Im a Lover Not a Fighter


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True Sex Story: I may be lucky in love but pugilism is a big no go!

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I’m definitely a lover not a fighter! Yet on three occasions I could have done with some boxing skills! It was March of 2007.

I had been booked to join a middle aged lady in a shoot. I arrived at the hotel in plenty of time and knocked on her room door and entered. A guy shook me warmly by the hand,” Hi I’m Tom, I’m Vera’s photographer cum cameraman.” He was in his early 20s, around 6ft and seemed very nervous. I looked at the lady sitting on the bed, “ You must be Vera,” I moved across to her bent and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “ I’m Steve,” Vera stood up, she was wearing a light, summer frock over what was obviously a basque and pale blue stockings topped off with four inch blue heels.

“You look lovely, “ I said making small talk as Tom fiddled with his cameras, “ Thank you, “ Vera smiled blushing slightly, she was 54yo, short, cropped blonde hair that was spiky, 5ft 4in, good looking boobs and a nice plump figure.

Tom spoke, “Well shall we make a start? That is ... Is if you’re ready? No rush,” his face flushed as he stammered his way through, “ Have you done many adult shoots?” I asked.

“Yeah around nine or ten ... Nine I think actually!” I nodded taking off my jacket, Vera looked up at me, smiling.

“So what made you want to do this?” I asked her. She sat down again on the bed.

“Well my husband of 33 years just ignores me, prefers the golf course or the legion to me, so around six months ago a guy,29, chatted me up in the pub one lunchtime and, well we ended up in his bed and have been seeing each other ever since, it was his suggestion that I was a good enough GILF, is it, to be in a porn film! So I found Tom on a friend’s advice and he pointed me in your direction and well here we are!”

Vera’s tale was one that I’d heard many times before bored, neglected wife finds a new guy, he flatters her, uses her, has fun, still as long as nobody got hurt. “ Right Tom so how do you want to play it?” Tom looked as if I had just asked him the million dollar question, “ you any ideas Vera?” She shrugged in reply, “ OK, well I will kiss you, then you can strip me, and suck my cock a little ... Then, well we’ll play it by ear, OK?” Tom agreed enthusiastically. Vera stood up and pulled her dress over her head revealing a blue and gold basque that squeezed her soft boobs tightly, I bent my head and my lips found hers. We kissed deeply, tongues exploring each others mouth, my hands felt her full arse, then sqouze her left boob, a small sigh came from her as I did. She pulled away unbuttoning my black, silk shirt then undid my belt and trousers. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my grey chinos, Vera gave a sharp sigh as she saw the tent in my boxers, she carefully pulled them down releasing my stiffening pole into the warm air of the room, her left hand grasped it, then she sat on the bed end and pulled me to her by my cock. She moved her head to it and I felt my whole length being taken into her mouth, she had definitely sucked cock before! Her tongue locked at it up and down, concentrating on my engorged bell end, then she swallowed me deeply inside again, back and forth her head bobbed as she sucked. I felt the familiar urgings as my orgasm approached, I motioned to Tom that I was about to shoot, he moved closer with his handheld camera, Vera sucked more quickly seeming to sense I was almost there, with a moan my cock spurted as she sucked it in, momentarily she spluttered then carried on swallowing all, “ Oh great action guys,” Tom enthused, his cameras still rolling as I slid my spent prick from Vera’s spunk filled mouth, I painted a long trail from her lips down her chin onto her neck and chest, I bent to kiss her again, tasting my own spunk on her teeth and tongue as I did.

Tom asked if we wanted a drink, Vera had a small glass of coke then we got back to business! I lay Vera down on the bed my hands caressing her boobs through her basque, I moved between her soft chubby thighs unclipping the basque’s fastenings at her crotch area, Vera groaned slightly as my fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips through her pale blue silk knickers, slowly I hooked the waistband and as Vera slightly raised her hips I slipped them down her legs. Vera’s cunt was immaculate, a triangle of trimmed blonde curls topped her puffy, cunt lips, everything else was as smooth as the day she was born. A light scent drifted to my nose as I moved my mouth to her pussy my tongue aping my fingers as it traced her pussy lips then I pushed it inside, my finger gently rubbed at her clit, Vera moaned, I switched my tongue’s attention to her clitoris earning a louder moan from Vera, two fingers pushed inside, moving slowly in and out, the moistness of her cunt was given away by the squelching sound my fingers made as they moved ever more quickly, my tongue never moving from it’s clitoris target. Soon Vera clamped her thighs together around my head, her hands pushing my face deeper into her wet cunt, she moaned again and again as she orgasmed, seemingly without control. I lifted her further onto the bed. Vera’s body continued to convulse as I did, with one movement I pushed my cock into her, filling her with everyone of my nine inches, Vera cried out as her subsiding orgasm metamorphosised into an even bigger orgasm! With each withdrawal and re-entry Vera moaned, her body cumming at least three more times, I slapped her thigh, she instantly knew what I wanted and turned onto her front presenting herself to me doggy style. Without missing a beat I thrust my cock into her, more moans, I pounded at her, hard and fast my full balls slapping against her arse, I glanced up to see Tom rubbing his cock through his jeans as he filmed. I paused a moment, Vera was just cumming back down from another orgasm, “ Can I fuck your arse?” I asked, not knowing if she was up for anal sex or not,

