Karate Bitch Saves a Life- Maybe Two?

by Phoenixwriter

Copyright© 2017 by Phoenixwriter

Romantic Sex Story: Ever have somebody in your life which you despise and yet desire more than anyone in your life? Ever feel life sucks and you know you're going down the wrong path, but feel helpless to change or you're unwilling to change? Ever had that special someone whom has always been there, but suddenly you see them differently? Ever have somebody who upsets and changes your life for the better? Meet Terry and Beth as they discover a whole new world which was always there; only needing the unexpected.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Female   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Big Breasts   .

It was a hot humid June Friday night in the tiny town of Lindsay, Ontario and I had gotten off work, drove from my job as a shipper-receiver at a small factory in Peterborough to my shitty little apartment in a rooming house on the eastern edge of Lindsay. I hated my job and that asshole of a boss whom always seemed like he was about to fire me. I parked at the bar I would eventually end at, walked the four blocks to a diner with a liquor license (cheap booze and cheap fries), and sat down for a family sized order of fries and a rye and cola. I slowly nursed my one drink and fries for the next couple hours until the nearest and most expensive bar opened. I would bar-hop the three bars in town hoping to pick up a quick fuck from some easy horny slut who: A. I was not related to or B. hadn’t gone to high school with or C. hadn’t fucked a dozen times before or D. wanted pay for a lay; small town hookers were the worse and once was enough. Then the medium priced bar and last was the cheap watered down beer type of bar where I was most likely to find a relative and/or a hooker; sometimes both being the same thing.

I usually nursed an over-priced rum drink at the higher priced bar at the beginning of the night until the majority of the rich banker, stock broker and upper management types who bought large homes on the edge of town opposite to the Central East Correctional Centre which most people call the “Super Jail”, showed up to buy complex fancy mixology drinks. That’s when the owner made a show of throwing me out in front of the rich clientele. The few rich locals knew it was a show and that I only got into the bar since the owner and I were old high school buddies. He won some lotto money and opened this money-pit, which actually managed to make a profit in small town Ontario. On the way out I would stumble as he “threw me out” for the “show”.

Next stop was the medium quality bar called “Horseshoe Tavern”, a country bar catering to locals and city commuters living in the area. They served some local craft brew beers, the big three Canadian brews and the most popular American beers on tap by the pint or pitcher. They also served good basic, simple mixed drinks like a rum and cola, rye and ginger ale, Caesar, brown cow, black Russian and even a grasshopper. They served buffalo chip fries, Philly cheese steak, chicken wings, chicken fingers, onion rings, beer battered fish and chips, deep fried pickles, a watered down spicy chili, nachos and cheese and that famous French Canadian dish Poutine with a slight twist as a BBQ pulled pork poutine and a Tex-Mex Chicken poutine. I often spent most of my time and money here since it was the best chances of getting a good meal and picking up some lonely office worker, single mom on her one night per month out on the town or college student from the Forestry College or commuting college or university student from one of the Peterborough schools. Being in my early thirties and looking mid-twenties I had a chance at one of the hot college students looking for the slightly rough looking (poor and pissed-off) guy if she was not overly picky on looks.

I’m no James Dean or even a Bieber, but once the ladies get past that they sometimes get the chance to find out I’m decently endowed enough to make them quite happy. June was a horrible month to pick up women in this town, since all the college girls moved back home for the summer and the cottagers partied mostly at their luxurious “cottages”. The bikini clad cottagers sometimes came into town to the richer bar with their lure of a summer “ladies night” with cheap fruity drinks, vodka coolers, and low-fat “wraps” or fajitas or oysters or even wings with gourmet sauces. This night I was getting depressed and running out of money. Next and last stop was a place simply called “The Bar”.

This was the town dive bar with the entrance in an alley with a dim red neon light which at one time had a name before the word “bar”, but long ago had been broken and either forgotten or deemed too expensive to fix. Walking into the bar you were assaulted by the smell of mold, stale beer, and often sex. They served beer by the bottle or pitcher; nothing local. They also served watered down rum, rye, and vodka with cola; often brands you never heard of or smuggled American liquor or stolen black-market booze. This place would give seedy places a bad name.

