Sylvia's Personal Training Session

by TheWatcher58

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Erotica Sex Story: Jake and his step son Tyrone own a fitness centre. Tyrone a 21 year old black guy is getting hit on by most of the married clients. He tells his step-father that her needs help. Sylvia is Jake's first married lady that he helps Tyrone out with. They both look after her - much to her surprise.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Workplace   Cheating   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Size   .

Sylvia’s Personal Trainer

Jake and Tyrone purchased a fitness centre with the proceeds of Anne’s estate. She was Jake’s second wife, and Tyrone’s mother. They had been married for 5 years, and her sudden death had come as a huge shock for the two men in her life.

Anne was an African-American lady who was 40 years of age when she died. Tyrone had been 16 years old when Anne and Jake married. They got along very well - he called Jake “Dad” right from the start.

What made the relationship so special was that Jake was a white guy.

Jake and Tyrone threw themselves into making the fitness centre a huge success - they worked hard, enjoying the fruits of their labours.

They were sitting back having a beer together after closing one night when Tyrone said to Jake “You know that mum would not want you to go through life without another woman in your life”.

Jake looked carefully at the young black man seated over from him.

“Are you telling me that you would approve if I dated?” Jake asked.

“No ... nothing that serious to start with” Tyrone explained.

Jake gave him a puzzled look.

“I’m saying ... if some smoking hot lady bats her eyelashes at you, and invites you to fuck her brains out ... then go for it!!!”

Jake roared laughing at Tyrone’s suggestion.

“I’m serious” Tyrone retorted “Besides it will take some of the pressure off me ... I’ve been propositioned so many times ... there’s only so many that I can handle”.

“Seriously?” Jake asked quite taken by Tyrone’s revelation.

“Yep ... the married ones are the hardest to say ‘No’ to” Tyrone admitted.

The older man (Jake was 40 years old) and the young black man spent the next hour talking about the ladies that had been in Tyrone’s bed ... or who were desperate to jump there.

When Jake expressed the opinion that they wouldn’t be interested in him, Tyrone stunned him by saying “They are already interested ... haven’t you noticed, especially after I told them about your big white dong”.

Dong was an apt description of Jake’s cock - 10 inches long and as thick as a can of Red Bull. Anne had been very satisfied by what Jake had to offer during their short marriage.

Tyrone then added “Sylvia is very interested ... offer her a massage and she will be putty in your hands”.

This is Jake’s story describing the next one-on-one session with Sylvia.

After that conversation with Tyrone, I looked at Sylvia entirely differently next time we had a one on one session.

She was a tall blonde with a nice figure - a great shaped ass, nice set of rounded breasts and a pretty face. She had to look good - she was on local tv every night as a sports presenter in the news hour.

She was married to a guy who also worked at the tv station as a sales representative. I has seen him a couple of times when he came to the centre to pick her up.

We had done a full-on session where I joined her in all of the exercises. She impressed me with her dedication and attitude.

“Well here goes nothing” I thought when I said to her “Would you like a massage to finish the session?”

“I’d love one” she immediately replied with a huge smile on her face.

I directed her towards the private massage suite that we had in the upper level of the center. I left her to have a quick shower, and wait for me whilst I gathered up my massage oils.

Upon returning to the room in five minutes I found her laying face down on the massage table, with a small towel laid across her shapely ass - it was a hand towel so it was quite small. Her skin looked amazing, and I knew it to be soft from the limited touches that had happened so far between us.

I had kicked off my shoes, and was just wearing a pair of baggy boxer shorts. Baggy enough to hide my growing erection.

I started on her back and shoulders, oiling her and massaging it into her soft skin - soon her skin glistened. Moving towards the bottom of the table, I was able to apply the oil to the back of her thighs ... and in that position I got my first look at her delicious pouting pussy.

Yep ... her lips were already engorged and parted slightly, with a hint of moisture between them.

I worked the oils into her thighs, venturing to their inner surfaces ... with fleeting touches by the back of my hand onto her pussy lips. Touches that she did not object to.

