. This guy had nothing to fear. I’m not a big guy and I haven’t been in a fight since I left grade school. He could probably clean my clock without spilling his beer, if he had one.

“You see, we plan to have a nice afternoon romp now, go to dinner later, maybe to the movies or dancing. Maybe we’ll meet some of our friends. You know, the usual stuff a woman does with her lover.”

“Okay. Have fun, honey.”

Martin looked at me as if I had two heads. I couldn’t blame him. He seemed like a decent guy. At least he felt uncomfortable cuckolding me. His sympathy was nothing I could take for granted, as I had to learn during the past months. Some of her lovers were real assholes and had fun insulting me as much as possible. But of course, I had to endure it if that was what helped me keep my wife.

“Tom, honey, why don’t you make yourself and Martin a drink? I’m going to take a quick shower, so I’m nice and fresh for my lover.”

“Of course, dear.”

Anna had disappeared upstairs while I sat in the living room with Martin in uncomfortable silence. Finally, he couldn’t stand it any longer. I was already used to this situation and knew exactly what to expect.

“Sorry, Tom, I don’t get it.”

“What seems to be the problem?”

“You seem to be a decent guy. You’re getting off on this cuckold shit?”

“That’s hard to explain. The situation is more complicated than it appears.”

“Man, why do you do it?”

“Well, it’s her choice, isn’t it? She’s a grown woman. As her husband, it’s my duty to support her.”

“Okay, but why do you take it so calmly? It must hurt like hell.”

“Believe me, it does. I think that’s why she keeps doing it.”

“Why don’t you leave her?”

“I can’t lose her. It’s just not a possible outcome. I need this woman.”

“Poor sucker. Man, you’re good looking. I bet you have to fend off chicks with a stick. Why don’t you leave her?”

“As I said, I want to stay with her. I need her, no other woman will do for me. It’s hard to explain.”

“Man, granted, she’s decent looking. But let’s be honest, she’s not a real lovable person. She’s a decent fuck, but bitchy as hell. And she could lose a few kilos.”

“You’re right, she has gained a bit recently.”

“Why her? You’re one league above her. Don’t torture yourself like this. It’s hard to watch this.”

“Yet you’re still fucking her.”

“Yeah. I’m just giving you advice. It doesn’t matter if I fuck her or not. She will cheat on you anyway. If not with me, then with some other guy.”

“True.” I sipped on my much needed drink again. The whole situation was so very hurtful. Again, I had to unsuccessfully try to explain to a total stranger why I was the wimp of the century.

Right at that moment Anna appeared again.

“Ah, here you are. You seem to get along quite nicely. It’s sooo nice to have a willing cuckold serving drinks for my studs. Maybe I should get you an apron or something.”

I gulped hard. This was even more painful than usual for me, whereas she was happy, looking for new and exciting ways to hurt me.

“Tom, honey, as you certainly remember, we didn’t have sex for about 2 years.”

“Yes, I’m fully aware of that fact.”

“You know, I’ve decided it’s about time to start thinking about having kids.”

“How can that be the reason for not having sex?”

“It isn’t, but this way it’s been safe for me to stop taking my pills. I couldn’t risk getting knocked up by you, could I? It would be ridiculous to pass on your genes, I wouldn’t want my son to be a worthless cuckold like you. Actually, I stopped taking my pills about 2 months ago. And honey, I’ve bought one of these pregnancy tests. And I’ve just confirmed that I’m indeed pregnant. Isn’t that great? You’re going to be a daddy. Some real man did the job for you.”

“Oh.” This was a new kind of escalation. Another guy had knocked her up and she announced it while one of her lovers was in the room with me. I had to sit down and didn’t feel so well. “You’re serious?”

“Of course, I’m serious, honey. I’ve always been honest with you.”

I chose not to comment on that. “So who’s the daddy?”

“You. You’re going to be the daddy. You’re going to raise the kid, drive it around, teach the kid, pay for it.” She actually had the nerve to giggle at that. “Okay, we’re upstairs then to have fun, have a nice evening.” Martin looked at me pityingly while he followed her upstairs.

1826-1811=15. Fifteen. 15. Fifff-teeeeen. Sounds good.

I was sitting at the breakfast table on the next morning, sipping my black morning lifesaver.

“Morning, honey,” Anna said while shuffling into the room. She definitely looked tired, probably having had an exhausting night.

“Morning, Anna.”

To my surprise, she actually kissed me on the cheek.

“Some coffee left?”

“Yeah, in the pot.”


We sipped the hot java in silence for a while.

“Tom, sorry for yesterday.”

“What?” I was surprised. This was the first time Anna had ever apologized.

“I know I treat you like shit and I know you don’t deserve it. But that’s the way our marriage works, right?”

I just nodded.

