The Great Adventure

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: The story of a co-operative woman that eventually sours - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

Elizabeth was a woman in her mid-sixties, she lived in a unit that was just one out of a number that were built in the later years of the seventies; she was lonely but did connect with her neighbours, but only in saying the usual ‘good morning or afternoon’; she didn’t live alone but knew that her son would be leaving to live in his own unit and with his girlfriend in the coming month; she didn’t like the idea of living alone and it was that reason she sought any club or organization that would be company for her and that organization was a seniors education club that was meant to keep seniors active so they wouldn’t vegetate. That was in Sept 2015.

She was introduced to the array of subjects and there were many but the one that she chose was a political one, dealing with ‘foreign relations’. She was asked where she lived and her contact number and as she said that although she had a vehicle, driving was not something she enjoyed. “Oh! I think we can arrange transport”, she was told by an office volunteer. “As you are interested in ‘foreign relations’ the chap that tutors that subject lives quite close to you. I will ring him if you like”, she was told. A request she willingly adhered to. The conversation was brief but positive. “He would be delighted”, she was told. “His name is Richard but he did ask me to stress that as he has to open up the venue he would have to pick you up around ten to nine on the Monday mornings. You must understand Elizabeth that the venues for our club are a bit scattered and are owned by the council but they don’t open up it is the responsibility of the tutors to do that”, the office volunteer said.

She was dressed and was just having a drink when the doorbell sounded. It was exactly eight fifty. She picked up her bag and opened the door. “Elizabeth?” was the very chirpy question. She gave a nod. “I’m Richard and I believe you are interested in joining our ‘foreign affairs’ classes” he said. She smiled and as she locked up she was surprised for she had expected a tutor to be old and grey, maybe an ex-school teacher but this man was or didn’t appear to be very old and was tanned and very fit, secretly she was delighted. A delight that she was determined to push for all it was worth. “I hope you like the class Elizabeth”, he said as he moved into the flow of traffic. “We do get a few heated debates for many have their own opinions of ‘foreign relations’ especially in ‘foreign aid’ but there is no bad blood, we all get on very well together and over morning tea, it is always pleasant chatter. We finish around eleven thirty and then a few of us have a coffee, a sort of ritual that has been in progress for a number of months. You will be very welcome to join us”, he concluded as he braked to accommodate a P plater who darted in front of him. “Stupid cunt”, he snapped. “Give them a P plate and they think they are fucking invincible”. All she did was grin.

She was welcomed and although it took some time before she could participate and ask questions she did enjoy the class and especially the coffee ritual that followed so by the time she arrived back at her unit she gave a very positive answer to the question ‘did she enjoy the class and would she like to be picked up next Monday’. He gave her a wave as he drove off, not for a moment thinking of the impression he had made on her or that she was thinking of ways to get to know him better, especially on the intimate side of the coin.

The call came early the next morning. He was applying oil to the mechanism of his bike. “Richard it is Elizabeth”, the cheery voice said. “I was wondering if you would like to come to lunch. It is my way of thanking you for the welcome you gave me yesterday and for the transport”. The invitation did puzzle him but he wasn’t the kind that would turn down a woman, even one that wasn’t a candidate for the pages of any men’s magazine. “Thank you Elizabeth I would be delighted. What time did you have in mind?” he asked and then added. “Is it acceptable to come in my bike gear for I ride on the days I’m not tutoring or attending a class that I don’t tutor but find interesting”. Her reply was very accommodating. He arrived, secured his bike and as he entered she remarked. “You do look colourful. Is that what you wear when you are going cycling?” she asked. “Yes I do”, he replied as she invited him to sit. “We have to make ourselves noticeable to other road users for we are very vulnerable if we ride on the roads, although we try to stick to the bike tracks but every now again have to use the roads”, he concluded.

“I have made leek and potato soup and then scrambled eggs on toast. I hope you like the lunch”, she said as she moved back and forth across her small kitchen. “Sounds very good Elizabeth”, he replied as he sat at the table she now indicated. “Tea, coffee or a cool drink?” she asked as the soup and a bread roll was put in front of him. “Tea I would like”, he replied with a smile and shortly a piping hot cup of tea was in front of him. Only brief chit-chat followed as the lunch was in progress but when finished and the dishes were put in the sink they moved to the lounge and there without hesitation or protest a brief embrace became a more definite move on the board of seduction.

