Turning the Page

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An old flame comes back on the scene after an exploration time with a black lover, and her previous fucker is delighted - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Orgy   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

As a tutor with the ‘Adult education department’ Rick was familiar with other classes and when he was informed that a class member that was in the drawing section wanted to be transferred to the Monday class, dealing with the same subject, he immediately thought here was an opportunity to palm the arrangement he had to pick up a woman and take her to that class, onto someone else; a pickup he had been doing for some time; it was an arrangement that he had made and although he didn’t attend the class he considered it, more of a duty; a sort of chore that he felt obliged to honour, even though it did interfere with the after class coffee ritual, of his own class that had been in progress for a number of years.

He didn’t hesitate in seeking out the individual and was surprised to find him, an African and as black as coal. His name was Omo. “I hear that you want to shift to the Monday drawing class”, he said when he met him as the end of that drawing class. “I tutor current social events. Oh! I’m Rick”, he said. “Now I have been giving a lift to the Monday class of a woman I have known for some time and because the drawing class finishes later than mine I have also been taking her home. Could you take on that arrangement for going by your address you live just a few street from her unit and it would certainly help me and enable me to enjoy the company of my class over a after class coffee ritual that has been in vogue for a while and one I have had to leave early to be the transport for Elizabeth”, he concluded. The man pondered the request and then asked question regards the woman and was delighted to hear she was very mature, very friendly and always ready with a laugh or a giggle and was not political correct. ‘She calls a spade a spade’, he was told. “I will give you her address and will notify Elizabeth that you will collect her”, Rick said. “The arrangement re picking her up is that you arrive just before nine, I have also given her an early morning call, for sometimes and not very often she has overslept. If you become her transport, that arrangement could also be activated, but that would be between you both”, he concluded. Omo agreed and later that evening Elizabeth was texted to be advised of the new arrangement.

Rick’s text was short and to the point, a far cry from two years before when they had been sexually active, but over time that had cooled and now they were just individuals who belonged to the same organization. She thanked him and the text message ended. Rick didn’t go into details, but did tell her the chap’s name was Omo.

Just before nine Omo knocked and when Elizabeth opened the door to be asked if she was Elizabeth and then told that he was her lift and his name was Omo, she felt flutters of near panic or near delight. He was very, very black but his smile immediately put her at ease and by the time they arrived at the venue, he had told her his aims and hopes and above all that he was unattached, something that had been a blockage in her association with Rich, for he was married, even though it was only a tolerated existence, he was still married. The drawing tutor had already been informed of the new comer and that he would be giving Elizabeth a lift. “Well!” he said. “I will let you show Omo the ropes Elizabeth, where things are etc”. Something that Elizabeth was delighted to do for generally she was just an individual in a drawing class, no body of importance, but now she felt needed and went over backwards to accommodate Omo, something that he also noticed and something that he was going to build on, especially if she gave a more definite signal that could lead to a fuck, for secretly his desire was to fuck a white woman, something that he had not been able to do in the months since arriving in the outer suburb.

Finally the class ended and Elizabeth hadn’t felt so ‘on fire’ since the very first months she and Rick had commenced a relationship so by the time Omo stopped outside her unit, she had decided on her plan to secure Omo in a more ‘closer relationship’. “Thank you Omo”, she purred. “I ... I was wondering that if you were free would you like to stay for lunch, it will only be a light meal”. The desire of Omo for a closer relationship could actually be occurring and he readily accepted but with the rider, that he didn’t want to put her to any trouble and taking her to class was certainly not a burden for he enjoyed her company. Such a comment almost had Elizabeth dropping her panties in the vehicle.

