Costume Party

by wandrer

Copyright© 2017 by wandrer

Sex Story: *The origin of the Fantasy Frenzy universe!* A halloween game purchased at a strange store leads to involuntary transformations of all of the guests at a party. ----- Old school codes: mf, tf, tg, lact, best, ff, mc, nc, age regression

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Fiction   Furry   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cousins   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Lactation   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Small Breasts   Halloween   Revenge   Transformation   .

Ian sighed as he walked down the street, glancing at the shops. He’d been trying to come up with a good idea for a halloween party for a week - the last few years the costume parties they’d thrown had been fun, but now that he and Shauna was engaged, he felt like this needed to be a big one. After all - they’d met at a halloween party, brought there by their mutual love for the holiday.

He’d searched on-line for a good party game, but none of them had jumped out at him. And none of the little halloween shops he’d popped his head into while wandering around today had had anything particularly interesting to offer.

He stopped in surprise as he realized he’d stepped into a small, strange shop while his mind had wandered. He shook his head - he didn’t remember deciding to come in here, but here he was. He glanced a the sign - “Oddues Oddities” it read.

He let out a small laugh - well, couldn’t hurt to wander through the store and have a look.

After about five minutes, Ian was shaking his head in amazement. Some of the stuff in here looked like just junk, but some of it ... was bizarre. Strange puzzles and boxes, skulls made of bronze, a pen that looked like it was made of glass but had a gorgeous woman’s figure seemingly writhing in bliss, an amazingly lifelike statue of a goateed man in a suit, with grey hair pulled back in a pony tail...

“Can I help you find something?”

Ian jumped and stifled a yell as the man spoke. He had been standing very still, in the back of the aisle, looking at Ian, and somehow hadn’t registered as an actual person. Ian shook his head and took off his glasses, rubbing his eyes - something about the light in here was definitely making things look odd.

“Uh, yeah ... I don’t know, actually. I’m just looking for something fun for halloween. A game, or something, so that my fiancŽ and I can have a good party. Something different this year. Is this a ... Halloween store? I don’t remember seeing it here before, and you certainly have some amazingly bizarre items.”

“Ah,” the man said, and smiled a thin smile, “tis the season and all that. Indeed, you could say we are a store of many tricks for the All Hallows Eve holiday.

“ ... Ian, was it? I think I might have something that will suit you nicely...”

Ian followed the man as he moved back into the shop, and only after several turns did it occur to him - had he ever mentioned his name? Shaking his head again, Ian realized he must have. How else could the guy have known...

Ian halted suddenly to keep from walking into the back of the man, who was pulling something down from the top shelf at the back of the store.

“This has been here for some time ... oddly, no one seems to have noticed it during the holiday.”

He stepped back and held up a wooden box, covered with dust. He blew on the top, and a cloud of grey flew out from it. Ian inhaled a bit and began coughing and wheezing his asthma acting up almost immediately.

As he blinked away the tears from his coughing, he stumbled after the man, who was headed back towards the front of the shop. He hacked and wheezed and tried to speak.

“What... <cough> ... what is it?”

The suited man set the box down on the counter, and Ian stopped and finally got a good look at it. The box was made of some gorgeous swirling wood, deep oranges and blacks - clearly colors that screamed “halloween”. It looked ancient, though it obviously couldn’t be as old as it seemed. On the top was an intricately carved jack-o-lantern, with one side a face of evil mischief, and the other a strange expression of horror and ... something else. The light from a candle high up on a shelf flickered in the glistening wood and gave the illusion that candlelight was flickering in the eyes of the carved pumpkin.

Ian found himself staring at the box, almost hypnotized by its strange allure.

“I’ll take it...” he breathed.

The proprietor raised an eyebrow and let out a small sigh.

“Wouldn’t you like to know what it is, first?”

“Oh, uh,” Ian found himself blushing as he shook his head, “sure. Yeah.”

“This box contains a number of costume instructions - one to send to each of your guests so they can prepare for a party. The outfits, and the party - I feel I should warn you - may be a little ... risquŽ, by some standards.

“The final letter - not to be opened till all have arrived, contains the instructions to follow thenceforth. I am certain that you and your guests will be ... entertained by the resulting effects.”

