Kiss Cam Ambush

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2017 by Severusmax

Incest Sex Story: Teased and tantalized by his niece and her BFF during a baseball game, Robert is especially shocked when the Kiss Cam proves that they are in earnest. Oh, and he gets to fuck three more women than that, including a concession clerk, his girlfriend, and his own sister.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Uncle   Niece   Rough   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Female   White Couple   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

I didn’t know how or why I let myself be dragged to a baseball game by Tina and her best friend Zoe, except, of course, that it was Tina’s birthday and I could never refuse my niece a treat like that on her special day. Naturally, I offered to buy my latest girlfriend, Lisa, a seat as well, even though the ones that Tina and Zoe got were really nice ones, too. I was willing and able to do that for her or for my sister, Vera, but both of them begged off, so it was just Uncle Robert, his niece Tina, and Tina’s BFF, Zoe, at that game. Why they wanted me to tag along, I had no idea, either.

Well, everything started out weird enough, especially when Zoe convinced me to let her ride on my Harley with me, while Tina took the Audi. I could understand Zoe holding tightly to my waist, but she made no pretense of avoiding excessive contact as she did so. Once I parked my hog and removed her helmet, Zoe also took my hand and put my other hand in Tina’s, which I thought was very bizarre as well. Both girls were very mushy, too, monopolizing my attention and following me everywhere at the game, to the point that one guy at the concession stand accused me of being a Mormon, and he didn’t mean the regular LDS type.

The concession clerk didn’t help, as she made gestures with her finger when she didn’t think I was looking while I was in line ... risque gestures, which implied that the girls must like sucking my dick, and that she wouldn’t mind finding out what the fuss was about, more or less. When I reached the concession stand, the cute young Latina even slipped me her phone number, despite her obvious wedding band! I was curious and flattered enough to take it, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to possibly get some angry husband of what was apparently a newlywed on my trail. That might be a bit too much heat for me.

“Uncle Bob, that cutie was totally hitting on you! I can see why, too. You’re a hunk! If I wasn’t your niece, I’d have married you by now!” Tina told me, which was a bit jolting, but I took it as flattery from a young woman learning how to flirt.

“If Lisa didn’t grab him first, that is ... or me, for that matter!” Zoe commented, making both girls giggle a bit.

“I could share,” Tina said, which just made things worse.

I figured that it was just a good bit of teasing, of course, but this kind of behavior continued, from Tina eating her hot dog as if she was sucking a cock, to Zoe putting some nachos in her fantastic cleavage and abruptly popping one into my mouth. I tried to distract myself by focusing on the game, but the girls continued to flirt and tease, and I’m no baseball fan, sorry to say, so that didn’t stand a chance of competing with this feminine attention. When your niece’s seventeen year old girlfriend plants her ass on your lap for several seconds and squeezes you for a moment, yeah, you try paying attention to sports! I thought not! My cock was hard as steel, so I thought to take a momentary break to rub one out in a stall, bad as that sounded. The girls both winked at each other as they saw me stand with a boner the size of a Coney dog, knowing that they caused it.

I barely made it to the public restroom when I heard steps behind me. Just as I was about to close the stall door, a small, very female hand pushed its way into the gap and forcefully opened it all the way. It was the concession clerk, who grabbed me with a strength and passion that outmatched her diminutive size before closing the door behind us. Within seconds, her pants were down and she bent over the toilet to invite me to give her a quickie. By now, my qualms were a bit overwhelmed by my stiff cock and I began to pound that Hispanic honey with a vengeance! I fucked her for several minutes and she kept tightening up on my dick with her very warm, wet pussy, as if desperate to suck the cum from my balls with her twat with the force of a vacuum cleaner.

Finally, after probably about eight minutes of this, with my precum leaking badly, the clerk, whom I knew only as Lupe, came loudly enough to draw the attention of anyone who just barely set foot inside the men’s room. She squeezed me like a vise again, and there was just no way to pull out in time. I spurted in three or four significant, built-up jets, spilling my jizz into her young slit, hoping that she wasn’t fertile right then. I didn’t even know what the circumstances of her marriage were or why she stepped out on her hubby, and frankly, I was in no mood to learn the hard way.

