by Sven the Elder

Copyright© 2017 by Sven the Elder

Erotica Sex Story: Sven's seduction by Katie is hard, fast and very intense

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

Even though Babs had promised to tell Katie all about our little ‘Adventure,’ in the end it had seemed to come to nought. I’d been both distracted and busy and it had been a week or so since I’d been back to my usual Café haunt and when I did so it had been to find that Katie had also moved on.

My gentle inquiry was met by the information that she had moved in with her new boyfriend and they were now living in an apartment in a town close by. Such is life and it appeared that Katie was gone and was not only deeply in love, or certainly in love enough to be ensconced elsewhere.

One of my passions in life is old bookshops. In our part of the country we’re lucky enough to have several and from time to time when I’ve nothing better to do I schedule some ‘me’ time to go and have a browse. One of the one’s that’s high on my list, serves good coffee, has very ‘comfy’ chairs dotted in discrete corners and also plays very quiet classical music. What’s not to like.

So a few days later, dappled autumn sunshine shining through the old woods I drove my open-top car across country to the bookshop of my choice. One of it’s other delights was parking close by, so it really scored highly on all counts.

Humming along to the classical piece that was playing I found a tome that I’d been looking for and finding a seat in an otherwise quiet and discrete area of the shop, sat myself down to browse in the sunshine. Awful to relate I found myself dozing. Inevitably I startled myself and woke up. Interestingly I now had a black coffee on the table beside me.

My every wish was certainly being attended to.

Curious, but no matter, it was kind of whoever had produced it and it tasted good as well.

I browsed on through my volume until a hand on my shoulder made me jump as I was far away and hadn’t heard anyone come past my alcove. I turned and as you may have already guessed Katie was stood beside me.

A different Katie.

Very demurely dressed.

Think librarian, black stockings, dark-framed glasses, knee-length skirt, white blouse and bra my alter ego noted...

She said, “Knowing your hobby of old books, I wondered when you might drop past. We have some unfinished business...”

She must have seen my glance past her and out of the alcove.

Katie pulled the dividing curtain across the entrance, took the cup and the book from my hands and put them on a shelf rather more secure and safe than the table beside me.

She sat on my knee. Now if you’ve read ‘Babs’ you’ll remember that Babs was slight and willowy - bit like a pony - built for speed as well as enjoyment. Katie, on the other hand was of a build you might describe as comfortable. Chunky or overweight she was not. Just, well, comfortable.

I had one arm round her waist as I rubbed her tummy through her blouse. She, in turn, had her hands on my shoulders. She bent and kissed me. A surprising amount of tongue was involved as my hand moved to cup her breast. Then she undid her blouse and her front fastening bra. (My brain registered and thought ‘interesting choice... ‘) She moved my hand back so I could stroke and fondle her breast and hardening nipple.

She caught my questioning glance - “The shop is closed for my lunch break.

There’s only you and I and I fancied a bit of a nibble... !” As she said it she stood and shrugged off her blouse and bra, before kneeling beside me and opening my jeans at the waist. My burgeoning cock clearly tenting the shorts I was wearing.

“Oh that’s appetising, Babs was right.” Was the comment as she released me.

It was followed up by her lips closing over the crown of my now rather red and very willing cock. Katie swirled her tongue round and then gently took all me in as she dipped her head, her fingers cupping and caressing my rapidly tightening balls.

I said that if the onslaught continued the inevitable would happen and ‘lunch’ would be early. She paused to say, ‘Goody!’ As she continued. Older I may be, dead I am not. I held her head as she happily bobbed toward the inevitable ending. Again I said ‘I’m close,’ again she redoubled her efforts and was then rewarded by what she sought so much.

I saw stars as I produced three or four large surges of cum. Katie swallowed them all with great alacrity and delight, before kissing me. A great wet, cummy kiss with a bit of a snowball attached. Not the first time I’ve tasted me and I’ve always worked on the principle that if the lady is happy to drink of me, then I ought to be as well.

Katie stood up and rubbed her arm across her lips to get rid of any stray drops that might have been present.

Books now totally forgotten, she pulled me to my feet and bending down did up the waist button of my jeans, leaving my complete package hanging obscenely in the open air.

She stood back to look at her handiwork. “Hmm!” Was the comment, “I like that, definitely the look of the day,” as she gave a little giggle before swishing the curtain aside, opening a doorway marked private and then up some stairs to her apartment. Still pulling me by the hand we arrived at her bedroom. Letting me go she pulled the comforter back, grabbed a big bath sheet off a rail and, ever practical, spread it, doubled, where she intended to laying.

“Okay, last one with clothes on loses, I’m not sure what but they definitely lose!”

As she was talking her skirt and kickers were being removed, her stocking and suspenders were left on as she twirled and asked “They’re for you - you like?” Then as she glanced at my now, once again completely erect package - “Don’t know about you, but he does!”

Less than five minutes after she’d made him cum he was giving me away and was as hard as nails again. And red, and another drop of pre-cum showing. Katie lay back, her legs dangling over the side of the bed. It was a useful height, knowing Katie probably not by accident, her feet just touching the floor her swelling Mons, naked below her hair, beginning to open. Kneeling I was able to lean forward and ease my tongue into the wetness and wonderful aroma that greeted me. She groaned and held my head into her. As I licked I spelt first her name and then mine in shapes, slowly working my tongues magic on her. A single wet finger making the punctuation marks on her sensitive interior points.

I was rewarded by a shuddering gasp as she tried to both pull me into her and remove my ears at the same time. I was rewarded by a flow of juice, not a gush, just a flow of her wonderful nectar. I find it such an aphrodisiac that I have to be careful not to come in spontaneous orgasm myself.

I slid up and moved her on the bed so we could cuddle in the afterglow. Two wet and slightly drippy lovers holding each other tight, gently kissing and cuddling, working towards a rising desire to finally make love, not have sex, but to gently and tenderly make love.

I did have one question in my mind, and had to ask what about the shop needing to be open. “‘No problems,’ I was told the owner was very happy to have someone to both live in and be able to look after the shop as well, it was entirely at her discretion. In any case” Katie continued, “A Wednesday,” which it was, “Was usually a very quiet day.”

Then, remembering what I’d been told I had a sudden thought and asked where her lover was and was told that he was everything she didn’t want, selfish, indiscrete, snored, oh and prone to drinking too much as well.

I commented that he must be ‘well-built’ then, and was told ‘yes but had no idea how to use it!’

Hmm? No pressure on me there then...

Katie woke up from our little doze in the sunshine and asked, “Drink?” And getting my reply of just water, went off to the kitchen of her above shop little apartment to come back with a couple of glasses. As she came back in the bedroom she wrinkled her nose and muttered, “Ripe! Do you want to freshen up a little before...” then looked thoughtful before going on, “what I hope might be round three - after all we’re currently one apiece.”

I have to say that the aroma of freshly used pussy stood looking at you, naked except for suspenders and black stockings has never turned me on more than it did at that moment. I glanced down at my fiercely ready cock and then back at Katie and she laughed and said, “Well perhaps not just at the moment then...”

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