Ian blinked. His eyes kept flickering back to the box. RisquŽ, huh? Well, as much as he loved Shauna, he had to admit he had hopes of making her a little bit more sexually ... open, if not adventurous. Maybe a slightly risquŽ Halloween game would be fun.

“Great! Sounds awesome! I’ll take it.”

The man smiled another thin smile, and muttered, “Of course you will.” He reached into a drawer and pulled out a rolled up piece of paper, and handed Ian a ball point pen as he unrolled it on the table next to the box.

“Please sign here.”

Ian took the pen and signed his name on the rolled out paper. The ink from the pen was a deep red. Ian chuckled slightly at the effect, clearly some sort of fake blood ink. Definitely a Halloween store.

“Enjoy your evening, Ian,” the man said with his thin smile, rolling the parchment up and slipping it into a drawer beneath the counter. Ian nodded and wandered out, carrying the box under one arm.

It was as he was opening the door to the apartment he and his fiancŽ had just moved into that it occurred to him - he couldn’t recall actually paying for the box. Shaking his head, he opened the door. Definitely a little out of sorts today. Well, at least he’d found them something different for Halloween this year.

Ian stared at himself in the mirror. He had to admit - the simplicity of his costume was a little disappointing. Still, he’d done his best to look his part. His hair was slicked back and dyed black, he was dressed in a sharp-looking gray suit - he’d even bought new glasses, small wire-rimmed things that had a slightly sinister look about them.

He picked up the yellowed piece of paper that he’d chosen from the box, its deep red wax seal now broken, and read it over briefly, nodding. Yep, simple, but he’d definitely done his best to look the part.

“Well, how does this look?”

He turned to look at Shauna and grinned. She stood in the doorway to their bathroom, shyly. She was wearing a sari - a blue one that looked gorgeous against her dark Indian skin, and from the sides of it poked her normal two arms ... and four additional ones. They’d managed to find the extra-arm kits at a halloween store nearby, and he had insisted they paint them to match Shauna’s brown skin. They looked surprisingly real, hanging from her sides, and tied to her real wrists so she could lift them and move them around.

He looked her up and down - she was cute, in a round way. Her face was pretty, and the fact that she was somewhat heavy had never really bothered him. The sari wrapped her soft, large breasts, and then flowed down over her hips to hang to the floor. She was wearing hidden platform heels that added a surprising amount of height - he’d thought that the description called for a woman slightly taller than her 5’1”.

He realized she was staring at him, waiting for a response.

“You look great, sweetie! Just like the description on your page. You’ll be perfect for this, I’m sure.”

She flashed a quick smile, and then exited the bedroom to go check on dinner.

“Thanks. I still feel a little silly - and a little stereotyped as the Indian-girl-with-six-arms. Weird that I happened to open that particular envelope. But I’ll admit, I’m curious to see what happens with this game you brought home.”

Ian nodded. He had to admit - he was a bit nervous about this whole event, since he had no idea what remained inside the last envelope in the box - sealed with an orange and black seal like the carving on the top. There were no other instructions anywhere, and he’d just sort of guessed how it should work based on what seemed right.

The ten red-sealed envelopes he’d mailed to each of the guests, after opening one of them himself. It had been fortunate that they’d had exactly as many as needed for the party - originally he’d thought they were only having eight guests (the three couples they’d originally planned to invite), but then Shauna had asked if she could invite a friend of hers who happened to be in town, and Betsy (Shauna’s friend), had called to ask if they could bring her husband’s cousin, making an even ten.

Yes, very lucky that they’d had the exact number of costume instructions that they needed...

He turned at the sound of the doorbell, and walked out of their bedroom with the box tucked under his arm, switching off the lights as he went.

Time for the party to start.

Ian stepped into the hallway to find his wife hugging another woman, her four extra-arms half-heartedly adding to the hug. As Shauna stepped away from her, Ian realized this must be her friend from out of town, as he didn’t recognize her.

“Hi,” she said, smiling with a slight blush in her cheeks, “I’m Nancy.”

Ian smiled back and shook her hand. Her voice was low and sultry, an amazingly sexy voice - he had to admit that as in love as he was with Shauna, something about Nancy and the sound of her voice he found mildly arousing.