Bribes and relatives in high places kept this place open. Some locals suspected biker gangs or other organized crime owned part or all of the bar. The tables were mixed non-matching types with chairs of various types and ripped cushions. Interior lighting barely existed with possibly one of four lights working and most of that was over the bar. The dark corners of the bar had cushioned corner bench seating where town sluts or hookers serviced their men; bartenders and over-weight waitresses with giant boobs practically spilling out of halter tops looked the other way. Sometimes the bartenders demanded a “tip” from the hookers. As I sat down with my pitcher of beer and dirty glass I realized this bar provided a “public service” by drawing the worse elements of the town and county into a single place away from places frequented by innocent college kids, rich mansion-owning commuters, and tourist/cottager types of people. Regular locals knew enough to stay away or like me simply didn’t give a fuck.

Tonight was another “don’t give a fuck” night and I was already well on my way to getting drunk. The pitcher of watered-down beer would keep my buzz on until I finally decided to walk across town to the room I rented. I sat back enjoying the entertainment provided by my fellow patrons. Tonight was a bonus night with: a drug deal going down at a table on the other side of the bar from me, a waitress stumbled a bit on loose carpet and her left boob popped out of her braless halter top which she quickly tucked back in to avoid giving us a free show, an old drunk was singing at a table a few tables to my right AND the REAL SHOW was the hooker servicing a client in a corner table two tables to my left. I tried not to show too much attention to the almost visible hooker as she hiked up her skirt, rolled a condom on him, climbed on the guy’s dick, hiked up her boob tube halter top, stuck her large saggy boobs in his face and began to ride the older guy’s dick. My pitcher of beer outlasted the guy.

The hooker approached me, I waved her away, gulped my last beer, got up, said no more money and I’m leaving. I said the no money as much for the possible muggers as for the hooker. She gave me a dirty look and quickly approached the next table. As I left the bar I thought she was pretty dumb or pretty desperate or both to be looking for hard dicks in a bar with cheap booze. I’m surprised any guy here could get hard; especially for her.

Home seemed far away and I was stumbling a little. I didn’t have money for a taxi either. Then the clouds which had threatened rain all day opened up drenching me. The cold rain cleared my mind enough to remember my good buddy Kevin lived five blocks away in a nice house in a decent part of town halfway between the bars and home. I ran, fell a couple times, and then hesitated at the door. Despite the pouring rain and my drunken state, I was reluctant to knock on the door. Not only due to the fact it was eleven on a Friday night, but also the fact my buddy from high school had a seven year old and a nine year old boy; along with his wife Bethany.

Bethany hated me since, as best man at their wedding, I got Kevin well-laid and very drunk the night before at the bachelor party. We barely made it to the wedding and Kevin could barely stand. We made it through the reception, but he was a bit too limp to get hard enough to consummate their marriage on the wedding night. He slept all the way to Jamaica where the first night of their honeymoon he finally got hard enough to fuck. He told me that when she changed into her bikini in their room in Jamaica he got instantly hard and remained so for most of the week when he was awake.

Bethany was a wet-dream come true; blue eyes, short pixie blonde hair, 5’ 7”, 36 DD-28-33. Apart from hating me, Bethany was also a black belt Karate part-time instructor and a fierce temper when angered. Showing up wet, late at night, AND drunk qualified to me as an “anger inducing situation”. Maybe I would get lucky and Kevin would answer the door and have time to calm her down? I was too depressed and too drunk to give a fuck tonight; plus soaking wet. I knocked on the door, waited and no answer.

I was about to leave when a vision of great beauty answered the door. In front of me was Bethany, psycho-bitch of my nightmares, slightly disheveled and flustered with a slight bit of annoyance; mixed with a little contempt and pity.

I begged, “Beth, can I stay on your couch, floor or garage for the night; anyplace dry? I’m too drunk to drive or walk home. Your place was close. Sorry for disturbing you so late. Is Kevin around?”

Beth sternly said, “Okay, get out of the rain and you can stay the night; ON THE COUCH. You march straight to the bathroom and get out of those wet clothes.”

I slurred, “I’ve waited a decade for you to tell me to get naked. I’ll get naked for you anytime and anywhere.”

