Damsels in Need - Tamara

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Tamara's older husband promised to take her on a trip to Europe if she shed some weight and toned up her already beautiful body. He employed a young male personal trainer to help her. When he reneged on the deal, she looked to the young personal trainer for her revenge.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

“Whack ... Whack ... Whack” Tamara was punishing the pads, that I was holding, with her punches.

Tamara and I were in the middle of her regular workout session. I was her personal trainer, and had been for the last couple of months. I had found her to be dedicated, and easy to train. Plus she was very easy on the eye.

“Wow ... you’re really going for it today” I commented as I braced myself for the next impact. She was hitting so hard that she would have knocked me off my feet otherwise.

“I’m pissed off” she commented as she continued.

“Remind me not to piss you off” I replied, deciding that she would tell me what was bothering her when she was ready.

She would tell me, because we had developed a very trusting relationship.

Tamara had come to me as a personal training client courtesy of her older husband. He had been a client of mine before he became too busy with his company to keep coming.

“She’s carrying a few extra pounds, and she wants to tone up” he explained to me when he arranged the three times weekly sessions, and the payment for the sessions.

Tamara was 45 years old, 10 years younger than her husband. She was tall with short wavy brunette hair that was normally very wet with sweat by the end of our session. She had a great body albeit carrying a couple of extra pounds ... which she had lost very quickly through her dedication to her exercise program. Her body was now also toned to perfection.

“Time for the pool session” I informed her as we dispensed with the boxing gloves and pads. She had done a very good boxing session, with much more vigor than usual.

We used the pool to do aqua aerobics together.

Tamara headed to the change room whilst I put the equipment away. I slipped off my shirt and shorts - I was just dressed in my swimming briefs. I jumped into the small plunge pool and waited for her.

“Wow” I muttered under my breath.

Today, Tamara wasn’t wearing her normal conservative one-piece bathing suit ... today she wore a bright floral ... and very brief bikini which showed off her body to perfection. Her full rounded breasts threatened to spill out of the top, and the bottom just covered her mound.

She slipped into the pool beside me.

“That is a sensational costume” I commented.

She smiled and replied “Thank you. I brought it for my trip to Europe”.

She paused and then added “The trip that I’m now not making ... he has no time for me to be with him ... so he’s taken his personal assistant instead”.

I could now understand the cause of her being pissed off. I suspected that the personal assistant was young and beautiful, and that Tamara had her suspicions.

We started working together in the water, and I found myself touching bare skin today ... skin that was normally covered by her conservative suit. I sensed that she was going out of her way to have skin to skin contact with me.

I wondered where this session was leading to.

I got a good idea when she asked if I could give her a massage after the pool session. The massage had always been on offer, but she hadn’t chosen to take up that option previously.

Touching her toned body for a longer period of time had its attractions for me.

At the end of the pool session, she went off to have a shower. We would meet in the massage room. I went off to have my shower and slip on a pair of baggy shorts - I needed them to cover my growing erection.

I locked the front door of my private gym - I didn’t want to be disturbed if this session turned intimate. I sensed that this lady was wanting revenge, and I was amenable to being a party to that revenge.

We met again in the massage room. She was wrapped in a huge white towel. I asked her to climb up onto the table whilst I grabbed the massage oil from my office.

When I returned, she was laying face down on the table, with a very small white hand towel across her ass, and the much larger towel in a heap on the floor.

“Fuck me” I muttered under my breath.

“Signal received loud and clear” I thought to myself.

My cock was on the rise inside my shorts.

I started on her back and shoulders, working my way down to just above the towel. Then I shifted to her legs, working on each from her upper thighs to her toes.

In this position I got a clear uninterrupted view of her mature pussy with its fleshy crinkly lips which had a moist sheen to them. They were slightly parted - she was excited just like me.

My fingers got very close to her pussy on many occasions.

“Don’t forget my ass” she moaned into the table.

“Holy fuck” I thought to myself as I removed the small towel from her ass.

I trickled some oil onto her ass cheeks, then I carefully applied it to her firm ass, slipping my fingers down between them and across her puckered asshole which it teased momentarily.

She pushed back against my fingers, causing them to slip just between her pussy lips.

“Turn over” I told her, offering her the small towel again. She refused it, dropping it to the floor.

She rolled over, and parted her thighs slightly.

Her mound was totally bare, and her breasts stood proud on her chest. Obviously they had been enhanced. Her nipples were small and hard surrounded by a light pink puffy areola.

I poured a pool of massage oil on her tummy, and then proceeded to spread it over her front ... with most of my attentions directed at her full breasts. I played with her nipples, pulling on them frequently.

With her breasts and tummy glistening, I applied a new coating to her lower body, slipping my fingers over her mound and between her pussy lips, teasing her clit in the process.

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