Of course, it could easily have been the outfit she was wearing as well, the probably reason for his blush. She was a reasonably pretty woman, but the outfit she wore beneath her long coat made her into something else entirely.

She was, in a word, dressed like someone’s fantasy of a nurse-dominatrix. A white leather halter top tightly encased her medium-sized breasts, pushing them up and exposing her cleavage enticingly. The red cross nestled between her breasts matched the one on the little white hat she wore. Her midriff was bare, her white skin sliding milkily beneath a white leather miniskirt, from beneath which emerged red fishnet stockings encasing long, sexy legs. Completing the ensemble were the white knee-boots with high heels that added a couple of inches to her height, and the cylindrical clasp lifting her raven-colored hair up into a long pony tail that hung down behind her.

A poke in the ribs from Shauna made him realize he was staring. Nancy was blushing a bit more deeply now.

“It’s too much, isn’t it? I mean ... I tried to follow what the letter said...”

“No,” Shauna said, glaring at Ian, “It’s great! Isn’t it, honey?”

Ian shook his head and smiled.

“It’s fantastic, Nancy! I’m impressed you were able to, uh, put something together on such short notice.”

“Good,” Nancy sighed, taking off her coat, which Ian tried desperately not to watch as closely as he wanted, “I even, uh, did that weird part of the costume, even though you can’t see it...”

“Don’t tell us!” shouted Ian as he took her coat, and both girls jumped.

“I mean - I think that part of the game may have to do with figuring out some secret.”

“Oh,” said Nancy, blushing again, “so you didn’t know what we were all coming dressed as? Or what the ... secret parts are?”

Ian shook his head and opened his mouth to say something further, when the doorbell rang again.

“Come on,” Shauna said, grabbing Nancy’s arm, “let’s grab some drinks while Danny lets everyone else in. We’ll throw your coat on the bed.”

Ian opened the door, stifling the urge to look back over his shoulder at the skimpily dressed Nancy.

“Hey,” Ian said, happily, hugging the tall, slender man who was through the door first, then taking a step back to look at his costume. David was dressed in a slightly ridiculous outfit - pointed brown ears stuck up from a headband on his head, and his nose was painted black. Around his neck was a dog collar that read “Rover”. Other than that, he was wearing jeans and a normal sweatshirt.

Ian raised an eyebrow.

“Hey,” David said, shrugging, “best I could do on my way from work. I’m not so into the whole Halloween costume thing. You know that. Besides, Jenny will make up for me.”

Rolling his eyes, Ian turned to David’s wife, Jenny.


As half-assed as David’s costume was, his wife’s was just as amazing. Jenny stepped shyly into the apartment. The tall, slender, statuesque blond was dressed as a leopardess - well, not so much dressed as painted. Her whole face was painted yellow with lovely spots, and as she removed her coat, a conservative v-neck sweater that swept down towards her modest breasts, and a simple skirt hung down from her waist. All of her exposed skin - arms, hands, legs, feet, chest - sported the yellow leopard fur-and-spots makeup.

“It - it looks OK? I have a friend who does body painting, and she did this for me today,” Jenny said, nervously. The tall woman had always lacked as much confidence as she had beauty. And truth be told, Ian had always harbored a secret infatuation with Shauna’s tall, shyly gorgeous best friend.

“It ... wow, amazing,” Ian said, “Is it really, I mean did she do your whole body like, uh...”

Ian began to blush as he cut himself off, and he could tell that Jenny had started to blush furiously as well. David laughed and chucked him on the shoulder.

“Now you’ve embarrassed her, pervert. Where’s the beer?”

Ian laughed and pointed towards the kitchen where Shauna and Nancy’s voices could be heard laughing. David and Jenny walked that way, tossing their coats in the bedroom as they went, as Ian turned back to the door once again, buzzing in their next set of guests. Which, as it turned out, was all those that remained.

First in the door were Evan and Tracy. The paunchy Evan had on a stuffed muscle-suit on top, and was wearing tight pants that were equally obviously stuffed in the front. Ian laughed as he clapped him on the shoulder and then turned to hug Tracy, Evan’s wife.

