In the Box

by Mike McGifford

Copyright© 2018 by Mike McGifford

BDSM Story: Short story with no actual sex, this piece is all about a situation

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Anal Sex   Prostitution   Revenge   Violent   .

“Fuck it’s cold again today!”

“Oh stop whining. You’re always moaning about some shit or another but I haven’t got time to warm your tits today so just suck it up and get in there.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you for the encouragement, Master,” the dark-haired woman managed between chattering teeth. She knew what he meant about warming her tits and in a way, was glad he hadn’t chosen to. They were still very tender from yesterday’s warming, although she also knew she would have enjoyed it regardless.

She was naked but for a very heavy iron collar that had been permanently affixed to her neck using rivets instead of a padlock and a pair of leather spiked-heel boots that forced her to tiptoe when standing - although right now she was on her hands and knees, her back bowed so that her breasts and particularly her erect nipples, dragged the garage floor. It was 12 degrees outside today, being the middle of winter. Even the bars on the door of the small box were freezing and the sheets of newspaper on the floor did nothing to warm the place she’d spend all day while he was at work.

Sarah was Marcus’s wife of 12 years. The first 5 had been okay, the next 2 less so. Marcus worked hard to provide for Sarah and Sarah took. Not just took his money or his love, but everything he offered. When she tried to take his pride in their 7th year by getting caught cheating, he’d finally put a stop to her taking. He hadn’t even been heartbroken at the realization she’d cheated on him.

He was merely angry. So angry that he’d insisted the guy she’d been with finish with her - not finish as in breaking up their illicit affair, but finish fucking her while he watched and held her down instead of beating the crap out of the scared fool who hadn’t known Sarah was even married. He’d had to hold Sarah down because he’d threatened the guy with permanent disability if the guy didn’t finish in Sarah’s previously virgin ass - Sarah begged and pleaded and screamed as she was taken anally for the first time but her orgasm had surprised all 3 of them.

When the guy had finished, Marcus climbed off his wife and gathered the man’s clothing while he recovered from his intense orgasm. Sarah was almost comatose on the bed and wasn’t going anywhere anyway. After opening the guy’s wallet and finding only $7 in cash, Marcus took $5, threw the guy his wallet and clothes and told him to get dressed.

“Next time you want to fuck her, you only get her ass, but she’ll clean you off afterwards with her mouth. You don’t get that this time because you didn’t make an appointment with me first. And it’s $5 every time. No exceptions. My whore don’t get to choose who she’s giving freebies to. Make sure and tell your friends that too. I’m sick of her opening her cunt to everyone she can seduce. The neighbors have been complaining that she’s given them all STD’s and that’s gotta stop!” Marcus made up the lie about the STD’s along with everything else he’d said, but as he thought about it, he began to wonder if maybe she did have something. She was just having unprotected sex when he caught her, after all.

His eyebrows shot up when he saw Sarah shudder as he talked to the stranger. It wasn’t a shudder of fear or revulsion, it was Sarah’s, ‘I just came again,’ shudder. Sarah had never climaxed twice in a row before and no one was even touching her this time.

The man’s now-shriveled dick has streaks of brown on it but Marcus didn’t care, instead hurrying him out of the room while the guy began to freak about the possibility he’d contracted a STD. Marcus never saw that particular guy again.

The next few weeks had been a roller coaster for both of them. Sarah had apologized over and over and Marcus pretty much ignored her. He was tested and it seemed to take forever for the results to come in but when they did, he was clean.

Sarah had already decided they weren’t getting a divorce. She’d known it within minutes of being whored out for $5 to the weakling with the big dick who’d only even fucked her twice. She’d decided she couldn’t afford a divorce even though it would have been fairly simple without kids to complicate things. No need to work, having a nice home and all the little things she held dear versus working to pay bills in a rented apartment. No thanks! The problem was that she was a good looking 35 year old and was used to sex at least 3 or 4 times a week and she’d been left for weeks with nothing but her fingers for company. Marcus wouldn’t touch her.

Coming home unexpectedly at lunchtime was the straw that broke that camel’s back. Marcus walked into his home and there was Sarah at the computer oblivious to his presence until he was looking over her shoulder at the message she was about to send on a hookup website.

Marcus totally lost his mind. He didn’t know how Sarah got to her knees in front of him. He didn’t know how his hand became enmeshed in her dark hair and he didn’t know how the hand print on her cheek got there when he came back to his senses. All he knew was that his spare hand was tugging futilely at his leather belt where it had caught on one of his belt loops and refused to rip free. He instantly knew what he’d been about to do to his wife of 7 years and that his cock was uncomfortably hard in his jeans.

