Angies Impregnation

by Rick Kittle

Copyright© 2017 by Rick Kittle

Erotica Sex Story: What started out as a ride home with a friend turned into unprotected sex and a resulting un-planned creampie for a chubby upper-class middle aged housewife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Cuckold   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   .

“It’s alright if I drive you home” Angie said “Adam is okay with it but what would he know he is always drunk and doesn’t really care for me”. Even then George knew it would be an interesting journey. In her late thirties now Angie had a pretty soft face with a mature and voluptuous body.

Standing there in a long dress her large drooping breasts could be made out through the fabric, and would be in the fashion of an E-Cup. Like most women that had bore children she had constantly erect eraser sized nipples that poked out through her top. Sure there was some beef around the midriff below her slender waste with an ample bum and thick thighs finished off with beautifully pedicured feet and toes.

A typical rich bitch, and one in which George wanted to drain the annoying throb that was starting to build in his testicles. After all it had been more than 72 hours since he has masturbated to the thought of dumping his load into her chubby belly. There was just something forbidden and lustful about her.

The drive home was quiet until George gestured towards the entrance to the State Forest. “Let’s stop here so I can have a smoke” after all home was still another 10 miles away and even in light traffic it would take some time. When pulling up though George leaned over and pushed his lips against hers taking the initiative diving his hands down Angie’s top and pulling out her large pale floppy breasts.

Instinctively she continued to kiss him on the lips all the while his hands rolled and kneaded her ample nipples. “Suck me” George pleaded as he swayed back and sprung out his purple and aching shaft. Hooded, and heavily veined Angie did a double take, before she protested “I don’t like that” to which George retorted “then ride me”. His steely gaze met her eyes, at this time there was no turning back, he needed to release his hot sticky load anyway he could.

It was so long since Angie had sex she was not on the pill. Her man when she did allow him to enter her pulled out before shooting a few drops of cum on her tummy, so she didn’t carry condoms, and she really wasn’t prepared for this. “I can’t George we have no contraception, so sorry we can’t, plus it’s not a safe time of the month for me I am in the middle of my cycle “, but already he had his fingers parting aside the crutch of her lacy underwear rubbing at the entrance of her hairy vagina which was slick and wet with her musky natural lubricant.

In a moment Angie’s knickers had been removed, and her long dress rolled up over her waist. In the back seat of her car Angie’s life was about to change forever. Hitched up over her broad hips the light roll of some puppy fat still had a slight paunch above the start of her heavily thatched vaginal mound. It was the area below this though that George concentrated on. Not the veins starting to show color in her pendulous large breasts, or the poking hard erect nipples set on generous poached egg sized areola.

Rather it was the protrusion of the fleshy pussy lips through the light fur and the trembling actions as Angie straddled him gently meeting the head of his purple straining penis with these lips, their fluids touching for the first time as her sexual lubricant discharge meshed with the large dollop of gooey pre-cum that hard formed at the end of his shaft which was now beginning to twitch and pulse as if it had a mind of its own, drooling clear juice in anticipation.

“Uhhhhh, please ... be careful” Angie started to protest as George grabbed the rolls above her hips and pulled her down onto his shaft. There was the initial dry spot as penis lined up with vaginal canal, and pussy lips spread to accommodate the correct angle of his hooded monster, then ‘plop’ Angies whole pelvis ingested and swallowed the complete length of his shaft, nuzzling it’s now freely dribbling and pre-cum oozing leaking against the tight muscular ring of her cervix.

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