She was dressed as provocatively as Nancy, if in a different style. Where Nancy’s outfit was the white leather nurse/dominatrix look, the diminutive, mousy Tracy’s outfit screamed “whore”, or, more accurately, “cheap whore”. The girl’s short blond hair was dusted with sparkles and pink dye on the fringes, and her pixieish face was overly made up with eyeliner, rouge, the works. She wore a frilly lingerie top with spaghetti straps and a red feather boa around her neck, and a hot red mini-skirt that barely went to mid-thigh before giving way to black fishnets much like the red ones Nancy wore.

If he hadn’t known Tracy for the sweet, religious southern girl she was, he would have certainly believed she was a streetwalker. He was somewhat surprised that she had gone to such an extreme, but it was certainly realistic.

After a quick hug and hi and direction towards the drinks, he turned towards the last three arrivals. In front was Betsy, a very pretty, curvy redhead. She was dressed in a catholic schoolgirl’s outfit, complete with white shirt wrapping her largish, soft breasts, plaid skirt, and white ankle socks nestled in very high buckled heels. The shirt was too big, so she’d tied it into a knot, leaving her white belly exposed. Her red hair was pulled up into a ponytail, completing the innocent teen look, which was only helped by her glasses. The effect was ... smoldering to say the least. Betsy hugged Ian with a grin, and he once again felt his temperature rise slightly.

After her came a girl who Ian didn’t know.

“Hi, I’m Beth.”

She stepped in, following Betsy in pulling her coat off. Beth was a medium-height slightly heavy girl, with moderately large breasts, and very wide hips. She blushed slightly as her costume was revealed. Her face was painted white, with a brown patch over one eye. She had on her head a headband with small cow’s horns sticking up from her dirty blond hair, and around her neck was a small cow-bell that tinkled as she handed her coat to Ian. She was wearing jeans, but her shirt was patterned with white and black spots like a dairy cow.

“Right,” Ian said, nodding and shaking her hand, “Danny’s cousin. Welcome.”

“Thanks,” chirped the blond woman, clearly quite bubbly, though not at all in an. way “this seems like fun! Hope the costume looks OK. Danny warned me that I should dress the part as much as possible. I’ll admit I feel a little silly...”

Ian smiled at her, then and smiled up at the final guest, Betsy’s husband. The large, jovial man shook Ian’s hand and then pulled him close in a brief hug. During which Ian was crushed against the most obvious parts of Danny’s costume.

Danny looked mildly ridiculous in his outfit as he stepped back. He had clearly gone all-out with what was obviously a bizarre little outfit. A short black wig settled on his normally bald head (probably the same model as the pink one his cousin wore, though it seemed shorter on the large man), and he was otherwise dressed in classic goth-girl style, in at outfit that fit him remarkably poorly. The red plaid skirt he was wearing came barely to his knees, and his legs extended downwards with black, spider-webbed leggings encasing his hairy legs. Somehow he’d managed to find some platform heels that barely fit his large feet. Around his neck was a slender leather dog collar.

Of course, picking the silliest part of the outfit was a tossup. Danny was wearing a leather top that was as clearly large as he could acquire. But it had given him plenty of room to stuff his bust to absurd proportions. Ian could only imagine what a girl with breasts that huge in real life could actually do. And then in order to complete the silliness, he’d stuffed the bottom part of the shirt with a pillow, in an attempt to make himself look pregnant.

Fortunately, there was no danger of the big goateed man being mistaken for a real girl, pregnant or otherwise.

“Whaddaya think?” Ian grinned, cupping his massive stuffed chest and jiggling the fake boobs invitingly. They rustled slightly from the tissue paper inside.

Ian laughed and rolled his eyes.

“Hot, man. Definitely hot. C’mon, let’s head to the living room.”

Ian turned and led the three of them into the living room, hearing the voices of the other guests approaching from the kitchen. Ian found he was actually mildly excited by the prospect of the game, though a little nervous at the nature of some of the costumes. He hoped it wouldn’t be too risquŽ, or Shauna might be ... displeased.

As they walked into the living room, though, his worries about the game were drowned out by a much more obvious concern. As his fiancŽ stepped into the room with Nancy, and he stepped into the room with Betsy and Danny, their guests stopped and stared at each other in disbelief. And not friendly disbelief, either.