She was like a mother hen and he couldn’t help smile at the way she attended to him; finally she announced that lunch was ready. “That is very nice Elizabeth”, he said as he settled down to enjoy an array of toasted articles topped with an egg dish. She beamed for such a comment had been very rare, especially after the relationship with Rick had ended. “If you would like to sit on the lounge Omo”, she said. “I’ll just clear these dishes”. In was only a couple of minutes before she settled herself next to him; the questions going through his mind were ‘when do I start the seduction or do I leave it to her?’ It was her leg, rubbing against his that was the first shot fired, before long their mouths were kissing, he was feeling her up and she was squeezing his groin that was hardening and lengthening with every move of her fingers. He pushed her blouse up, lifted her bra and freed her tits which were already sporting hard and erect nipples and as his mouth closed over them he pushed her thighs apart, slipped under the elastic of her panties and drove his finger up her already throbbing crack. She erupted and her cry echoed around that room.

Trying to release his throbbing erection without disrupting his activities was awkward, but Elizabeth didn’t notice the struggle she was in a world of enjoyment, she had no idea of the massive length that was inching towards that heavy growth of hair that covered her cunt. ‘Now we fuck’, she just registered him saying but when he thrust her soft moans were replaced with a ‘Ahhhhh!’ as he thrust that monster up her, not one thrust but many till only his balls were free but for Elizabeth in seconds she was in total euphoria Her head rolled from side to side, her mouth dribbled saliva and her backside rose and fell as it accommodate the fucking she was receiving. His every thrust was met with a vocal cry of ‘Ahhhhh’ or Ohhhhh’. There was no time on the activity for again and again that cock was slammed to the very depths of her crack. He moulded her tits into whatever shape their size indicated, her nipples were dragged up as he sucked.

Her first indication that he was about to come to a climax was when he lifted himself up so that for a brief period his cock was on display and she gave an utterance at its size, now covered in the fluid of their activity; he then thrust and Elizabeth’s antics as he fucked paled into insufficiencies as she felt the burst after burst of cum cascade into her inner being, slowly he then rolled off and gave a grunt. “Shit that was the best fuck I have had in ages, your cunt Elizabeth was great”. She smiled for they were similar words Rich had used after an encounter; he told her she ‘was a fantastic fuck’.

She lifted herself up and removed her blouse and bra that had been pushed up, her panties were on the floor, now she stepped out of her skirt to stand fully nude. “Fancy a shower?” she asked. All he did was nod for although they had fucked, she was still partly clad, now she was naked and she was a pleasure to admire. Whether it was his race but by the time they had showered and given each other further encouragement he was again sporting a hard=on and this time it was Elizabeth change to appreciate its size and thickness. “Fuck you are big”, she gasped. He smiled and as she sat on the small stool to finishing wiping he pushed that throbbing head against her lips and as he grabbed her head grunted. “As your head is level, suck me off and play with my balls”. She was no amateur to a cock suck, after all she had sucked Rick off a number of times and when she was married had sucked her husband and his two brothers off almost daily. However, there was no way she could swallow the lot and although she tried even to the point of almost gagging, her actions bought on a favourable result and as his balls exploded and her mouth received what could only be described as a deluge; his only response. “Lovely, lovely; fuck you can suck”.

For Elizabeth that first pick-up was going to be the standard ‘drop off’ agenda after each class and a lunch and many a time she was so fucked that all she did was drop onto the bed and sleep and having a late tea was very much now on the cards.

It was over two months since Rick had palmed Elizabeth off and although he thought of her he hadn’t rung her or spoken to Omo on how the arrangement was going, she had been put on the back burner of his mind so he did get a surprise when she text him and asked if he could take her to his class on the following Monday but could he pick her up some time before the accustomed time frame. ‘Yes I can do that Elizabeth, would 8.30 be OK’, he texted his reply. ‘Thank you Rick that would be great’ was the almost instant reply. ‘Maybe the pick-up arrangement has ended or she has abandoned the drawing class’, he muttered to himself. However, he was not to know that Elizabeth was frightened for just days before Omo had arrived at her unit following her invite but had come with three friends for he had told them that he was engaged with this white cunt who just loved black cock. Sure Elizabeth had shown a liking for that black rod but that didn’t mean she was available to his friends. They gangbanged her, over and over again, till she could barely crawl into the bathroom so abused and mauled was her body. She didn’t want a repeat and had sought the one individual who she thought would help her.

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