When I withdrew from her cunt, Lupe slipped me some tongue and told me, “Thank you, papi. I needed that. Badly. Hubby’s in jail and I frankly hope that he never gets out. He used to be papi, but now that’s you. I don’t sleep with thugs. I’ll see you around. By the way, I’m extremely fertile right now. I hope that you don’t mind fatherhood.”

Holy fuck, I thought ... what have I gotten myself into now. I pulled up my pants, waited for Lupe to exit the stall (which she did with my spunk still inside her twat under her slacks), but she wouldn’t budge. Instead, she stepped out of her panties, wrote down her name, phone number, and e-mail address on her underwear, scribbled a brief message, and only then put her slacks back on, handing me her Hanes with another French kiss. The note read, “Anytime, papi. I’m at your beck and call.”

I walked rather awkwardly back to the bleachers, where the girls teased me as ruthlessly as before, especially once they smelled pussy on my dick. It didn’t take them long to guess whose cunt that was, of course, and that just made the needling and flirting worse. The fact that I couldn’t keep a straight face and couldn’t bring myself to deny what I did didn’t help, either. If it wasn’t Tina on my lap, it was Zoe, and they weren’t shy about rubbing their butts against my cock, with only their pants to shield them from my rapidly recovering prick.

“Oh, my God, someone failed to issue my uncle a male refractory period!” Tina taunted me before returning to her seat for the millionth time and letting Zoe take over.

“Or he’s just that much of a horn dog,” Zoe snickered as she took a sip from my soda, daring me to drink after her.

That was when the “Kiss Cam” was turned on us, and any attempts at denial were gone forever. Tina turned to me the second that she saw the camera pointed at us and gave me the deepest, wettest, juiciest, sloppiest, and steamiest French kiss I had ever felt on my mouth in my life. There was no denying it now. It was there for all to see. She wasn’t just in it to be cruel or have fun at my expense. The lust was palpable, powerful, primal, even ... My own niece had just given me the kind of kiss that one might expect her to give a college beau or high school sweetheart, or years from now, a husband or boyfriend of many years. I couldn’t help but return the kiss in spite of myself, though I hoped that Lisa or Vera didn’t see it and take offense or anything.

Just as I thought that it couldn’t get crazier, Zoe caught me with my defenses down and planted a lip lock on me worthy of a French film or something. She kissed me so enthusiastically, so intently, with her eyes closed and her whole focus on showing me affection, that anyone seeing it would recognize it for a serious romantic infatuation. The whole ballpark stared at us, especially me, given that I had just puckered up with two different women, in public, within minutes of each other, and neither had shown any displeasure in the fact.

Then Zoe gave Tina a soul kiss that reinforced the menage a trois theme, with the Kiss Cam not leaving us be until the girls were done ... Evidently, the ratings opportunity was just too great to pass up. When people started asking who we were, Zoe told them that she was my wife and Tina was my girlfriend, which really made everyone’s mouths gape open. I sat there, staggered by this whole episode, until people resumed paying attention to the game and both girls began feeding me my stuffed pretzels, mustard, and Dr. Pepper by hand.

“Relax, Uncle Bob. It was just a little fun. Nobody’s going to double check the claim or anything like that, okay? Nor do they have proof that we did anything more than kiss. Well, Mom will know soon enough, once she catches us in bed together, but that’s easily fixed, because Mom wants to jump your bones, too. Trust me on that. There is no way in Hell that Mom will do anything that’s likely to get you into trouble, because that would mess with her own plans for you. Mom has the hots for you, but she’s not alone.

‘Remember how Zoe and I greeted you when you showed up at Mom’s? Yeah ... remember how she greeted you? Just wait and see. Mom wants you to bone her, too. So do Zoe and I,” Tina told me with a passionate kiss as we exited the ballpark, where I noticed that Lupe blew me a kiss.

