The Walnut Tree

by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Cane

Erotica Sex Story: Elizabeth, a very respectable middle-aged lady who has led a sheltered life is seduced by a stranger. She falls under his spell and joins him in his pursuit of sex in public places. This story was inspired by the BBC serial Appletree Yard

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Elizabeth was in the kitchen of her comfortable, middle-class home when the text message came in on her mobile phone. The message was short:

‘Walnut Tree – 8pm?’

Elizabeth shuddered slightly. She thought for a moment.

‘Derek, I will have to pop down to the shop. I think I have left some things there that I will need tomorrow.’ Elizabeth was the owner of a modestly sized fashion boutique in the centre of town.

‘Okay. I will watch the rugby while you’re gone.’

Elizabeth’s heart thumped in her breast.

She texted ‘OK’

Elizabeth prepared herself for the meeting at The Walnut Tree. She paid particular attention to her underwear, choosing a pair of modest cotton briefs that did not fit too tightly and a pair of hold-up stockings. This was only the third time she had met the man. It had all started a few days ago when they met accidentally at a charity event. Afterwards he had asked her to join him for a drink at a nearby pub called The Walnut Tree. They chatted about trivialities. The usually serious Elizabeth found herself laughing at the stranger’s jokes. The man was so easy to talk to and Elizabeth was flattered at the way the man was interested in what she had to say. It all seemed so natural, even when he had placed his hand on her knee. When his hand crept up her leg she knew she should have stopped him, left the pub and never seen him again. But she didn’t. As if under some spell she allowed his hand to drift up her legs. She felt as if she were in a dream as his fingers lightly alighted on her panties. At first her legs were tightly clenched together. The man continued to engage her in animated conversation as if his wandering hand did not belong to him. Elizabeth lost track of the conversation. She simply nodded and smiled at the man’s remarks. All she could think of was the fingers that had started to gently feel between her legs. Elizabeth opened her legs. The man continued his gentle conversation as if nothing was happening under the table, but his fingers stroked insistently through Elizabeth’s tights and knickers. Elizabeth found herself slowly rocking in her seat, meeting the man’s fingers as he felt her through her underclothes. They continued their inane conversation as if being fingered by a total stranger in public was the most natural thing in the world ... It was if their upper bodies were somehow divorced from what was occurring under the table. Elizabeth felt the man’s hand testing the top of her tights that went up almost to her navel. For and instant Elizabeth caught her breath as her companion searched a way down her tights. Without a thought Elizabeth took the invader’s hand and helped to guide the inquisitive fingers down her tights and into her knickers. As he played with her clitoris and fingered her opening, he leaned toward her and whispered in her ear how pretty she was and how moist she was between her legs. Elizabeth could not speak. She bit her lips trying to quell the gasps that were welling in her chest. She found herself sliding forward on her seat, meeting the fingers that were knuckle deep inside her.

Did she know why this place was called The Walnut Tree he asked in a whisper.

‘Its just a name, I suppose, ‘ she managed to reply horsely, even as his expert fingers had brought her to the edge of orgasm.

To Elizabeth’s disappointment the man suddenly removed his fingers from her tights and panties. He led her out of the back door of the pub into a small, walled courtyard. A faded sign on the wall said ‘Walnut Tree Close.’

As the man pressed her against the wall he explained that many years ago this area of town had been an orchard. All that was left now was one old walnut tree. Elizabeth could feel the man’s penis pressing into her through his trousers and her thin summer frock. As she looked over his shoulder she could see in the failing light, the trunk of the old walnut tree. There were some initials carved on it she noticed as the man’s hand went between her legs. She idly wondered if the initials had been those of another couple who had fumbled and fingered in the shade of the old tree.

‘Drat these tights, ‘ grunted the man as he tried to make a a pathway for his erect penis. Elizabeth should have made her way home to her loving husband, but instead allowed herself to be led to the trunk of the old tree. The man positioned her so she was facing the tree. He yanked her dress up over her hips and pulled down her tights and knickers.

Elizabeth had never done anything like this before. But she was like a bitch in heat. What had come over her?

The man, a complete stranger up until a couple of hours ago was feeling between her legs. He had released his penis from the confines of his trousers and was presenting it to her willing and moist vagina. Elizabeth grabbed the tree trunk for support and leaned forward so that the man could ease his cock into her tight hole. It really was tight too. It had been ages since she had had a penis inside her. She was almost a virgin again. The cock that entered her was thick and hard. Elizabeth gasped at the unfamiliar intrusion and pushed her hips back to meet the stranger’s thrusting.

‘By the way, my name is Richard, ‘ said the man as he forced the head of his cock inside her.’

‘I’m Elizabeth, Richerd. Pleased to meet you, ‘ she responded, gasping as she felt the cock drive into her slit.

Richard rode her hard until she felt his hot seed pump into her. Richard pulled up his underpants and trousers and Elizabeth pulled up her knickers and tights. She would have liked their intimacy to continue, but as her senses rapidly returned after the heated ecstasy of their coupling. It would have been crazy to remain half naked in the yard where they could have be discovered at any moment.

‘Gosh Richard. Is that the time? I must go. I’m late. Thank you for, er, a lovely evening.’

‘Here take this Elizabeth, ‘ he said, handing her a mobile phone. I’ll call you.’

Elizabeth took the phone and made her way home, feeling the damp stickiness in her panties.

That night Elizabeth slept feverishly. Her dreams were filled with lurid scenes involving her being partly naked and intimate in public places. At one stage she was actually sucking a man’s cock in the Walnut Tree pub. Other patrons carried on with their drinks as if such behaviour was perfectly normal.

It was just two days after their first tryst that a text message came through on the mobile phone that Richard had given her. It invited her to meet him at The Walnut Tree pub. Unable to refuse the offer she was drawn like a delicate moth into a candle flame. She wore hold-up stockings rather than tights. She had considered shaving her pubic hair. At 49 years old it was something that she did not usually do. She decided to just wax her bikini line. She wanted to make sure that Richard could reach her intimate parts without the encumbrance of inconvenient garments. Elizabeth blushed at her own outrageous behaviour and lustful desires. She knew perfectly well that it was ridiculous for a respectable middle-aged lady to rut like an animal in a dimly lit yard behind a pub. Yet it was so deliciously tempting and perverse – so very different and exciting.

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