Beth replied tersely, “Move it mister! I’ll get a towel for you to dry off and borrow Kevin’s robe to wear. Not that it matters, but Kevin took the boys camping for the weekend and I stayed here since I hate camping. Living out here in the boonies is close enough to camping for me. I’ll get a bed sheet and pillow for you to sleep on the couch. Don’t forget that I have a Kendo stick under my bed and I lock my door. Don’t get any ideas Terry. Place the wet clothes in a bag.”

I barely remember much other than putting my clothes in a bag, drying off, putting on the robe and then laying on one of the softest pillows ever. I have no idea where Beth went or what she did after giving me the robe. I cannot even remember closing the bathroom door. I do remember how good it felt to be pissing out that small pitcher of beer I drank at the bar. I must have put on the robe since I woke up wearing it. I also woke up with a headache, a hangover, and the smell of brewing coffee.

I walked to the kitchen and sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen. Beth handed me a cup of black coffee; bending over to hand it to me. She did the same with a plain toasted bagel. Then she sat with me to chat over coffee.

Beth said, “You’re not such a jerk when you’re drunk doing as you’re told. You’re also kinda cute when you’re sleeping.”

I replied, “Thanks once again for letting me sleep on your couch; especially with Kevin out of town. Talking of sleep, I had the strangest dream or erotic fantasy. A beautiful angel with sparkling blue eyes gave me the most amazing blowjob of my life while I was lying on your couch. It had to be an erotic dream since the only woman here is you and you hate me.”

Beth answered, “I wouldn’t say HATE you, but maybe a little contempt or mild dislike. You’re not such a bad guy when you’re away from Kevin or not trying to impress a girl. The real you isn’t so bad; kinda likeable. You might actually have a relationship and not a series of one-night-stands with college girls almost half your age.

Next weekend the boys are going camping at KOA Marmora. This weekend they’re only over at Emily Provincial Park; practically our backyard. If you strike out with those country music loving college co-eds, save some money and skip that sleazy bar and come over here to share a bottle of wine or something stronger with an old lady”

I sarcastically replied, “Your grandmother is going to be here? She’s not really my type and bit too old even for me.”

Beth laughed saying, “I meant ME you dumbass; as if you didn’t know.”

She reached over the island and punched me in the arm. Her robe came undone spilling her beautiful 36 DD breasts onto the surface of the island. I was so startled by her naked breasts and with the momentum of the punch to my arm, I fell backward off my stool onto the floor and MY ROBE fell open. My rapidly hardening dick was in full view. Beth got off of her stool and came around to my side of the island blushing and yet she couldn’t take her eyes off my dick. That made me only harder.

Beth staring at my dick said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you fall or flash my tits at you or cause THAT.”

She was now pointing at my fully erect dick.

I laughed, “If you don’t stop staring, it will never get soft enough for me to put my jeans on. A cold shower might help. Could I hop in the shower to cool down? I must still stink from booze and whatever? My clothes should be dry by now. Could you get them while I’m in the shower? No need to fold them.”

Still staring at all eight inches of my fat dick Beth merely nodded. I got up, the robe falling off of me and I walked away from Beth letting her stare at my naked ass. I didn’t see any need to be modest anymore. Sure, she was my oldest friend’s wife of almost ten years and I’ve known her for twelve; she couldn’t undo seeing me naked. Seeing me naked some more wouldn’t change anything unless we touched. I really wanted to touch those beautiful 36 DD breasts. My dick only got harder at that thought. I thought about my boss and of Kevin; my dick shrinking as I rinsed myself off.

When I came out of the shower Beth startled me a bit and handed me a welcoming towel to dry off with. She stared again at my dick and quickly handed me one item after another of clothing as I got dressed. Only when fully dressed did my gaze wander lower past her now naked breasts noticing Beth was wearing ONLY her panties. She saw where I was staring.

She laughed, “You cannot undo seeing them, and we are here alone. The guys are not due back until tomorrow night; we’re alone.”

Drip, drip, drip sounded the leaking tap.