“Ooooh, man! Uncle Bob is a stud! Little Lupe still has that ‘freshly fucked’ glow about her! Wonder if you knocked her up! That would be soooo ... hot! The idea of her walking around with a baby bump, your cute little mamacita ... I bet that she is just drooling at the prospect of more dick from you! Come on, let’s go home and fuck like bunnies!” Tina teased me in the parking lot, while Zoe took the Audi and she held onto me on the Harley.

I shook my head, unable to fully process the events of the day and hoping that I could shower before Lisa caught a whiff of Lupe’s juices on my cock. She had, supposedly, spent the day with Vera, shopping, eating out, and maybe just chilling at home ... well, Vera’s home. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I parked at last and the girls stuck as closely to me as they could. We walked into the living room and heard noises from the kitchen, so we followed them to find Vera bent over the sink, with Lisa licking her pussy and ass. My girlfriend was cheating on me with my own sister!

I must have stood there in utter shock for long enough to be notice, but instead of what I expected her to do, which was either continue eating Vera or else stopping to try to explain, Lisa approached me with a wicked gleam in her eye. Without missing a beat, my girlfriend kissed me on the mouth with the taste of my sister still on her lips and tongue (Vera was delicious, by the way) She showed remarkable strength as she turned me around, bent me over, yanked down my pants, and gave me a rimjob that few could match. Then she spun me around again and started to Hoover my cock with unbelievable suction before she resumed going down on Vera.

This continued for several more minutes before Lisa got up and led my sister by the hair down to her knees in front of me, where Vera started to suck my dick like nobody’s business. Meanwhile, my niece and her BFF fingered themselves inside their jeans, neither of them ready to jump in just yet, but both of them quite aroused by all of this. When this got too hot and heavy, both girls slid their pants down and started to jill off openly in their underwear.

“So ... whose yummy snatch did I have the pleasure of tasting on your cock, honey? Trust me, it was delicious! You should find that girl and go down on her a few times ... you’ll see. You’re not mad, are you? Clearly, we’re both the cheating kind, but I think that we suspected that going in, didn’t we? Isn’t that part of the appeal for both of us? Look ... I couldn’t help it. Your sister is very sweet and succulent down there ... juicy ... wet ... slick! I had to have her! I just had to!

“Same way with that mystery girl! You should track that girl down and move her in with us ... with all of us. A girl that sweet deserves a man like you to treat her like the little minx that she is. She should have only the best, and that’s you, babe!” Lisa told me with a hungry kiss that I didn’t quite expect, despite how much she seemed to like me before ... and out of all of my girlfriends, she had been the most amorous by far ... so far.

“Wow, babe ... that was one hell of a steamy kiss! Not that I mind, but, damn! What did you mean by... ‘with all of us, ‘ anyway? What the hell is going on here?” I demanded to know, and that was when all four women closed in on me to kiss me from all sides, all over my flesh.

“Honey, please understand ... we want you! All four of us do, and we’ve discussed it ... and we’ve agreed to ... keep you here. More or less permanently. What do you say? Stay with us? Oh, and Zoe is moving in with us right away. Something to do with her parents agreeing that your sister is her legal guardian until she comes of age. How did she get them to agree to that? Well, who knows? How did you get them to agree to that?” Lisa asked my sister.

“I promised to find her a husband, but I told them that I needed guardianship in order to get her safely married before she turned eighteen. Guess who I picked for the hubby?” Vera winked at me, before taking my hand and guiding me to the master bedroom.

“You, honey. Oh, and you sleep here from now on, stud. You’re my man ... our man. I know that you can refuse, but you won’t. Face it, bro. This is what you want, too, just as much as we want it. Don’t worry about Lisa, though. I’m going to marry her myself. She’ll still be your girlfriend, but she’ll also be your sister-in-law.

