Another Exciting Erotic Experience

by Allan

Copyright© 2017 by Allan

Erotica Sex Story: A recent visit to an escort. A tale about a mature man's need for sexual satisfaction.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

I have used an escort quite a few times over the years now. I find the coldness and the falseness really very erotic. Taking my clothes off in front of a complete stranger, turning around to face her with a growing erection always turns me on.

I like mature women, I am now 63 and prefer ladies around 40-50 years of age, always in stockings and suspenders, with or without a basque doesn’t really matter. The feel of nylon has always been a great favourite of mine.

The older I get the hornier I seem to get and the more I crave sex and sexual fulfilment. Unfortunately my wife seems to be less interested in sex the older she gets. So I go to escorts, I know it is cheating, I know I am unfaithful but my need for sex is overwhelming.

So it has been a couple of years since I last visited an escort and last week I decided that I needed to have sex with someone who will give me exactly what I wanted.

In every town of any size there is always women who provide sex services, this they do for various reasons, I am sure, but I am not concerned about the reasons just the services they so willingly provide. The need to visit an escort came from a very unsatisfactory sex session with my wife. We were in bed kissing and fondling but when it came to mounting her she was uncomfortable and could not really take my cock into her fully. I took her side ways which helped her, she had an orgasm but I did not come. I was left feeling frustrated and longed for a really good fuck. It is years since she wore stockings and suspenders or anything else that could be described as erotic lingerie. It is also a long time since she sucked my cock, recently I asked her two questions, one “will you suck my cock,” and two, “can I go down on you,” she said no to each question. I won’t ever ask again or try and force her to take my cock in her mouth or anything else that she refuses to do. I am now resigned to very unsatisfactory sex with no prospect of any improvement.

I find sexual fantasies rewarding and masterbate daily, although I don’t always ejaculate, having an erection fantasising about what ever as I rub my cock is sometimes enough for me without having to come. I also use Cialis, the 36 hour viagra type pill. I don’t need the pill to get erect but I do find that I get a more fuller erection and my cock does get that little bit bigger, it turns me on and makes masterbating better and more enjoyable. I am fortunate at my age to be able to get a good erection so the use of Cialis is really recreational.

A few months ago when I was fucking my wife she asked if I was using Viagra as she felt I was harder than usual, I said I was not. She has problems taking my cock these days, so any improvement in my erection would only serve to make things worse.

Anyway I trawled a site in the internet that detailed the escorts available locally, the site is a good one and the detail of the escorts is very comprehensive. There was a few within the town and county that I fancied finally settling on a 44 year old woman whose profile I really liked. She has a mobile number on her profile so I sent her a text message asking about her availability. She answered quickly and we agreed to meet that evening at her flat at 20.30. I had to meet some work colleagues earlier in the evening but I was confident that the meeting would be finished in time for my appointment with the escort.

All through the meeting my mind was on what would happen later and I felt a tingling nervousness throughout my body in anticipation. I have found in the past that the anticipation during the journey to the liaison almost as good as the event itself. As I drove to her place the anticipation mounted and I could feel my cock starting to stir. I always prepare well when meeting an escort, closely shaved, showered and well dressed. I use after shave sparingly but just enough to be recognised without being over powering.

I parked one street away and using the directions she gave me I made my way to her flat. My rising excitement was almost unbearable and I was both very nervous as well as extremely excited. I knocked on her door, she must have seen me approach because the door opened almost immediately, we exchanged greetings as she motioned for me to enter a room at the end of a corridor, her bedroom as it turned out.

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