Shoe Store Pickup

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He and his wife of thirty years were in a shoe store with her trying on various styles. He spotted another lady trying on his favorites - strappy high heels. A conversation develops, and he volunteers to help carry her purchases to her car whilst his wife heads to the nail salon. He invites the lady for a tour of his motorhome parked near her car - especially a grand tour of the bedroom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Foot Fetish   Size   .

My wife of thirty years Megan and I were out on a Sunday morning at the local warehouse stores complex. We were in a shoe store - Megan was trying on some trendy leather boots when I spotted her.

Her ... was a blonde haired lady. Long straight blonde hair - not a natural blonde colour but dyed ash blonde with darker streaks. What attracted my attention first were the shoes that she was trying on - strappy black heels ... very high heels. Those shoes showcased her sexy well maintained feet with their soft pink toenail paint.

I love hanging out in shoe stores with Megan. It feeds my fetish for seeing sexy feet in the process of their owners trying on various shoes. Coming into summer, the ladies were looking at the more revealing styles.

When my eyes eventually strayed northward, I found a very nice figure ... nice legs and knees on display below a mid-thigh length skirt ... and an ample set of breasts hiding behind a light colored top. Her face was the last of her that I observed ... and I wasn’t disappointed there.

I estimated her to be in her late forties - Megan and I are both fifty years old. She had a very nice face, largely wrinkle free. Her use of makeup had highlighted her best facial features - her eyes and her lips.

Megan being the chatty type soon had her engaged in some small talk. The lady explained that she was looking for some new summer shoes, and in particular a pair to wear to her daughter’s upcoming wedding.

She explained that she was having a hard time deciding between a couple of different styles and colours.

“Hey Tony ... come and give this lady your male opinion” Megan demanded of me.

“If he likes a pair ... choose the other” my wife teasingly advised.

The other lady laughed at my wife’s humorous advice at my expense.

“Oh ... is he that good?” she asked then added “Hi ... my name is Celeste ... pleased to meet you both”.

“Well Tony ... what do you think?” asked Megan.

Celeste was currently trying on a pair of black high heels with a single thin strap across the toes and a single strap around the instep/ankle.

“Delicious ... very nice” I commented then in a lower tone added “Edible”.

I got a wry smile from Celeste ... she had heard me as she walked back and forth in them. Megan had moved off to find another style to try, leaving me seated near where Celeste was trying her shoes.

I sat there for the next half hour giving advice and comments to both ladies until Megan presented me with four boxes of shoes.

“Here ... would you pay for these whilst I go to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure”.

Off she went ... I didn’t expect to see her again for over an hour.

I carried them across to the cash station to find Celeste also in the process of making her purchases. She had five boxes that she had selected. We were checked out at approximately the same time.

“Would you like a hand to carry those to your car?” I asked.

“I have nothing but time to kill ... Megan is off at the nail salon. Besides it’s not often that I get to be chivalrous and help a beautiful lady”. I laid it on a little thick.

She smiled and replied “Talk like that will get you into trouble with your wife”.

“Nah ... she tells me that I’m all talk and no action”.

Celeste laughed with me as I loaded up with my wife’s purchases and one of hers. We walked together through the mall and in to the car park.

She was immediately apologetic... “Sorry it’s a bit of a walk. I have a new car and I try to avoid the more crowded parts”.

“Hey it’s ok ... we’re parked in this area too”. I pointed out the mid-sized motor home parked just ahead.

“Oh ... I saw that and wondered who owned that ... it’s looks great” she commented as we arrived at her car which was just 10 meters away.

She placed her purchases in the boot.

“Would you like a tour?” I asked.

“I’d love to” she replied.

I closed the side door after showing her inside. The front section contained the living area and kitchenette, with the rear containing the bedroom and ensuite. The passageway to the back was quite narrow, and I soon found myself pressed against her as we tried to negotiate it together.

Sensing that Celeste was in no hurry to move away from me. I slipped a hand around her waist and drew her closer saying “It can get a little squeezy here”.

“No problems here ... I’m used to tight spaces” she replied. She pushed back against me ... so I took the liberty of kissing her gently. She surprised me when she returned it with vigor and passion, pressing her full breasts into my chest.

I slipped my hand down to grab at her firm ass as we crab-walked down to the bedroom.

Standing at the end of the bed, I pulled her top off over her head, revealing a set of breasts that threatened to spill over the top of her skimpy pink bra. With practiced ease I had it unhooked and on the floor within seconds.

“Nice ... very nice” I murmured into her lips.

I picked her up, and deposited her on the middle of the bed. Taking each foot, I slipped off her shoes. With one still in hand, I placed it near my mouth. I winked at her ... then I licked and sucked on her toes.

“Oh ... I knew that you were checking out my feet in the store” she moaned.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked as I continued my oral attentions.

“I love my feet getting attention ... sadly my husband doesn’t indulge me” she admitted with some temporary sadness.

I continued to pleasure her feet for a few more minutes before I released them. I stepped back a little, stripping off my shirt and my shorts. My already engorged cock popped free.

“Did I do that?” she asked with a wry smile on her face.

I stepped forward and grasped her feet again. This time I placed one on each side of my cock, feeling their softness against my shaft.

“Kinky” she murmured as I held them against my shaft ... encouraging her to slide them along me.

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