For a second Elizabeth pulled back. “I like a full on kiss”, she smiling said. “I don’t consider a peck on the cheek or forehead a kiss”. There was no further explanation needed. He kissed and grasped her tit, squeezing it and then lifting her blouse, while still performing the kiss she liked, lifted her bra and let her two attractive tits with enlarge nipples fall free. The mouth kiss was then transferred to those nipples and as she gave a slight moan, the grip at his groin that she had undertaken the moment the kissing became serious now began to perform, squeezing and rubbing. He pulled away, a trail of saliva dribbled from his mouth. “I think I can improve on what we are doing”, he said. He stood up and dropped his bike shorts, his cock now free sprung up. Whether she had sucked before he didn’t know but as he pulled her head towards that throbbing cock she didn’t hesitate in opening her mouth and then it was his turn to utter gasps of appreciation as her mouth performed the magic he loved. “All of it Elizabeth”, he muttered as she slobbered over his fast disappearing erection.

He never asked how a woman could accommodate a full erection, he considered himself one with an average length, fully aroused it was six inches and yet every woman that had sucked him had managed to take the lot into their mouths so that not a fraction of cock was on display, well that was the case with Elizabeth for as he emptied his load into her mouth her face was buried into his groin and there it remained till she had drained his balls and as was always the case, cum and saliva dripped from her mouth as she reached for the box of tissues. “Fuck that was nice Elizabeth, you know how to suck”. She disappeared into the bathroom, as they all did to wash their mouths and when she returned her comment was not hostile but a mild rebuke. “Warn me next time you are about to blow, fuck Richard I will taste your semen for days, you emptied enough into my mouth”.

He left totally satisfied but still wondering whether the lunch was just a one off or was she considering a more ongoing relationship and the ‘suck job’ was just an example of what could be on the cards if the relationship became regular. That question was on his mind when she rang to tell him that she wouldn’t be coming for the class next Monday as she would be at her sisters. ‘Maybe I moved too fast’, he muttered. ‘Not every woman has the same attitude as Nicki and Karen but she didn’t object and certainly knew what she was doing. Oh! Well it was nice but I won’t miss out for both the other women are more than willing to oblige me’. He followed a policy of not ringing, he had been burnt once before and didn’t want a repeat; he did hope that she wasn’t offended and that the trip to her sister was a definite excuse and not one to flog him off. He wasn’t to know that the same attitude would plague their relationship for each time a family member became involved, Elizabeth would come up with an excuse to break an arrangement; he was to find that she could become ‘hot’ and ‘cold’.

The call came just as he crossed a wooden bridge on the East Track on the following Sunday afternoon, as he had her name on his mobile he could answer without wondering who it was for he rarely got calls. “Good afternoon Elizabeth I’m out riding”, he said.

“I was wondering if you would like to join me for coffee up at the coffee shop just up the road from my unit?” she asked.

“Sounds fantastic Elizabeth, however, I am a bit of a distance from you. It is now two, say I meet you there in twenty minutes”, he replied.

“Be nice to meet up again”, she said. “I’m sorry about last Monday but my sister wanted some help and her husband is interstate he is a teacher with the local university”, she concluded.

“Hello again Elizabeth”, he said as he entered the coffee shop. She gave a very encouraging smile and over coffee it was just chatter it wasn’t till he was walking her back to her unit that she asked a question that made him wonder how it could be accommodated. He was married, but it was a sham, a marriage of toleration and he had sought women for decades to satisfy a desire that his wife refused to give. “I was wondering if you would like to come to a dinner for my sister’s birthday.”

“What day would that be?” he asked.

“Next Thursday, the venue is in ‘Two Lakes’, there will be about a dozen people, a couple of relatives and personal friends”, she answered. His mind raced what excuse could he come up with to justify a night out for the idea of spending some time with this woman was something that he would move earth to accommodate. “I would love to Elizabeth”, he said. “However, I am quite busy during the week with the club and my research, but the idea of being with you is something that I will endeavour to achieve. I’ll give you a ring to confirm it. Oh! What time would it be”, he asked.