“Fuck Steve, do whatever you want, just keep fucking me!” Her voice panted as she spoke, her breathing was heavy and loud, Tom had picked up on what we were going to do and had changed position, I pulled out of Vera’s sodden, dripping cunt. My bell end pressed against her puckered arsehole, I rubbed some juices from my cock around the hole, “ Just be gentle!” Vera entreated as my bell end began to push its way in. Vera gave a gasp as I pushed in to half my length, then moaned as I moved it back out a little, the walls of her anal passage trying to grip me, I pushed back in a little further, she moaned louder as I began to rhythmically fuck her arse, every thrust brought a cry or moan, “Fucking hell that’s hot!!” Tom was stood filming, openly wanking his cock! I looked at Vera her head lying down towards the side of the bed as my cock continued it’s fucking, I motioned b*o Tom to move to Vera’s head, he put down his camera and moved as I had indicated, sensing him Vera looked up, with no prompting she enveloped his cock in her mouth, sucking, slurping, moaning, it was a cacophony of sound as I kept on driving my cock in and out of her pulsating arse! Vera’s head continued to Bob back and forth as she sucked Tom’s cock, suddenly he cried out as he pulsed and pumped his load into Vera’s mouth and over her face as his spunk literally flew! Almost at the same time my own cock lurched, spewing out five huge spurts of spunk well inside Vera’s arse. This final eruption had sent Vera into near rapture, a loud cry escaped her spunk covered lips, her body shook, her boobs flopping loose from her basque, another long rumbling moan filled the room before she fell forwards onto the bed, rolling over onto her back. My own cock, now sated, had slipped from her spunk filled arse with an audible plop, along with a huge dollop of creamy spunk, Tom, continued filming as spunk oozed from Vera’s arsehole, slowly meandering its way to her well fucked pussy area. Her face plastered with his own thick spunk also seemed to interest him. All in all Vera lay, her orgasms now subsiding, like a middle aged cock whore who had earned her money well.

“Well Tom, you got enough to work with for Vera’s video?” Tom’s face lit up,

“And much more besides!! And thanks by the way for doing that ... Letting me join in, you know ... It’s the first time anybody let me do that!” I laughed,

“It’s Vera you should thank mate, not me!” He thanked Vera in a flustered manner, she nodded and mouthed it was OK. Slowly she started to sit up, “ Steve that was amazing, no you were amazing, but Christ I don’t think I could do that too often, I’m fucking well knackered, fuck me I don’t know how many times I came, just seemed like one long intense cum from you licking my clit to Tom pasting my face and you filling my arse! Never, ever have I felt like that! I cannot believe it was me!”

“Well it was!” I laughed, “ and what’s more there’s a full memory card or two that’ll prove it was you!” I moved to her, “you were fucking amazing babe, that arse of yours ... Well it’s a joy to fuck!” Vera kissed me, this time it was Tom’s spunk that I tasted on her tongue, it didn’t perterb me, I had not lied it really was one of the best anal fucks I had ever had!

Ten minutes later I was washed and dressed, Vera had just thrown her dress on over her spunky body, she said she was going to have a long soak later, Tom was packing up his gear. “ Well Vera it’s been great fun and a great pleasure, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!” Vera laughed,

“You think me moaning and crying out meant I was hating it? “ She stood up, her elfin hairstyle was plastered with sweat and Tom’s spunk, one large wad lay hanging above her ear, I pulled out a tissue and caught it, “ and still you’re the gentleman!” She cried out as she gave me one last, lingering kiss. I laughed as I scrunched up the tissue tossing it into the waste bin. “ Well thanks for everything you two, take care and maybe see you again?”

“Mmm you can count on it!” Tom absentmindedly waved a hand as I grabbed my jacket and left the room. Two minutes later I was walking to my car. Without warning a large hand smashed into my face followed by a crushing blow to my rib area. Momentarily I was out, I shook my head to try and clear it, “ So you’re the dirty fucking bastard that’s been screwing my Vera! “ His right foot aimed a kick at my abdominal area, I wonder as it hit home, “ well let this be a warning as to what’ll happen if you don’t end it! I never want to see your slimy, turd of a face near her again ... You got it you fucking toerag!” I was lost for words, I could feel the warm bl**d trickling from my nose, my side ached intensely. All I did was merely nod, curling up into a tight ball as he aimed another kick at me, “ Nah! You’re not worth it you slimeball!

