The Bitter Price of Betrayal

by Slippery Saddle Bum

Copyright© 2017 by Slippery Saddle Bum

Erotica Story: INTRODUCTION: Some people are just too damned stupid to appreciate the value of what they have until they don't. They later wail about how unjust it is that it's impossible to undo the damage they did that has cost them (and their trusting victim) everything. True justice is that their suffering is tenfold when they're finally forced to face the reality that the word impossible means what it means.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Fiction   Crime   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Cuckold   Revenge   Caution   Violent  


Some people are just too damned stupid to appreciate the value of what they have until they don’t. They later wail about how unjust it is that it’s impossible to undo the damage they did that has cost them (and their trusting victim) everything. True justice is that their suffering is tenfold when they’re finally forced to face the reality that the word impossible means what it means.

When Jack, 26 and Denise, 23 realized that for more than three months neither of them had dated anyone but each other, they’d decided to find a nicer apartment than either of them had, take the best furniture from each of their old apartments and move it and themselves into the new apartment. For nearly two years, everything was perfect. Jack and Denise got along like a couple who were meant for each other, growing closer over time. Jack was a happy man. He loved Denise and her actions made him believe that she loved him, too.

Each of them had a lot of friends who’d all become friends and acquaintances with each other and that’s how it’d been for the last couple of years when Charlie ... Charles Malcolm Richardson ... shoved his way into their lives and started putting his ‘I don’t give a fuck who’s girl you are’ moves on Denise. Jack saw and picked up on it at a couple of parties and said something about it to Denise but she made excuses, like “He’s just a really friendly guy.” and “He’s like that with everybody, Jack.” or “Stop being so insecure.” and the old standby... “You know you’re the only man I love.”

Holding her at arm’s length, Jack had looked into her eyes and said, “Listen to me, Denise. The guy is a snake. He’s gaming you. I’m telling you, plain and simple. He’s angling to get into your pussy. You do what you want, Denise, but you damned well remember that I warned you. Also remember this ... I don’t cheat and I won’t stay with anyone who cheats on me and I don’t take prisoners.” At that, he released his hold on her shoulders and left the party.

Jack, three years older, much more experienced and world-wise, knew better. Charlie wasn’t like what she said with him, at all. In fact, when no one else was paying close attention, he was arrogant and disrespectful toward him. In fact, oftentimes, quite recently, he’d bordered on contemptuous. Since they’d had no personal confrontations, Jack’s natural suspicions forced him to realize that something had happened to give Charlie reason to act and feel contemptuous toward him. Instinctively knowing what it most likely was, Jack had gone on high alert but without proof, he hadn’t made any accusations to Denise.

Jack, a former Special Forces member, seriously considered giving Charlie a once in a lifetime private and final lesson in respect and social etiquette but he knew that, if he were caught, his lethal skills would put him in prison, so he just smiled and, in a quiet voice, told Charlie to go fuck himself and to keep his distance from Denise. Six foot three Charlie just snorted ... looked down at Jack, dismissively, then laughed out loud as he turned and walked away.

Jack never said a word to Denise but, by her demeanor, it was soon clear to Jack that she knew of his confrontation with Charlie. Knowing that there was only one way that she could know of it, Jack felt the sadness of loss grow and spread like a fungus.

A couple of weeks had gone by since the incident with Charlie when Denise gave Jack a sad tale about getting a call at work that her aunt Doris was sick and had asked her to go spend the coming weekend with her. Denise wasn’t much of an actress and, from the nervous excitement in her demeanor, Jack was sure that her actual plan was to spend the weekend shacked up with and fucking ‘Good Time Charlie’, the guy who’d been hitting on her and is very likely already fucking her. That explained his blatant disrespect for Jack, her ‘unsuspecting’ fiancé.

When Jack asked Denise for her Aunt’s phone number, to be able to call and talk with her, Denise looked reluctant and then told him that ‘Aunt Doris’ didn’t have a phone. When he followed up by asking how she knew that her aunt was sick, she hesitated for just a second before mumbling that her aunt had had her neighbor call to ask Denise to come and spend the weekend with her.

Considering the tension there’d been between the two of them during the previous two weeks, there was no way that Denise shouldn’t have been acutely aware that Jack was watching her and wondering about her commitment to him and their upcoming marriage but she’d been very careful. Three times she’d asked her supervisor for the afternoon off ... twice for ‘premarital counseling’ and once to ‘keep an appt. with her gynecologist’. None of them had been actual appointments but there’d been no questions raised and Jack didn’t know that she’d left work or what she’d spent those afternoons doing or who she’d done it with. Each time, after leaving work, she’d gone straight to Charlie’s apartment and spent the afternoons doing wild and exciting things in his bedroom ... wild, exciting things and afternoons that Jack would never know about. Denise realized that Charlie wasn’t nearly the lover that Jack was or even close to being as well equipped but he was someone different from Jack and just BEING with him, when she knew that she shouldn’t be ... getting her cunt eaten, sucking his cock and FUCKING him for three or four hours, when she knew it was wrong, thrilled her. It all felt so exciting and dangerous. When they were together, she fucked his brains out ... drained him dry and then she went home to Jack. She’d feel an insane sense of exhilaration when she realized that Jack couldn’t tell that she’d just spent the entire afternoon cheating on him and fucking Charley’s nuts dry.