“We are due at the venue around 8pm”, she replied. He gave her a kiss and a feel of a tit, much to her enjoyment and just for a second she gave his groin a feel, much to his delight. “I love your touch”, he whispered. He rode off and at her request gave a wave as he joined the road.

His activity with the organization and his association with a very active cycling group and also his regular association with an old work mate did give him an avenue to be out for dinner. His wife also had a religious organization that she was frequently at and also was out regularly and luckily the night of the party was also a night she had a religious meeting and supper; her organization he avoided if possible; a situation that had existed for decades. That evening he texted Elizabeth and told her he could make it but then added that on the returned to her unit they fuck. Her reply was almost immediate. ‘The idea of a fuck is also on my agenda’.

Parking on a busy night was a problem and it was some time, after numerous turns and exploration in the parking lots before he found a spot, some walking distance from the venue. “Well this is the best I can hope for”, he said as he helped her out. “A nice brisk walk will even increase my desire for what you have in mind after the party”, she smiling said as she gripped his fingers, a grip that he returned as they walked towards the restaurant.

To give the other occupants credit, he was accepted but the menu certainly wasn’t to his taste so he ordered the simplest meal for the others he couldn’t understand for the menu was very colourful in its description. He smiled when his order arrived and thought that he could have made it and certainly cheaper than the menu price, for despite its name it was just mince and spaghetti with a coating of cheese. He ordered a beer and for Elizabeth an ice coffee and as the talk proceeded of which he did put in some comment they played footsie under the table till he whispered that if she was willing they could depart, she agreed and after the goodbyes they walked out and when clear of the restaurant took hold of each other fingers and walked to the parked vehicle. A nice kiss and a feel in the car then the ignition was turned on. “Now let’s get back to your place, I have a throbbing hard-on for the thought of fucking you is making me very uncomfortable”, he said. She just smiled and for a second rubbed his groin and then settled back in the seat.

They arrived just a bit after ten. As she opened the door said. “I haven’t made the bed for I washed the sheet. Would you bring them in plus the two pillow cases they are hanging on the hoist”. He gave a nod but as he walked away his thoughts were wondering if she was getting hesitant and this was a delaying tactic for he knew his wife wouldn’t be home till eleven and he could possibly not be expected to arrive before midnight. He gathered the bed linen and was back in a short time, for time was important. “I’m in the bedroom Richard”, she called. With the bundles held he went into the main bedroom, it had been her son’s but when he moved out she had moved in for the bed was a king size and more comfortable then what had been available in the smaller room. She was dressed in not a totally transparent negligée, but a short garment covered in flowers. “With my panties on or off?” she asked as the bed was made.

“Off Elizabeth, very much so”, he said as he quickly undressed. His next utterance was one of pure satisfaction for her groin was covered in a triangle of hair. “I’m glad you don’t shave”, he said as they embraced and she stroked his throbbing erection. Within seconds the negligee was around her waist, her tits bare, her thighs well spread and with a gasp ‘now we fuck’, he drove his cock in one thrust up that accommodating crack.

In and out he ravished her, every thrust bought forth a moan or a gasp as she rose and fell, working in co-operation with the item giving her such pleasure. One minute he would anchor himself, then spend time kissing or sucking on her raised nipple, then he would thrust again. “Make it last”, she gasped as another thrust sent his cock even deeper. “I ... I haven’t been fucked for ... for a long time”, came the staggered comment as another thrust lifted her backside. Finally he could hold back no longer and she knew it was comings that gush of hot cum destined to explode deep inside her. She gasped, locking her legs tightly around him as bursts of cum cascaded into every cavity of her throbbing cunt. They remained tightly embraced for several minutes as his balls were drained and then just fell off, totally exhausted. Whether they slept could be debated but finally she stirred. “Fancy a shower”, she said. “I’m a lather of sweat and so are you”. A suggestion that he welcomed, it was now just a few minutes before twelve. The shower was welcome and it was a delight to wash and be washed. He left feeling great and by the smirk on her face Elizabeth was also satisfied.

No further get together was arranged, just the ‘pick up’ for class for he just couldn’t suggest a time, it had to be when he had a good reason or his wife was off with one of her group and that didn’t occur for well over a week, when she informed him that there was a send-off for one of the group and she wouldn’t be home till quite late. A statement he just gave a grunt of recognization to, but it immediately put his mind into gear for here was another opportunity to get between Elizabeth’s thighs. He rang her and asked if she was free would she like to go out for lunch. “It is a nice restaurant in the hill”, he said.

