Paying for It

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: I pissed off my wife and she had cut me off for weeks. Out of shear frustration I got desparate and called for a working girl.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Prostitution   .

My wife was pissed like never before because I spent a ton of money on a car, one that I’d wanted for years. She wasn’t mad I bought it, she knows I’ve been looking for it for a long time but what got her going is that it needs a lot of restoration and I used a big chunk of an IRA to buy it, money we were saving for our daughter’s education. Hey, the girl was just eight, I had years to replace the missing money. But Lillie was so mad she cut me off. I hadn’t had my cock in her for weeks and my nuts were beginning to notice the lack of an outlet for my libido. I felt like I was in high school again where every girl became a fantasy and every fantasy built the pressure in my balls until I had to take a long shower. I couldn’t walk down the street without mentally raping every woman I saw.

We were lying side by side in the bed, she was reading on her kindle when I slipped a hand over her waist and lightly caressed her stomach. Lillie pushed my hand off, not angrily, not mean but just nudged it back to my side of the bed. “Damn it Lillie, how long are you going to be pissed?”

My wife looked at me, “I’m not pissed, I’m just not in the mood.”

“You haven’t been in the mood since I bought that car, why can’t you get over it? I’m getting a little hard up lately, why don’t you indulge in some marital duties right now, you don’t have to participate, just lie there and take it.”

“My only duty right now is to Sandy, you spent her future and until you put it back, you don’t put anything in me.”

“Come on, you knew I wanted that car, been looking for it for years.”

“I wouldn’t have a problem if you bought a car that ran but that piece of shit will need thousands just to get on the street, then if you want to get it restored, it will be even more thousands. You should have bought one already in good condition, that I could have accepted. Good night.”

Lying beside my wife every night got me more and more frustrated. Lillie is a pretty, sexy and hot woman and I missed lying between her long legs. I had a lot of pressure building in my balls but was too proud to stand in a shower and jack off like I was fifteen again.

Lillie and Sandy left for the weekend to visit her sister’s family. They would be gone three days so I had nothing to do but watch TV or go drinking with my friends. I chose TV. Well, not actually TV but videos on the computer. Videos I wouldn’t care to have my daughter watch. I got absorbed in sucking and fucking on RedTube and I began to watch married men fucking around with women who weren’t their wives and the longer I watched, the more I put myself in their place. I really needed to feel a deep warm cunt again. I’d never cheated on my wife but her holding out on me was beginning to make me think outside the bedroom and the more she held out, the more it became her fault that my thoughts were straying.

I watched hours of sucking and fucking on my computer that first night and by the time I went to bed I had made a vow to myself, I was going to get laid the next night. Lillie had forced me into looking for another woman to fuck.

I flopped big time, I hit my favorite sports bars and tried my charm on some local ladies. They flirted prettily but everybody in that dump knows Lillie so not a single one of them took me serious. I went home alone. Alone and frustrated. That wasn’t going to happen again so I spent some late night hours researching escort services on the internet. I’d never paid before but then I’d never had such aching balls before. I mean, seven weeks without pussy was a personal record that was I determined not to extend.

Saturday afternoon I committed. I called SilverLight Services and set up an appointment for a prostitute to visit me that night. “Name?”

“John Smith.”


“Clarion Hotel.”


“Uh, can I call you back on that?”

“Of course Mr. Smith, what attributes attract you to a young woman?”


“Height, weight, hair, and perhaps eyes.”

“Maybe 5’5 to 5’7, dark hair, reddish, not too voluptuous, small breasts are okay but nice legs and firm round hips.”

“Perfect sir. I believe I can acquaint you with a very lovely young lady named Angela. Once you give me a room number we can set a time.”

“Uh, what should I do, invite her to the bar for a drink, buy her dinner first?”

“Oh, Mr. Smith, this must be your first encounter with a working girl. We don’t expect the niceties of an evening on the town unless you invite us. We are to serve you, if you want to take care of business immediately that is not unexpected nor considered rude. Call me when you know which door Angela should knock on. Now would you like to apply for our credit card, use your own or make a cash payment directly to Angela?”

My stomach was tied in knots, I was shaking like a dog in trouble. I had made a date to get laid by a whore, to cheat on my wife, to go where I had never gone before. I called the Clarion to reserve a room then went to the bank to withdraw some cash for the room and the girl.

I stepped up to the reservation desk, “John Smith, I reserved a room.”

“A moment sir.” After a quick look at the monitor the clerk looked up at me, “We have three John Smiths tonight, what room did you reserve.”

“Single queen, not a suite.”

“Ah yes, there you are.” she said as if John Smith checked in every night. As I counted out the money I imagined several John Smiths checking into hotels at that very time, using cash to hide their transactions from prying eyes.

“The Clarion, room 1105.”

“Yes sir, Angela will be there at 7:30 as you requested.”