I added, “I have to go now to pick up my car. If you want, I can grab my tools from home and fix that leaking tap? It must be costing you lots of money. I could fix other things if you can spare a bit of cash. We both know how useless Kevin is with repairs of anything. We could talk also since I agree that in over a decade of knowing each other we still don’t really know anything about each other. After today we know we are more than ‘the Karate Bitch and the Asshole’.”

Beth replied, “Okay, see you soon and I’m sure I can find a few bucks for you for repairs.”

I drove home after picking up my car, changed into snug fitting shorts and a muscle shirt. I made a homemade sign to keep the neighbours tongues from wagging; “Terry’s Home Repairs and Maintenance” taped to the side of my 2003 Cavalier. When I arrived, I’m sure Beth noticed the disappointed look on my face when she answered the door in a well-fitted lime colored respectable bikini. It took very little time to take apart the leaking taps and found the problem to be a simple worn out rubber washer costing only a few cents. A quick trip to the hardware store and back with a few minutes of work and the job was done. I took a break before going to the next job. Beth shared some more coffee and a few cookies before we did a walk around the house, basement and then outside.

After the walk around the yard she asked me to clean the BBQ, cook some burgers, and enjoy the sun with her. I did as I was ordered. While I was cooking, Beth made some iced tea and a garden salad. She brought those out and condiments for the burgers. After lunch we relaxed out in the backyard, and then she said it was time for her exercises for Karate. Seeing her sexy body stretching and moving around was starting to turn me on. My attention didn’t go unnoticed.

Beth quietly asked, “Terry, can you follow me inside? There’s something needing your attention.”

She led me to the master bedroom where she ordered me to strip. I did as ordered.

Beth continued, “I really prefer to do my exercises naked with swords, but sword play scares the neighbours despite the federal permit I have to own the Katana swords. As long there’s no touching you can watch.”

I nodded; she stripped and started her exercises. During the next hour Beth was a “Heavy Metal Magazine” wet dream come true. I remained hard most of the time. I was surprised at how quick my attention left her face, ass, breasts and closely trimmed blonde pussy; focusing on arm and leg muscles. She was so fluid and graceful. When she was done, we BOTH needed a cold shower and I suggested Beth go first. Her shower gave me time to calm down and relax. I did a little snooping and found a couple types of vibrators and lube; no condoms though. Beth seemed to either want to take things slow or get the pleasure she needed without truly breaking her wedding vows. I think she trusted me, but not completely trust me not to pressure her into sex. She was right about my pattern of one-night stands and even an affair with her would be okay, but not breaking up the marriage of my oldest friend. Had we already gone too far? Was this cheating? It was her choice how far to go with whatever THIS bit of voyeurism and teasing was.

I was standing in the hallway near the bathroom when she emerged with only a towel over her shoulders. I had the coldest shower I could get it to calm down. I also walked out naked. Beth suggested a couple movies and we sat naked near each other watching movies for the afternoon. It was the weirdest experience of my life! After the movies she suggested I drive home while she picked up something from a restaurant for supper, then I would change and quietly walk back here to share dinner with her. I made sure the neighbours didn’t see me and we ended up having a chicken and ribs dinner with potato salad with a bottle of wine with strawberry shortcake for dessert. Beth got whipped cream all over her face and I so wanted to go across the dining table and lick it off her beautiful face. I now saw how Kevin fell in love with this woman. Who couldn’t fall in love with her?

We watched another movie and drank another bottle of wine. Then it was time for bed and instead of sending me home as I expected, she invited me to sleep on the couch once again. I heard the master bedroom door close and then to my surprise heard the buzz of a vibrator followed by Beth’s muted cry of ecstasy. I fell asleep soon after that. During the night I had that dream again of a beautiful angel giving me a great blowjob. It was the most wonderful and vivid dream I ever had. Once again the smell of coffee woke me and so did the crackle of bacon cooking.

We both were naked, but Beth wore an apron to protect herself from grease splatter; exposing her delightfully cute little ass. We talked and talked the morning away, finally getting dressed, packed the left-overs from last night’s supper for me and Beth quickly drove me a block away from home. Once in my room I quietly and quickly jerked myself off to the memory of Beth’s beautiful naked body. I also imagined seeing her using the vibrators I found earlier. I fell asleep and woke up around ten at night and ate the left-overs from last night for tonight’s supper.