Sarah didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he pushed her away from him and stalked from the room. Her hand went to her face and a shiver ran through her. “Fuuuuuck,” she mumbled to herself.

“Get the fuck out of my house!”Marcus roared at Sarah when she came to the open bedroom door. Marcus was standing next to the bedroom window, side on to Sarah. His fingers were clutching his temples as if he could force calm upon himself. All Sarah could see was the 7 inch outline of his still-hard cock. A cock she wanted so badly right then.

“If you weren’t such a pussy-whipped loser you could make me,” she taunted him, angry at herself for her stupidity at being caught again so soon after the last time but dangerously drawn to how rough he’d been with her. The words had flowed out without conscious thought. She just wanted to feel his cock inside her even if he rage-fucked her.

“You want me to make you, you little slut? Well fuck you! I’d rather pick up a hooker, fuck her ass and make you suck it out than simply throw you out of my house.”

“Yeah well you couldn’t do that either, thimble-dick. You talk a big game but that little swat to the cheek was laughable. Like your widdle wee wee,” Sarah laughed at her own joke, holding her index finger and thumb an inch apart.

This time Marcus knew exactly what he was planning as he dropped his hands to his sides and slowly moved towards Sarah. ‘When I’m in jail it’ll still be worth it,’ he said to himself as he closed the distance between them.

Sarah was afraid of the look in his eyes but stood her ground, smiling inside. She knew her taunting would come with a cost but if being taken brutally was the cost she didn’t mind willingly paying the price.

When Marcus reached her he didn’t even stop but instead just scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder. Sarah found herself pounding on his back with her fists, feeling angry, scared and otherwise helpless. And excited. Definitely excited.

Her little fists weren’t even strong enough to be an irritant and within moments he had her over his lap while he sat on the couch, her yoga pants and thong at her knees, one hand holding both her wrists and the other giving her ass a severe spanking.

Sarah felt every strike on her ass. His palm felt like a burning poker against her unblemished skin. She’d never in her life been spanked and it was totally humiliating and ferociously arousing. She could also feel his dick. It was like a steel rod beneath her. She wanted the spanking to end just so he’d fuck her with it, not because she didn’t know how much more she could take. Despite her thoughts about his cock, she was thrashing about wildly so when his hand missed her cheek and instead smashed down on her pussy from behind, she nearly fainted from the pain - and orgasmed at the same time.

“You fucking pain-whore!” Marcus roared, shoving her off his lap, her head hitting the coffee table as she crashed to the floor. “You fucking get off on this shit! No wonder you’re being such a cunt! And to think I’ve spent so many years being the kind, generous husband to a worthless, lazy, bitch who only wants me for what she can get out of me. Well fuck you very much! Either get your shit and get the fuck out out or find me a whore I’d want to fuck before I get back. If you don’t, you can expect more pain than you’ll know what to do with. You’ve got an hour before I get back with new locks for the doors.” With that, Marcus stood up, almost wincing at the pain in his groin from an erection bent sideways in his jeans.

Sarah laid there and heard the front door slam. She knew she should grab her car keys and escape while she could. She’d never seen Marcus so angry before. She knew she could get to the bank and clear out the savings account but that’d only last her a few months. She actually wondered if she could get a woman for Marcus to have sex with in only an hour. Her ass was a burning mass of pain and she wondered how much worse it could be if she did nothing and just waited for him to return. She was still horny though. Hornier than when Marcus had caught her at the computer. Almost crazy-horny. ‘Fuck,’ she said to herself, her fingers drawn inexorably to her crotch.

Sarah was still fingering herself when Marcus returned. He’d actually calmed down completely and would have been in a position to talk rationally to Sarah if he hadn’t discovered her where he’d left her but with 4 fingers inside herself and her top and bra pushed up so she could pinch her own nipples.

“Well you crazy fucking bitch,” he mumbled in disgust at the lewd show Sarah was inadvertently putting on. Marcus shook his head, laid the hardware store bag on the table and strode into the bedroom, returning moments later with a few neckties. Sarah wasn’t even aware of his presence until a vice-like grip on her wrist pulled her hand away from her soaked pussy.

Marcus grabbed her other hand and deftly bound her wrists behind her back. “You can’t even stop yourself for an hour. Hell, if I whored your ass out for real at $5 an ass fuck you could still make me rich. But the trouble would be a pain in MY ass and it’s not worth it. I did promise you more pain than you could handle though, cunt, and it didn’t deter you. So now you’re making me deliver. You should be ashamed of yourself, putting me in this position.”

“Please just fuck me, Master. I’ll be a good little whore if you fuck me,” Sarah whined, still semi-lost in her current fantasy.