My nerves were shot, I was going to fuck a woman then give her money, something I never in my life imagined I would do. I sat at the bar and nursed Rum and Cokes for an hour before going up to the room. I opened the door a little after 7 then sat and fidgeted with nothing to do except think about what was coming, what I was about to do. I didn’t even feel horny, the lust and need I had built up for weeks had abandoned me. I had the distinct feeling I was going to embarrass myself by not getting a hard-on I was so nervous. At 7:28 there was a light tap on the hotel room door. I sneaked a peek through the spy-hole but saw only dark red hair, she had her face turned away. I opened the door then my knees went weak when I got my first look at the girl who I thought came to fuck me, my head started to spin. She burned red with recognition as I blurted out “Angela, what the hell are you doing here!?”

She spun and started to flee toward the elevator but I stopped her “Get back here, it’s too late to run, come in, what are you doing here?” She stopped, turned to face me then stood rigid in the hall. Her tits rose and fell on the tide of a big breath then my twenty year old sister-in-law came slowly back to the room. As she stepped past me she was glowing with embarrassment and couldn’t look me in the eyes.

I wasn’t quick enough to figure out why my wife’s youngest sister was there, I was just aghast that I’d been caught trying to cheat on my wife. My first thoughts were that she was spying on me for Lillie, that I had just been caught in a compromising position. She stepped past me and stopped by the bed her eyes darted over the room then she asked, “You’re John Smith?” That’s when it clicked. My initial surprise became total shock when I realized she was there to screw John Smith. My sister-in-law was a whore!?

“Is that why you are here? To fuck John Smith?” She nodded, her cheeks were still pink with embarrassment. “Angela, you’re a whore?”

Again she nodded but corrected me, “A working girl, not a whore.” I wanted to ask her what the fucking difference was but the terrified look in her eyes caused me to back off. She stepped through the bathroom door then with shaking hands peeled the wrapper off a glass and filled it with water. She took a sip then looked up at me, she was calming down. She went back to the main room and sat on the end of the bed then went on the offensive, “Why are you here Alan, you called for a girl? What about Lillie, where is she, what’s going on?”

“She and Sandy went to visit Sharon for the weekend.” Sharon was the middle sister of the three women.

“So you’re fucking around on her? I have to say I never thought you would do that. How long have you been sneaking around with other women Alan, why are you?”

My heart was beginning to slow, my thoughts becoming more rational. I sat in the hard green ‘easy’ chair and tried to justify my actions. “Lillie got super mad when I bought that car a couple of months ago --”

She interrupted, “She should have, it’s really ugly.”

I got defensive, “You want to hear this or not?” She nodded but I stopped as I realized I could use a drink, “Let’s go down to the bar and get something to drink, I’ll tell you why I’m here then you can tell my why you’re here.”

My Angela still looked tense but her demeanor relaxed slightly when she retorted with a tease, “What, you only want to talk, not blow a load? Okay, I get paid either way but you’re gonna miss out on a hot night.”

“Yeah, well I figured that out when I opened the door, come on.”

We sat in a booth facing each other over drinks. I told my sister-on-law how Lillie was holding out, that I was getting more frustrated and finally tipped over the edge to depravity. She told me that Lillie had confided in her that she wouldn’t fuck me until I got rid of the car. That she knew already knew Lillie was withholding wasn’t much of a surprise, sisters like sharing secrets. After we had a second drink in front of us I conceded that maybe the car should go and the money returned to my daughter’s education fund. “Okay, you know why I’m here, how is it you are here to fuck some stranger?”

Angela ordered her third Manhattan then started her story. “Crissy and I got stoned at a party one night at some guys apartment. It was her and me and six guys. Some of them started hitting on us but we didn’t want to screw around, not with a group, that wasn’t our style. One guy pulled his dick and bragged how he could keep us both entertained all night but Crissy told him she wouldn’t put out unless she got something out of it, “You’re gonna have to pay to put that in me” she told him. All of a sudden those boys went into a huddle and started pulling money out of their pockets and wallets. When they had collected all they had the one with his prick hanging out said “Here’s $378, you girls can split it if you let us split you.”

“Split us how, up the middle or something? I asked.”

“Split as in three for you and three for your friend, we get to split your thighs.”

“And you know what Alan, Crissy dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock! She was giving him a blow job right there in front of everybody.”

“What did you do?”

Angela blushed again, took a sip of her drink the confessed, “I reached under my skirt and pulled my panties off then asked which three were going to fuck me.”

“So you did a foursome for money, 189 dollars?”

“I didn’t do them all at once, they took turns. When me and Crissy left two hours later I had cum all over me, in my hair, in both holes and a hand full of money. I even got off a couple of times.”

