Raping Mom

by unclemick

Copyright© 2017 by unclemick

Incest Sex Story: Kinky dad lets other men fuck his wife. She tells her son they raped her but he's not so sure.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Rape   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Aunt   Nephew   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Swinging   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   White Couple   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

y mom and dad were married for 41 years until my dad died of a heart attack last year. He was a preacher but he was very abusive to me and my mom, who was very submissive to him. Mom is 61 years old now, wrinkled, graying and a little bit frail. She wears glasses, has false teeth (my aunt says my dad knocked her teeth out) and lately, she has started drinking a with my aunt, who is her twin sister. Mom and her sister both have big boobs although you can tell they sag and hang to their sides. Both have really nice round asses for 60 year old women and both of them are pretty active for their age. Like I said, their twins but my aunt May was born at 11:43 pm on May 31st. and my mom was born 18 minutes later on June 1st so grandma named them, May and June. They still look a lot alike and both are sexy in a “granny I’d like to fuck “ sort of way. A few weeks ago my mom and her sister were drinking pretty heavy and got into an argument. Mom called my aunt May a whore and aunt May came back with “well, your the one that got pregnant at 46 after a gang bang with your pervert hubby and his buddies so I think your the real whore. Besides that, you don’t even know which one of those men is Jimmy’s real dad”. WOW! I’m Jimmy and that news came as a shock to me although I always wondered why I didn’t look anything like my dad. I’m 5 ft. 8 in. tall, average build, with brown hair like my mom and my dad was 6ft. 2 in. tall, heavy set and had red hair. The next day, I asked my mom about what I’d heard and she said “I’m sorry you heard that Jimmy but your dad was a little weird and you know how cruel he could be. Well he would make me do things with his buddies, sexual things and he liked to watch. You know that I was scared of him and that’s why I always did as I was told. One night, he got drunk with his buddies and started screaming at me. Finally he made me have sex with all four of them. Your dad made them all use condoms but one guy’s thingy was very big and it broke the condom while he was raping me.

By now she was crying and I was comforting her with her head on my shoulder. I told her it was alright and that she never had to do that again. Out of curiosity I asked “is it one of his buddies that I know” and she started crying again and blurted out, “it was Russell but I don’t blame him, I blame your dad”. Mom said “please don’t tell Russell because your dad told him that I was already pregnant when they did that to me so he doesn’t even know that your his son”. She went on to tell me that she was also afraid of my dad’s buddies because they still called and wanted her to do things with them. I told her not to worry, I wouldn’t let them hurt her but she said “their all big tough guys Jimmy and they would probably hurt both of us”. Me and mom held each other for a long time after that and finally she kissed me briefly on the lips and said “I hope your not to disappointed honey”. As she left to make dinner, she looked back and said “look on the bright side honey, at least you got Russell’s big cock”. It was strange hearing my own sweet, innocent little mother saying the word “cock”. I wondered how she knew that my cock was big but then I remembered her catching me masturbating a few times. All of this, complicated things because Russell just lived two houses away and I would go over there and shoot hoops with him because I had no friends my own age. I liked him a lot and my mom knew it. What she didn’t know was that Russell would give me beer and show me porn and that I had recently started sucking his big, hard cock for him. That all started one day when we were shooting hoops and we sat down in his driveway to rest. He was leaning back against his garage door with his eyes closed and his legs spread and I saw the huge head of his cock, sticking out of the leg hole of his shorts. Since his eyes were closed, I just looked at it and then I noticed that it was moving further and further out of his shorts.

I watched in amazement as about 8 inches of fat, tan cock was fully exposed on the concrete and then it seemed to to be getting fatter and longer as it lifted up from the concrete and began to pulse. With each pulse, his obscenely large cock would lift higher and higher until it was pointing skyward like a cannon ready to fire. My own cock was getting hard as I watched and just then I heard him say “you really like looking at it, don’t you” and I looked up at his grinning face. Before I could get embarrassed, Russell said “come on, lets get something cold to drink” as he stood up with his big, hard cock, pointing the way into his kitchen. When we got inside, he shook his cock up and down and said “once it gets hard, somebodies got to jack it off or it wont go down”. I was staring at it again when I heard him clear his throat. As I looked up at his face, he whispered “sit down” so I did and he walked up in front of me and said “I know you want to touch it and I want that too, so go ahead and stroke it, it’ll be our little secret. Because of puberty and no other kind of sex, how could I say no. I don’t know why I looked up at him as I took it in both hands but I wanted to make him happy and the look on his face told me he was. Man! his hot cock was rock hard and still pulsing as I stroked it. It was so long and fat and hard that it felt like pulling down on a tree limb that would spring right back up when you let go. I was very happy with things as they were but Russell whispered “pull my shorts down” and after I did that, he kicked them away, leaving his whole big hairy body, naked in front of me. God! his body was intoxicating with that big beautiful fat cock and now there was a very hairy, sweaty crotch with two big fat, low hanging “bull” balls for me to look at and play with. I used one hand on his cock and cupped his big, furry, warm balls with the other one.

He was moaning and rubbing my head between his strong hands as he slowly pulled it closer and closer to his plump, round, hairy belly. When his big, dark, oozing cock head was right in front of my face, I made the decision that I was going to suck this mans cock and swallow all of his hot cum. My tongue flicked out on its own and retrieved the big glob of fresh cum that was hanging from his cock head so I could taste cum for the first time. Instantly I knew that I was going to be a cock sucker and no matter what else happened, I was going to make this man and this big cock, happy. I was so turned on that I got half of his monster cock in my mouth on the first try and began adjusting my mouth and throat to take more. Russell’s steady release of pre-cum helped and soon his big cock head was bumping my throat. With all of that hot swimming cum dripping straight down my throat, I had to swallow and when I did, it was like a vacuum, sucking Russell’s needy cock completely into my throat. I was choking and couldn’t breath as I clutched at both of Russell’s thrusting butt cheeks. When I started gagging, he pulled out enough to let me breath but very quickly, I sucked him back down my throat. He was moaning and groaning as his big cock reached it’s boiling point and then he just held my head tightly as his big balls erupted their hot, salty, slick reward into my waiting throat. He pumped thick, hot, salty cum into me for three or four minutes until he was spent and my belly was full. I remember feeling him trying to pull my sucking mouth away from his used, sensitive cock as he begged “you gotta quit Jimmy, please, I can’t take it, oh God ... That was good ... oh God” and then I just released his still fat, soft, wonderful cock and looked up at him.

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