Cuck Father

by SatinSlip

Copyright© 2017 by SatinSlip

Incest Sex Story: Son makes a cuckold of his own father when he comes home for the summer.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Blackmail   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   Spanking   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Tit-Fucking   .

Reed was home from college for the summer. His room had been converted to an office for his milquetoast father.

So the young man was forced to convert part of the attic into a bedroom.

‘That’s fine.’ He thought grumpily. ‘Not like I could bring any tail back here anyway.’

He was moving some boxes when one split open. The old cardboard ripping. Grumbling he picks up a collection of old books, paper, art supplies, an old camera.

He stops when he notices a photo on the ground. It looks like a naked woman.

He pics it up. It’s his mom.

Ten or fifteen years younger. She looks embarrassed posing nude. Straddling a big leather chair. She looked good.

She looked hot, Reed realizes. His cock getting hard. Inappropriate thoughts of his mom starting to swirl in his head.

He notices a few more pictures. Their edges just barely peeking out of a book. Obviously hidden here and forgotten.

Frantically he shakes them out on his mattress. There were a dozen in all. Starting with her fully clothed. Stripping down. Then on all fours sucking a man’s cock. Finally fucking herself with a cucumber.

‘What if that’s not dad?’ The thought gets him even harder. ‘What if dad is a fucking cuck?’

Reed can’t help it. He has to jerk off. Looking at the pics of his mother.

It was a few days later. Reed had masturbated to the pictures of his mom half a dozen times.

His shit dad had gone to work so he figured now was as good a time as any.

“Hey mom? You ever pose for nude photos?” He asks casually.

She was chopping veggies for a stew.

Mattie was on the low end of her forties. She had put on some pounds since her youth. Her belly and ass were definitely bigger and rounder. Her breasts were still big DD’s but saggier. She had more lines around her face, but was still quite attractive.

Today she wore a tight pair of blue runner’s shorts. And a tank top. Reed could see the straps of her purple bra, and just a bit of cleavage. She looked good.

“Of course not honey.” She lied to his face.

Reed smiles as he tosses a couple of the photos on the table. One of her stripped to lingerie. The other of her nude. Her hands running through her long dark hair.

“Oh god! Where did you get these?” She gasps, grabbing the photos.

“Oh, I found a bunch of them in a box upstairs.” He says. “Don’t worry I already copied them.”

“Reed!” She looks at him aghast.

He smiles at her. “I’m guessing you don’t want them getting out to people you know.” She slowly shakes her beautiful head. “Especially the really naughty ones.”

“Oh no.” His mom moans.

“I’m sure that doesn’t have to happen. If you do some things for me.” Reed grins.

“You ... you’re blackmailing me? What do you want? Money?”

“I like to think of it as a thanks for protecting my mother. No I don’t want money. I want more.” He smiles at her.

“More what?” She asks, suspiciously.

“You are a beautiful woman. I want you to show me your tits.” He raises his eyebrows at her.”

“Reed, I’m your mother. That ... that wouldn’t be proper.” She protests.

Grinning. “Those pictures aren’t ‘proper’. But they sure turn me on. If you don’t want them getting out you will take off your shirt.” He motions to her.

She hesitates. Then she pulls her tank top over her head. Reeds dick twitches as her round tummy is revealed. Then her purple bra, with black edging. Holding in her big tits.

Now there was plenty of cleavage to ogle.

He was surprised though. He thought she would take more convincing.

“The bra too.” He tells her.

His mom nods with resignation. Reaching behind her and unclasping the garment protecting her dignity.

With a deep breath she pulls her bra off. Big tits flopping out.

“Nice!” Reed says stepping close. “I’m sure you don’t mind.” He reaches up and grabs them.

“Reed...” But she doesn’t stop his groping.

He squeezes her big orbs. Rolling her hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

“They are magnificent, mother. You are a beautiful woman.” He says to the blushing woman.

“Ok! Is that enough?” She demands.

Reed steps away. “For now. But you have to go topless until dad gets home.”

Mattie looks like she wants to argue for a moment. Then just nods her head, humiliated.

Reed spends much of the day near his mom. Enjoying the view. Watching as her big tits bounce and jiggle.

“You’re father will be home soon.” She says late in the day.

