Perfect Fit

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Single guy gets a surprise visitor from next door.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Cheating   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   .

Jimmy was washing his supper dishes and his thoughts wandered to the new tenants next door. He knew they were newlyweds when they moved in about a month ago. About his age too. Other than a few chats in the hall, he hadn’t spent any time with them. Brian was an engineer and seemed to work a lot. Ginny was there most of the time, from what he could tell.

The thin walls let him keep a close ear on their sex life. When Brian was home it seemed like he got a lot of Ginny’s attention, or should he say “pussy”? Not getting any himself, Jimmy often jacked in time with the thumps that could be heard, and shot into a tissue when he heard female cries that were surely orgasms.

One morning as he was drying breakfast dishes, there was a knock on his door. Opening it, there stood Ginny who blurted out, “Can we talk?” He ushered her in and offered a small choice of beverages, having been taught basic manners by his mother. She accepted some white wine from the box he always kept in the refrigerator. Then he sat down across from her. Even he, with limited knowledge of womankind, could see that she was distressed.

Gathering her focus, she began, “I realize that we hardly know each other but I’m a good judge of character so I’d like to ask you some personal questions then I’ll explain why. Will you trust me?”

He replied, “Until He have reason not to, I will.”

His logic made a faint smile appear on her pretty face. It featured blue eyes and short blond hair. Her body, about six inches shorter than his, was attired in snug fitting top and jeans, showing a reasonably slender shape with small firm-looking breasts sporting prominent nipples.

Continuing, she looked at him intently, “I haven’t seen any evidence of girlfriends. Am I right?” He nodded. “Do you prefer females?” He smiled and nodded again. Her face relaxed for the next question, “Do you think I’m attractive?”

My response made her actually smile. “Hell yes, you’re lovely!”

Then the one that made my jaw drop since He had figured she was only having self-image problems, “Would you like to have sex with me regularly?”

He blurted out, “You’re shitting me! Ooops, pardon my language.”

Roaring laughter erupted from her pretty mouth, then “I guess I’m not very subtle, am I? If the answer is yes then I’ll explain, otherwise I’ll leave.”

He stood up, throwing a look of concern across her features, “How about some more wine?”

“Good idea,” as she handed me her glass.

Then she began, sitting close to me. “As you know, we are newlyweds. I’m sure that through these walls, you knew every time we got it on. I don’t know if lately you noticed it hasn’t been very often. Brian has been working way too much and too late to have enough energy to do me more than once a day. That’s just not enough for me most times of the month. I had a much more active sex life than his before we met and even when we were dating. His job during our engagement wasn’t so demanding either so we could be together a lot. Lately he has gotten a big promotion and is starting to travel quite a bit more.

“The bottom line is I need someone to ‘fill in’ for what he can’t give me. This is not a love thing, just an important activity to satisfy a basic human need. No commitment necessary other than respect and proper precautions.”

He was curious, “What do you mean by ‘precautions’?”

“If you are screwing anyone else then you must use condoms with me. I am on birth control so hope that won’t be necessary. The feeling of semen is important to my satisfaction and I hope you’d like leaving it behind!” [big grin]

He reached for her hand which she gave willingly. He turned to her and said, “I’m may not be the world’s best stud but I know enough to get started. How could I resist such an invitation from an attractive woman? How does this begin?”

She stood up and peeled off her top, revealing beautiful globes, “They like to be touched for starters.” She was soon making pleasure purrs and reached for his crotch, finding the firmness that she’d hoped for. Kneeling down she uncovered me and he felt the long-missed sensations of a mouth on his pecker head. Pulling back, she stated, “I’m going to take your tension off and get a taste of you.” It didn’t take long!

They stripped the rest of the way and squeezed into his small shower, doubling up a rarely enjoyed experience. Then to his bed where she commented, “It will always happen here. My marital bed is only for my husband, as are mouth kisses.”

He gave her bosom some more attention but when he headed south, knowing that women often like getting heated up orally, she pulled him up, saying, “I’m already wet enough. Fill me up!”

Two strokes later and their pubes met for the first time. Her hands on his buns stopped him deep and she blurted out, “Oh My God, a perfect fit!”

He looked at her questioningly. She smiled big time and said, “All cocks feel good but a very rare number just match a pussy in every way. I’ve had one before but the guy wasn’t right in other ways and I let him go. Please continue; my need is strong.”

She came twice, making the sounds he had heard often through the wall. Then she begged, “Shoot in me. Give me your sperm!” It was the best piece he’d ever had and, in spite of the earlier draining, the glow of his cock pulsing went on and on. He collapsed on top of her and she kissed his neck as breathing slowed.

Rolling on their sides, Ginny was breathing hard too, “Damn that was great! Probably the best first fuck I’ve ever had. Can we do it again?”

He smiled, “I’m going to need more recovery time than you and I’ve got to get some work done but you are welcome to return at lunch time.” She promised to bring the food. He got busy working, which he often did at home.

Their second copulation was a bit calmer and just as satisfying but in different ways. She had some responsibilities that afternoon so they parted with a shower and a hug. She’d text when she was available to see if he was too.

Brian got laid late that night when he finally got home. Jimmy was sure that today’s events were on her mind as much as they were on his when she was joining with her spouse. The thumping and noises seemed more vigorous than usual. And she knew damn well he was listening and probably gripping his dick in empathy.

Moments after Brian left for work the next morning his phone chirped, “I want you inside me NOW!” He texted “K” back and barely unlocked the door before she barged in wearing only a bathrobe which she quickly shed.

“I’m wet and ready. Brian saw to that. Just fuck me first!”

He’d held off ejaculating although he was hard all night, it seemed. A few slamming penetrations later she wailed and he groaned as she received another copious load of semen. He thought she probably hasn’t dried out since she was here yesterday.

She was shaking with pleasure as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheeks and neck. “Did you hear me fucking last night? I wished I could come over here when he finished. Would you mind that? It would be SO sexy for me but some guys can’t handle it.”

He told her that she was so good to be with he wouldn’t care how many had her first and she almost kissed him on the mouth in joy. It was amazing how simpatico they were in just twenty-four hours. She felt it too. He was invited to have dinner at her place and they parted.

She could cook as well as she could screw and he enjoyed not eating alone. Dessert was in his bed. Twice. He didn’t hear any action on the other side of the wall before he fell asleep that night.

One week after they started she came over in the morning as had become usual. She didn’t immediately strip and begin sex play either. He asked her what was wrong.

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