Sunset Adventures

by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Copyright© 2017 by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Romantic Sex Story: Tessa Midderhelm's loving husband and brother, Alec, suddenly seems to have lost his appetite for sex, and she's getting frustrated. While being extremely loving, he seems to have no interest in giving her some physical loving. Luckily, their nephew, the handsome Fabian Pockette, is around to keep her occupied on her husband's late hours. When they begin to get too close, Tessa tries to put a stop to it--only to discover her husband is endorsing their relationship in all aspects.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Cheating   Brother   Sister   Uncle   Aunt   Nephew   Swinging   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Petting   Squirting   Slow   .

Finally, the day was getting cooler. It had been hot and unchanging, the sun beating down mercilessly, sweat trailing down spines and in between breasts. It had been an oppressing day; and Tessa Midderhelm had been hungry.

It was the heat that had done it, that and her husband’s seemingly unexplainable loss of appetite in sex. Alec hadn’t showed any indication of desiring lovemaking from her at all in the past two or three weeks, and damn it all!--Tessa was a healthy woman. She had needs and desires too!

Not that Alec wasn’t loving, or that he was distant. He wasn’t at all. They had still happily cuddled together all night to sleep. He had still kissed Tessa tenderly, and held her in greeting.

She had actually considered ambushing her brother in the shower, when he was relaxed, naked, and had little reason to protest, but felt too shy to try to force lovemaking on him. What kind of person would she be to do that?! So, despite her sexual frustration, Tessa let her brother alone, and waited for him to be ready to make love again.

Their adult nephew, Fabian Pockette, and his wife, Parvati, had been staying with the couple for several months now, for Fabian’s work. It was not difficult for Tessa to admit how much she liked Fabian. He was a gorgeous man, tall and broad shouldered, with sun touched skin and dark, liquid eyes. He had a quick, charming smile that made her heart jump every time he looked at her, which was often. He was strong, intelligent, interesting, kind ... not that Alec lacked any of these qualities. Tessa thought her brother was completely perfect. But the fact of the matter was, he and their nephew were two different people, and Tessa was enjoying learning more about Fabian now that he was grown.

Due to Alec’s time consuming job and Parvati’s new one, the two had plenty of time to themselves, often eating supper alone together because of their better halves’ late hours, and going places together to get out of the house. Several times, ice cream had been consumed together, walks on the property, even volunteering to do the dishes just to talk together so the hired help, a young girl called Imogen Concord, didn’t have to stay too late.

It seemed inevitable. Tessa was sexually frustrated. Her nephew, an interesting and attractive man. They were spending time alone together.

She wanted him very badly.

But Tessa knew she couldn’t act on her yearnings, and wasn’t going to. She had promised to be a good wife, a faithful wife, a loving wife, to her brother. She loved him past belief--it was very confusing to Tessa exactly WHY she was lusting after her nephew.

She blamed it on the heat.

But the problem was--things had gotten messy. Very, very messy. Fabian had been attracted to her, too. Smothered in guilt for his lust, he had kissed Tessa very passionately on one of their solitary walks, and then had broken down, confessing of his extreme desire for her and how he liked her. Tessa had been surprised, but also delighted. But she wouldn’t go back on her vows.

It wouldn’t hurt just to ... kiss Fabian, right? Just a little, just sometimes? That wouldn’t be so bad. No one had to know, and it didn’t have to go any farther than that.

Or to let him touch her breasts. That couldn’t hurt, right? He had been very gentle. He hadn’t even touched her BARE breasts, only ever through material. Or her pussy. He only rubbed at it through her jeans, or underwear, with the heel of his hand, while pushing her gently back into the grass, their mouths locked together in a passionate kiss. Those times always ended with one or the other of them putting a stop to it, heated glances and heavy breathing. And then Fabian would help his aunt get to her feet, and they would walk back to the house together and pretend there was nothing, no heat, between them.

It had not been the wisest choice, Tessa decided, to agree to go to the small private beach for a sunset walk alone with Fabian. But it had been such a hot day, and the sunset was so beautiful. Besides, the water made everything cooler just by being there--and it’s not like anything would happen between them.

‘Beautiful, ‘ Fabian breathed beside her, their hands linked as the two stared in awe at the sunset.

‘Yes ... all those glorious colours, on the water... ‘

‘I was talking about you.’

Glancing over, Tessa blushed shyly.

‘Fabian, you know this can’t go anywhere. We can’t do anything or be anything. We’re just going to have to be good friends.’

