by Sven the Elder

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Erotica Sex Story: Flirting and seduction

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

Just a one-off seduction and fling?


She looked in her mid-teens, but I knew differently - I had been at the Café on the day she came of age ... twenty-one. Given the way she looked, tall and very willowy, I doubt she wore a bra and never displayed a VPL, so almost certainly wore a thong. Certainly she had an ass that was perfect.

Eye wateringly, dribblingly so.

Oh! And she flirted, outrageously. With everyone. Me included.

Once unable to sleep, I had calculated that I was actually old enough to be her great-grandfather. As someone once said, ‘If she looks young to you; how old do you look to her!’ I hate people who make remarks like that. It’s an ‘ear-worm’ thought, it lurks and never goes away, popping into mind at silly moments as a ‘passion-killer.’

I guess, she actually treated me like ‘naughty’ grandad.

When she delivered my coffee or whatever it was I had ordered to eat, she would sashay to my table to deliver it. Then, there would be an exaggerated, flaunt of a hip-wiggle as she returned to deal with another customer. Inevitably, as she knew I would, I watched, sighing inwardly. Every now and again I’d watched as she glanced over her shoulder and grinned as she caught me in the act. Then I’d get a huge, over-elaborate wink as she tried to make me blush. I probably did.

This went on for several months and it never went any further than that. It was fun, not serious and fairly obvious given the difference in our ages, would never go further. Didn’t stop me from either wondering or planning as to what might if the chance ever arose...

And then, she was gone.

Her manager, Katie, who was her older supervisorand who also took personal care of my coffee and orders told me that although Babs had a licence to drive, she lived away from her home and couldn’t afford her own car. At short notice, when the ride that passed the café became unavailable, she had had to hand her notice in and move on.

Now, I’m not a chauvinist or anything else for that matter, but the guy who took over from her, although nice and very efficient as he was, didn’t quite stir my feelings in the same way. So, I metaphorically shrugged, told myself ‘such was life,’ and went back to my coffee and newspaper.

I should have mentioned that my wife, a little younger than I, worked several days a week, helping a friend run a shop. Which was why I was often at a loose end for my morning coffee. I was never in too much of a rush, often having a second mug rather than going back to an empty house.

On one such morning, I’d caught Katie’s eye and a second coffee was soon going to be on its way. I went back to reading my morning paper, up to the point where I was disturbed by a polite cough. Looking up, I found Babs standing there with a broad smile on her face, having grabbed my coffee from Katie and delivered it herself.

She was no longer dressed in the black jeans and top of the café uniform, butrather in a summer skirt and a blouse that revealed my thoughts had been correct, that she neither needed nor wore a bra. She was gorgeous, ‘a drink on a stick’ as a rather coarse friend of mine used to say.

Having put my coffee down, Babs leaned forward an gave me a full on kiss. “Morning Sven. I don’t work here now, so I can give you the kiss I’ve wanted to for ages.”

Me? Hell that was news to me but I wasn’t going to either argue or refuse.

As it was still quiet Katie brought a couple of extra coffees and joined us to have a chat and catch-up, which was very nice. Although keeping my eyes looking at her face as we were talking was, at times, a strain.

Eventually Katie had to go back to work and left Babs and I together. Babs then admitted that she had an ulterior motive in dropping by on one of the days she knew I would be in. She actually wanted a lift into my local town as she hoped to see one of the other restaurants that, having just restarted at the beginning of the season, had been looking for staff. As it was a little off the beaten track, she asked if I could possibly drop her off for her interview on my way home.

Now let’s see? This was a difficult question...

It was a few minutes later that we were on our way. I was also, having nothing better to do (Honest!) going to wait for her, to have her chat and see whether it was either a possible place to work, or even desirable.

So, I sat in my sports car and waited.

The look on her face told me the story. Not only was he rather rude, but had the making of a first class creep as well. When it came to working there, or staying in the staff accommodation, what part of ‘No Way!’ did he have a problem with?

I offered Babs a lift back to civilisation, of course.

However, before I took her back to the town where she lived, which was about fifteen miles away, I needed to feed our two house cats. Babs was more than happy to come in and help.

I told her to have a seat and grab one of the magazines while I sorted the ‘beasts’ out, which she did. As I finished, she came in to watch, and I was aware of her coming up behind me.

She called out softly, “Sven,” and I turned around to see what she wanted. I think my heart stopped beating. Babs certainly said, “You can breathe now.”

She stood naked to the waist, displaying the most perfect breasts it has ever been my pleasure to see. Beautiful, a little pink, as she was certainly aroused by what she was doing, her nipples hardening as I watched. She closed the distance to me and put her arms around my neck and we kissed. Her tongue slipped between my lips as she did so.

Her arms moved down and she pulled my butt, so that I ground into her. My cock had gone from nothing, to pretty darn firm, in not very long. Now, being treated as it was, it went to harder than a hard thing.

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