“You’re so helpless when you have to put up with everything I do. I just can’t stop hurting you, it makes me feel so alive, so powerful. It’s such a rush to dominate you.”

“I understand that, honey.”

“I know. I think this is the best way for you as well, you seem to like it for some reason.”

I remained silent, there was nothing I needed to say. We both knew where we stood. Our marriage had been completely different in the beginning. We were so much in love, we had so much fun. It was perfect. I still got warm feelings when I remembered that time.

“You know, it’s not really important who the baby’s biological father is...”

“So you were serious about that?”

“Oh, yeah. What do you think? That I’m just bluffing?” Her tone was harder again. This moment of empathy was just the eye of the hurricane.

“No, you’re probably not.”

“No, surely not. And you know what’s best? I went to one of these immigrant shelters when I was fertile and let them fuck me silly. Believe me, they couldn’t believe their luck when I told them to knock me up. It was fun and very satisfying for everybody, except you that is. You know, sex with the goal of conceiving is just so much more exciting. Oops, sorry. Of course you cannot speak from experience.” She giggled again.

“Honey, you’ve been fucked by complete strangers without condoms? You’re not concerned about potential diseases?”

“No. You’re not concerned about being ridiculed by friends and family once it turns out that our kid looks nothing like you?”

“That will certainly be hard.”

“Oh, yes. But you will take it for me. You will hurt for me. Because you need it as much as I do and I need it a lot. This is soo much fun. There’s nothing you will do about it. I can do whatever I want with you.”

With that she left the room. 1826-1812=14.

I didn’t see her at all for almost 2 days and I assumed that she was getting her brains fucked out somewhere by someone. What a weird marriage. But I needed her, desperately so. No other woman could replace her. She was the one for me, despite her cruelties.

I was beginning to be worried and contemplated reporting her missing when she suddenly breezed into the living room.

“Tom, my credit card is limited to 10.000 per month.” No greeting, nothing. Straight to the point.

“Yes, dear. It always has been.”

“That won’t work. I need additional 8.000 this month.”

“Oh, what for?”

“Although that’s none of your business as I own half of everything anyway, I’m going to tell you. I’m going to go on a cruise with Martin. And I’m going to pay for both of us. No! It’s even better than that. You’re the one who pays effectively. You pay for the dream vacation with my lover. This is perfect. This is your ultimate humiliation.”

“I see. How long are you going to stay?”

“2 weeks in the Caribbean.”

“Sounds nice. When are you going to leave?”

“Today. It’s a last minute offer. Be a dear and transfer the money, okay?”

“Sure, honey. I just want you to be happy.”

“You’re such a good little cucky. One day I’m going to reward you. Maybe you’ll even get a quick poke at my pussy. Maybe. Maybe not.”

She giggled while she left the room.

That holiday actually sounded like a nice idea.

1826-1814=12. 12 is less than 14. Oh my God. 12 was my new favorite number.

I spent 2 weeks at home alone while my wife was having a nice and certainly sex-filled vacation in the sun. I had a lot of paperwork to do and quite a few things to move around.

“Honey! I’m back!”

“Hi Anna. You had a nice time?”

“Oh, marvelous. Thanks for this. You’re such a nice little cuckold.”

What? My dear wife thanked me for something? That must have been one hell of a vacation.

“Tom, could we sit down in the living room please? I have some things to tell you.”

“Sure, Anna.”

I followed her and noticed that she had gained a few kilos again. She was not nicely rounded any more, she was on the verge of being fat. This might be a result of the pregnancy, but probably it was just a result of the good food on the cruise ship. Maybe her constant fucking around would come to a natural end soon if she continued to gain weight and lose attractiveness. She indicated me to sit at her side, but I chose the easy chair instead. She was surprised about the small act of defiance and pouted briefly, but let it slip.

“Tom, I know that I’ve not been as loving as I could have been recently. You’ve endured it bravely and it made me realize that I might have to change my ways.”

“Okaaaay...” What was happening here? My wife had an epiphany?

“Tom, I plan to be a better wife to you in the future. Our baby needs a functional family. I need you here as a father. Not just in a superficial way, but a real dedicated father.”

Ah, she needed me to take care of her baby, so she was still free to fuck around. That’s why she had her miraculous change of heart.

“So you plan to remain faithful to me from now on? To end my role as a cuckold?”

“Don’t be silly. Of course I’m still going to be fucked by real men. But I’m not going to rub your nose into it as much as I did in the past. And honey, you’re going to get your jollies too, at least from time to time. Isn’t that great?”

“Oh.” That sure came as a surprise. I wasn’t prepared for the prospect of actually having sex with her again.

“It would be like a fresh start for us. We could treat each other like we did in the beginning.”

“I see.”

“You’re so calm. I’ve expected you to be happier about this.”

“Anna, I’m not sure about this.”

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