He looked back at her, sly and sideways, but said nothing. Their attentions returned to the glorious sky.

‘It was such a hot day, ‘ Tessa sighed. ‘This is the perfect contrast.’

‘Sigh again, ‘ Fabian urged.

Slightly confused, but trusting, Tessa sighed in the same deep way as before. In turn, Fabian sighed longingly.

‘I want you to sigh that way when I slide inside of you. I want to hear you sigh like that when you cum for me, when you cum around my cock buried deep inside your belly. And I want to hear that sigh when I spill my seed into you.’

Again blushing, and a little shocked, Tessa said, ‘Fabian! We can’t.’ But then she moaned, tortured, for his words had made her ready and open for the acts he had so skillfully described; her nipples were ready for suckling, her pussy was ready to be penetrated and filled with sperm. ‘We can’t, ‘ she repeated.

Fabian swept her into his arms, tilting Tessa’s chin back so he had access to her mouth, and opening it against his own, delving and suckling at her tongue, gentle yet passionate.

‘Don’t you want to?’ He asked, his face creased with worry.

‘Yes, ‘ Tessa murmured. ‘Yes, I want to.’

‘Then why don’t we? Just once?’

‘No ... Alec... ‘

Fabian bent to kiss her again, her words cut off as his tender caress overtook her.

His hands sought out her breasts, and gently tweaked the nipples through her thin summer dress. One of his hands slid down her thigh easily, and then back up her dress. Nudging Tessa’s panties aside with a finger, Fabian explored. One touch and he groaned.

‘You’re ready for me, ‘ he breathed, his fingers sliding for the first time into the wetness soaking her pussy, two fingers slipping slowly in and out. ‘You’re ready for me now. Please let me take you, now.’

‘I’m married, ‘ Tessa said, her breathing quick. ‘I love my husband very much, and I have to be faithful to him.’

‘So am I, ‘ Fabian replied, his fingers still working. ‘I love my wife an incredible amount, and I love your husband very much too. And I love YOU, Tessa. I want to have you.’

‘I must be faithful, ‘ Tessa murmured again.

Sighing in slight impatience, Fabian removed his fingers and then looked his aunt straight in the eye with a smile.

‘There’s something else you should know, ‘ he said very calmly. ‘Alec already KNOWS about us. In fact, it was his plan all along and he’s encouraged me every step of the way. There’s an actual REASON he hasn’t been making love to you for weeks, Tessa. He loves you more than life, and he wants to encourage you and I to form a strong bond in every way possible as well.’

Stunned, Tessa sputtered, ‘Are you serious?!’

Fabian flipped out his phone and showed her the most recent message, dated only half an hour before. They were from her brother.

“Good luck tonight. I think tonight’s the night for you two; it was pretty hot today and that gets my Tess crazy for sex. Enjoy. ;)”

‘Whoa, no way, ‘ Tessa breathed, and had to read the message several times to believe what she was seeing. ‘This isn’t a hoax?

Fabian shook his head, and Tessa’s heart soared with joy. The three of them had been bosom buddies as little kids, until the teenage years, really. And then Alec and Tessa’s older sister had moved far away, and the years apart had been difficult. Alec and Fabian had always been good at sharing ... it seemed like they had found more to share.

Suddenly, Tessa realized her nephew was still talking. ‘No. Although there is one little thing you’ll have to deal with ... once Alec hears we’ve actually made love, he’s going to fuck my wife.’


Hot jealousy surged through Tessa’s veins, but then cooled. It was only fair, really.

‘Yeah--I mean, make love to her. Parvati’s all for it.’

Tessa thought of the slim, sexy, exotic Arab woman who was Fabian’s wife. She DID seem like the kind of woman to agree to progressive things like that...

‘So she knows about Alec and I, ‘ Tessa said simply.

Again, Fabian nodded.

‘She does. And she also knows about me and Alec.’

Tessa was, again, surprised.

‘You and Alec ... are lovers?!’

‘For years. Tessa ... I know you like Parvati too ... maybe... ?’

Fabian left the sentence dangling, and Tessa put the pieces together. He wanted to know if the four of them could all be lovers to one another. It seemed that Parvati had a taste for other women just like Tessa did...

Although it was a lot to take in at once, Tessa nodded. She had found Parvati likeable and sexy; it wouldn’t be too big a leap to become lovers.

‘Good, ‘ Fabian murmured into her neck, kissing down it. His hands sought out the buttons holding her dress together. ‘Now, please let me take you. I’m so hungry for you.’

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