Reed sighs. “Alright, you can put a shirt on. But no bra.”

She hangs her head as she heads to her bedroom.

When Mr. Fowler comes home she has on a button up blouse. Her nipples clear through the cloth. Her husband doesn’t even notice.

Just before bed Reed catches his mom in the hall. His dad in the next room, just out of sight.

She gasps when he pushes her up against the wall. Then he tears her shirt open. Buttons flying everywhere.

When he pinches her nipples, Mattie has to stifle a cry. He pushes her to her knees.

“Use your wonderful tits to get me off.” He whispers, to her shocked look. “Better hurry before dad gets up.”

He pulls out his cock. ‘So much bigger than Henley’s.’ She thinks.

Mattie wraps her DD’s around his shaft and does her best to jerk her son off with her tits. Something she has never done before.

She can’t stop staring each time the tip of the penis pokes out from between her big breasts.

“Honey! Can you get me a snack?” Henry asks from the living room.

“Uh ... sure. In a minute.” His wife calls back. Their son’s dick thrusting between her big tits.

“You should see if Reed wants anything.” He says.

“Ok. I will.” She answers.

Too excited at cuckolding his father, Reed climaxes.

Mattie flinches at the cock between her breasts shoots its white jizz at her face. As his mom leans away Reed grabs his dick and sprays the last few streams on his mother’s big tits.

He blows her a kiss as he leaves her there. Covered in his sticky cum.

He heads into the living room and sits on the couch.

“Did your mom offer you a snack?” His dad asks from his big comfy chair.

“She gave me what I needed.” Is his smiling response.

Later that night Mattie lay in bed next to her husband. Henley didn’t even notice that she was braless today. Her hand reaches into her pajamas.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Reeds cock. Her fingers massage her wet cunt.

‘Oh god. What’s wrong with me?’ She thinks. ‘Oh god!’ She gasps quietly as a small orgasm washes over her. Thinking about her son’s dick.

Her husband snoring softly next to her.

Tuesday, Reed went with his mom to the store. They needed supplies for the the family reunion on Saturday. There would a couple dozen people for a big cookout.

His mom wore a pleated skirt, a little shorter than usual. And a low cut blouse that showed a generous amount of cleavage.

Reed wondered if she even realized that she had dressed sexier than she had in years. He couldn’t take his eyes off the way her big ass swayed as she walked.

For her part, Mattie tried to ignore her son’s constant leering. Though, every time she noticed, it made her pussy tingle.

They were in the wine section, empty on a Tuesday. Reed moves up behind his mother, pressing his body against hers. He makes sure she can feel his hardon rubbing against her ass. He reaches around and squeezes her tits through her shirt.

“Reed!” She hisses. Not wanting to draw attention.

“Pull your tits out.” He whispers biting at her neck. Sending little thrills through her body.

“N ... not here. We ... we could get caught.”

“Unless you want me to drop nude pics of you all over the store.”

She turns around and pulls her shirt down. He grins when she pulls her big breasts out of her bra.

Reed leans in and sucks hard on one nipple. Lightly pinching the other. Causing Mattie to gasp.

When he switches his sucking to her other breast she say, “Ok, you need to finish. Or we will get caught.”

“I’ll finish, when you take off your panties and give them to me.” He says before going back to his sucking.

Mattie hesitates, then reaches under her skirt. Pulling her panties off as her son slobbers over her big breasts.

She puts her tits away as Reed puts her panties in his pocket. Black lace, he smiles.

Later at the checkout the clerk notices Mattie’s eyes go wide in shock. “Everything ok ma’am?” He asks.

“Uh ... yeah. Everything’s fine.” She says.

Reed continues to rub her pussy. His hand having been unexpectedly shoved under the back of her skirt.

Reed enjoys the feel of his mon’s cunt getting wetter as she pays. Then he pulls his hand out. Grabbing the cart and heading to the car.

He notices his mom shivering when she sits in the driver’s seat.

Later, Mattie has hopped in the shower. She doesn’t hear Reed come in. She yelps in fright when unexpected hands wrap around her soapy tits.

“Reed! This is ... this is unacceptable.” She shouts.

“Is it mother?” He calmly says. One hand sliding down her big belly. Through her wet pubic hair. And over her pussylips. Rubbing her mature cunt.

