Under the Red Roof

by Mark Gander

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Gander

Erotica Sex Story: This is a prequel of sorts to "Tear It Up," in which you see Dan, Michelle, and Missy get it on in a certain inn, accompanied by a lunch that tastes suspiciously like the cooking of Dan's equally unfaithful wife, Lisa. If you've read "Tear It Up," this story will make more sense, but technically, it could work as a stand alone...technically.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Cheating   Incest   InLaws   Rough   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

I was barely inside the door of my room when I was attacked, and rather hungrily, by her. She had her mouth on mine, her lips pressed to my own, her tongue soon pushing past to taste me and see if I had done what she asked of me. I had, of course, wanting to see what she would do about it, and I wasn’t disappointed. My pants were soon down at my ankles, her lips enclosed around my cock as if she were a starving woman, her tongue engaged in licking me from the head to the base and back. She knew that, especially after what I had done with her in mind, my dick would take some time to recover, but it was worth it, as it got her hot and heavy for me. Something about tasting my wife’s juices on my mouth and my prick got my sister-in-law extremely aroused.

“Oh, wow, you did it ... You really did what I asked you to do. Thank you, Dan! Think that you’ll knock her up again? I hope so, and soon, baby! My sister is so damn happy when she carries your kids and it makes her horny as fuck, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to have your baby, too, and see how I behave compared to her! I hope to be as insatiable as Lisa is! Of course, her cheating isn’t going to stop, but that’s all the more reason to keep up your affair with me, isn’t it?” Michelle licked her lips as she finished stripping me of my clothes with an eagerness that would be hard to describe if one hadn’t witnessed it.

“Well, it’s been awhile since she’s had kids, but I do recall how she was while making and carrying them,” I chuckled, “As for the cheating, you know as well as I do that was coming when she ran into James. Sentimentality and all that jazz. She should have listened to me and agreed to an open marriage, but give her time. She’ll come around.”

“Oh, she will ‘cum’ around, indeed. That for me, honey?” my sister-in-law remarked as she drooled over my boner, recovered at last.

“Hell, yeah, babe, and you know it!” I told, as I removed her skirt, one that extended to cover part of her blouse, after which I began to open said blouse as well.

Michelle didn’t wear a bra, either, and in an open, cream-colored blouse and black silk panties, she looked as lovely and sexy as ever. Her curly, jet-black hair, her impish smile, and her dark brown eyes all matched well with her milky white skin on her petite and slender frame. She had spent most of her life as the second daughter, living in Big Sis Lisa’s shadow, but she definitely came into her own here, as I roughly removed her blouse and slid those panties down with my teeth to leave her in only her long, white socks and her black heels. She gladly bent over the bed for my inspection, spreading her cheeks to show me a very clean butt-crack.

Seeing this, there was only one thing to do, and that was to devour her ass. My tongue traveled between her buns with a gusto that she could scarcely find anywhere else. Ironically, the only possible exceptions were her long-time girlfriend, Missy, and Michelle herself, the latter being physically impossible. Missy and Michelle had been lovers for years, something that several of us knew about, but didn’t tell her parents, because it wasn’t our place. Lisa knew it. I knew it. Most of our friends knew it. Then again, both women also shared men ... it was just their thing. They were poly as well as bi and they were a “package deal,” as they liked to say. You couldn’t fuck Missy without Michelle and vice versa.

As if thinking of Missy could produce her, my sister-in-law’s kinky girlfriend entered the room and dropped the lunch for the three of us on the stand before undressing herself. She also let down her wavy, dirty blonde hair that reminded me how sexy she was in her own right, even as she joined me in pleasuring Michelle. Missy’s tongue began focusing on Michelle’s pussy for her part, while mine fixated on her ass. If my sister-in-law’s nerve endings were on fire before, they were a massive blaze now, as she reveled in my kisses and licks as well as her girlfriend’s.

“Oh, fuck, you guys ... Oh, fucking God!” Michelle lost it and acted as if she had gotten religion or something the way that she reacted to our tongues exploring her bottom half ... which was funny, because she was a preacher’s daughter, of course.

My sister-in-law creamed herself now and she was more than ready for what came next, namely my dick plunging into her soaking wet twat. I was bareback, of course. I wasn’t about to deny myself the chance to donate sperm to Michelle and Missy’s cause of lesbian parenthood, after all. As it was, I already lost enough sensation from being circumcised. I didn’t need to make it worse, did I? Besides, my “M and M”s, as I sometimes jokingly called them, were too sweet to justify denying them my spunk. I loved and trusted them and there was no way in Hell that I was going to use a rubber when coupling with either of them.

I continued fucking Michelle for a considerable length of time after I slid into her cunt, pulling her hair as I ravished her with my usual vigor. By now, Missy’s tongue had moved over to Michelle’s ass and I watched with delight as she rimmed her lover while I drove it balls deep inside her. The constant juggernaut of oral and penile attention to her holes was more than enough to arouse and stimulate Michelle to no end, of course. The sight of Missy’s dirty blonde hair flowing out from Michelle’s butt-crack as she rimmed her was quite aesthetically and erotically pleasing in itself, mind you, in addition to the sheer sloppiness and slickness of my raven companion’s silky smooth snatch.

All this focus on her naturally helped get Michelle closer with each stroke of my cock and each lick of Missy’s tongue, as well as each thrust of my hips to meet her own pelvic action. Doggy-style action also enabled me to go deeper, which Michelle especially loved. Michelle creamed herself yet again, and when Missy slipped her tongue just a little inside her backdoor, she lost all self-control. Michelle’s face went red and she bit her bottom lip, especially as I began rubbing her clit furiously with my left hand, masturbating her to make her climax imminent, which it did. She blasted my dick with her juices, splashing me good, the final step that forced me to cum inside her pussy at last.

“Ready for lunch, I gather, to recover for round two?” I teased the couple, both of whom gave me ardent, sensual kisses that made it plain that there might well be a round three or four if they had any say about it.

“So, how did my asshole taste?” Michelle asked me, just seconds before Missy planted one on her.

“Try it for yourself, babe,” Missy told her, even as we began eating a nice lunch there that tasted suspiciously like Lisa’s cooking.

This reinforced my thought that my wife was well aware of my affair with her sister and her sister’s girlfriend. I smiled and winked at both girls as we ate the homemade burgers and home fries, every bite adding to my suspicions. This was not exactly hiding it well, was it, but then why would my sister-in-law and her girlfriend want to cover Lisa’s tracks, right? Lisa must have assumed that Michelle and Missy would play along with her game, at least for now, but, frankly, I was already suspicious and there was no reason for the girls to keep up the pretense, was there?

“I have no complaints about the taste of Michelle’s ass ... or of Lisa’s cooking. Yes, girls, I think that the gig is up. Don’t you? Lisa knows about us, doesn’t she?” I expressed my thoughts aloud, also glad that Michelle kept her booty clean so that Missy’s tongue didn’t ruin the taste of my wife’s latest culinary effort.

“Well, we didn’t hide it well, did we? Why should we? Sooner or later, this is all going to come out and Lisa is just going to have to deal with sharing you openly with both of us,” Michelle observed as she alternated eating and making out with both of us.

“That is very true, isn’t it? Then, with any luck, it’s polyamory city!” I chuckled.

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