As much as she loved Jack, Denise could see her extracurricular sexual activities continuing long after they were married ... for years ... as long as she was careful. She’d thought about it and decided that it would probably be with someone with a much longer and thicker cock than Charley’s ... and maybe even longer and bigger than Jack’s. Denise had done a lot of online reading and it was only those who got stupid and careless who got caught and she made a vow to herself to never let herself get careless. She’d never lose her loving husband or give up the excitement of having a lover to fuck her when Jack wasn’t looking.

Late Friday morning, she kissed Jack goodbye and told him that she was going to miss being with him. Seeing the look of excitement in her eyes, Jack knew that she was lying. He’d seen that same look when she came home from work three different times, too ... like a kid bursting with a wonderful secret. Not one of those nights had she approached him to have sex and because he’d instinctively suspected what she’d done, he’d made no sexual overtures to her.

A feeling of overwhelming sadness came over him because he knew that, as she walked out the door ... with a noticeable spring in her step ... everything he’d hoped for, dreamed of and planned for with Denise was at its end. As he watched her smile, wave and drive away from the apartment, he felt something inside of himself that had been beyond beautiful begin to shrivel, wither and die. Jack’s vision suddenly blurred and he felt like crying ... like just sitting down and bawling his heart out but he refused to ... he just wouldn’t.

Using the first knuckle of the index finger on each hand, he swept the tears away, locked his jaws together and, through clamped teeth, he choked out a softly whispered, “Goodbye Denise ... Goodbye my wife who will never be ... because I’ll never marry a cheating slut.”

It was an incredible fluke of serendipitous circumstance that a close personal friend of Jack’s happened to be drinking coffee at his dining room table by the window of his second floor apartment when Denise pulled her car into a visitor’s parking space on the back side of his apartment building. Ed and Jack knew each other like close brothers because they’d trained together and then served together for two and a half years in the same unit in the mountains of Afghanistan. It was because of their history and closeness that he knew Denise and she knew him ... BUT ... he was sure that she didn’t know that he’d recently moved to this complex. Even if she did, he knew that she damned well had no business being here or anywhere near this rough neighborhood without Jack and that fact had Ed’s fully focused attention.

He’d only just set his cell phone to video and begun recording what he was seeing when he saw the asshole, Charlie Richardson, pull his car in and park it next to Denise’s. He continued recording as Charlie got out of his car, walked to Denise. (who’d gotten out of her car smiling and was clearly happy to see him) He pulled her into his arms and gave her a hot kiss, while she wrapped her body around him and tried to outdo his kiss. His big hands were cupping the cheeks of her very firm bubble butt ass and she was smiling a promise of better things to come, when they reluctantly parted to get her suitcase from her car and put it in the trunk of his car, next to his own two suitcases. After Denise closed and locked her car, she quickly went around and got into Charlie’s car and they left the lot ... but not before Ed who, like Jack, both Special Forces snipers, had zoomed in on Charlie’s license plate.

They’d been standing no more than thirty feet away from his window so the iPhone 4 video that Ed shot was crystal clear and detailed. He immediately called Jack and told him what he’d just seen, where her car was and that he’d gotten a video of the two of them making the suitcase transfer before leaving her car parked in the visitor’s parking area of his complex. After hanging up, Ed texted and also emailed the unedited video to Jack. It was crystal clear. Even on the small screen of his phone, Jack recognized Denise and Charlie. He felt heart sick when he saw them kissing and mauling each other. Their comfortable familiarity confirmed that this was far from being their first clandestine meeting ... They’d clearly been together enough times that it had become second nature but now they were making a weekend of it.

Jack downloaded the video to a jump drive, burned a couple of video discs and then played one of them on their 65” television screen. It was as if he was standing in Ed’s dining room, actually watching Denise and Charlie from his window.

Jack felt sick to his stomach. Actually seeing it and knowing for certain that Denise was betraying him ... and had, in fact, betrayed him by lying to get to where the video showed her actively betraying him ... on her way to a weekend of fucking Charlie. He now had no doubt that she’d already fucked him several times before they planned their weekend getaway ... at least three of those times being when she’d come home ‘from work’ with that ‘cat that ate the canary’ look on her face and the ‘I just got fucked but you don’t know it’ look in her eyes. As those thoughts flashed through his mind, he growled to himself, “How the fuck could she ever think that I’m that stupid? All she’s done is prove that she’s as stupid as he is ... Well, I warned them both.