“Uunh! No ... no it’s not.” She says moaning. Putting her hands on the wall under the shower head. Hot water raining down on her as her son plays with her body.

She groans as he slips a finger into her warm love canal. Finding her slick with lust, it’s quickly followed by another.

She can’t help herself. She has a powerful orgasm as her own son finger fucks her. Part of her wishing those fingers were her son’s big cock.

“Feel better, mom?” Reed asks. Letting go of her.

“N ... no.” She lies. Breathing hard.

“Give me a nice, soapy, tit fuck and I’ll let you finish.” He grins.

Obediently she gets to her knees. Wrapping the big dick in his own mother’s breasts.

He doesn’t last long, spraying her face and tits with his jizz.

Then he steps out. Leaving her to clean up.

That evening the family sat down to eat together at the round table in the kitchen. With one side pushed up against the wall, Reed sat really close to his mom.

“How was your day dad?” He asked. Shoveling mashed potatoes in his mouth with his right hand. His left slipping onto his mother’s thigh.

Mattie tries not to respond to his touch as she eats.

“Oh you know how it is...” Henley starts to drone on about his boring job.

Reed brushes his mom’s skirt up. She spreads her legs, just a bit, as he slides his fingers between her thighs. “That’s so interesting. Tell me more.” He says.

Mattie lets out a little ‘eep!’ When her son’s fingers push their way between her pussylips. Fingers pushing their way inside her.

“How about you, son? How was your day.” Henley asks.

“Well we went to the store to get groceries. I checked out a couple ripe melons for the party.” He says. Flicking his mother’s clit while she tries desperately not to gasp. “Mom made me put them back though.”

“Ah. That’s too bad.” His father responds. His wife getting pleasured by their son not three feet away. “I bet the family would have went to town on those melons, Saturday.”

Henley stands with his empty plate. “Well I have some chores to do before the news comes on.”

Reed takes his hand away from his mom as his dad walks to the sink. Mattie’s breath coming hard and fast.

Wednesday Mattie wore shorts and a T-shirt around the house. She hadn’t bothered with a bra. And tied the bottom of the shirt into a knot, leaving her round tummy bare.

Her pussy tingled every time she walked past her son. His eyes glued to her chest. And her jiggling tits under her shirt.

“Mother. Come up here.” He finally called from the attic. She had to stop herself from running to him.

He was sitting on the edge of his mattress. Naked. His dick like a flagpole. He beckoned her over.

He forced her to lay across his lap. A little girl about to get chastised by her father.

He grabbed her shorts and yanked them up into a wedgie. Revealing most of her ass. Then he spanked her.

She gasped every time her son’s firm hand smacked her tender rear. He smiled watching her ample derrière jiggle and turn red.

Mattie moans, her ass on fire from the spanking. Her pussy burning with its need.

Reed pulls her shorts and panties down. His mother spreading her legs. Silently begging.

She cries out as he shoves a pair of fingers up her wet twat. Orgasming almost instantly.

As she settles down he shoves her to the floor. The rough handling just turning her on more.

“Suck it mother. Suck your son’s dick. Suck my cum right out and drink it up.” He orders.

She pulls off her shirt and eagerly leans in. Her big tits brushing his thighs. Tasting her son’s pre-cum as she takes his dick in her mouth.

She fondles his balls as she sucks. If he is anything like his father it will help him cum faster.

He runs his hands through her dark hair. Loving the view of his mother’s face bobbing up and down on his cock.

He grunts as he cums. His mother sucking and swallowing every drop.

“Mmm, good girl.” He tells her. Patting her head. The inappropriate affection sending exciting shivers through her body.

He pushes her away and goes to get dressed. Leaving her like a used cum rag.

Mattie’s body buzzed with excitement. Her husband would be home soon and she needed another release.

She couldn’t go willingly to her son. As long as he had those pictures and was the one making the demands, she could tell herself she had no choice.

That she wasn’t a son fucking deviant.

She wanted his cock so bad. Was he going to make her beg for it? Beg like a street whore?

She closed the door to her bedroom. Fumbling in her underwear drawer she found her dildo. A big purple cock that vibrated. Cold plastic, though. Not warm like Reed’s dick was in her mouth.

