Ala's Breeding

by Rick Kittle

Copyright© 2017 by Rick Kittle

Erotica Sex Story: A single attractive woman gets more than she bargained for when invited around for a quiet Dinner Party by a friendly couple

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Swinging   Foot Fetish   .

Ala always enjoyed a good dinner party. It was a little harder now she was single, but Rob and Ang were good friends, they had helped her through her divorce a couple of years back, and they were always there to lend a friendly and supporting ear.

Although single, and not on the hunt for a man, Ala always presented beautifully at this kind of outing sporting shoulder length wavy dark brown hair, fine features, and penetrating eyes. Although tall, Ala was solidly built with ample hips and a decent sized set of buttocks. Her breasts though were small and firm with poky nipples that could just be made out through her knee length black cocktail dress.

None of this was lost on Rob’s friend Darren who across the three course meal would steal looks in Alas direction, purposely dropping his napkin to take in her stunning pedicure and strappy heels. Ala could feel his stare from time to time across the night as the drinks flowed, but said nothing enjoying a little bit of company and some laughs. Conversation turned though with Rob asking ‘Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet Ala?’ a simple question but one quickly answered with ‘I haven’t really thought about it’.

This was not entirely true though as Ala was highly sexed and although she hadn’t had a man in 24 months she regularly masturbated and achieved frequent orgasm at her own touch. ‘So is there something wrong with you down there or is it really hairy?’ Rob laughed, to which Ala answered ‘No I’m smooth! I like sex too, but the timing just hasn’t been right so it’s not high on the list of priorities right now.’

Time pushed on and although the conversation turned and changed across the hours the question about Alas loner status kept coming up, and each time it did she noticed that Darren would stare at her across the table as if he would change all that if he could. After dinner drinks and everyone was in the lounge. The two boys were sitting together facing Ala and Ang, Darren still starting at Ala’s legs and feet while the rest were detached, but still talking about Ala’ single position and the fact she hadn’t had sex in over two years.

‘Maybe it’s a girl you want Ala’ said Ang, and with that she leaned over and kissed Ala on the lips. Hesitating at first Ala pulled back but thought what of it, and in a move designed to show she was not frigid she opened her lips and kissed Ang back on the mouth. Within moments the two women were open mouth kissing, touching tongues, and Ala had her hands on Ang’s large pendulous breasts that were swinging though a lacy bra in her white top.

The two guys were sitting there in stunned silence, unable to take their eyes off the two women. Ang leaned back and with a single move removed her top and un-clipped her bra releasing her two E-cup breasts which featured large pale nipples the size of small saucers and hung down her front like a pair of udders against her slim toned stomach. Ala gasped and put her mouth to them while pushing down Ala’s shoulder straps to expose her contrasting breasts. A B-cup at best and with rock hard chocolate nipples they didn’t hang as much as sat upright on her chest.

The two guys stammered and mumbled as the act continued. Ang kicked off her heels and slipped out of her skirt to expose her hairy thickly thatched vagina, while Alana stood up and stepped from her long dress leaving her only in a g-string and heels. Both Rob and Darren were giving the girls encouragement at this stage, sitting laid back, with Darren in particular sporting a large bulge in his tight fitting jeans. It was ok as long as it only went this far Ala considered, as she didn’t want to have sex at this point in her life, and having not had a partner in so long she was using no form of birth control. There would be no real sex, just a bit of a fun show for the guys. That would be ok.

Ang laid back on the couch and lifted her legs, her breasts splayed out to the sides, and start to gently rub the entrance to her vagina. Going that one step further Ala put her head down and begun to circle her tongue around Ang’s clitoris. She was very musty as Ala pushed her face into the hairy thatch, at which point Ang stopped her and said ‘No baby, we will play fair’ laying Ala on her back and getting on top assuming the classic 69 position. Ala went to spread her ample thighs wide, but Ang pushed them back together and pulled her G-string down over her heels before tossing it over at the boys where it landed between them. Ala could see out the corner of her eye that Darren picked them up and rubbed the crotch area onto his face, rubbing the bulge in his pants as he did so.

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