The next day I was a little more tense, but energized and happier. I did my shipping and receiving job faster and more efficient than ever before. My boss pulled me aside and asked if I was the same person he was ready to fire on Friday. I said yes and the only thing which changed was having a few meals with an old friend. He told me to keep up the good work and he might even find the money to give me a slight pay raise in a couple weeks. That week was the best week in the year I worked there. On Friday, pay day, my boss said I would see a slight pay raise in my pay next week. I left a very happy man.

I drove straight home, showered and took a taxi to a Timmies near the bars where I had a donut and a couple coffees. Then to the high end bar, but this time I never got noticed or kicked out; blending in perfectly with the poor end of the rich crowd. I left a little early for the country bar still hoping for a twenty-something cottager ‘hottie’ to fuck. After a couple craft brewery drafts, I kept thinking of Beth and picturing her naked, so I finally left the bar and called her on my cell phone to see if she was still okay for me to come over for dinner. She sounded cheerful and happy to hear my voice which was a first. Maybe ‘karate bitch’ was gone forever after our naked time last weekend?

I walked the eight blocks to Kevin and Beth’s home; gently knocking. Instantly the smell of one of my favorite dinners; lasagna with garlic bread overwhelmed my senses. In the decade since their wedding I had NEVER had my favorite meal during one of the monthly or bi-monthly dinners at their home. I always suspected she knew it was my favorite meal and refused to make it for me out of spite and dislike for me. Something had changed in both of us last weekend; something good and lasting. I asked point blank what was on my mind.

“Beth, why lasagna now?”

“Terry, I’m sorry for treating you like shit for the past twelve years and you didn’t deserve it. Accept this food as part of the apology. Last weekend was wonderful and we got to know the real me and the real you for the first time. I told Kevin you were drunk, well-behaved and stayed on the couch last Friday night; left in the morning after fixing the kitchen tap for me. I didn’t tell him about us being naked or about Saturday night. He wouldn’t understand what THIS is or what new thing we have or even if it IS A THING or not. I’m not sure I understand. I just know it feels good and is right.”

I replied, “I’m not sure what we have either, but it seems like friendship and something else. I know I’m having fun and I love this lasagna. Do you have anymore?”

“Yes, I do have more lasagna. You’re such a MAN! Maybe more of a man than Kevin.”

We washed the dirty dishes and when we were done I pressed myself against Beth from behind wrapping my arms around her waist and kissed her right cheek of her face. Then I pulled away to see how she would respond; bracing for a possible slap. She surprised me by turning around, wrapping her arms around me, pressed her soft breasts against my chest, and gave me a simple passionate kiss. Beth grabbed my hand and led me to the couch where she found us a movie to watch; Casablanca.

“I wish the ending was different on that movie like the girl leaves her husband to be with her lover OR she leaves and loves both men at the same time. A woman can love more than one man at a time don’t you think Terry?”

“Beth, honestly I never thought about it before. I agree; a woman or a man can love more than one person at the same time.”

“Good, I think I’m falling in love with you.”

My mouth was wide open as Beth bounced to her feet, grabbed my hand, and pulled me to my feet towards the master bedroom.

“Beth, I don’t think I’m ready yet to make love to you.”

“I’m not asking you to or letting you make love to me. There’s plenty of things between the hug and kiss we had earlier and making love. Get naked and I’ll show you.”

As I stripped, Beth faced me and got naked also. Once she had my attention again, she told me to stand at the foot of the bed. She got her vibrators out and slowly plunged one of those twirling ones slowly in and out of her pussy putting on a great show for me. She built up her orgasm higher and higher and then used a bullet vibrator on her clit bringing her to a screaming undulating orgasm.

“Stroke your dick a few times for me, but don’t cum if you want more.”

I stroked my dick trying my best to put on a decent show for her without cumming. This felt so strange yet so erotic and fun. I had never done such a thing before. I was a wham, bam, thank you ma’am sort of guy; pleasuring a woman only enough to get her begging for my dick. This was a completely new experience for me. After a dozen strokes I had to stop. Then true to her word she continued by using a large massaging vibrator near or on her clit until she was once again moaning and arching her back in the throes of ecstasy. She rested a minute before she was able to speak again.