“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Uh ... ah ... oh boy,” muttered Danny.

Ian and Shauna stared at the the three of them - Betsy and Nancy were staring daggers at each other, Betsy’s look one of horror, Nancy’s one of fury. Danny seemed to be trying to sink back into the wall behind him, which was difficult to do as a large man dressed as a pregnant goth chick. Beth was merely looking on in confusion.

“Uh ... do you guys know each other, then?” Ian said, weakly.

Nancy and Betsy just stood, staring at each other in silence, Betsy turning bright crimson in embarrassment, while Nancy’s eyes flicked from Betsy up to Danny, and her fury seemed flecked with hurt. Finally Danny spoke, weakly.

“Uh, Nancy and I used to ... date.”

“Ah,” Ian said, a grin frozen on his face. He could tell from the tension in the room that there was more to it than that. Quite a bit more, almost certainly.

(And indeed there was. Nancy and Betsy had been fairly close friends while Danny and Nancy were dating. And Nancy had been more than a little obsessed with Danny - she had been convinced that he was “the one”. It hadn’t hurt that the sex had been ... incredible. Which, of course, she’d told Betsy all about. Which made it all the worse when Danny broke up with her. And even worse when, a year later, he’d started dating Betsy. And then had married her.

Hence, tension.)

“Uh, well ... why don’t we, uh ... start the game, shall we? Since we all know each other ... now?”

The room was distressingly quiet as everyone found places to sit. Ian was beginning to panic - it certainly didn’t help matters that Danny, the one they always counted on to start a joke or tell a story to keep things moving, was flicking his eyes, horrified, between his wife and his ex-girlfriend, clearly afraid to open his mouth.

Ian hoped to god that whatever was in that last envelope in the box would break the glacier that had formed in their living room.

“So, uh ... well, welcome everyone...”

Ian walked through a quick spiel, welcoming everyone to their house, thanking them for dressing up. No one spoke. The unexpected triangle sat in various states of emotional distress, while the other two couples just looked at each other, uncomfortably. Shauna was giving Ian a look that quite clearly read “Do something!”

“ ... so, why don’t I open the last letter, and we’ll see what the game brings us, uh, shall we? OK. Good.”

Ian opened the box on the table, and pulled out the sealed letter inside. Hands trembling, he broke the seal and opened it up.

He stared at the page, blinking for a moment. At first, it seemed that whatever was written there was in some language he didn’t recognize. But as he blinked, he realized it must just be his blurred vision, as the words resolved themselves. Had Ian been looking up from the page, he might have seen the brief flash of orange flame in each of his guests eyes, as well as his own. Or perhaps not, as none of the rest of the guests seemed to notice it either.

Ian cleared his throat and started to read.

“Welcome to the ... ah... ‘Fantasy Frenzy’ Brothel,” Ian blushed but forged ahead, not looking up for fear that he’d be too nervous to continue, “where the clientele can sample the loveliest creatures to suit their every fantasy ... and some of the strangest.”

“I’ll say,” Danny muttered. This drew a few snickers from which turned into outright laughs when he followed up with, “just wait till my water breaks...”

Ian breathed a small sigh of relief that the group was relaxing a bit, even though Nancy’s unintentional giggle turned into a glare at the also giggling Betsy almost immediately. Ian read onward, quickly.

“Unfortunately, all is not well at the Frenzy,” Ian read, “as just before it was about to open, the funding fell through. However, a new investor has offered to provide funding to the establishment to see it through these rough times, having been promised that the Frenzy will offer services and pleasures unlike any other establishment of it’s kind in the world.

“The owner,” Ian gestured at himself, “has gathered a group of new potential employees to try to provide services to draw in high-priced clientele, and ensure all of them continue to be employed at the Fantasy Frenzy for the foreseeable future.”

Ian frowned at the bottom of the letter, then looked up at the box, and blinked in surprise. He’d been certain that it had been empty before, but now it was filled with small rolls of paper, each labeled with the name of one of the guests. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he felt like that should bother him for some reason, but he simply shrugged and continued reading.

“The notes in the box give you further direction as to who you are. Eventually, the owner will decide from the clues you give whether you will be the ones to save the Fantasy Frenzy!”