I heard him walk away, then a car door opened and shut, I began to get up as the car sped past leaving the car park. I struggled to my feet, wiping the bl*d from my nose. My ribs ached, my stomach hurt. Slowly I walked to my car and slid into the driving seat. I pushed a piece of tissue up each nostril to stem the bl*d flow, sat back and closed my eyes. A few minutes later a rap on my window roused me, “ Fuck it mate what happened to you?” It was Tom, “ You OK?” I nodded. I wound the window down, “Where’s Vera” I asked,

“Probably getting her back washed!” I looked at him puzzled, “ the bloke she’s shagging just turned up as I was leaving, he’s spending the night, she’s told her hubby she’s on a hen trip to Blackpool. She says he’ll believe anything she tells him! Anyways dude I’m away, you take care and get that nose looked at! Oh and by the way kudos again for getting me involved! I always fantasised about it but never ... well you know! Night mate!”

I wanted to laugh, but my ribs hurt too much, so her husband would believe anything she told him? Mmm well I was living proof that that wasn’t true! I turned on the car, luckily the journey home was only five minutes or so. I smiled. How ironic it was, I’d got thumped by a great ox of a cuckolded husband for fucking his wife! I couldn’t argue the toss as I’d just used each of her holes! Yet the true target of his brutal warning was probably at that very moment screwing the arse off Vera completely oblivious of the beating that I had taken on his behalf!

There was one thing though that I knew. As I pulled up at my home, I knew I would never be seeing Vera again, no matter how sweet her arsehole was it certainly wasn’t worth dying for!!

PostScript My wife made me go to A&E the next morning, they reckoned I had a cracked bridge to my nose and two broken ribs! Coupled with a pair of beautiful black eyes, it put my porn work on hold for three months!

Cheers Vera!

If my coming to grief in my first part was not, technically my fault, my second brush with the boxing scene could only be down to me!

My wife had left me two months before, she’d run off with her boss. We’d been married for 9 years, had two great kids but the attraction of a big house in Cheshire, choice of three posh cars plus a holiday cottage in Provence were things I couldn’t fight against. The only thing I had in my favour was my nine inches and I guess she’d had enough of that in the past ten years! I wasn’t bitter about it, well maybe a smidgeon, I wondered if her new fella knew of her predeliction for sucking off strangers in remote car parks, even offering her fine backside to them for a doggy style pounding if they attracted her eye. I had regular access to my two girls so all was fine.

Living alone was a huge change for me, I moped around at first, then started going to the local pub more. It was there that I got talking to the regular barmaid Tracie. During our conversations I pretty much got to hear her full life history, she was married at 17yo to her childhood sweetheart, they’d had a child when she was 22yo, two years later they had divorced. Then she’d allowed a much older guy to move in, all was fine until three years later she’d fallen pregnant again and the reluctant father had upped sticks and hopped it never to be heard of again. So left with a 5yo and a baby girl, Sally. She’d struggled on until after turning 30 she’d met a guy right years younger and after a whirlwind courtship they’d married on her 31st birthday. Scott, her new husband, had loved the children as if they were his own, all was good for two years until he’d lost his job as a travelling rep and had turned into a lazy so and so sitting in his tracksuit bottoms and a vest top watching Daytime TV. or playing on the games console. “ You hear of golf widows,” Tracie had said to me, “ well I’m pretty much an Xbox widow!”

One Saturday lunchtime I’d called in for a quick pint and was surprised to see Tracie, normally she never worked weekends, “Hello what you doing in here on a Saturday?” She gave a deep sigh as she pulled my pint of fruit cider,

“Well with Scott not working at the minute, we need every bit of extra money I can earn!”

“He still just slouching around playing games?” I asked, she merely nodded as she gave me my change, “ you ought to give him an ultimatum, get off his arse and get a job or sling his hook!” Tracie gave a nervous laugh,

“Oh yeah and what’d I do then? Nobody would want me fat, forty and two k*s in tow!” I looked at her, she was around 5ft 6in, yes she was a little bit on the chubby side, but definitely not fat, with nice round boobs and a cleavage to die for, “ I’d have you in a shot! Plus you’re nowhere near fat, you deserve a guy to worship you, not a slob that sends you out to work every hour of the day just to keep him in batteries for his bldy Xbox controller!” Tracie laughed and moved to serve another customer, “ Yeah maybe you’re right, but he’s good with the k*s, so I guess I’m not too badly off.”

Around six weeks later I called into the White Lion on my way home from work, the day was very hot and I had a thirst after a day trying to teach eight year olds how to do fractions. Tracie came in from the other bar, “ Hits, what you doing in here at this time?”

“Thirsty!” I answered, “ God Tracie you look knackered!” Her face was bright red and sweat poured from her forehead,

“Just been changing a barrel,” she explained, “ been here since half ten this morning.”