“Sleep time Terry. You may go to the couch to sleep, but come here for a minute.”

I obeyed her command. Beth stuck a couple fingers inside of herself and finger fucked herself for a few minutes until she almost came. Then she brought the wet fingers to my nose as I smelled her natural earthy, musky scents. After she gave me a moment to enjoy the scent, she stuck the fingers into my mouth and I got my first taste of Beth. Her scent was intoxicating, but she tasted even better and I found yet another reason why Kevin married this woman.

“Go now. Pleasant dreams; maybe just hot ones.”

I fell asleep quickly dreaming of that sexy woman. Once more during the night the blowjob angel returned; sending me to a deeper and more content sleep. Coffee, bacon, and waffles were the smells which woke me this morning. As I poured us coffees, I was beginning to appreciate Beth’s great cooking AND her naked company. We were talking about our week and nothing specific when there was a knock on the door. We went scurrying around like cockroaches when the lights are turned on.

“Just a minute I’m just getting out of the shower.” Beth called out

Beth ran to the bathroom, wetted her hair, and put on a robe. I tossed the pillow and bed sheets into the master bedroom and hastily put my clothes on minus my underwear which got lost somewhere. The person at the door turned out to be Beth’s oldest best friend Sarah McLaren. She’s a stunning 5’ 11” tall busty 38 EE redhead with flowing hair to the middle of her back AND married to a rich developer for the past nine years with one daughter (8 years old). I met her at Kevin and Beth’s wedding; along with her THEN fiancé. He was a rich asshole who ignored me at the wedding and never was allowed to attend the bachelor party I threw for Kevin. The years were starting to be cruel to her.

Beth introduced us, “Sarah, you remember Terry from our wedding? I asked him over to do some maintenance and manual labor. You know Kevin is useless at such things and is happy I’m able to find a way to throw his old buddy a few bucks in his time of need.”

As we walked to the living room Sarah glanced at the kitchen seeing two coffee cups on the island.

Sarah commented, “Did I interrupt something?”

She sat down expecting an explanation when she sat on something. It was my boxers.

Sarah continued, “Beth I thought you said Kevin wore briefs? Is something going on here? Beth are YOU CHEATING on Kevin with his best friend?”

Beth blushed defensively saying, “No, yes, no AND NO! What’s with the interrogation? Nothing’s going on AND I’m NOT CHEATING ON KEVIN!”

“I have not had sex with Beth! I wouldn’t do that to Kevin. I’m going outside to cut the grass. I’ll let you ladies talk privately about whatever women talk about when men are not around.”

Beth said, “Give us half an hour and then come in for some lemonade or a beer.”

I did as I was told and it was starting to get very hot. I was nervous about what that rich bitch friend of Beth’s was talking about. Beth opened a beer and handed it to me.

Beth said, “Terry, I told Sarah EVERYTHING and she promised not to tell anyone. She’s not completely convinced that we didn’t make love and wants us both to get naked to prove we can keep our hands off of each other. She does not believe a man and woman can be friends without making love.”

I got a sly look on my face and a wonderful idea dawned on me.

I said, “NO! I’m not going to be the only one naked or a piece of meat for you women to ogle and examine.”

Beth shrugged saying, “Okay, I’m the exhibitionist here so I’ll go first.”

The look of anticipation and lust betrayed the fact that I’ve seen Beth often enough to be calm and silently eager to see Beth naked again. I took off my shirt and stopped.

I demanded, “Okay Sarah, you’re next and I want you completely naked before I lose my pants.”

By now my dick was rock hard in my pants and there was no way both ladies couldn’t see the outline in my pants. Sarah did as I asked and was gloriously naked. Her body had a slight sag and the stretch marks of childbirth with a very closely trimmed natural red furred pussy. She had gained a little weight since the wedding a decade ago, but most of the extra twenty or so pounds were in her now EE breasts and some on her ass. Both ladies now stared expectantly at my crotch. I shrugged and carefully pulled down my pants and out popped my hard dick.