Ian looked up at the group, and found them looking back at him with various expressions of bemusement, embarrassment, and interest. A quick glance at Shauna revealed embarrassment and a vague forced look of happiness. Ian had the feeling that she wasn’t entirely pleased with how risquŽ this game was turning out to be. Ian gave her a slightly guilty smile, and then began handing out the wrapped notes to each of the guests. He was once again too preoccupied to see the orange flare in each of their eyes as their fingers touched the notes.

“Should we, uh ... open these?” Jenny said, blushing and clearly very embarrassed by the whole thing.

“Actually,” Shauna said, standing, “why don’t we wait just a minute on that while I check on dinner ... we may want to eat first if it’s, uh, ready...”

“You need a hand?” Beth asked, obviously uncomfortable at the tension between her cousin, his wife, and his former girlfriend. Shauna nodded at her, and Beth unfolded herself off of the couch with relief to follow the shorter Indian woman down the long hallway towards the kitchen. Shauna left with a vaguely horrified glance at Ian, grabbing her note as she walked by. Ian looked after her, trying to decide if he’d gone to far with this game when he was interrupted by a nervous giggle from Jenny.

“Tracy ... wh-what are you doing?”

Ian turned to look at Tracy and his eyes widened he saw that she had spread her legs wide on the coffee table, and was starting to stroke them sensuously. Tracy wore a look of surprise, looking down at her spread thighs and stroking hands in shock as though they were someone else’s. Her skirt was slowly creeping upwards.

“Ah ... ah don’t know,” Tracy panted, her southern accent, usually nearly nonexistent, suddenly overwhelming, “Ah just feel ... well, ah feel kind of ... horny, you know?”

“Tracy!” Jenny said, shocked. Evan coughed in embarrassed shock at his wife’s statement, and stared at her. She looked back at him, a look of clear confusion on her face as she squirmed on the couch.

“Uh, hon, don’t you think you’re playing this up a little too much?” Evan choked out.

Panic crossed Tracy’s face as her small hips suddenly began to thrust upwards while everyone stared at her.

“Ah ... ah don’t know what’s going on ... ah just ... ohhh...”

Tracy let out a long sigh and her eyes widened. She suddenly reached down and pulled her small legs back, forcing the skirt to slide up around her waist, and revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was covered in light brown fur (revealing that she wasn’t a natural blond) and was bright red and glistening with arousal.

All of the women in the room gasped. All of the men found themselves staring at the small woman’s exposed cunt in amazement, with the exception of Evan whose eyes widened as he stared at his sweet wife displaying herself lewdly to their friends.

“Tracy!” he shouted, mortified. Had anyone been watching, however, they might have seen the impossibly large bulge in his pants give a sudden equally impossible jerk. Everyone’s attention was fully on Tracy, however.

Horror, panic, and obvious arousal played across the tiny woman’s face, and she was panting heavily now. She turned to look at her husband, a tear starting to roll down one cheek, and a dribble of cum streaming from her pussy and dripping onto the couch below.

“Ah ... ah don’t know what’s wrong with me,” a small sob escaped as she glanced down at her exposed cunt, and then a lustful, sluttish expression replaced it and she sighed.

“But ah know that a cock inside me would sure make it better...”

“Oh my god,” Betsy’s hand flew to her mouth in disbelief at what was happening. She’d never met Tracy before tonight, but she couldn’t believe that what she was doing was normal behavior.

“Ah’d just finger mah wet cunt, but ah don’t think that would do it,” Tracy moaned, then whimpered in humiliation, then moaned again, “ah need a big, thick, hard cock in mah little pussy. What do you say, hon, you wanna fuck this slut? Fuck your Tracy hard?”

Evan stared mouth moving but no sound coming out. Tracy turned languidly to look at David who was staring at her, tongue hanging out slightly as he looked at her wet cunt. She grinned a come-hither grin at him.

“How about you, hon? You want to mount Tracy and f-fuck her? I ain’t never had a dog’s cock inside me, but ah’m so horny, ah’d ... oh god ... ah’d fuck anything that wanted some of mah wet little cunt...”

Jenny turned to look at her husband, staring at the exposed cunt of their friend, and suddenly anger and ... another emotion she couldn’t place filled her. She reached up and slapped him, then both of them stood in shock staring at her hand as though she couldn’t believe it had done such a thing.