“Another reason that I don’t miss Thad. He was a real piece of shit, anyway. We were never sure about paternity, but instead of either accepting or denying paternity, or demanding a test, he kept waffling on it and expressing doubts in ways that hurt Tina’s feelings very much. I got so tired of it that I finally served him with papers, kicked him to the curb, and told him never to come back into Tina’s life ever again.

“I also told him, ‘Oh, and she really isn’t your kid. I got her from a gang-bang with your brothers.’ He was livid and he actually took me seriously and tried to get a paternity from his brothers, which angered them all until they tied him up and took turns with me to pay him back for falsely accusing his own family. He’s never forgiven them and they talk to me, but he won’t, but I don’t give a shit anymore.”

“If I ever meet that piece of shit again, I’ll walk right up to him, punch him in the gut, and tell him as he’s throwing up, ‘Tina’s my daughter, you dumb fuck!’ See how he would handle getting horns from his own brother-in-law. I don’t care what he says to others. Let him! No one probably takes him seriously anymore, anyway, after a stunt like that. Who was the other candidate, by the way?” I chuckled.

“You. No, seriously. You see, big brother, it’s really simple. It was the night that you came home, horny, drunk, and frustrated as hell. I simply waited for you to pass out for a bit, slid under the covers, and humped the holy hell out of you before you knew who or what was riding you. You probably thought that it was a vivid sex dream or something, but no, it was me. This was right before Thad and I started going steady, but we were getting closer. Still, I couldn’t let my brother down. I couldn’t leave my brother with a bad case of the blues, could I? What kind of sister does that? So ... I guess that I kind of ... raped ... you,” Vera shocked me with her blunt confession.

“And so ... Tina might actually be my daughter? For real?” I spoke with astonishment, even as Tina pushed me to the bed and climbed on top of me herself.

“Like mother, daughter ... Dad. I don’t know if it’s really true or not, but until I do, you’re promoted to Dad. Maybe we shouldn’t get it checked, just in case. Either way, I want to at least once fuck you with the hope that you’re actually my father,” Tina told me as she mounted me repeatedly, bouncing on my cock ... she felt glorious like that, surrounding my dick.

Tina certainly used me for sex right then and there, no question of that, and I didn’t protest a bit, but would you? If your sexy-as-hell niece who might also be your daughter wanted to ride you and put her wonderful snatch around your prick, would you refuse? Yeah, I thought as much! Right then, I really wanted to be her father, anymore, as well as her lover. She deserved better than that pipsqueak Thaddeus Morton, anyway, from the sound of it. That would get old to me, to have a man vacillate so much between love and acceptance on the one hand, and cruel, heartless rejection (well, in this context) on the other.

“Did you ... know that I might be your father while you were trying to seduce me today?” I asked Tina at last after I buried several spurts of my cum in her teenage twat.

“Oh, God, yes ... and I didn’t just try, Daddy. I succeeded, though not without help,” Tina pointed out, even as Lisa offered me a blue pill and I wisely took it, with a wink from her, “I’m just barely eighteen, Daddy ... and I’m going off the Pill so you can knock me up!”

“My turn, fiance! I’m underage and I want my jailbait pussy fucked good and hard. Put me on my belly and fuck me good and hard, fill me with your spunk. I’ve never been on the Pill and I’m not going to start, and we’re going to fuck so much that you will be unable to even notice whether I’m fertile or not! Take me from behind, so you can see that Middle Eastern ass that you love so much!” Zoe raised her booty at me and invited me to use her doggy-style, taking advantage of the appeal of her butt.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the age of consent was 16 in our state. It was still fucking hot to screw a girl old enough to drive, but too young to vote or smoke cigarettes. Perhaps it was because I knew that society would still deem me a creep if they knew, but then, I loved thumbing my nose at society, anyway. Society was screwed-up, not me, with inconsistent and ambivalent ideas of adolescence as it was, so many different and contradictory rules that people were never sure if they were coming or going.

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