Beth may have great self-control, but her friend Sarah did not share her self-control and reached out and gently began to give me a wonderful hand job. Beth seemed to be getting a voyeuristic joy out of the sexual spectacle in front of her.

“Don’t make him cum Sarah. It’s impossible to get the smell and stains out of carpet and couch. That’s how we got this set when Kevin’s parents were scheduled to visit and we got randy a week before their visit.”

Sarah stopped when I was close and I groaned my disappointment. I was leaking precum which Sarah swiped through the slit of my dick with her finger which nearly made me cum and before Beth realized what was going on, Sarah stuck her cum dipped finger in Beth’s mouth.

Beth seemed to like the taste of my cum saying, “Yum!”

Sarah squeezed a little more precum from the tip and sampled my cum herself.

Sarah said, “Yum, turnabout is fair play.”

Sarah shocked both Beth and I by sticking two of my fingers in her pussy and finger fucking herself with MY FINGERS. She didn’t stop until she came on my fingers. Then she stuck those fingers in her own mouth and then inserted my fingers into her pussy for a few more thrusts before she pulled them out and stuck them in MY MOUTH. That was the hottest thing I ever did.

Beth broke our thoughts saying, “Now you’ve had a little fun. Terry, if you’re willing Sarah lives on a partly renovated old farm house with a cottage on Lake Scugog which also needs work plus a lot of hedges and trees to trim. No current neighbours for a few kilometres in all directions. If you want a little extra money until they hire a company to do the maintenance at double what we paid you. Kevin and I are taking the kids on a vacation to Florida doing the: Disney World. Busch Gardens, Cape Canaveral, and Miami etc. Then it’s a week in Mexico after that Kevin’s parents take the boys for a week in Ottawa. We’ll treat them to a couple days in Florida before sticking them with the boys for the rest of the week. When we get back you can continue helping out around here if you want?”

I replied, “Sounds great! As long as it’s okay with you Beth? I’ll miss the nudity though and getting to know you.”

Beth said, “I’ll miss you also and this will give me time to think about us or even if there’s an “us”. It will give us time to think about what we want to do about it. Feel free to do whatever Sarah needs doing AND only if you want to. Next weekend I can pick you up after work and spend the weekend at Sarah’s. You can see how big of a job it is and decide if you want to do it.”

Sarah grabbed me by my slightly hard dick dragging me towards the bathroom.

Sarah asked, “Beth, can I borrow your handyman to give me a hand IN THE SHOWER? John would kill me if he smelled men’s cologne and a man’s cum on me.”

Beth shrugged and looked at me. I merely smiled as Sarah guided me by my dick to the shower. Once in the shower Sarah asked me to wash her very thoroughly. I took great pleasure in soaping that plump ass and those large pendulous slippery breasts. I soaped up her beautiful vast back and when I turned her back to the shower spray I came face-to-face with her pussy. After so much teasing, I couldn’t resist and began licking my first married pussy. She came quickly and slumped to the floor of the shower. Sarah bent forward and began giving me a wonderful and satisfying blowjob.

Sarah stood up and soaped up my body getting all the smells of sweat and grass off of me. I got hard again from Sarah’s soaping and stroking of my dick. Once rinsed I so desperately wanted to fuck this horny hot aging rich trophy wife. I pressed her against a shower wall facing me, kissed her passionately, and pressed those huge breasts against my chest while I ground my hard dick against her plump wet pussy. I began rubbing against her clit and was about to slip into her and start fucking her when she grabbed me and stopped all motion.

Sarah breathlessly said, “No, not now and John will know if I’ve been fucked. His pencil dick is almost half the size of you. Maybe another time after I buy a larger dildo and condoms.”

I turned on the cold water and quickly wilted and cooled down our passions. We got out, dried and found Sarah’s clothes neatly piled AND only my shirt. I understood; Beth wanted to keep seeing my naked dick. I grabbed a robe as a robe covered Beth said goodbye to her friend.

I followed Beth to the kitchen where we had a beer each and began talking; mostly about Sarah.

Beth asked, “How was Sarah? Did she let you fuck her or at least give you a blowjob? After all that teasing from me and today from her you must have blue balls by now.”