“Ow! What the... ?!”

David turned to look at his wife in shock, his cheek red where she had slapped him, with small red welts where her nails had scratched his face. She hadn’t meant to do that. His expression darkened, and she shrank back from him with a look of terror. He let out a low growl.

“What the hell did you do that for?” he reached up and scratched at his shirt.

Jenny backed away from him into the dining room. For some reason the only feeling she had towards her husband right now was abject fear, and a need to get further away. As her butt bumped against the wall, stopping her progress, she started rubbing it against the plaster - she had an itching tingle right at her tailbone.

“I ... I didn’t like the way you were l-looking at her... , “ Jenny said, trembling.

“Hey,” he growled, following her into the other room, his voice sounding oddly gravelly, as he scratched at his shirt more fiercely, “I’ll look at whoever I want ... and I’ll mount whichever bitches I want!”

Jenny let out a small mewling sob as David glared at her. Suddenly he let out a choked barking noise.

“Rrrrr! Why is this shirt so itchy?!”

With another growl, and a sudden slightly confused look, he grabbed his sweatshirt and yanked it over his head tossing it to the floor, then began to scratch at his jeans.

It might have been the darkness of the unlit room, but his skin looked darker and more hairy than usual.

Back in the other room, Tracy turned back from the couple that had disappeared, since one of her options for cock had left her view. She turned to look at the one other man in the room and licked her lips at Danny’s stare. Before she could say anything, though, Nancy spoke up.

“Oh trust me - his cock is fine and all, but with Danny, what you really want is for him to lick your pussy.”

Tracy’s eyes glittered in excitement as she gasped, licking her lips. The briefest look of misery crossed her face as her trembling hand finally slid towards her parted thighs. As her fingers touched her wet pussy lips, however, any unhappiness was washed away as she let out a shuddering moan, wetly spreading her cunt to display it to Danny, inviting his tongue over to play.


Oh yeah,” Nancy said, grinning darkly and staring at her former boyfriend, who looked up at her and blushed, “he’s got the best tongue I’ve ever felt ... isn’t that right, Betsy?”

“Shut up, you slut!” Betsy shouted at her former friend, turning a deep crimson from her face down into her white blouse.

Nancy’s face darkened with sudden fury, and she sprang to her feet. The heels added to her height as she towered over Betsy on the other couch, stepping across the room to sneer down at her.

“Slut?! You have the nerve to call me a slut!?”

Betsy, usually not one to back down from a fight, cowered in fear from the leather-clad girl. She wanted to fight back, but found that she was suddenly terrified of Nancy.

“You steal my boyfriend, after all the times I told you how great the sex was, how in love with him I was ... and you just come along, and he dumps me, and then you get married. And you call me a slut?!”

Nancy’s eyes flashed.

“Hey, now...”

Danny started to get up, holding out a hand placatingly towards his ex-girlfriend and his wife.

Nancy turned to him with a sudden flare of fire in her eyes.

“Shut up and sit down, Danny.”

Danny fell back to the couch where he was sitting with a huff, and then blinked in surprise. He felt oddly compelled to stay where he was.

After a moment, he looked down at his body as though in surprise and confusion. It seemed ... heavier, somehow, all of a sudden. He lay back, breathing hard, and reached under his shirt, pulling the pillow out and fake breasts out and tossing them on the floor, gasping, then let out a groan and placed his hand on his stomach as though in sudden surprising pain.

Nancy turned back to Betsy.

“I’ll bet you’ve never even told him about all the guys you fucked, have you? Don’t forget, I knew you! I know exactly what kind of girl you are! Danny - you want to hear who your wife really is?”

“Noo,” sobbed Betsy, pawing at Nancy’s leather skirt pathetically, “please...”

Danny stared at his wife, who normally would have smacked Nancy by now, but was instead sobbing, looking up at her with fear and desperation. What didn’t she want him to know? He shifted slightly, but still couldn’t seem to make himself get up or interject.

Nancy, meanwhile, stood above the sobbing redhead, looking down at her with a mad, blazing grin. She was obviously enjoying this tremendously.