“Wow, that sounds intense.” I looked long at Angela. She was barely out of high school, she looked young, fresh and innocent but what she was saying was causing a stir in my nuts. “So how did you end up as a working girl for an escort service?”

She smile marginally, “Thanks.”

“For what?”

“For using ‘working girl’ not some other name.”

“Tell me.”

She ordered her fourth drink I got my third, “After that night Crissy and I compared notes and decided what we did was kind of fun and the money was definitely a plus. We talked about that night for couple of weeks and the longer we talked the more we began to think that selling our bodies might not be such a bad way to earn money. I mean going to college and working part time is hard. I got more un-taxed cash in two hours than I earn at my job in a week. We decided we could do it again but didn’t know how to start. We sure as hell didn’t want to advertise on Craigslist or the library bulletin board. Anyway, we finally did some googling and found some services and called them to see if they were taking applications, just like looking for a regular job. After talking to three different places I got hired by this one. Crissy is working for someone else.”

“What the hell kind of interview did you have, I think I would like to take part in something like that, interviewing girls what wanted to impress someone with what they can do in bed.”

“There was a long questionnaire, mostly about what I would do or not do, I had to bring a clean bill of health from a clinic then I got hired.”

“Was there a physical interview, did you have to fuck and suck anybody?”

Angela grinned over her glass, “Let’s just say I got the job.”

“How long?”

“How long have I been doing this? Hmnm, about four months, I’ve met 23 men now. You would be 24 but that’s not gonna happen.”

Six rum and cokes in two hours was beginning to work on me, “Why not?”

“Huh, why not what?”

“Why won’t I be number 24, I’m a paying client, you’re an escort, why won’t this happen?”

My little sister-in-law stared at me with big hazel eyes, her face framed by loose auburn hair, “Hey, dipshit, you’re my brother-in-law did you forget?”

My question was a jest but as I sat across the table from her my cock started growing, my pants were getting tight and my nuts were beginning to feel the ache of several weeks abstinence again. Suddenly it didn’t matter who she was, “No Angela, I didn’t forget but I also know that I called for a girl and you answered the call. Why couldn’t we forget the marriage certificate for a while and take care of a business deal?’

“Are you serious?”

“I think so, yeah. I could screw you and paying for it makes it okay.”

“And Lillie, what the hell about her, she’s my sister?”

“You say you had sex with 23 men since you started?” She nodded, “Did you ever think about their women, wives or girlfriends?” She shook her head no, “Then why does Lillie make a difference?”

“You would be cheating on her, we both would.”

“Hey, you’re in a profession where most of your dates are cheating on someone, why get all moral about it now.”

Angela sat back on the seat and looked at me for maybe fifteen long seconds. She finished her drink then set the glass on the coaster, “Let’s go.”

We rode up the elevator in silence, she stood slightly to my left and in front. I was looking at my sister-in-law with eyes that had never see her before. She was wearing a thin white sweater over a green silk blouse, a snug mid-thigh black skirt and dark stockings. She wore green and black two inch pumps that stretched and molded her legs nicely. Her body narrowed from shoulders to a trim waist then her hips flared wide which made for an attractive setting for her firm round ass. I judged her to be about 110 pounds. My cock was inflating, the higher the elevator rose, the higher my erection rose.

She went to the small glass balcony door then turned to face me. Angela put away her concerns over our relationship then went to work, she searched my face for a few moments then asked “What do you want to do?”

“Uh, get laid I guess, I don’t want a job.”

She pulled her sweater off and folded it carefully then put it on the small desk, “I work for cash up front, you give me the money then we can do this. I’ll strip for you or you can take my clothes off, part way or completely, you tell me.” Angela stepped to me then put her left hand into my pants pocket then felt for the wad of cash. As her fingers wrapped around the folded money they were also touching my erection through the material. My nuts rumbled, they didn’t care one bit that the caress was from my wife’s sister. She was looking me directly in the eyes when she pulled her hand out of my pants. She saw that I was unsure of how to act so she said, “Sit back Alan, watch.”

She moved away, set her pay on top of the sweater then switched off the main lights and started to open the buttons of her blouse. Angela levered each one open while swaying slightly, her feet spread, her eyes drilling into mine. The skirt was about mid-thigh so I was looking at her legs as her hips rocked and my imagination expanded all the way up and under the skirt to the junction of her thighs. I’d never before had intimate thoughts about her but just then my every thought was about her. About her and what we were getting ready to do. When she opened the green blouse and let it slide down her arms I swear my erection grew another inch. The bra was black satin, the cups that molded around her firm breasts were held in place by thin shoulder and back straps. She kicked off her shoes then sat on the easy chair and pulled her skirt high enough to unhook the top of her stockings from a garter. Angela rolled the hose off her legs revealing them from crotch to toes. Black satin panties matched the bra. She stood again, unlatched the skirt and lowered it slowly watching my reaction as she bared her body.

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