I answered, “I didn’t fuck her; not for lack of trying. I licked her to orgasm and she gave me one of the best blowjobs EVER. Are all married women like that or only the rich women?”

“I wouldn’t know, but my guess is that rich trophy wives like Sarah know their days are numbered as their great looks vanish as they age. They have to have some way to keep their sugar daddies and sex is the best way to keep a rich man. That’s why she wanted the farm house to fix up so that in the inevitable divorce there will be a valuable asset to split. Her shopping trip today was for diamond jewelry; more assets which will increase in value and look pretty. It wouldn’t surprise me if she told John they will pay you 75% the rate the pros charge and actually pay you 50% the cost of professional property management and lawn care companies; siphoning the rest into a secret account which she will drain and cash out once you’re done. She told me she has not been laid in weeks and that was on her birthday. Speaking of birthdays, Tuesday is my birthday and Kevin told me to remind you that you’re invited to Kelsey’s for supper at 6 pm and then cake and presents back here. Right now you could follow me to the bedroom and watch me masturbate. I’ll make it worthwhile for you.”

I followed Beth to the bedroom where she masturbated for our mutual satisfaction and I was so hard I almost came without touching myself. After she came twice she beckoned me over beside the right side of the bed where she gave me a wonderful hand job; a first for us. When I was about to cum she put her mouth over the head and licked around the head until I came; giving me the best blowjob of my life. It seemed vaguely familiar though. Then as I withdrew and climbed on the bed beside Beth. She snuggled up to lay beside me with her head on my shoulder and her right breast and right leg draped over me. It finally dawned on me why that felt so familiar.

“It wasn’t a dream! It was you! You gave me those wonderful memorable blowjobs.”

Beth blushed replying, “Yes, I confess I gave you those blowjobs. I was so horny and it’s so big I had to try it. I felt that a blowjob was not cheating and if you thought it was not me. Even less like cheating if you thought it was not real. Now that I’ve tasted your cum, I love it and it’s not as horrible tasting as I imagined. You must eat a lot of veggies. The pleasure it gives you is such a turn-on that I cannot resist giving you a blowjob.”

We then fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening. When I woke up it was dark and Beth was gently stroking my dick. Then as I was getting close, she stopped and a bit of the karate bitch was back. She glanced at the clock radio by the bed and dragged me out of her marital bed.

Beth asked, “Do you feel like ordering a pizza and some wings? We would have enough time for a quick blow job if we order a couple complex pizzas with many toppings. Are you interested?”

I replied, “YES! You just had me so close and I’m starving.”

I glanced at the clock and saw it was 10 pm. Beth called for the pizzas and wings. We practically ran to the shower where under the spray of misty water of the low flow shower head Beth gave me the same blow job I thought I was dreaming of and when I was close she stuck a finger up my ass. I came like never before spewing a small load down her throat. Beth quickly soaped and rinsed me off. I thought we were done when she had an evil grin on her face the likes I’ve never seen before. She opened her legs a bit more, pushed me down to my knees by my shoulder, and shoved her pussy in my face.

I got the message and soon was doing my best to lick her to an orgasm. I lifted a leg to rest on the edge of the tub/shower combo to give me better and deeper access to her pussy. I must have been doing something right as I stuck a couple fingers in her she was so close to having a huge orgasm when there was a knock on the door. The pizza was here and Beth was PISSED! She pushed me away, grabbed a robe, stomping soaking wet to get her purse and money from the bedroom; finally arriving at the door. I quickly turned off the shower, dried, put on a robe, and watched the poor pizza guy facing Beth.

Most of Beth’s boobs were in plain view jiggling with her intense contempt for the pizza guy stopping her pleasure so abruptly. I silently laughed at the look of delight and sheer terror in the college student’s face. He was torn by conflicting desire to ogle Beth’s jiggling cleavage and cringing in fear from her unexplained wrath. She practically threw him the money with hardly any tip, tossed the food on the coffee table, grabbed me by the arm, dragged me to the bedroom and when we were barely in the room she forced me to my knees and mashed her still wet pussy in my face. I continued licking her pussy and finger fucking her.

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