Grinding his teeth, Jack left the disc in the player, to use it as a final presentation when Denise returned from her weekend of being Charlie’s whore, expecting to pick up where she left off being engaged to get married to Jack. He made another disc to leave in one of the boxes that she’d find packed and ready for her to take her belongings to wherever she’s going to live when she learns that she doesn’t live here anymore ... unless she wants to fight it and have copies of the disc sent to every one of their friends, co-workers and family members above the age of twelve.

On Friday night and Saturday morning, the four calls that Jack made to the cell phone that he’d gone to Walmart and bought for Denise went straight to voice mail. When he called Ed, at around noon on Saturday, Denise’s car was still parked in the same place and hadn’t been moved. In mid-afternoon, Denise finally called and, to explain not answering her phone, she gave Jack a bullshit story about not having cell phone reception at her Aunt’s house and said that when she’d driven into town she was able to get cell phone service and had seen that he’d called several times and left a half dozen messages. She told him how much she missed him and that she was looking forward to getting home. Then she said that her aunt wasn’t doing that well and that she might not be back Sunday night after all because blah, blah, blah but could possibly be staying and not get home until late on Tuesday. Her last words were, “I love you, honey. Here’s hoping I see you sooner than Tuesday.”

By now, Jack was burning. He called another of his friends who owned and operated a roadside emergency repair and towing service. Telling him where her car was, he had him flatbed it back to his complex and place it in her parking space in front of their apartment ... just as if it had been parked there. He cursed himself for not having a spare set of keys to the car so he could have driven it back.

While her car was being picked up, Jack stopped at Wal-Mart and arranged with the meat dept. manager to have their night crew save forty of the heavy duty boxes that their pre-packaged meats come packed in, saying that he’d pick them up early on Sunday morning.

When he came to pick up the boxes, one of the employees wheeled one of the two large carts of boxes out to their parking lot and set them on the curb, right next to Jack’s van. Jack started removing the partitions from the boxes, so he could fit three boxes together in a smaller space before loading them into the van that he’d borrowed from his sister. It was the only way he could load and carry all of the forty boxes in one trip. When he was finished, he used the cart that he’d wheeled the boxes out on to take all the partitions he’d removed back into the store to the guy who’d brought the other cart load of boxes out to the van. He thanked the guy, who said, “No problem.” and that he’d take the coated cardboard partitions to the machine that crushes and packs all their empty boxes.

After he’d carried all the boxes into his and Denise’s apt., Jack returned Marilyn’s van and went back to the apt. and started packing Denise’s shit. He was determined that, by the time she got back, every single thing she owned would be separated from his, boxed and stacked by the door.

She called, late Sunday afternoon to say that she was sorry but she’d have to stay with her aunt for at least another day but more likely two. She was sorry ... she loved him and was looking forward to being back home and in his arms.

Jack told her that he understood the situation perfectly and for her to not worry her pretty head about it. Punching the button that ended the call, he continued packing her shit.

When Jack was done sorting her stuff from his before packing, boxing and stacking it, he left TWO bottles of her douche and a morning after pill on a bright red plastic picnic plate ... sitting at eye level on top of the box that was closest to the door ... right where she couldn’t possibly miss seeing them and understanding their significance. Under the bottles of douche and the morning after pill was a folded note telling her to call Charlie and remind him of what he’d warned him would happen if he didn’t leave her alone and to tell him to buy some good running shoes and start using them ... and to pray that they don’t wear out before Jack finds him.

Denise called twice more during her absence, using the same bullshit story about having no cell phone coverage. Jack let her think she was getting away with snookering him and, each time, her calls were short because she said she had to get back because her aunt ... blah, blah, blah ... and she was gone to get some more fucking ... as if Jack fucking her with his thick nearly nine inch cock and eating her delicious pussy, while making love to her eight to ten times a week hadn’t been enough for her.

On Tuesday night, Jack was watching for her arrival from the window of a darkened room. After a very long wait, he was thinking that he should call her and ask how long before she’d be home. She hadn’t known that she had no car until she got back to Ed’s apartment complex and so her arrival back at the apt. would certainly be delayed from having to deal with that. Just as he laughed and said “Fuck her.”, his phone rang.

It was Ed. “Hey, Jack. They pulled in about ten minutes ago and Denise went nuts when she saw that her car wasn’t where she left it. The office is closed and the two people I saw her stop and ask about it in the lot just shook their heads. I guess they gave up on her car because they didn’t call the cops to report it stolen. Too bad ... that would have been rich. There’d have been a police record of where it was parked, when she parked it and where it was supposedly stolen from. Anyway, they just pulled out. If he’s bringing her straight home, you can expect her in about half an hour. Keep cool and don’t do anything stupid. OK?”

Jack thanked his friend and went to take a piss before re-positioning himself a few feet back from the darkened window, where he had an unobstructed view of the street for five buildings in either direction.

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