“I would be delighted Richard”, she replied.

“Great I will book a table for they are very popular and I’ll pick you up about eleven-thirty. It will take a bit over half an hour to get there”, he concluded.

“This is very nice Richard”, she said as they walked through the approach garden. I haven’t been here before”, she concluded as she gripped his fingers. He returned the gesture. The waitress led them to a table overlooking the surrounding gardens and the hills in the distance. The meal was enjoyed and after coffee they made their way back to his vehicle. “Enjoy that?” he asked as they embraced, he kissed her and massaged her tits while she groped for his groin and gave it a rub.

It was just getting onto two in the afternoon when they arrived at her unit.” A cup of tea?” she questioned as she came out of the bedroom. He put down the magazine. “I think we can forgo the tea for now”, he said. “I have a better idea”, he said as they embraced. No further words were said as they entered the bedroom. Slowly they undressed and then with a comment. “You are one attractive woman Elizabeth and a fantastic fuck”. She just smiled as they came together, foreplay was not long but as he drove his cock up that hairy goal both were eager and ready for the pleasure that they gave each other. It was a slow but deliberate fuck, both working together, he would thrust and she would rise to welcome it, but as always his balls needed released and as it had been on their first encounter she gripped him and as each gush of cum was delivered her utterances were slight moans and groans. Although covered in sweat they locked themselves together and again exhaustion had its way. She stirred and then asked. “Would you like me to suck you off?” A question that only knew one answer and as he stood before her and in the mirror his image and her mouth performing a ritual he enjoyed; he gave off soft moans as his cock appeared and disappeared into that open mouth.

“Did you ... did you enjoy that?” she gargled.

“Cause I did you randy cunt”, he replied.

I think ... I think it is time for a shower” she uttered as she wiped her mouth. He loved showering with her, he washed and soaped her, especially her tits and cunt and she returned the favour by massaging his cock and balls. “Time for that cup of tea now?” she questioned as she put the towels back. “Absolutely”, he replied. “But let’s not dress. I like parading around in the nude. “How about a photo”, she asked as the kettle began to bubble.

“Absolutely”, he replied. “You take a couple of me and I want a couple of you”. A satisfactory agreement was recorded on his mobile

The rendezvous with Elizabeth were ad-hoc, he could only manage them when he had a spare few hours for as he once said to her he didn’t want ‘quickies’ so for a rewarding time it had to be a few hours and it either was on a long ride that was planned or for a meal with an old work mate that could be initiated. The days passed and apart from the odd coffee either at the end of the ‘class’ or one at the local coffee shop there was no occasion when sex could be fully explored and he was getting rather annoyed. However, that annoyance was not displayed towards his wife, she had her own agenda and it didn’t include him, so the annoyance was generated at himself for the opportunity to again spend quality time with Elizabeth he had been unable to justify. His patience was on a short fuse when his wife announced that she had been invited for the weekend at the beach house of a friend that had recently returned from overseas and one that she had known for quite some time. “Sounds great”, he said. “When are you going?” he asked as his mind began to plan a counter measure to get Elizabeth flat on her back with her thighs well spread or her mouth doing miracles to his throbbing erection.

The idea to spend a full weekend was not only music to him but also to Elizabeth. “You mean a full weekend”, she gasped when he told her the following Monday on way to class. He just nodded. “I thought we could take in a movie, you did mention that you would like to go to one”, he concluded as he drove into the underground car park. It was usual to have a brief embrace before class, especially as the car was generally parked in a more shadowy section of the car park. However, the thought of a full weekend of virtually uninterrupted sex had her almost frothing at the mouth. They kissed, as usual he squeezed her tit and she massaged his groin. “We are a bit early”, he whispered. “Suck me off”. She made no protest as he freed his cock and in that carpark she took the item of her pleasure and sucked him dry. As he pumped the contents of his balls into her mouth he held her hard, her head buried into his groin but when he released her, she smiled through the dripping remains and after wiping her face said. “Fuck I enjoyed that. I love a mouthful of semen. Don’t get me wrong Richard I love a fuck as well”. He made himself respectable and with clenched fingers that made their way to the class.

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