“Ohhh, yes ... I think we should tell Danny all about some of your adventures. I’ll bet he still thinks you’re a normal, sweet girl, doesn’t he. Think he would feel the same about you if he knew about nights like the one at Joe’s?”

“Please,” whimpered Betsy, clutching at Nancy’s skirt, “please don’t tell him...”

Nancy grinned.

“Oh, I’m not going to tell him. You’re going to tell him.”

Betsy pulled back as though struck, and for just a moment, the normal iron that was characteristic of the redhead appeared.

“No! No, I will not.”

Nancy’s grin turned to a look of fury.

“No? No!?”

She reached down and grabbed the redhead by her pony tail, and Betsy let out a squeal of terror, all resistance dissolving in the face of the hyper-aggressive Nancy. Nancy hauled the sobbing redhead to her feet as Betsy pulled weakly at the hand wrapped in her long red pony tail.

She spun Betsy around so she was facing the couch and then shoved her forward. Betsy’s sob turned into a squawk as she fell towards the couch, throwing her hands out to catch herself before she hit the wooden back. She tried to turn, but Nancy still held her hair in a vise-grip, and any attempt to turn and face her yielded pain from the hair yanking at her scalp.

And yet despite the pain, she turned with another squeal as she felt a cool breeze across her thighs as her skirt was lifted high and tossed across her back. She turned bright read as she saw Evan and the now fiercely masturbating Tracy both staring at her almost exposed ass.

“Stop it!”

Nancy giggled nastily at Betsy’s pathetic attempt to order her around. She reached up and grabbed the redhead’s white cotton panties (donned especially for her costume) and yanked them down around her ankles, exposing her somewhat fleshy white ass and red-furred pussy to the staring couple. Tracy moaned in appreciation while Betsy sobbed in humiliation.

“Oh god, no!!! What are you AHH!!!”

Betsy screamed at the sudden pain as Nancy’s hand came down hard and very loudly on her ass. Her white skin turned bright red under Nancy’s hand. Nancy gasped as though in pleasure.

“Tell him about it! Tell him what a slut you are!”

“Please,” sobbed Betsy, choking she was crying so hard, “please stop. I ca-can’tAHH!”

Danny stared at the spectacle, frozen with horror, looking at the tears streaking down his pretty wife’s face as his ex-girlfriend spanked her again, hard. Betsy was incredibly pain-averse. This must be awful for her.

He turned red as he felt his cock hardening in his pants as Nancy grinned down at him, and felt an odd tingling in his nipples.

Betsy screamed and sobbed again as Nancy’s hand came down once more with a loud smack. Her dangling breasts jiggled and seemed to hang down more heavily with each slap the hand on her ass. Nancy’s eyes blazed with fury and an odd excitement.

“ ... I just had no idea,” Shauna said stirring the large pot of rice. The kitchen fan was spinning loudly, sucking up the smoke and steam from the various pots on the stove. The room was filled with the powerful scent of Indian food.

“I know ... I don’t think anyone thinks you did,” Beth said, nodding sympathetically. The Indian girl was clearly distraught at the discomfort she’d brought her two friends. Beth sat at the kitchen table listening to the girl as she fiddled with the cooking food, the extra arms of her costume flapping as though in distress each time she stirred one of the pots. Beth absently twirled one of her fingers around one of the flowers in the vase in front of her.

“I mean - I’ve known Nancy for years, and Betsy has been such a good friend since I moved here, but neither of them ever mentioned ... I can’t believe that I put them in this situation. And your cousin ... he seems like such a nice guy. Oh, I just feel awful ... ow!”

Beth jumped at a loud yelp from the Indian girl, and turned to look at her in surprise, twirling one of the daises she’d pulled from the vase between her fingers. Shauna had her hands clapped over her nose, her extra arms swaying in front of her.

“What’s wrong?”

Shauna let out a small whimper.

“It feels like something bit my nose! Owwww...”

Shauna turned around to face Beth, and Beth could see that her eyes were filled with tears of pain. As Shauna blinked away the tears, she suddenly gave Beth a look of confusion, pulling her hands away from her face in order to speak clearly.

“Beth ... why are you eating the daisies?”

Beth chewed as she noticed that her breasts had started aching for some reason, though her nipples were tingling in a way that was not at all unpleasant.

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