With the thighs massaged I worked on her lower legs ... requiring me to spread those wonderful legs of hers slightly. My God ... she had a wonderful pussy ... it looked so tasty with a dribble of her juices leaking onto the towel on the table.

I spent ages working on her lower legs. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy.

“You’ve missed my ass” she dreamily commented ... her eyes closed, obviously enjoying my touches.

I removed the towel from her ass, and dropped it to the floor. Pouring some oil on her ass cheeks, and slowly massaging her firm cheeks. I ran my finger tips between her cheeks and across the pucker of her asshole.

She actually pushed her ass up against my fingers, causing my fingers to rub across both her asshole and her pussy. Much to her frustration I teased both of them without actually penetrating either of them.

“Time to turn over” I told her giving her a playful slap on the ass.

She turned over without caring that she was totally exposed, laying back and slightly parting her thighs. I squirted some oil above her breasts and a little between them. Then my hands spread it in increasing circles until I was massaging her full rounded breasts and their hard nipples.

I could hear low moans coming from her, especially when I tweaked her nipples.

I squirted some more oil on her tummy, and again applied it in increasing circles until my hand was across her mound, and my fingertips were teasing her clit. She grabbed my hand ... and pushed it lower across her pussy, encouraging me to slip a finger inside her.

I slipped a couple of greasy fingers just inside her, running then up and down the gap between her lips - teasing her clit and her asshole at the extremities. All pretense of the massage was gone now - it was the start of a fuck session with this beautiful lady.

Moving to the end of the massage table, I positioned myself between her thighs when my face descending to her pussy. I slid my tongue between her very wet lips - a combination of her juices and my edible massage oils.

I flicked my tongue tip across her clit, sending her arousal levels sky-rocketing. Her hands were now on the back of my head, fingers running through my hair ... encouraging me to orally ravage her pussy.

I was right - she did taste amazing ... tangy.

I worked my tongue up and down, and thrust it’s tip into her tight canal entry where I found hotness and tightness.

“Oh god ... oh fuck ... ohhhhhhh!!!!!” she gasped having a huge orgasm, which ejected even more of her juices into my tongue and face. I swallowed as much as possible before licking up the excess that clung to the soft skin of her ass.

I stood up at the end of the table.

“Show me your cock” Sylvia demanded as she sat up, dangling her legs over the table end.

I pushed my shorts down off my hips ... until they fell around my ankles.

“Oh fuck that’s enormous ... Tyrone wasn’t kidding when he called it a horse dong” she commented with just a little uncertainty creeping into her voice.

I stepped out of the shorts and moved closer, allowing her to grasp it in her soft hand. She stroked me, playing with it - feeling its length and girth.

“I’m not sure if it’ll fit in my little pussy” she admitted with some disappointment in her voice.

“Lots of lube ... and proper preparation will have me buried inside you to the balls” I reassured her.

“Lay back ... time to prepare your pussy ... it looks tasty” I commented as I arranged her on the bottom edge of the table with her pussy totally exposed. She had a neat set of pussy lips that were swollen at the moment from my earlier attentions.

I knelt, and brought my face close to her pussy. Leaning forward I ran my tongue along the edges of her pussy lips before sliding it between them to find a veritable pool of her juices. I lapped them up eagerly, enjoying the tanginess of their taste.

With the juice pool temporarily depleted I thrust my tongue deeper into her channel, finding the tight entrance to her pussy canal. I teased it with my tongue tip.

“Oh fuck ... you’ve done this many times before huh?” Sylvia asked.

“A gentleman never tells” I replied, lifting my head momentarily then resuming a deep probing of her pussy with both tongue and fingers. Fingers slid into her tightness with my tongue concentrating on her clit.

“Aghhhhh ... oh fuck” she wailed, announcing the arrival of a massive cum ... a juicy one that deluged my fingers and face.

With the amount of juices being quite profuse, I decided to stand and introduce my cock to her pussy. I rubbed the head between her sodden lips, and once it was greasy with her juices I positioned the head at the entrance to her tightness.

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