“I wouldn’t touch your cunt hole if you paid me!” Marcus declared in surprise. “I have no idea how many cocks have been in you in the last 7 years but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna risk catching something now.” Marcus sighed again as he began to unbuckle his belt.

Sarah was only semi-conscious when he dragged her crawling behind him, pulling her along by her dark hair, into the kitchen. There were welts randomly all over her body from his belt, including one particularly viscous looking one almost directly over her right areola and nipple. That one had done the trick as it’d had caused her to faint.

Thinking of how hungry he was and the trouble he’d be in at work for missing the whole afternoon made Marcus angry again. All Sarah had to do was cook and clean and there wasn’t even anything put out for dinner yet. Rolling his arm caused Sarah to flip over rather than having her hair torn out at the roots, just as Marcus intended.

“Since you don’t seem to be able to use the kitchen for its intended purpose, maybe it’d be best for me to repurpose something in here. Get back on your knees, cunt,” he said menacingly to Sarah. She quickly complied. With his foot, Marcus pressed down between Sarah’s shoulder blades, pushing her forwards onto her hands and knees again. He kept pushing till her breasts were touching the floorboards. “When I say kneel, that’s how I want you kneeling. Not sitting up like some goody-two-shoes.”

“Yes, Master,” Sarah replied submissively.

“I didn’t ask for your agreement, cow. Just your obedience!”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“You fucking well will be,” Marcus promised.

Picking a cupboard at the end of the counter, he bent over, opened it and looked inside. There were 2 shelves of pans jammed inside in no particular order. A sweep of his hand caused pans from the upper shelf to go flying over the kitchen floor. He grasped the shelf and found that it was merely sitting on two runners so he was easily able to pull it out. A second sweep of his hand caused the remaining pots from the lower shelf to go flying across the kitchen floor as well. He was now looking at an empty compartment about 20 inches wide by maybe 24 inches tall.

“Get your skanky ass in there, cow. This is where you’re gonna spend the night while I figure out what to do with you.”

Sarah was in immense pain from the whipping she’d received yet part of her was looking forward to the idea of stuffing herself into such a tiny prison. ‘If only Marcus would have fucked me first,’ she lamented to herself with regret.

Marcus was actually surprised that he could get the cupboard door closed with her inside. He knew she’d be damned uncomfortable and after a few hours, would be begging to be let out. Begging to be able to take a few things and leave him in peace. She’d hurt him more than he thought possible and now he was getting his revenge. Taking a broom from the cleaning closet, he found that the handle was perfect for slipping through the cupboard door handles to stop any of the under-sink cupboards from being opened. Sarah would have to snap the wooden handle to make an escape and Marcus was sure she wasn’t capable of that.

Nodding in satisfaction, Marcus picked up his car keys and headed out again, ready for a meal - Sarah wasn’t going anywhere until he gave her another opportunity. That opportunity wasn’t coming till the following morning, he decided.

Sarah, inside the cabinet, was in an upright fetal position. All was black, no light coming around the Well-fit door. There were no sounds from outside the cabinet after she’d heard the jingle of keys. All she could smell was herself. Sweat and her natural lubricant where she’d been masturbating before Marcus had returned. Somehow she drifted off to sleep. She only knew that because Marcus kicked a pan when he returned, waking her.

She was no longer cramping. That had passed, although Sarah had no idea how much actual time had elapsed. It felt like days. She’d tried to push the door and it wouldn’t budge even though she knew there weren’t locks on them. The only thing she knew for sure was that she wasn’t getting out until Marcus was ready to release her. Sarah really needed to use the bathroom too. Even though she hadn’t had lunch and had maybe even missed dinner and possibly breakfast too, she really needed to go.

“Please, Master, I really need to go to the bathroom!” She tried to shout, hoping Marcus was somewhere close by. Shouting wasn’t really possible as tightly packed in the small space as she was.

“You make a mess and you’ll lick it up!” Came the reassuring voice of Marcus. Sarah didn’t know why, but his voice, even though he still sounded angry, made her feel comforted and not abandoned.

“Who the hell is in your kitchen and why is your floor covered in pans?” A ditzy female voice came through to Sarah.

“My wife’s in the cupboard. She fucked around on me so I put her in a timeout. She’ll be out of our hair in a little while. The bitch has had it coming for too long and I’m sick of it. I wouldn’t treat you like that, though, Mary.”

“It’s Melody, silly. You know, like a song? So you’re divorcing her, right? I don’t date married men any more,” Sarah heard Melody say in a singsong voice to her husband.

“Whoa, I dunno if I’m ready to date, Meredith. I just wanna have a little fun!” Marcus said. Sarah could hear the grin in his voice.

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