She climbed on the bed. Her face into a pillow, her wide ass in the air. She shoves her hand and the dildo into her shorts. Ramming it up her twat with a gasp.

The mature brunette moans with pleasure when she turns the vibrator on. Furiously fucking herself. She can hear her husband’s car pull up.

She wishes it was her son pounding her from behind. Ramming her head into the pillow as Henley got out of his car below. As he came inside, greeting the house.

She cums hard. Muffling her cries of passion with the pillow. She collapses on the bed. Knowing she needs to move before her husband enters. Finding her like this.

Reed is in the kitchen. His mom behind him getting dinner ready. He can see his dad in the living room. There was a bar counter between the two rooms. A holdover from the seventies that hadn’t been renovated.

His mom steps next to him, putting salt on the counter. He grabs her and silently pushes her to her knees below the bar.

He pulls out his cock. ‘Bigger than Henley’s, even soft.’ Mattie thinks. He smacks her face with it a few times.

Obediently she takes it in her mouth. Dutifully sucking and licking him to hardness.

“Hey dad.” Reed calls. “Come here a minute.”

Henley walks over. Standing on the opposite side of the bar from his son.

And his kneeling wife.

Her breath comes fast and excited. If he comes around the corner, just a few feet, he will see her. See her with their son’s dick in her mouth.

Mattie slides her hand into her shorts. Fingering her wet cunt.

Reed writes PARTY on a piece of paper. “Who all is coming Saturday?” He asks. Trying not to groan as his mom sucks his dick.

“Where’d you’re mom go?” Henley asks. Looking around the kitchen, as if she was hiding from him.

“You know mom. Probably dicking around upstairs. Everything has to be cleaned before the party.” Reed laughs.

His dad chuckles at the off-color joke. “Well. Your grandma, moms brother and his family, cousin Janet...” his dad goes on.

Reed tries to write the names down. Having trouble concentrating as his mom pleasures him.

Her tongue tickling the bottom of his shaft. Her hand in his pants fondling his balls.

“Mmn.” Reed moans as he cums in his mother’s mouth. The mature woman gulping down his seed. “Are you sure about that last one?”

“Well, none of these people are the most reliable, son.” Henley says. Walking back to his chair. Under the counter his wife milks the last few drops of jizz from the young man’s softening cock.

It was Thursday and Reed had plans for a good chunk of the day. Some friends wanted to grab lunch.

After his dad left, he took a quick shower. Then he went looking for his mom. She was tidying up the living room.

He walks up behind her and yanks her sweatpants down. “Ooh!” She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“R ... Reed. We can’t keep doing this.” She tells him. Not moving to pull her pants up, or cover her nudity.

She had masturbated this morning again. To help clear her head. ‘What we have done is wrong.’ She knew. “We have to stop.” She told him. “Last night was too far. It was too disrespectful to your father.” Her body tingles at the thought of how wrong it was.

“I still have those pics mom.” Reed informs her. Reaching down and lightly tugging on her pussy hair. “Besides, dad is a little wimp. He deserves this. If he can’t keep his woman satisfied, I will.”

“Don’t talk about your father like...”

“Hush!” He interrupts. Tugging her peach fuzz hard. “I want you to go shave this off.” She looks at him horrified. “Then put on that thin button shirt and your skirt from the other day.” He swats her ass as she pulls up her sweats and leaves the room. “And no underwear.” He calls after her.

She eventually comes down in her blue skirt. She wore a thin pink button up blouse. Her other shirt still needed to be repaired from when he had torn it open.

This one was unbuttoned nearly halfway down. Showing off her cleavage. Her areola and nipples visible through the thin pink cloth.

She also wore a pair of black high heels. Something she rarely did as they made her taller than her husband.

“Roll the skirt up.” He tells her. “Higher.” When She is finished the skirt barely covers her ass.

Then he lifts the front. His fingers tickling and caressing her now bare pubic mound.

“Very good mother.” He grabs her hand and pulls her along. Grabbing her keys and leading her to her car.

He opens the passenger door for her. She sits excited at the immorality of it all.

He drives them into town. She wants to cover her practically bare breasts, but refrains.

‘I wouldn’t want to make Reed mad.’ She tells herself.

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