“And what time you on till?”

“Hopefully 9.30!” She answered with a sigh. I shook my head staring at her,

“Scott still not found anything?” She shook her head negatively,

“There’s nothing in his line of work,”

“So instead you are here for fuck knows how long while he stagnates in an armchair! You want to watch out you don’t end up dropping down dead here!” My concerns for her were genuine, she deserved far better than the slob she was married to, “ It’s OK I won’t, infact I’ve three days off next week so I’ll get the chance to put my feet up,” I gave a sarcastic laugh,

“Yes, in other words instead of serving customers here you’ll be waiting on his lordship hand and foot instead!” Tracie laughed out loud, “ Mmm methinks you’re getting to know me too well!” She moved off to the other bar to serve someone. My brain’s cogs and pistons started cogitating, “ So you’re off when?”

“Tuesday through Friday,” she answered,

“His Lordship know?” Tracie shook her head,

“Not yet! Thought I’d surprise him Monday night with the news!”

“Right then. Don’t tell him yet and how about I pick you up outside here next Tuesday lunchtime and you can pick where you want to go, we can have a bite to eat and I’ll have you back home at whatever time you have to be there?”

“If only I could Steve, thanks for the offer but, well you know,” she moved away to serve a customer, “ See you’ve got my mind whirring now, if only I was single like you and not this middle aged frump of a wife that I am!”

“You’re no frump love, far from it and not middle aged either! You deserve a full break, half a day away from your everyday worries and from that lazy sod you’re married to!”

“God it’s tempting Steve ... but I can’t!” She disappeared into the vault,

“Come on Tracie, think of yourself for once, you know me, you can trust me! Just give yourself a few hours away from all this drudgery?” She stopped and stared at me,

“So next Tuesday, outside about 11?”

“Yeah, and you get thinking about where you fancy going. Now prepare yourself for a bit of pampering Tracie Rogers, your Knight in shining armour will be waiting outside The White Lion at 11am next Tuesday! Now pull me another pint!”

“Oh yes my liege,” she laughed as she took my glass. A laughing Tracie was a sight I’d not seen much of in the past few months, it was a sight I could get used to.

The day was, again, hot, bright and sunny, a vividly blue sky hadn’t a cloud in sight. I was parked outside the White Lion, a taxi pulled up opposite and Tracie got out. Despite the weather she was wearing a pale blue calf length raincoat, “ You know something I don’t” I shouted to her, she called back,

“Just an undercover operation! Had to put it on so Scott wouldn’t get suspicious of my outfit, “ she unfastened her coat revealing a yellow, frilled blouse over a brown knee length skirt. “ Ah I see, you sure he won’t pop round the pub to check up on you?”

“What? Leave his precious Call Of Duty, hardly! He hates having to go pick Kelly up from school at three o’clock!” She threw her coat into the back and climbed in. “ So has Madame decided our destination yet?” I enquired, she screwed up her face slightly, “ When we were k**s mum and dad used to book a day trip to Southport once a month in the summer, but I haven’t been there now since Graham was a baby. So can we go there?”

“Your wish is my command!” I answered, “ Costa Del Merseyside here we come!”

An hour or so later we were parking the car on the old Floral Hall car park, “ God this has all changed!” Tracie said brushing down her skirt, “ bet nothing’s the same as it was.” We strolled along the front towards the entrance to the pier, Tracie’s eyes lit up as she caught sight of the Carousel, “ Oh yes! I always loved that! Me and our k** used to go on it every single time we came here, can we have a go Steve, please?” Tracie sounded like the eager, little girl she must have been all those years earlier. Her face beamed as we had the first of two rides upon it, firstly she chose the traditional horses then some sort of unidentifiable long-necked creature, howls of excited laughter pealing from her throat as the ride turned, “ Aw that was so good! Took me right back to being here with my brother!”

“Glad you enjoyed it, “ I replied as she took hold of my hand, she pulled me towards the pier’s amusements,

“Oh can we have a go in there, please Steve!” She entreated me, I answered telling her it was her day out, anything she wanted she could do. We spent about half an hour in there, Tracie played the twopenny falls machines, winning coins then shovelling them back twice as fast, she squealed as she won what seemed like a never-ending roll of prize tickets on a ‘Snakes and Ladders slot machine. Putting them through the counting machine she redeemed them for a large Minion soft toy, “ Great! Sally will love this!” Her enthusiasm was amazing to see, “ I’ll tell Scott I won it on a charity name card at the pub! He’ll be none the wiser.” She threw her arms around my neck giving me a quick peck on the lips, I put my arm around her shoulders as we exited the arcade prize in hand. We enjoyed a lovely meal of Fish n Chips in the Queen Victoria pub opposite, then after a couple of refreshing drinks we headed off towards the sea front.

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